26+ Pros and Cons of Being a Painter (Explained)

A painter is a professional who uses a brush or finger to paint colors onto the surface. Colour may be watercolor, oil color, spray color, house paint, or finger paint. The surface can be paper, canvas, road, wall, or even nail. A painter can be an artist who puts thoughts on canvas, a street artist raising issues roadside, a makeup artist decorating nails, or a painter painting a wall.

Advantages of being a PainterDisadvantages of Being a Painter
Working as a painter is not that stressfulWorking as a painter can be problematic for our health
Mostly work indoors most of the timeOne will have to wear a mask
One can start their own painting businessPainters do not make much money
Painters have regular workweeksLow social standing as a painter
Good work life balanceQuestionable future job prospects
One avoids classical office workBeing a painter implies physical work

Advantages of being a Painter

Working as a painter is not that stressful

An advantage of choosing a career as a painter is generally not that stressful. Though one will have busy periods where they have to finish several tasks at one time.

However, very often, job will be very relaxed and one will not suffer from the time pressure faced by other professionals in their corporate careers.

In turn, one will have sufficient time to do their work as well as possible.

Mostly work indoors most of the time

One will have the benefit to work indoors most of the time as a painter. Most of the time, one will just paint boundaries, roofs, and inside the house of customers, which means that one will not have to work in extreme outdoor conditions for an entire day.

Therefore, while most people in some other professions have to work outdoors during rain, heat, or heavy snow, one will be protected inside the four walls of their clients and mostly work in a very comfortable atmosphere.

One can start their own painting business

One has a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start their enterprise. One after working for a painting company for some years, save some money for capital, gain some experience and knowledge and start their own painting format at a suitable time.

Though, it is not for all painters as they have to take care of all other technicalities apart from the painting work.

Moreover, if one is a sincere entrepreneurial person, it will be very easy for one to work self-employed in this field as the capital investment to start a painting firm is very low in comparison to most other fields.

Painters have regular workweeks

A benefit of pursuing a career as a painter is that one will usually have regular work weeks. Most painters only work from 9 am to 5 pm and return home pretty early most of the time. Most of the time painters will not work more than 40 hours every week.

One will be able to plan their vacation in advance as they will most of the time and very often they will not have to change their holiday plans.

Moreover not only will they enjoy regular working hours all the time, but as a painter will also have free weekends. 

Good work life balance

As per available online data in general most painters have a good work-life balance. As they will have holidays and free weekends, very standard workweeks, and comparatively very less stress at work, most painters do not get tired and wear out to do other things apart from work.

Moreover, working as a painter is great for one if they value their leisure and if they choose to work, be alive and not be alive to work.

One avoids classical office work

An upside to being a painter is that one will avoid working in a regular office setup and job as most other people have to face. Though few of the people may really enjoy the office job, most don’t like their office set up, corporate culture, and typical classic jobs.

Most people are in their profession and to provide bread and other amenities for their families and to earn money to afford some luxury. While working in an office work also means spending lots of time in very artificial environments and they will have to spend almost their whole workday in front of a computer screen.

In the course of their career, it may lead to major psychological issues as we as humans have not ever meant to spend our entire day as that from an evolutionary point of view.

Disadvantages of Being a Painter

Working as a painter can be problematic for our health

A downside to being a painter is that in the course of our career it will be very problematic for our health. Usually, one will be surrounded by hazardous fumes and these fumes will cause major problems for our lungs in the long run.

Consequently, most painters usually suffer from back pain, disc problems later or sooner and many of them will eventually have to leave their jobs due to those issues.

Therefore the risk for health problems increases if one works as a painter compared to several other jobs in the market.

One will have to wear a mask

To save themselves against dust and fumes, they will have to wear a mask most of the time. Though this might not sound that bad, it can still severely lower the quality of their work-life since those masks are very uncomfortable and may also lead to breathing issues.

Most people also develop headaches after they wear these masks throughout the day as they simply get insufficient oxygen and if one has to wear those masks most of their career as a painter, the probability is that this will not be beneficial for their overall well-being in the long run.

Painters don’t make much money

A downside of being a painter is that one will also not make that much money. Though few people are able to make a decent earning from painting, most others have to struggle to pay their bills.

The cost of living drastically increases if one resides in an area with high living costs, the probability is that they will not be able to afford luxury in life as a painter.

As, if money is really important to lead a good quality life, some painters have to do side hustle or even have to pursue a parallel career.

Low social standing as a painter

Most painters usually don’t have a good social standing in society. Though lawyers and doctors are usually on the top of our social pyramid, a painter is at the lower end of the spectrum.

Very often, people will appreciate their work, but one will usually not have a similar social reputation as someone who fights for us in court or someone who saves lives.

Sometimes one has to deal with some snarky comments as some people will try to bring one down as one is just a painter

Questionable future job prospects

It is very much unclear how bad or good one’s future job prospects will be as a painter. Because of artificial intelligence and machine learning, most jobs in the painting industry may cease to exist later or sooner and it means that one may also suffer from very low job security in the future.

Being a painter implies physical work

A career in painting has lots of physical components. Most painters have to do hands-on work all day long and it is really exhausting.

Moreover, when painters return home from their work, they really feel about the work they did the entire day and are usually happy to relax and lay down on the couch. One may have to climb up the stairs or rooftop.

A painter may have to lift a ladder, buckets of paints, and other tools.

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