24+ Pros and Cons of Being a Pastor (Explained)

Pastor is the local leader of Christian adherents who counsels people and gives advice on religious matters. They are like shepherds who lead, care, and teach herds of faithful people.  He leads church services, religious services, rituals like funerals.

Within a church, he is the leader who is ordained and therefore given the authorization to perform religious services and leads rituals like funerals and Sunday mass. 

Advantages of being a PastorDisadvantages of Being a Pastor
Decent job security for pastorsOne have to work at night time
One can make good moneyOften have to work on weekends
Being a pastor is not stressfulOne has to be flexible
High standing in local communityHearing to the problems of people can get straining
They can help people to overcome difficult situationsOne may get stuck in this job entire life
Tele working will not be possible

Advantages of being a Pastor

Decent job security for pastors

The profession of pastor has very decent job security. After one becomes a pastor they do not have to be afraid of getting fired as one has become an integral part of the local community. Most influential and reputed people support and follow them.

Therefore, there will not be any risk at all to let one go and one will likely be in this job as long as they desire. Consequently, most pastors profess this profession their entire life.

One can make good money

One should also not undermine the level of income one can earn from their profession as a pastor.

A pastor can even earn a six-digit income. For ages, people have been known to generously give in the name of religion.

Churches like institutions of all other religions have good support from people across all realms of life. As the pastor is the local in charge of the church he is usually earning a good income

Being a pastor is not stressful

An upside of being a pastor is that they work in a relatively relaxed environment. Most people working in the corporate world have to face stress and time pressure on a routine basis. In turn a pastor is able to work without those issues.

Moreover, one will not have a boss who will be keeping an eye on performance and will look over the shoulder all day long. In turn one will have huge freedom in structuring their day as they desire to plan and the way they want to do their work.

Therefore, while most other people in the world suffer from depression and burnout which comes with their profession, one will have a comparatively relaxed life and enjoy their work.

High standing in local community

The pastors usually have a very good social standing in their community. As are the ones who are always there to listen to problems faced by people, they are the ones whom people trust.

Very often, people will rely on pastors to provide solutions to problems faced by them. And if they do their work with dedication and passion, the people will be very obliged and grateful to Pastors for these works, and may also accept them as kind of a religious leaders.

Therefore during the course of their career, one can build really strong relationships with people in the area and it will also help them in various different ways.

They can help people to overcome difficult situations

As a pastor, one is responsible to guide people out in their tough times. Most of the time, people come to them desperately in their difficult phase.

Though it is emotionally challenging, it gives us purpose in their work as they know their work is important for people.

Whereas most other people who work for the money will tend to get demoralized in their careers, pastors are likely to remain motivated in their entire careers as they see purpose in their work.

Disadvantages of Being a Pastor 

One have to work at night time

The biggest problem in the career of a pastor is to work in the late evening and nighttime. We human beings are genetically programmed to work in the day and rest in the night.

One has to work unpleasant hours very often depending on their schedule. Therefore one will not be able to spend time with their favorite people after work.

Moreover, while few people like working in the evening, all others do not perform during those times that well. One will also have problems focusing on their job because of working late.

Often have to work on weekends

Unlike most other people, pastors will have to work on weekends. Because most church services are scheduled on weekends as it is the time when all other people are having leisure.

Therefore as most other people make nice weekend trips or enjoy their vacation, one will usually have to work as a pastor and it may become really annoying in the course of the career.

One has to be flexible

A pastor also needs to be very flexible. Their schedule will change regularly. It means that they have to be prepared to work all the time.

Consequently, people from their community will call them in the late hours as they always look for help.

If they want to do good for these people in all possible ways, they will have to be available full day and seven-week and it is a real emotional and mental strain as they will always expect bad news from the people they care about.

Moreover, one should also not become a pastor if they do not have this high level of flexibility to structure their day according to the wishes of local community members.

Hearing to the problems of people can get straining

While one can make a positive effect on the lives of most people by hearing their complications and giving them guidance, this will be really draining to do in the course of their career.

Moreover, one will always be bounded by bad news as people will mostly visit to seek guidance during the toughest periods of their lives.

If one is not psychologically strong enough to handle these issues, they will also not be able to escape and very often lie awake at night going through all the worse things that one has listened to in the day.

One may get stuck in this job entire life

Though one will learn how to deal with people during their career as a pastor, they will still not be able to learn several other skills.

It has become a serious problem if one wants to quit with a pastor career one day as one will usually not have the skills desired to survive in the job market.

As one will not learn several skills which are valuable in finding another job, one will get stuck in this field forever.

Tele working will not be possible

Though some other people working in regular office jobs will also be able to work remotely, one as a pastor will have to be present physically.

Therefore, one will not have a similar level of flexibility when it is about managing their private and professional life in work life.

Like, someone working from home can wash the clothes between two appointments while one will just not be able to use their time as efficiently.

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