26+ Pros and Cons of Being a Marriage Counselor (Explained)

A Marriage counselor is a person who helps couples to resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. He helps people to make thoughtful decisions about how to better solve differences and how to judge whether the marriage is salvageable.

A marriage counselor has a graduate or postgraduate degree — and many choose to become credentialed by the authority. 

Advantages of being a Marriage CounselorDisadvantages of being a Marriage Counselor
High demandEmotional strain
Work indoorsCouples may feel to relax
Can learn a lot for own marriagePredetermine for divorce
Most marriage counselors have standard workweeksMay weaken your commitment to your spouse
Does not do physical workDoubt on integrity
Marriage counselors make good moneyOne cannot always be successful
Remote working is possibleMental impact
Can start own marriage counselling businessUnable to unplug from work

Advantages of being a Marriage Counselor

High demand

They are always in demand among society. There are numerous marriages having problems due to career choices, adultery, mistrust or other causes. Late or early marriages also often lead to problems.

With development, these problems have also arisen. They want to deal with these problems. Therefore there is a lack of marriage counselors. Marriage counselors will never get unemployed.

Work indoors

Marriage counselors work indoors. Though there are numerous people of other professions who have to work outdoors in extreme weather.

As their work involves counseling, they need a good comfortable environment. It is used to make clients comfortable, make them at ease.

Marriage counselors can use air conditioning or heating to optimize the room temperature indoors.

Can learn a lot for own marriage

A benefit of working as a marriage counselor is that one can learn a lot for their own marriage. It will not only solve conflicts between couples and make their marriage happier, but one also learns from the mistakes of clients and what to avoid in their own marriage.

Chances are that one can avoid many issues and mistakes that one would have made otherwise. It gives a higher chance that their marriage will work in the long run.

Most marriage counselors have standard workweeks

Marriage counselors often have standard work weeks. Most marriage counselors work 9 to 5. They, therefore, have plenty of leisure to spend with their loved ones. A family therapist does not work at night time.

Though security guards, call center employees, and other people who have to work during the late evening or night time.

Working during nighttime is quite exhausting sleeping or other serious health problems. Therefore a marriage counselor one can avoid those issues and stay healthier in the long run.

Does not do physical work

An advantage of being a marriage counselor is that one does not do physical work. Though many people who work in construction or in other fields have to do heavy physical work. It makes them prone to suffer from serious physical health problems.

Marriage counselors can avoid classical office jobs. One does not have to stare at a computer screen the entire day.

In turn one will talk to their clients, understand their problems and provide them solutions to their problems. 

Marriage counselors make good money

Good marriage counselors make good money. Good marriage counselors make a decent living and are able to afford some luxury. Therefore, if one is willing to work hard and also willing to work some extra hours, he can make good money.

Remote working is possible

Marriage counselors are able to work virtually from remote locations. Remote working has become very popular in recent years. It allows people to manage their professional and private lives.

For example, if one works from home and has a gap between two meetings, he can use it for some personal work.

Can start own marriage counseling business

A marriage counselor can start their own business. It is very easy to start your own business in this profession as one will not have to invest huge capital and even start this practice from their home.

Hence if one plans to work independently from the corporate world in the long run, and does not want bosses. It is a great career option.

Disadvantages of being a Marriage Counselor

Emotional strain

 The occupational hazard of being a therapist is one sees people not doing well. It is very demoralizing. A counselor has to hear both parties. He has to understand their respective reasons.

He then has to think of the possibility of saving their marriage and explain it to both the parties and make them agree on it.

Couples may feel too relax

A marriage counselor is a human. He has chosen this profession to earn his livelihood. But in most cases, the couple relies and relaxes on the counselor too much.

Often, they do not trust their spouse and follow the counselor. He may be taken away by greed and instead of saving the marriage; he causes more harm to it.

Predetermine for divorce

Marriage counseling a few times will not work. The reason is that before visiting a marriage counselor, couples have made up their mind about the divorce.

As they are predetermined to end the marriage, they will neither listen nor agree no matter what anyone says.

As a marriage counselor is not a priest but a guide, he can’t fix the marriage. The continuation of a couple’s marital status depends on them.

May weaken your commitment to your spouse

Being human, marriage counselors also have their opinion generated through their level of interpretation of the situation. If a couple picks the wrong counselor, it will always lead to divorce.

As he does not have the correct interpretation or understanding of the situation. He will simply start making money and once the income ends he will suggest divorce.

Doubt on integrity

The clients will comprise estranged spouses. They will continually doubt a marriage counselor that he may reveal some hidden problems between them. It will create an environment of distrust.

This negativity will hamper counseling work and even the mental composure of marriage counselors.  Though this fear may sometimes be real and the counselor might reveal the secret and cause deterioration of the relationship.

One cannot always be successful

Marriage counseling will not always work. There may be some underlying problems that cannot be resolved.

The solution requires both people to commit in the marriage to make a positive change. Often one or both spouses may be less committed for counseling to be effective.

But one spouse cannot save a broken marriage; both spouses must be dedicated to acknowledging, looking at, and taking steps to solve issues.

Mental impact

Marriage counselors during their engaging careers may be mentally impacted. Working with people is draining and invigorating. Assisting clients to bear with trauma, bad relationships, and hurt daily is very stressful. 

Unable to unplug from work

Because of the high emotional stress which comes with working in marriage counseling, one may not be able to distract them and unplug from work.

Most marriage counselors practice meditation, relaxation, sleep, and other practices to stay mentally healthy.

Though sometimes, these fail to work and many marriage counselors consequently suffer with mental problems.

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