24+ Pros and Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic (Explained)

An auto mechanic is a person performing repairs and diagnostic tests on vehicles such as cars, vans, and small trucks. Some do maintenance on heavy vehicles, off-road vehicles, or parts such as engines, tires, and brakes.

While repairing automobiles, their main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly. 

Advantages of being an Auto MechanicDisadvantages of being an Auto Mechanic
Ability to work on own projectsDirty working conditions
Good wage potentialLong hours and irregular schedule
Future is Secure in the auto industryExpensive equipment
Opportunity to start own auto shopPhysical strain
Auto mechanics work with different peopleConstant updating
Lesser work hours as an auto mechanicLower entry-level salary
Automotive mechanics work indoorsPhysical Labor
Education qualification is not mandatoryStruggle with job after getting older
Low social status

Advantages of being an Auto Mechanic

Ability to work on own projects

Being a mechanic, one can work on own project. One will have the freedom to work on their own personal vehicles, it will allow them to keep vehicles pristine at low cost. One you can even start buying junks and renovate them to sell for a profit.

If one has their own shop, they have no problem accessing shop equipment to research or innovate new things.

Good wage potential

The average salary for auto mechanics in 2020 was USD 20,550 with the lowest 10% making less than USD 11, 470 and top 10% making over USD 54,070 according to available online reports.

Usually, auto mechanics earn less as they are starting out with the ability to earn more with more experience and training.

Also, they can always specialize in a specific manufacturer or repairs. Some of the best paying manufacturers are Volkswagen, Honda, and Hyundai.

Future is Secure in the auto industry

With technology, vehicles become more reliable, consumers are holding on to their cars for much longer. The older cars mean more regular maintenance for auto mechanics. The average age of cars and light trucks has increased about 21% since 2002.

It has increased the average age of vehicles on the road to 21.6 years. This is not huge but it is a steady increase, similar to the entire job market.

Opportunity to start own auto shop

Perhaps the toughest part about opening an auto shop is learning the technical skills as a mechanic. Once one learns the skills, he should consider opening own shop.

Auto mechanics work with different people

One advantage automotive mechanics have is they can spend time with many different people during the workday. One will see many new faces every day and it is interesting since one can talk to people from various different parts of society. One can make many new connections.

Lesser work hours as an auto mechanic

One advantage of being an auto mechanic is that he will also not have to work many extra hours. Most car mechanics only work 8 hours a day and some of them even work far less.

 One will not have to spend all life at work like in many other professions and it can be great if one really values time and having enough leisure is just more important than making good money. Most mechanics also report pretty decent work-life balance in general.

Automotive mechanics work indoors

Car mechanics will enjoy the privilege of working indoors. Many people out there still have to work outdoors during extreme weather conditions and car mechanics should therefore not take it for granted to work in a rather comfortable protected space indoors.

Education qualification is not mandatory

A car mechanic does not need a college degree for working in this field. He will also not have to spend lots of time and money on college education but can rather invest this money into other things.

Disadvantages of being an Auto Mechanic

Dirty working conditions

Like other office space is not same, no auto shop is the same. Different working styles demand a different workspace.

Few shops are clean and organized while most are dark, dirty, and often have little to no climate control. It can create a dangerous and uncomfortable work environment. 

Long hours and irregular schedule

If an auto mechanic works with high-quality mechanics, his shop will most likely be popular. Therefore, shops may be open till late and on weekends to work on as many vehicles as possible each week.

It can push auto mechanics to work lots of hours in short periods of time making it hard to keep a healthy work-life balance. 

Expensive equipment

Perhaps one of the largest barriers to entering this trade is the cost of tools and equipment. If you attend a trade school, they usually have partnerships with different companies to offer tools at a discounted rate. If one starts to own an auto shop, the cost becomes even higher.

Physical strain

The auto mechanic has to work with their hands almost 100% of the time. Along with it, the many odd positions and maneuvers necessary to reach different parts of a vehicle create a very straining job.

This is extremely important to keep up with health while working as a mechanic because the strenuous work can quickly stress. 

Constant updating

The research and development process intends to research new technology which provides a competitive advantage at the industry, national level, or business. The automobile industry is very dynamic.

Research and innovations are regularly developing new techniques and are regularly improving. Regular updating is required to understand and attend to problems in the vehicle. One may have to attend training or internship to keep up with the latest technology. 

Lower entry-level salary

In the initial days wages are quite low when starting out as a mechanic. As per area, they can range from USD 30 to USD 50 a day. With a low starting wage, there is only up to go.

If one gains required certifications, he will then demand higher pay. This low income at the starting phase acts as a barrier. It demotivates youth to join this industry.

Physical Labor

The physical labor of working as a mechanic can be very rewarding. Some people really enjoy being on their feet and working with their hands.

One has to pick, carry, lift or push heavy items. Also, the spine will be burdened quite often and one may therefore come home tired from work pretty often.

Struggle with job after getting older

Due to the physical nature of work, one may also not be able to work as an auto mechanic forever. However, many mechanics have to quit their jobs once they get older since their bodies will simply no longer be suitable for this kind of work.

Low social status 

While it is an important job for society as a car technician, one will still not enjoy the same reputation as doctors or other people who can save lives or really push humanity to the next level.

Consequently, while many other people will get a certain level of admiration, one will often not be appreciated as much.

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