20+ Top Achievements to Put on Resume (List)

In order to stand out from the rest of the candidates, you need to list your achievements as this will make the difference. 

Most job seekers talk only about their responsibilities and their day-to-day tasks. 

But that’s not what you are going for, as it won’t make you any different. 

The hiring manager knows the personality you have to have when you choose a professional, so instead of this, it’s important to highlight your achievements and accomplishments in your resume. 

What You Should Know Before You Add Achievements? 

Well listing your achievements and accomplishments in your resume might seem simple or complicated at the same time. 

However, the first thing that you should be knowing is why you need to do this and what importance does it hold?

To understand this here is an example you need to compare with 

The correct one – 

Hit and exceeded KPIs of the department by 25% within 6 months in a row. 

The Incorrect one – 

Increased the department sales number 

The first one is showing exactly how you are standing out from the rest. It shows that you successfully to hit the KPIs which is great and even exceed it for the 6 months in a row. 

However, the second one says nothing at all. It is obvious you increased the sales as you work in the sales department, but it makes no other difference. 

why listing achievements in resume is important

Where You Should List Your Achievements? 

Not just listing is important, but where you should place it holds how effective this can be.

So where should you list the achievement? to start with, here is the sections of your resume where you can place it : 

  • Resume summary
  • Work experience 
  • Project and volunteering, however, it can be situational. 

Listing the accomplishments in these sections of your work experience as it includes different reasons : 

  • You need to add the achievements in your resume summary as it is a short summary of your career that is on top of the resume.
  • This section is an introduction and covers the main points as well as highlights.

How Should You List Your Achievements? 

Once you know where to place your achievements, you need to write them down in a certain way. 

Here you don’t want to make your listing look overly complicated. So you need to start by keeping it concise and straightforward. 

It makes it easier for the hiring manager to see how you are suitable for the job. 

Here are some of the tips that can help you in listing your achievements in the right way as it including: 

  • Choose the explicit skills and avoid being vague about it
  • You need to add the timeline or duration of the achievement progress.
  • Make sure you are using active language along with strong action verbs that help in specifying the involvement. 
  • You also need to make sure to specify the examples which outline the scope and size of the task achievement
  • Also, incorporate the measurements of the achievement results. 

What To Do If You Have Not Enough Data? 

Well, this is one of the most common questions among those who are looking for a job. 

Unless you are keeping track and being active at your job, you might not know the impact, exactly what you have done so far. 

The solution is quite straightforward, you need to reach out to your employer and ask them to give the data. 

They should be easy and give you much more accurate results. 

What Are The Top Achievements That You Should Put In Your Resume? 

Finding the achievement of a professional to add to your resume can be challenging, especially when you have less experience and do not have a very long work history. but you should not let this space go to waste. 

Here are some of examples of achievements that you can add to your resume. 

Also, it is important for understanding how you should mention it and what can help in improving it. Here is the list that can help and improve the chances of getting hired and improving the results. 

A Sales Associate 

  • Cold called to more than 20 potential clients per day with a closing rate of 15 to 20 %
  • Sent 250+ old emails on a daily basis, managing to have set up calls with 15% of the recipient. 

Customer Service 

  • Marinated the rate of customer satisfaction by 95% for the year 2019.
  • Managed to solve the  15 – 25 tickets on a daily basis. 


  • Successfully trained and supervised around 4 cashiers over a period of 2 years at ( add your company’s name).
  • Got the award of an employee of the month ( add months you achieved the award ).


  • Managed the annual budget of $500,000 for a period of around 7 years. 
  • Helped ( mention the company) to stay within their budget for the last three years. 

Financial Analyst 

  • Reduced the labor and material cost by 8%.
  • Managed five different projects with a budget of around $300,000.

Bank Teller 

  • Established rapport with 50 and more regular customers, also remembering everyone’s name. 
  • Proceed with the transactions of more than 30 customers with keeping attention to details on a daily basis. 

Office Manager 

  • Reached out as well as made the deal with the new provider for the office supply, and helped in cutting 20% annual supply cost. 
  • More than 15 maintenance staff got hired, trained, and managed. 

Administrative Assistant 

  • Worked directly with the senior management, and scheduled the heights, meetings, and their other appointments every day. 
  • Communicated with more than 20 company planets as well as clients on an everyday basis.

Branch Manager 

  • Sourced the candidates which are qualified, utilizing the web technology, resume database, social media, and referral from the networking events while helping in reducing the hiring cost by 35%.
  • Providing a superior level of customer relations and promoting the sales as well services culture via coaching, guidance, and the staff motivation. 

Data Analyst 

  • Utilizing the google analytics and google tag manager for implementing the new scripts which increase 25% performance. 
  • Managed to decrease the 15% in the customer churn by collecting data and using it for performing the forecast analysis. 

Business Development Manager 

  • Managed 4 software projects from end to end, defined the growth strategy, and hired the software and marketing team along with setting the expectations and goals. 
  • Establishing the new key partnerships with ( add the company names ), resulting in an increase of 30% in annual revenue. 

Project Manager 

  • Working as a single point of contact to more than 10 clients, answering requests and questions when needed.
  • Over 5 years, completed the 6 projects from beginning to end, generating a total of $800,000. 

Marketing Manager 

  • Revamped the copy of ( add the name of the company ) ‘s social media account by improving the user engagement by over 60% on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
  • Led the campaign for Facebook ad lead generation, driving the lead for the sales team on a monthly basis at $3.7 CPC and $10 CPA.

Media Buying Specialist 

  • Manage the ad budget on a monthly over 20,000.
  • Maintained an ad spend on RPI of 1.8 for ( ad the company name ) for more than the past four months. 
  • Manage to reduce the ( add the company name”;s average CPC while keeping the same conversion rate and also help in saving around $2k monthly on ad spend. 

SEO Specialist 

  • Completely managed the ( add company name”’s SEO along with creating and publishing around 10 articles and bulk 50 + links on monthly basis. 
  • Grew ( add the company name ) traffic organically from 0 up to 200,000 within 2.5 years. 
  • Managed the freelance writer team of four, creating as well as publishing the 10 and more SEO content every month. 

IT Specialist 

  • Improved the documentation system which was an error, resulting to increase in the efficiency of the workplace and reducing the yearly labor that cost around $2,000
  • Updated the continuity plan for the business and creates a four-year disaster recovery plan for ( add the company name. 


  • 20 research papers published in seal journals that are peer-reviewed. 
  • Published a book on the subject of learning
  • Surprised over 25 B.A Theses. 


  • Most classes managed to perform better than 35% on their standardized test instead of the average in school.
  • After being assigned to the lowest-performing high class of, still managed to improve the GPS average in a class by 15% and increase the attendance rates by 30%.


  • Improving the ACT and SAT scores by 50% for the students who are average.
  • Tutored 5 – 6 students in linear algebra, helping them in improving grades by two grades on average. 


  • Participating phases in designing and constructing the process of making the 6 major international projects including ( add the name of achievements)
  • Work hand in hand with all the clients for helping in designing the dream house, and their feedback survey on feedback. Around 90% of the clients are satisfied with the work. 

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