15+ Digital Marketing Interview Questions To Ask

Digital marketing is a growing area and is expected to dominate in the coming years. Also, it brings opportunities to great jobs under this domain. 

To help in preparing better even though you are an interview or the candidate, you need the right questions for interviews to find the suitable candidate whereas the ideal answer can help in ace the interview. 

Here is the list of questions that can help in achieving the best results 

List Of Common And Basic Questions To Ask During Interviews 

Starting with common and basic questions can help in understanding better about how much a candidate is prepared for the interview. Also for the candidate, it’s a time to show they have clear knowledge about simple yet basis,  it includes : 

How Do You Explain Digital Marketing? 

The basic yet important question that should be asked so you know if the candidate is clear about the basic concepts or not. 

How To Answer: Digital marketing is all about the tactics which brand marketing uses via online channels. It includes techniques like Link building, SEM, SEO, Affiliate marketing, PPC, etc. 

What Are The Types Of Digital Marketing? 

There are different types that come with digital marketing, the candidate should be aware of such questions. 

How To Answer: The candidate need to mention the aspects which are famous in digital marketing types, such as : 

  • Email marketing 
  • Content marketing 
  • Search engine marketing or SEM 
  • Search engine organization or SEO 
  • E-commerce marketing 
  • Social media marketing

Are You Aware Of Different Types Of SEO? 

There are types in SEO that are used for different specs, it’s crucial to know about the types. 

The basic question should be asked in the interview in order to know how deeper the knowledge goes about SEO. 

How To Answer: State the three basic SEO along with a brief explanation. It includes: 

White Hat SEO:  This one is the most popular technique that is helpful in utilizing the method and technique to improve the rankings of a site. Also, don’t run afoul of guidelines given by search engines. 

Black Hat SEO: It exploited the weakness of algorithms of search engines in order to get a high ranking. 

Black hat SEO does not follow the SEO guidelines set by the respective search engines. 

Gray Hat SEO: Gray hat SEO is neither while not black, it combines both. Well, the technique transforms the black SEO Techniques to White SEO and vice versa. 

What Do You Know About Google Adwords? 

Google AdWords are the important part,  it helps in reaching the customer instantly and it’s crucial the candidate can know this. 

How To Answer:  Google AdWords is an online advertising service which is offered by Google. This is for helping the marketers reach the customers instantly. 

Businesses use this for displaying their ads on Google and advertising networks. 

It’s also famous for its Pay Per Click advertising system, and allows the business to set their budget for ads and payment can be done when the visitors click on the ads. 

Google AdWords focuses on keywords. 

To Increase The Traffic To Websites, What Most Effective Ways Would You Suggest? 

Traffic is an important part as with this the targeted audiences land on the website and leads to process. However, the candidate needs to know about the effective ways to increase it. 

How To Answer: State the practical and popular ways which can be effective for increasing the traffic of the website. 

Well, it includes : 

  • Paid search 
  • SEO activities
  • Content marketing 
  • Display advertising 
  • Guest blogging 
  • Email marketing 
  • Linking internally 
  • Post content on Linkedin 
  • Seeking the referral traffic
  • Targeting keywords with long tail 
  • Optimizing content 

What Are The Key Areas Where Using Keywords Would Help In Optimizing The Site Ranking? 

The importance of keywords along with using them in the right way can help in posting the site ranking. 

The question can help in knowing if the candidate is aware of it or not. 

How To Answer:  For improving the page ranking, keywords can be used in the following areas, well it includes : 

  • Website URL 
  • Meta tag 
  • Website title
  • Headlines
  • Body text 
  • Web page content 

What Limitation Do You Aware of About Online Marketing? 

The question is to understand how well the candidate is aware of online marketing and its limitations. 

How To Answer: There are some bases to states, it includes : 

Intense Competition 

Since online marketing is easy to access and also cost-effective, it is a more preferred method for most brands. 

So the uphill tasks to get more noticed amongst the others includes the higher and much more intense competition. 

It Gets Overwhelming 

There is too much information and data, it’s an onslaught of tools that actually makes you feel overwhelmed and also leads to confusion. 

It takes practice as well as experience to get everything around your head. 

Analytics Are Only Good Its  Use

There is analytics that depends on everything, you can’t do anything without the plain data unless you see how to make use of it and read. 

It can also be misleading and get stuck in chasing the metrics. Also, it leads to wasting the cash of the wrong sections. 

How Would You Define SEO? 

Well the important aspect of digital marketing, SEO is crucial for the company and so does for the candidate as they need to have their research done. 

How To Answer: SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that is used for creating the website traffic and its quantity as well as quality by boosting the visibility of search engines. 

SEO is a practice that helps in getting traffic in organized, editorial, and natural search results. 

What You Know About Keywords And How Much Importance Does It Holds In SEO? 

A keyword is a fundamental element that is a crucial aspect of doing successful digital marketing.

The candidate should be aware of the important and right way of using it. 

How To Answer: A Keyword holds the significant and fundamental element of SEO, users need to use keywords to search for what they are looking for, it can be the service and product on the internet. 

Keywords are the core of efforts for SEO. They are crucial for improving the ranking on SERPs or search engine result pages. It’s important the website is SEO optimized or the words that are relevant to the business. 

Do You Know About Some Useful Tools For Digital Marketing? 

Having knowledge of tools that can be used for digital marketing can come in handy, also it shows that the candidate is familiar with the field as.

How To Answer: List the famous and useful ones that actually help in digital marketing. It can be : 

  • Keyword discovery 
  • Moz
  • Rankwatch 
  • Alexa Ranking 
  • Crazy Egg Heatmaps
  • Favicon Generator 
  • XML Sitemap Generator 
  • Digital Point Keyword Tracker 
  • Google Trends 
  • Kissmetrics
  • Ahrefs
  • Buzzsumo
  • AdExpresso
  • MailChimp
  • Unbounce
  • Hasoffers
  • Google Keyword Planner 

What Does Direct Marketing And Branding Have In Differences? 

The interview should ask such questions to see the understanding between both concepts and how it will help the company grow. 

How To Answer: Well, branding means the advertiser has to expose their brand for the website as well as applications that have a higher reach in audiences. 

One of the most known methods is YouTube ads, which display the target ads, remarketing, and custom ads. 

But in the case of direct marketing, the advertiser is interested mostly by establishing the communication with their targeting the audience through different mediums including pamphlets, emails, mails, flyers, and catalogs, etc. 

The basic difference in both is that branding is building awareness whereas direct marketing is for helping companies in order to reach the customers directly. 

How You Can Use Social Media For Marketing? 

Social media is a part of marketing, and it’s important when it comes to digital marketing. 

How To Answer: Social media marketing involves the content for creating and sharing it on channels in order to achieve the goals of marketing and branding. 

It includes different activities such as videos, images, and other content which helps in driving more audience engagement. 

Social media marketing helps in boosting the website traffic, increasing brand awareness, building conversion, and improving communication along with interaction with the interested audience. 

List Of Important Questions To Ask During Interview For Digital Marketing 

This is the list that includes in detail and upgraded questions so it can help in finding the right candidate. Also, it’s helpful to know how much the candidate has in detail knowledge about digital marketing. 

How Do You Differentiate Between The Dofollow And Nofollow? 

The question is related to SEO which is an important part of digital marketing. 

How To Answer:  Well you can start with this, including 

Dofollow: These links which allow the search engine crawlers, it follows a link to give it a boost from search engine result pages as well as pass it on the link juice which is a reputation passed to another website. Also to the destination site. 

Example : <ahref=”http://www.XYZ.com/”>XYZ</a>

Nofollow: With this, the link doesn’t allow the jewelers on search engines to follow it . This also doesn’t pass the link juice to the domain which is for the destination. 

Example : <ahref=”http://www.XYZ.com/” rel=”nofollow”>XYZ</a>   

What You Know About 301 Redirect And How It’s Difference From 302 Redirect? 

The interview should ask the question to know what the 301 Redirect and 302 redirects are. The candidate should be aware of this in order to clear both redirects. 

How To Answer:  The candidate can state that 301 redirect tells that the user as well as search engines bot which is the original web page is moved permanently to another location. 

However, the 302 redirect honestly serves the temporary and does not pass any link juice to the new location. 

How Would You Rank The YouTube Videos And What Would Be The Best Practices You Recommend?

For digital marketing, youtube is a channel that should be important so you can target more people, and also it gives a wider range of people. 

How To Answer: The youtube is a crucial aspect and channel to consider, in order to rank youtube videos  The practices include for ranking the video, it includes : 

  • Create content that should be engaging and informative. 
  • Optimizing the videos which should target the right audience.
  • The title needs to contain a high search volume as well as low difficulty. 
  • The video tag should be accurate and relevant.
  • The description needs to be relevant to the chosen title. 
  • The title tag must be under 100 characters. 
  • Promoting the content on social media-like platforms.
  • Use the thumbnail which can captivate and relevant hashtags. 

How Would You Avoid Getting Penalty For The Duplicates On Internet? 

The person you are interviewing should have the understanding to deal with such situations, and it can help the company to find situations to avoid the penalty of duplications. 

How To Answer:  The answer should include the ways of avoiding such situations: 

  • To use the 301 redirect which is to the original URL 
  • To opt for the domain which is preferred in the Google Search console. This can also redirect the spiders in an offer to cawl to different web pages in other ways. 
  • To use the real canonical attribute which is related to the original content. This tells the search engine which specific URL it is representing the webpage. 

What Are The Ad Formats Which Are On Google Ads? 

Good ads can be helpful to the business, to candidates required to have the knowledge about the different ad formats about it. 

How To Answer: The different format includes : 

  • Text ads: These ads only have content that is text-based and found on Google’s SERP of google.
  • Responsive display ads: These ads are adjusted according to format and size depending on the space which is available, the text or image ads can be added.
  • Image ads: The ads use interactive and static images, also it includes format is flash, jpeg, gif, etc. 
  • App promotion ads: These ones are sued for driving the app downloads.

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