17+ Pros and Cons of Being a Nanny (Explained)

A nanny is a professional who earns livelihood by providing child care. Usually, the care is taken within the family set up of children and they are becoming a part of the household. In the middle ages, nannies were mostly servants in big families.

In recent history, modern-day nannies live in or out of the house like other domestic workers depending on circumstances and contract.

Advantages of being a NannyDisadvantages of being a Nanny
One can work with childrenOne has to commute to the family they work for
Nanny is a relaxed professionTele-working is not possible
Do not have time pressureChildren may not want to let one go
Fewer physical workFrequent hire and fire
Good work-life balance Kids will not always be in a good mood
Parents can be difficult

Advantages of being a Nanny

One can work with children

A nanny has to work with children. It gives them an opportunity to improve and develop their inter people skills. In the course of their career, one will learn how the mind of people and kids in general work. Though it can be demanding, this also is very important to become an expert in this skill. This is not only for growth in one’s nanny career but also for other several aspects of life.

 Because only if one understands what drives people, they will be able to push them in the direction they want them to go. Moreover this is a very nice experience to work with children as they are usually eager and kind to play with you.

One will get back many nostalgic childhood memories and spending time with children may consequently be mentally healthy as they will be able to unplug from their own problems for a while.

Nannies is a relaxed profession

Many nannies do not suffer from excessive stress or pressure. Though, kids are sometimes in a bad mood and they are very annoying to look after once in a while.

One will not experience the similar stress level as compared to a demanding job in which one is bound by strict schedules and they have to complete a lot of work in a short period of time.

Moreover, one will make sure that they do not do something dangerous or stupid and just have to look after children. Like, one can just play a few nice board games with them and it will keep them engaged and motivated, cheerful.

Do not have time pressure

Working as a nanny will be awesome as one does not have any time pressure. One will by and large have to wait until their workday will be over.

Though, one will have to do little work along the way. Still, one can do those works in a very light manner and one does not have to worry about time management a lot. Consequently, it does not matter if one cooks for kids a few minutes later or sooner while it does matter if one is late for an appointment in their office job.

Therefore one can feel a career as a nanny also enables one to work with less time pressure compared to many other jobs out there.

Fewer physical work

The profession of nanny has fewer jobs. A nanny has to play some games, sit on the couch, or watch some cartoons on television with the kids.

Though this work is up to a certain extent mentally demanding, one will not have to do physical works like lifting, pulling or pushing like in several other professions.

For Example, construction workers work with their hands all throughout the day and recent research has suggested that people who do heavy physical work tend to experience adverse physical health problems in the long run.

Good work life balance 

One will usually also not work several extra hours. Nannies will have a very relaxed workweek and they will just not work over 40 hours. Many nannies have plenty of leisure to spend on their hobbies or with their loved ones and just work part-time.

They will not have to work on weekends most of the time. Parents usually take care of children on evenings and weekends themselves and even plan outings with them.

Disadvantages of being a Nanny

One has to commute to the family they work for

A disadvantage of working as a nanny is that they have to commute to the home of the family they work for.

As they look after the children of their clients in their own home very often, one is forced to spend plenty of time traveling, stuck in traffic jams. It is very annoying as it will cost one money, health and time. The cost of commuting is mostly not paid by parents.

Tele-working is not possible

One will not be able to work remotely as a nanny. Most of the several from other professions who work in classical offices have the opportunity to work from remote locations. A nanny will have to be at their workplace in person.

It construes that while other people work from home and can manage their professional and private life at the same time. One will be away from home and have to do their household work like cleaning, laundry and other things after completing their workday. 

Children may not want to let one go

As nannies take care of children and they grow under them. A special bond gets developed. This emotional connection will make a nanny an important person for them. This bond can be a problem as they usually do not let the nanny leave.

One, who has worked as a nanny will also be sad and feel that they have left something, a dilemma which children will also face.

Frequent hire and fire

Most of the nannies have faced a problem that they will have to change their employer very often. The rift may be because of misunderstanding, arrogance, children reaching the majority. The problem may be from both sides. 

It creates negativity, demoralization, and uncertainty in income. It means that one will always have to look out for new jobs. It is also very annoying as one may not get a hint of when they will have to leave.

The unemployment period may range from a couple of days to months where one will not be able to make any money.

Kids will not always be in a good mood

Though working with kids appears to be fun most of the time, in reality, the children have mood swings and there are some days when they are not in a good mood at all.

During these times, working with them will be really annoying as they will not like to do anything fun.

Some days can be very difficult and one should make sure that they have a stable mindset that allows them to deal with these situations in an emotionally healthy manner.

Parents can be difficult

Parents can be very demanding and annoying. While few parents may be empathetic and nice, most are very difficult.

They will frequently ask the nanny to do exactly what they want instead of giving the nanny some freedom to do what they think will be right for the kid. Consequently, work will often not be that much enjoyable in those setups.

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