24+ Pros and Cons of Being a Carpenter (Explained)

A carpenter is a person who installs doors, floors, and furniture in new builds renovates or refits existing structures, building sets for film and theatre companies, and much more. Carpenters are involved in many several kinds of construction, from the building of highways and bridges to the installation of kitchen cabinets. 

Advantages of being a carpenterDisadvantages of being a carpenter 
One can start own firmHave to learn transferable kills
Regular working hoursCarpenters earn less money
Decent job securityCan lead to injury
Carpenters can work in different fieldsThe use of strength
Can fix things at homeProblematic once carpenter gets older
Variety of job paths to choose fromA carpenter can be lonely
Can plan own scheduleHave to be flexible
Some clients are difficult

Advantages of being a carpenter

One can start own firm

A carpenter can start their own company after they learn the craft and after becoming good enough can easily switch and start their own business. As the capital investment is very less. Experience and skill is very important to start.

They do not have to work as an employee forever. Many carpenters work self-employed.

Regular working hours

A carpenter usually has regular working hours. Most carpenters work limited hours and do not have to work plenty of extra hours. Thus, they have many other hobbies in life and don’t want to miss out on them.

Being a carpenter can be great since the workload will not be that big most of the time and one will have plenty of leisure to enjoy other things, they like more than working in life.

Decent job security

Like in other artisanal occupations, there is a lack of qualified carpenters who can do the job and chances are that the shortage in this field will continue in the future. There are rather few young people who are willing to do the job and job prospects will likely also be excellent in the future.

Construction can involve a lot of last-minute changes and thinking on your feet. Robots are not great in those circumstances, nor can they work well with other players on the team. Precision instruments and more advanced equipment are definitely changing the game, but they are no threat to jobs themselves.

Humans are required to work these machines, and no robot can problem solve quite like a human being

Carpenters can work in different fields

As a carpenter, there are also many different fields in which you can work. While some carpenters make windows or doors, others work on construction sites.

Job opportunities are almost endless and as long as you are really good at what you are doing, many doors will open for you during your carpentry career.

There are simply rather few young people who are willing to do the job and job prospects will likely also be excellent in the future. Hence, becoming a carpenter can also be great if job security is really important to you.

Can fix things at home

Not only carpenters can manufacture fancy furniture, but they are also able to fix many other things at home.

Since they learn many technical skills during their careers, they can often easily fix leaky faucets or other minor things. Also, they are often also able to make and install their own flooring.

This can save plenty of money in the long run and though they do not earn that much money, they can still compensate for this by saving money for these chores.

Variety of job paths to choose from

Commercial Carpentry is a trade that encompasses many, many specializations. If one is very detail-oriented, they may like to do framing which requires extremely precise measurements and joining.

One can also specialize in concrete forms to allow concrete companies to pour the foundations for builds or can take on the challenge of drywall.

Can plan own schedule

Carpentry gives hands-on work that exercises body and mind every day. You won’t be sending emails, filing documents, sending faxes, or making phone calls when you follow this career path!

Well, you might occasionally do those things, but the majority of your job requires you to get into the heart of the construction site, rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.

You’ll get to work outside just about every day, and you don’t need to purchase any blazers or dress pants.

Disadvantages of being a carpenter

Carpenters earn less money

Most carpenters earn up to USD 50,000 a year. The trade has limitations in earning. The price of wood varies a lot and with the use of plywood, it has significantly reduced. People tend to go for cheaper options. Therefore, carpenters usually suffer from financial problems.

Can lead to injury

A carpenter working with sharp tools and machines may get seriously injured. Some tools like chisel saw awl, drill, and metal smoothing planes are very dangerous. They even have to give up their job since they will no longer be able to do their work after those accidents.

The use of strength

A carpenter has to carry heavy stuff. One has to move doors and other heavy things on a regular basis. One has to use a hammer to nail, a saw to cut, a planter to plan a plank. He sometimes even has to even carry logs.

Problematic once carpenter gets older

Being a carpenter requires a minimum level of strength. Once one reaches a certain age, he will just no longer be as fit and will not be able to work. One will not be able to carry logs to or cut trees. 

A carpenter can be lonely

One will work many hours on their own since they have to finish a door or other things. Most of the time, orders are so small that they are only suitable to be carried out by one person. Carpentry is a monotonous job, one has to draw imagination, he then crafts it on wood.

Have to be flexible

A carpenter has to stay flexible regarding how he does things. Their taste often does not match the taste of clients and clients will often demand to change minor things after they see work. Therefore, one will always have to adjust to the taste and preferences of clients 

Some clients are difficult

Some clients will never be satisfied with what a carpenter does. There is just a client who can never be happy and always find things to complain about. Hence, a carpenter must be aware that they will never be able to make everyone happy and that must ignore the negative vibes of those clients who often want to bring him down.

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