24+ Pros and Cons of Being a Babysitter (Explained)

A person who takes care of a baby or child while one is not available to take care of, usually by coming to the home, especially someone one pays to do.

Being a babysitter may seem like the kind of thing one does in high school for extra cash, but actually, it is enjoyable. A nanny is a highly involved child caregiver who either lives with the family or spends the day in the home.

Advantages of being a babysitterDisadvantages of being a babysitter
Extra IncomeNo full-time income
Help to ParentsChildren can be difficult
Qualification not MandatorySchedule is as per parent
Revisit “inner kid” again.One may be belittled by society
Valuable skillsTend to bore
ResponsibilityRather low job security
Perks of the JobTough to say goodbye
Odd Hours

Advantages of being a babysitter

Extra Income

The biggest advantage of babysitting is that it helps in earning extra income. For young people or students, this extra income can be used for meeting expenses and for leisure activities. 

In simple words, if you are a student living alone and has free time then babysitting is the best option if you have to earn extra money so that you reduce the burden of your parents and can also use that money for watching movies, going to parties or buying clothes and other stuff for yourselves.

Help to Parents

Babysitting can be of great help to those parents who are unable to remain at home and take care of their kids.

If one has an appointment with the doctor and both have to go to the hospital or have to attend some important function then babysitting is an option as one cannot take babies to such places.

No Qualification Required

A benefit of babysitting is that one does not need any mandatory qualification or degree to be a babysitter as the only thing which is required to be a babysitter is to have patience and the ability to handle small kids.

A babysitter has to do many things like changing the diapers of babies, making them cheerful if they cry, feeding them food, and so on.

In simple words, for some hours you have to perform all duties which the parent of the kid had to do if they were around.

Revisit “inner kid” again

Within every one of us there is a deep desire to be a kid again. Babysitting can help reach back to younger as playful, adventurous children.

Whether the kids want you to play on the playground, run around the yard or just engage them with their toys. But visiting the inner kid one is refilled with positive energy.

Valuable skills

Babysitting can impart many skills such as child development. Such as Safety skills, Multitasking, Cooking, Time management.

One also gets patience, which builds trust by collaboration and facilitating understanding, allowing time for actions to be improved or mistakes to be corrected. The advantage of these skills is that they are fully transferable to other jobs.


Babysitters have great responsibility for babies. Parents rely to keep sight on children and to take care with total dedication.

One will learn to take on the responsibility and to deal with it. It is a great virtue, which further builds trust. It is very useful in career development.

Perks of the Job

Being a babysitter includes an opportunity to watch children grow and develop each day. A babysitter is a catalyst in child development.

Many also offer lessons and tutoring as part of their job. The work schedule for a babysitter is generally more relaxed and comfortable than other child-care arrangements.

Disadvantages of Being a Babysitter

No full-time income

Babysitters are not able to make a full-time income most of the time. Though one may get rich people who pay a nice wage most of the time the job is part-time and the income is less.

Therefore, one needs to have additional plans for the time after your babysitting career so that they don’t suffer from serious financial trouble later in life.

Children can be difficult

While working with children can be quite rewarding as the one you can find true meaning in what they are doing, it can sometimes also be quite difficult, especially when children have bad days and cannot be motivated for anything productive.

So, a babysitter is also not always as rewarding as one might think and it can also be annoying from time to time.

The schedule is as per parent

A babysitter has to be spontaneous as many parents just decide pretty spontaneously whether they need a babysitter at a given time or not. Therefore, if parents require one may have to change their own plans and work instead. 

The babysitter may not have a family life or social life. He has to attend baby care as and when desired by parents.

One may be belittled by society

Even if a babysitter does an important job to relieve parents from handling children and focus on their job or other things, they are still not respected in society. It is not an honorable job and people may not show respect for a babysitter in society.

Baby sitters face problems every day–from social status to no preference in social gatherings or civic programs. This rampant attitudinal barrier hinders people trying to enter the workforce. 

Tend to bore

A downside of being a babysitter is that one may simply get bored sooner or later. Though initially, everything seems to be exciting and one might really enjoy what they are doing.

but after a certain period of time, they just develop a standard routine and what seemed to be exciting will not be that interesting anymore.

Rather a low job security

Babysitters do not have that much job security. Though they will always be needed, they are also pretty replaceable.

Because of low barriers to entry and a lack of qualifications, babysitters must have anyone who can do the job and this also means that there will be plenty of competition in this field.

Tough to say goodbye

As one will spend plenty of time with the kids, they will soon develop a strong emotional connection with them.

Though it can be nice and can give the motivation to carry on with a job, it can also be problematic to quit. Not only it will often be quite sad, also the child will often not understand why the babysitter has to go and will often just not be willing to accept it

Odd Hours

In the case of babysitting the time at which the babysitter is called is odd as the majority of the time parents will call the babysitter for late-night hours and hence if you are not prepared to work for odd hours then you should avoid it as there are no fixed hours in babysitting apart from being it an odd hour part-time job.

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