26+ Pros and Cons of Being a Nail Technician (Explained)

A nail technician does the appearance and grooming of a client’s toenails and fingernails. Their work includes pedicures, manicures, nail shaping, synthetic nail treatments and applying nail polish for customers. A nail professional treats the natural nails of the feet and hands as well as add on gel coverings or an acrylic nail.

Advantages of being a Nail TechnicianDisadvantages of being a Nail Technician
Lucrative fieldNail technicians don’t make lots of money
Nail technicians can work indoorsHard to plan your life as a manicurist
Opportunity to work with different peopleSocial stigma for nail technicians
Manicurists can make people happyOne will not learn many skills 
Does not have to work long hoursWorking from remote location is not possible

Advantages of being a Nail Technician

Lucrative field

A career as a nail technician is quite rewarding as the entire fashion industry is regularly innovating with styles, new designs, shapes, colors, etc. One can learn the latest styles and techniques while practicing the profession as a nail technician and obtain impressive growth in their career.

After gaining experience and exposure as a nail technician one may find job in salons and nail bars. A wide number of cosmetology schools have mushroomed up which provide online and offline courses on nail profession.

Being a trendy business, one needs to regularly update their techniques and skills to survive in the competition.

Nail technicians can work indoors

Working indoors is an advantage that nail technicians have, unlike other professions where one has to work outdoors under extreme conditions.

Construction workers, fallers, sales, and most other people regularly work in sun or cold on a regular basis. Therefore, instead of having to deal with the cold or sweating in the heat all day long, one works in a very cozy environment where one can use our modern technologies to make their workday as convenient as possible.

Thus, working indoors can be a huge advantage that many people who have never worked outdoors greatly underestimate.

Opportunity to work with different people

One has the opportunity to get in touch with different people across society while working as a nail technician. Every day new people will come for manicures, designing or adding decals and one will see new faces regularly during each workweek.

It will be very interesting and exciting as one will have to deal with several dissimilar characters. It will also give one the chance to talk to several dissimilar people regarding topics that bother one at the moment to get a divergent viewpoint on those topics.

Consequently one has too often heard the problems of people which will make one understand how small their own problems are in comparison to that.

Because of this change in perception and perspective, one will be able to value their own life much more and be able to live a happier life in general.

Manicurists can make people happy

One will make most people happy as they can approve the style and look of people. Everyone wants to look beautiful or handsome and nail technicians do their best to accord their contribution in pruning the overall appearance of a person.

Moreover, if one does their best and delivers their best, their clients will be able to present themselves and will have greater chances in the dating market or other aspects of life.

Therefore, though one will only be able to make a little contribution in the general view, one will still be able to have an impact in the lives of several people if one is very good in what they are doing.

Does not have to work long hours

One does not have to work for long hours during their career as a nail technician. Moreover, a nail technician only works for 40 hours or less which gives one the good time to spend sufficient time on other important avenues.

Like, one will be able to spend sufficient time with their family or at their hobbies. Most other people will have to work extra hours daily. They will not have this opportunity and will not have any private life at all.

Disadvantages of being a Nail Technician

Nail technicians don’t make lots of money

A nail technician career will not be able to make a good income from their profession. Most nail technicians are just able to make the minimum wage or even less.

As pruning is a luxury and everyone will be attending their basic requirements like food, livelihood or shelter first.

The Rich or upper-middle class has resources to spare to prune. The customer base is very limited for a nail technician.

Hard to plan your life as a manicurist

A nail technician will not be able to plan their life way ahead. The income varies, it may reach a peak during wedding seasons, festivals, and stops during financial downtime.

As one will have a very low income, they will not be able to spare emergency funds for tough times and they will not be able to get finance from financial institutions.

Rather one will live hand to mouth, basic paycheck to paycheck which will be annoying. There will not be any certainty for the next paycheck and there will be a realm of fear.

Social stigma for nail technicians

A downside of being a nail technician is that one will have a low social status. Though our clients will regularly appreciate our work, most others will not be able to understand the value of service provided by us and therefore will not consider us important.

As the industry is ruled by females, if a man wants to work in this profession, the possibility is that most people will taunt, make jokes and even our friends may be mocked at. Male nail technicians have to face it throughout their careers and have to deal with the social stigma.

One will not learn many skills 

Though during their career one will sharpen their skills and will become better at improving the style and appearance of nails.

As there is no mandatory educational requirement and there is not much use of computers or machines one does not get hands-on opportunity to work on these. One will therefore not be able to learn several computer skills or other hard skills which are desired in seeking employment in the current scenario.

Because of their lack of these skills, one will have difficulty in exiting this industry. Therefore one will have to work in this field for entire life

Working from remote location is not possible

One will not be able to work from a remote location like home as a nail technician. In turn, one has to be at work in person, listen to the client, understand their requirements, visualize thoughts and prune their nails accordingly.

It will cause one to commute to work at their office daily. Therefore, one may have to spend lots of money and time on commuting, and may even get stuck in traffic jams.

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