24+ Pros and Cons of Being a Baker (Explained)

A baker is a person who bakes and may sell bread and other products. Bakeries are embraced by the general public because the idea of warm, fresh bread and other baked goods is something that stirs hunger pains.

The bakery business is very profitable provided one can consistently provide customers with quality products, and engineer innovative strategies to reach them.

Advantages of being a BakerDisadvantages of being a Baker 
Serve peopleLow pay
Create healthy foodDay starts early
Can be creativeExhausting working conditions
Good job prospects for bakersCan be problematic with age
Machines make your life much easierBaker get bored after a while
Can develop good coordination skillsBaking is a tough job.
PopularityMultiple Levels of Regulations and Compliance

Advantages of being a Baker

Serve people

One important advantage of being a baker is that one serves people. Most people really like eating tasty baked goods all day long.

A baker provides the best baked goods possible so that people get the best possible experience. And, people will get a more positive feeling and can enjoy their day much more.

Create healthy food

A baker provides healthy food to your customers. It can not only improve the health of people; one can also assure that a bakery has a unique selling point and that people who are aware of how their food affects their health will come back instead of buying their baked goods at another conventional bakery.

Can be creative 

An upside of a baker is that one can be quite creative regarding what baked goods they want to create. In fact, opportunities are almost endless and one can create new pastries and other baked goods every day.

If one is really good at what he does, people will come back to the store frequently since they are curious regarding what will be created and love to be surprised. 

Good job prospects for bakers

As people like baked foods. There will always be demand for bakeries. If one is really good at what he is doing, he will almost always find a job as a baker since people just want to consume tasty baked goods, today and also in the future.

Baker does not have to worry about becoming unemployed.

As a baker, one will be able to work rather independently. They will often have nobody standing behind and controlling the work. One can just work on own and as long as your results are decent, will keep this high level of independence

Machines make life much easier

Bakers profit from the rapid technological progress. While baking was pretty exhausting in the past and required plenty of manual work, now machines can make baking much easier.

In many bakeries, one can just use machines so that they can do most of the manual work.

Though there will still be a certain level of physical work involved in the job as a baker, but having to do some manual exhausting work will be less.

Can develop good coordination skills

As one works on many different products at the same time, he will learn to coordinate himself well as a baker.

Initially, it can be rather stressful to have the responsibility for many different products. Gradually one will become more relaxed since you will learn how to develop further and how to carry out work in the most efficient manner.


The baker is able to easily gain popularity in the area simply by baking a product that people like. Buying cookies and cupcakes put people in a good mood as opposed to going to the dentist or standing in line to get a driver’s license.

As with other professions, bakers of course can run into grumpy and demanding customers, however, their money-making product puts a smile on consumers’ faces.


The baker’s work keeps one moving. It is not a desk job. Available media reports suggest that desk jobs can take a toll on health, so the physicality of being a baker has its advantages.

Though a baker may be exposed to more opportunities to put on some weight by eating her creations, physical movement helps improve health.

Work involves gathering ingredients and cooking utensils before putting together a recipe and placing the items in the oven for baking. It involves greeting customers and taking orders.

Disadvantages of being a Baker

Low pay

A baker earns a pretty low salary. They make around USD 300 per month on average. In comparison to most other jobs, a baker earns much less money. The scale of a firm can grow however it is limited for an individual.

Day starts early

The disadvantage of a baker is getting up pretty early in the morning. Many bakers start in the middle of the night between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. since they have to prepare all the baked goods for the early morning when people will arrive to purchase. Bakers have to get up early in the morning, many of them suffer from serious sleeping issues.

Exhausting working conditions

As a profession, being a baker has become easier than it was just one decade ago because of innovations and machines.

However, one still has to get up in the morning pretty early, one also has to coordinate oneself quite well and have to do multiple things at the same time. If one makes a mistake, whole batches of food will burn and the boss will not be happy at all.

Can be problematic with age

Because of the physical nature of the job, being a baker can also be problematic once one gets older. Back pain or other physical health problems become quite probable with age and many bakers even have to quit their jobs due to it.

Baker get bored after a while

Many bakers get bored with their jobs after a while. Though, in the beginning, everything has been exciting.

After a few years, many bakers question whether this career path has indeed been right for them and many of them are looking out for more exciting alternative career opportunities.

Baking is a tough job.

One will have to lift weights all day, and it can be very harmful, especially for the back. It includes carrying flour bags (20 to 40kg), pouring it into the mixer, then adding it between 50 and 80% water, putting the dough into containers for proofing, emptying the containers to divide and shape the dough, putting the dough pieces on boards for rising, then loading and unloading the oven, and eventually bringing the bread to the front store.

Multiple Levels of Regulations and Compliance

Once we plan to sell food products in the USA, we are expected to excel the regular health and safety inspections at our business. We will need to have the standard business license. We may also be required to collect different taxes or meet other specific licensing.

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