30+ Best exit interview questions to ask employer

Exit interviews are important as it’s a way that can help the employer for learning. It can help in understanding why employees are ending their time and leaving the company.

With these, the employees get their chance to express opinions and suggestions that can help you in improvement. 

Conducting an exit interview is the crucial part, to make sure you are doing it the right way, here is the best question you should ask. 

What To Know About Exit Interviews? 

An exit interview is a survey of the employees who have decided to leave the company. 

Employees conducted the interviewees to learn about why they are leaving and to know about their thoughts regarding the organization. 

Exit surveys can either be in person, over the phone, online, or on paper. 

They are great opportunities for employers to understand the feedback of an employee on topics such as : 

  • Job duties
  • Management styles
  • Training methods
  • Workflow
  • Work culture
  • Team building activities
  • Company mission 
  • Company policies

Why It’s Important To Conduct Exit Interviews?

Companies are conducting exit interviews primarily to understand the reason behind why they have employee turnover. The rate at which employees are leaving the company. 

With this, it helps in understanding the real reason and knowing if there is an issue within the company.  For employers, it becomes easier to find the root of the problem and make improvements. 

This can help in tracking the trends in employee satisfaction over the time period. 

Since it takes time, effort, and money in hiring, training, and paying employees. For employers, it’s important to have a high employee retention rate.

The longer an employee stays at their company, the better the return on investment the company gets.

It is in the best interest of employers to have the company place where employees want to work as well as continue the work in the future. 

What’s The Reason For Asking For The Exit Interview? 

It’s important that understand why conducting the exit interview is important

Here are some of the points that you should remember : 

  • Departing employees are generally more forthcoming than those who still have their jobs.
  • You can learn the reasons behind why your employee departs, it might be something that is different from what you might be thinking.
  • With the help of exit interviews, this allows understanding in providing constructive feedback and leaving a  positive note. 
  • The last touchpoint proves the opportunity to review the continuing the obligation with the employee, non-compete as well as intellectual property agreement.
  • It provides the opportunity for asking if there is any issue with the company and something that should be aware of.  This can help in reducing the risk and identifying the matters which need attention. 
  • You will get a candid assessment of the organizational culture and environment.
  • Insight into the process of recruiting, onboarding, and training that is needed and might be revealed.
  • The feedback can help you in identifying areas that can help in improving staff retention.
  • Improving the opportunities which can be in management development and succession the planning that might be detected.
  • It’s cost-effective and facilitates the quality of the exit interviews.

So regardless of what size of the company you have, with the help of exit interviews, it can provide the opportunity for discussing what kind of workplace environment, corners about the miscount, or issues within the management are needed.  

How To Use Data From The Exit Interview? 

While these interviewers can help in bringing value to the company.  But it’s important that you learn the right way that you should be executing and helping in getting the insight. 

More than 90% of the fortune 200 companies are conducting exit interviews, yet around 40% of them consider this practice as successful. 

So to reap the best benefits, you need to ask the questions which are relevant from the start. Also, you need to be specific with the role that employee played. 

The next important step that you should take is to consider how you can utilize the analysis and interpret the answer for improving employee relations and the workplace environment. 

For creating as well as implementing effective and consistent interviews, it’s important to focus on basic things. 

Also, even though it is considered challenging and time-consuming, with the help of insight, it can help in understanding the connection between the feedback, behaviors, and trends of employees. 

What Are The Best Exit Questions For Employers To Ask?

Since the exit interview is so important, it’s important that you are asking the right questions, and for that, here are some of the points for your understanding :

What Is Your Motivation For Searching For A New Job?

Well, this question is important and you can find valuable insight which is an underlying problem that is within the management hierarchy or placing the expectations on employees which is unreasonable. 

How Would You Rate Professional Development While You Are This Company?

Having the employees previous rate their professional development is a simple way that can help in determining what they have felt after the job offered a long-term opportunity. Also, you can have an honest conversation.

Is There Anything That Company Does To Change Your Mind?

You can ask this question as some employees consider enticing the current employees with the salary increases, bonuses, and compensation such as additional benefits. This can help in improving the chances of staying. 

How Would Your Rate For Responsibilities You Had Position For Employee Satisfaction?

You can find out about the satisfaction rate that the employees had overall with their position. 

What Would You Change About Your Job If You Get One Chance? 

Management might not know that there are some challenging things that their employee might have to face on a daily basis. So asking about what they would like to change, can help in altering the work for retaining staff. 

Did The Job Position Meet With Your Overall Expectation That You Had Before You Started?

This question can help in understanding what expectations they have regarding the training, job satisfaction, and support. 

Tell Me About Your Best Day At Work?

This is an open-ended question that can help in getting the answers that can help and also easy to know about what makes the company great for the working. 

Describe Your Worst Day At Work? 

As an employer, you should know what makes the day worse and what leads to dissatisfaction, and how they can do it differently. 

Do You Think You Were Successful In Your Job? 

With the help of an honest answer, this can help in indicating to the employee if they felt successful and valuable at the organization. 

Do You Have The Right Tools And Resources For Your Job? 

This answer can help in giving insight regarding what their former employees needed and whether they had it or not. 

Do You Feel Good About The New Employee Training For Your Job?

If the training they received for the new employee was not adequate, that means it needs a little bit of tweaking for making it better and preparing to make it better. 

Why Are You Planning To Leave Your Position?

The answer might be straightforward or complex, but you can get the details that can help in understanding the inadequacies which the company might have. 

How Fit Your Current Job Is For Your Skills And Which One Is Helpful?

Employees will find out if they are well suited for the position and what might have changed if the training was a little bit changed. 

Tell Me About The Worst Part Of The Job That You Have To Do? 

With the help of an answer, it can do which part of the work was challenging for the employee.  This position might be needed to get more modifications to make sure it is easy for future employees.

Did You Ever Receive The Constructive Feedback About Job And What Was That? 

With this, the employee can see how effective the communication is through the channels of Management.  also, it can help in knowing how employees deal with constructive feedback regarding their job

Was Your Workload Was Reasonable, Too Heavy, Or Too Light?

You can ask this question to reveal if an employee felt bored or overwhelmed during their working hours in the company.  and whether the workload was satisfactory or not.

What Was Your Most Significant Accomplishment You Had While Working Here? 

The answer can help in providing the information about their any achievement. Also, it can help you in understanding if an employee did something outstanding while working. 

Please Describe The Most Challenge That You Faced For Your Job? 

The answer tells the employees about understanding the challenging aspect that they might have handled and what adjustments are needed as well as for the future employees’ training to be more successful. 

Did You Feel That Your Senior Had The Expectations Which Were Reasonable? 

This answer helps in understanding whether the staff member felt that they succeeded at the position or not. 

With the answer, it can be helpful for the future employees and understand if they had their expectations which were reasonable and attainable or not.
 This also shows if they had any unnecessary worries or pressure from their seniors when they were working. 

What Works Best For You, Working Alone Or With A-Team?

Employees can determine if the role needs more team input or if they are much better without any interference from their other employees.

What Elements Make Your New Position Better Compared To This One? 

here you are determining what elements make the other position much more attractive for the employees.  it is also important to understand if it benefits working as or have something as to offer to realign the corporate compensation that can help in retaining the  employees in future

Would You Describe Your Job Duties As An Effective Part Of Your Team? 

With this answer, it will tell if employees felt that they are valuable as well as a contributing part when they were a team.

Did Anyone Demand Something Which Was Unreasonable During Your Work?

It can help in indicating if employees felt this stress which was unreasonable and from the supervisor during the employment time. 

Did You Work Remotely? 

Pending on how they answer it can help in giving insight into how they worked when they handled job duties remotely. 

Do You Recommend Our Company To Someone Else Who Is Looking To Getting Hired?

With this answer, it can help employees to understand that the individual feels that the organization is a good place for others to work.  

How Do You Believe That The Company Can Improve?

This answer may include some changes that might make a huge difference in how companies help in retaining their employees and also create a better work environment,

Would You Consider Returning To The Company In The Future? 

This question can help in understanding whether the employee might return if the situation was suitable.  a day might never return because of their appointment experience in the company.

Do You Consider Our Workplace Environment Is Safe?

workplace safety is an important part when it comes to job satisfaction and also for employee retention.  There are some specific Industries like trades where the need for workplace environment safety is most important.

when you have unsafe workplace practices it means the organization must be required to re-evaluate the current procedures along with policies in order to protect the workers.
 It also means higher legal liability for the company. 

A safe environment also causes accidents with heavy good points and other safety hazards that lead to dangerous situations. with the answer, you could get an idea of how safe the workplace environment actually is.

Is There Anything You Wished To Know Before You Started Working Here

With this question, you can Dive deeper into the operational practices of the company.  and how they are aligned with the Expectations of employees once they start to work.

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