22+ Pros and Cons of Being a Jailer (Explained)

A jailer is a person who administers a Jail. He is in charge of the prison and his duty is to supervise inmates and enforce the rules of the institution. Jailors inspect mail inmates, conduct counts, track prisoner activities, and screen visitors on routine.

A Jailer’s duty is to inspect prisoners’ cells for banned items and is sometimes required to use force to maintain order.

Advantages of being a JailerDisadvantages of being a Jailer
Decent job securityWorking is stressful
Excellent future job prospectsInternal risk of rebel
Have to work indoorTough inmates to deal with
An exciting career optionEmotionally demanding
Payback to societyMistakes lead to adverse outcomes
Learn to deal with difficult peopleDo not make much money
Learn to handle stressful situationsRemote working is not possible
No educational requirementMay get mental problems in the long run

Advantages of being a Jailer

Decent job security

The jailer has decent job security. As jailors work for the state or for local authorities, their risk of losing a job is low as the government bodies are not commercial and though jails are not for profit or loss.

As people break laws, courts give sentences, to complete sentences and correct inmates we need jails.

Excellent future job prospects

Beside job security, Jailer has excellent future job prospects. As by human nature, some people will always be there who will not obey the rules; jailers will therefore always be required.

However, some of the jobs may be handled by machines sooner or later. As jails are run by the government and jailors are government employees they have job security.

Have to work indoor

Most of the time a Jailer has to work indoors. It is very nice as one avoids working in extreme environments outdoors. Many professionals like construction workers will have to work outdoors even during bad weather.

Jailors work indoors in an enjoyable, dry and warm environment. They can use air conditioning or heaters to maintain good working environments.

An exciting career options

The career of a jailer is very exciting. Jailers usually have more action unlike just sitting before a computer screen the entire day long as people in a few other professions have to do.

They have always had to be proactive. The job has a blend of challenges, tension, and joy. There are many people who like challenges, need thrill in their life.

Payback to society

A Jailor does a very important duty for society to work properly. One cannot imagine a world without jailers.

Society will simply not be able to operate prisons properly. Many prisoners would escape from prisons without a jailer. Society will be without law and order and we would no longer feel safe.

Learn to deal with difficult people

During their career, a jailer learns how to deal with difficult people. Prisoners are not always being nice and one needs to develop a stable mindset to bear personal insults.

Though it is unpleasant and demanding, it helps one to develop a really strong mindset in the long run.

Not only will it help during my career, but it will also be beneficial in my personal life as a strong mindset is the key to success in many different life situations.

Learn to handle stressful situations

Jailers face several kinds of stress during their careers. It enables them to deal with stress.

Often, things may get out of control and one will have to make correct decisions immediately to prevent prisoners from escaping or to prevent other unpleasant things like fighting between prisoners from happening.

No educational requirement

The educational qualification required is senior school certificates. Graduation or masters will increase the likeability of a candidate.

One can start early in their life as they will save time and money spent on acquiring a degree. They also do not have to borrow education loans. A jailor has to prepare and qualify for an exam mandated by the government.

Disadvantages of being a Jailer

Working is stressful

The career of a jailer is very stressful. The environment is very tense and stressful. While there are standard operating procedures and extensive security measures are in practice to make jails safe. Yet the prisoners have developed countermeasures.

Life in jail is full of risk and danger. Accidents in prisons are very common; one may get seriously injured sooner or later.

Internal risk of rebel

A jailer has to administrate a jail and its inmates range from first-time criminals to seasoned criminals. They do not bear someone dictating them, terms, and the following discipline all day long.

This frustration will lead to a condition where few inmates will insult the jailor. They did not respect him and did not even like living under him. They will regularly plan to topple.

Tough inmates to deal with

Few prisoners are of good nature, but most prisoners are difficult to deal with. One will often have inmates that will never care about anything at all. They will just try to make life as a jailer as hard as possible.

It is really frustrating and annoying. As criminals, terrorists, rapists get jail terms for their deeds. They usually have a criminal bent of mind. They are in general to deal with.

Emotionally demanding

A disadvantage of working as a jailor is that emotional stability will really be challenged every day of their career.

Most of the prisoners would have committed crimes due to one or another reason. Mane needs to be listened to, often a shoulder to share.

Mistakes lead to adverse outcomes

A jailer is most of the time under immense pressure. Due to pressures, one may commit a mistake. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to serious adverse outcomes. Extreme cases can cost lives of prisoners or staff.

The level of tension between prisoners is very high due to their natures. A jailer must think ahead to keep them under control.

Do not make much money

A jailor has a limited salary and no avenue to other income. The income of a jailor is very nominal. They cannot earn overtime or get any other additional income. While some professionals like drivers in railways can earn sufficient overtime every month by working for extra time.

Some professionals like agents of Insurance Corporation earn a good amount of money as a commission by selling insurance policies. A jailor gets only a salary.

Remote working is not possible

A jailor has to be physically present at the place of work. Though in several other professions, people who work in office jobs can stay at other places, while a jailer has to be present in prison in person.

Therefore, one will also not have flexibility in managing private and professional life.

May get mental problems in long run

Because of overthinking, regular exposure to risk, and stress one may develop serious mental issues sooner or later. Most people are not that emotionally stable enough to bear all the adversity. They may suffer from depression and other mental problems.

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