25+ Pros and Cons of Being a Poker Player (Explained)

Professional poker players are those who play poker for their living. They earn a significant amount of their income only by playing poker. Poker is a game of cards, where players wager over which is top according to that particular games’ rules.

The main purpose of playing poker is to win money by undertaking the pot that contains bets made by the other players during the hand. 

Advantages of Being a Poker PlayerDisadvantages of Being a Poker Player
A poker player can decent money1. Poker players can lose all of their money
A poker player can able to work self-employed2. Poker players do not have any fixed income
A poker player may not pay much taxes 3. Being a professional player can be stressful 
Poker players do not have clients4. Poker players may face difficulties getting a mortgage
Poker players even can play online5. Luck plays a huge role 
A poker player can avoid physical work6. Some poker players may end up homeless
Poker players do not need any college degree7.

Advantages of Being a Poker Player

Poker player can decent money:

One of the best advantages of being a poker player is that you can earn a decent amount of money. Even the best plays can make millions of dollars in a year.

Apart from just playing they get so famous that they get chances to promote some brands and also make some advertisement deals from where they can make extra money.

Of course, you have to be a master in playing poker if you also want to make your income in millions and you will also get fame in future.

Poker player can able to work self-employed:

Another upside of being a poker player is that you are also able to work on your own. You can be your own boss and no one will be there to lead you. This means you will get a high level of freedom and also you can structure your own work and can spend your day as per your choice.

Hence, if you are a person who loves to be self-employed and want to be his or her own boss, then making your career in this profession will be the right choice for you.

Poker player may not pay much taxes:

Being a professional poker player, you can also get some tax advantages. In fact, it depends on every individual state about its tax policies.

Hence, you will be getting some tax advantages that means you can enjoy most of the income on your own, you can save extra money, or you can spend extra money or even you can invest some extra money on something. 

Poker player do not have clients:

Another advantage of being a poker player is that you do not have any clients and can still work as a self-employed. As in self-employed income, there are some difficult clients which are really very annoying and exhausting but being a professional self-employed poker player, you will not have any clients.

Hence, instead of dealing with annoying or difficult clients, you can just enjoy your game on the poker table and at the same time, you can also earn money from the game. 

Poker player even can play online:

Being a poker player, you can also run your profession online. You do not have to go to a casino to play poker, instead, you can simply sit in front of your computer screen and play some hands in any place of the world where online poker is available or allowed and at the same time you can also enjoy the money.

Hence, you can get great flexibility in your work as you do not have to go to any scheduled place or you do not have to do a classical office job. 

Poker player can avoid physical work:

 Being a poker player, you do not have to do physical work. As we discussed in this previous point, you can even play poker online through a good internet and can earn money or you can play in person.

While on the other hand people who are in some other professions like wait construction workers or garbage men who have to work physically with heavyweights, which may harm their body in their old age. But you do not have to work physically and can earn a lot of them at the same time. 

Poker player do not need any college degree:

One of the biggest advantages is that you do not need a college degree to become a poker player. This means you just can start earning after completing high school.

In many other professions, people need college degrees to get their job and for that, they need to spend a lot of money and also, they have to spend some years to get that degree. But you as a poker player do not need any course to compete or you do not need any college degree for this profession. 

Disadvantages of Being a Poker Player

Poker player can lose all his or her money:

Being a poker player, you can lose all your money if you lose control of yourself. Most poker players underestimate the risk of this game, they just are not prepared to cover the big losses which may occur while playing.

Even most of the poker players used to drink a lot and cannot make their proper decisions after that anymore. 

Being a professional player can be stressful:

If you have ever watched poke on TV on any social media site, then you may just see the glamor and the winner of this game, but you can never see the real struggle and stress behind it. This profession can be really stressful and demanding.

There are many other professions that are quite stress-free than this profession. Hence, before making this profession as your career, make sure that you can take this risk and stress.

Poker player may face difficulties getting a mortgage:

It is also a disadvantage that many banks do not allow loans to any poker player. As banks only grant loans to those people who have a stable income and have a good image in society. But playing poker, you will not have any stable income.

Hence, remember that if you face any financial crisis then you cannot take the bank’s help. 

Luck plays a huge role:

IN this profession, luck also does matter. As you know that it is a game of cards so luck is also very important with your skills and experience.

Many younger players who do not have much experience, could never recover from downswings caused by luck. Even they might make good enough once they get used to this game. 

Some poker player may end up homeless:

Being a poker player, if you lose all your money then you will have no way except to sell your assets like houses or cars. Some poker players even have to sell their houses to pay back the money. Hence, you should think twice before making this profession your fixed career. 

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