21+ Pros And Cons Of Being A Dentist (Explained)

A dentist is a professional who specializes in dentistry, the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. A dentist has many responsibilities, and one of the most important is promoting good dental hygiene. A dentist also diagnoses and treats problems of the gums, teeth, and mouth. 

Advantages of being a dentist Disadvantages of being a dentist 
SociableCostly education
Substantial incomeStress
High reputationLong and difficult road to becoming a dentist
Dentists will always be requiredApprehensive Patients
Start own dental officeHigh Responsibility
Moderate working hoursDental Insurance
Good work-life balanceLower social status than a doctor

Advantages of being a dentist


To treat a problem with their teeth at some point everyone needs a dentist or a dental specialist. A dentist is one who offers people the dental care that they need. They will have patients who come to them on a daily basis and ask for their help to relieve them from serious pain.

Consequently, patients will often be grateful for what dentists have done for them and will often come back since they know that they are in good hands. The dentist will get to work with other like-minded people who are also very intelligent.

A team of dental hygienists supports the dentist in their role.

Patents will be from all walks of life and dentists have some fascinating conversations over their careers. The best part is that over time one will build very strong relationships with their patients. 

Substantial income

An advantage of being a dentist is that one earns really good money. Most dentists have a six-figure income after practicing for a while.

In turn, money and a fancy lifestyle are really important and are attractive career options.

High reputation 

An upside of becoming a dentist is that one enjoys a pretty high reputation in society.As people know the importance of their work really is to keep them vital, they respect dentists a lot and will greatly appreciate your work. Like many other doctors, dentists have a decent standing.

Do Dentists Have A Good Reputation

Dentists will always be required

Even if many jobs will be ceased to exist in the near future. It will not be true for dentists. In turn, dentists will always be required and their work cannot be carried out by robots in near future.

It leads to several people being willing to have personal contact with dentists and other doctors instead of just getting treatment from a machine. Moreover, as a dentist, one has pretty high job security.

Start own dental office

A dentist can open their own dental practice at their own clinic. Though during the initial years; it is advised to work as an employee. It will help one to earns a lot during this time. After having learned all the important skills, one can easily open their own dental office.

By doing this, one will have a greater level of flexibility regarding when to work and when to take time off since they will be their own boss.

Thus, it is quite easy to start own business as a dentist if one feels ready for it one day.

Moderate working hours

A dentist has the choice of whether they want to work many extra hours or not. Though most dentists can decide how much they want to work.

However, if they want to earn really good money, they will have to work for more hours. In fact, many dentists do not want to work that much and miss out on additional money in exchange for more leisure and less stress.

Do Dental Professionals Make Good Money

Good work-life balance

Dentists have a pretty good work-life balance. Dentists can decide how much they want to work and how much time they want to spend with their family If they have their own dental practice. They are quite flexible regarding the hours they want to work.

They can also decide whether they want to have time off during holidays or if they want to work instead.

Disadvantages of Being a Dentist

Costly education

Dental school Education is expensive being a medical stream. By choosing dentistry one will be able to make the money back through their successful dental career.

As education is mandatory to enter dentistry one may also bear the ongoing costs of continuing education in dentistry. It is necessary for every dentist to stay on the top of their field at all times.

Most students take education loans and after completion of education, they start with education loan liability.

Does Being A Dentist Require Spending Much Money On Education


As one is dealing with the oral health of their patients, one might find the job can be a little stressful at times. They will be under a great deal of pressure to ensure that their patients are as comfortable as possible during their visit.

The safety of their patients is paramount. The constant pressure can take its toll though with the right training and practice this can be manageable. Of dentist might have to work on the weekend.

Though it will only be in emergency situations, to provide the best level of care for all of the patients one might need to be on call during irregular hours.

Long and difficult road to becoming a dentist

The study is of many years of school, being a medical course. Budding dentists must complete five years of dental college. Upon completion of their studies, they receive a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree.

As per government mandate, dentists must be licensed, which involves passing written and practical exams. One has to undergo apprenticeship in order to learn techniques of trade.

Apprehensive Patients

Many people are uncomfortable and even fearful about going to the dentist, especially children. Dentists often deal with people who are not always cooperative and need constant reassurance during a dental procedure.

They must be able to remain calm and professional during these often-difficult times.

High Responsibility

They are in charge of someone’s health. All great responsibilities like administering anesthesia, prescribing drugs, and essentially performing surgery on teeth are needed to be taken seriously. 

If things go wrong, though sometimes, even when they do everything properly– it’s their responsibility.

Does Working as A Dentist Include Much Responsibility and Stress

Dental Insurance

Though dentistry is different from medicine, it is still a driving force in practice today.  Insurance coverage is usually poor and, in the end, it leaves both the patients and the dentists unhappy. 

Most dentists struggle to get paid for their work, and patients get harsh treatment at the dentist’s when their insurance won’t cover a procedure.

Lower social status than a doctor

Though society has evolved a lot and dentists are in much demand. Yet they did not get respect as compared to other medical professionals.

People call them a dentist instead of referring to a doctor. Some may taunt or mock at social gatherings. Moreover, as compared to a doctor, their income is less so they are unable to match them in wealth.

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