16 Great Family Mission Statement Examples

Getting married and having kids are one of the biggest events when it comes to anyone’s life. 

And yet people let it slide into these turning points which are significant. Even though they seem like life turning, they can quickly turn into ordinary and everyday life. 

Even though you have a new family unit that you are from but you don’t give much thought beyond keeping it functioning generally day to day. 

There are a lot of things that you need to focus on, and aspects to consider and that’s why you need to create the family mission statement and to start with, here is what can help. 

What You Should Know About Family Mission Statement? 

A family mission statement is the combination of unified expression from all the family members of what the family is about and what you want to do and be in the future. Also, you need to choose the principle that governs family life. 

A mission statement is a description of the individual, family, company, etc. Also, it’s a reason for its existence. 

Companies use their mission statement which helps in directing their decisions and operating the procedures. 

But its utility is even better for the families. 

How You Should Create Your Family Mission Statement? 

Well, there are businesses that are using the mission statement, so why not use the same principle for running the family too. 

To create one,  you need to understand how to do it and the right steps that you should take for it. 

Here are some of the important steps for you : 

Step 1: Schedule The Meeting First 

Again, even though it sounds very corporate.  but it’s important, however, you don’t have to make it one like corporate. 

You can make it as comfortable, bring the whiteboard and post-it notes. Then you need some time for focusing on the discussion. 

If you have kids and they are old enough, then you can add them in the process. 

So you need to hold a meeting that involves your family and everyone should be clear on what they are discussing. 

Step 2: Have Discussion ABout What Is Important 

This is the important part where you should be clear. Sit down and discuss what being family means to each of your moments. 

For the couple, you might bring a different perspective depending on the background you have. 

This can help in deciding the respective upbringings and deciding the aspects that you have to carry regarding the new family. Also, discuss the part that you both want to drop. 

With this discussion, you can learn different things about your partner. 

Make this conversation open so everyone can participate, make it free to go as the flow goes.

However, make sure you have some of the basic questions ready to guide the conversation. 

For the couples, the question might involve : 

  • What is the sort of relationship you want as a couple?
  • How do you resolve the differences?
  • What kind of parents do you want for your kids?
  • What roles do you want to perform?
  • Which tradition that you both want to carry over?
  • What principle do you want to teach kids?
  • What qualities do you want them to ingrain?

As for the kids, here are some of the questions that can be included in the conversation and discussion : 

  • What kind of feelings do they want to have in their house?
  • What kind of home would they prefer to invite their friends to?
  • What do they want the parents to remember? 
  • Who are their heroes and what makes them like them?
  • What responsibilities do they have as family members?

Step 3: Add The Ideas And Key Themes 

During the discussion,  there might be some themes and words which are common, and start to emerge, 

So make sure you are adding and writing them down. You can use the post-it notes or boards, and choose whatever fits you. 

These ideas and phrases can help you in discovering family values. Each family is unique, so the important thing that you need to do is to identify the family. 

examples of values of core family

Step 4: Agree On Decided Core Values 

The next important step is to agree on the core values.  However, if you feel tired, you might take a break and come back. 

But still, you are in a role,  so focus on refining the ideas and putting them into a family’s core values. 

You might have got words and phrases which are different, so group the similar ones that have common themes. This will decrease the size of the list. 

Start with something smaller and choose something manageable. Use it with something less than ten words or phrases. And these will be the core values of your family. 

Also, you have to rank them in order of their importance. 

Step 5: Create Family Mission Statement 

Once you have your core values. You can focus on creating your family mission statement. 

Here you don’t require to have something wordsmithing, you can always come back and refine it.  But still, you want something to be the start point. 

Step 6: Test Your Family Mission Statement 

Make sure you refer to the family statement again so it would lead to the effect you desire. Put it somewhere where it can be seen by everyone. 

Step 7: Review And Refine As You Go 

Families evolve, your kids will get older and the situation might change. So over time, your family statement also needs to evolve. 

It’s always great to come back and review your mission statement and refine depending on the changes.

Examples Of Family Mission Statement To Consider 

There are different examples that you can consider when you are making the family mission statement. 

Your right selection of family mission statements, it can help you in ensuring that all family visions share the vision and understand the values. 

Here are some of the examples that you can consider for your family mission statement : 

Building Strong Family 

One of the mission statements that you can consider is to build a strong and effective family and interpersonal relationship with each other. This means that they can rely on each other for support and care. 

This means dedicated time for each other, getting to know each other, as individuals, and as friends. 

With this, it will help in making them certain of where each member stands in the family and represent what value, and how they turn to each other when they are in need of support. 

Create The Wealth For Multi-Generational 

As a family, it’s important that you are empowered to know your goals and dreams. With this,  you are also helping the future generation to the same multigenerational wealth. 

For this, it’s important to practice financial prudence and investment. 

With this, the family members are required to have a strong education when it comes to financing and an opportunity for gaining investment knowledge since they are young. 

Leaving A Legacy Behind 

Well to create the greatest family history, it does not depend on a single generation to do all the hard work. 

And to understand this, it’s important that these thoughts are instilled in the kids and understand the purpose of having a legacy and the importance of the family name. 

This will need the commitment to financial education along with investment for enabling the best for the family. 

Also having commitment helps in value, to be honesty, integrity, and diligence. These should be internal for building and maintaining the reputation. 

Empowering Each And Every goal Of Family Member 

The family vision statement should include the happiness and fulfillment of each member. To do this,  it’s important to share the dream where they achieve a state of being self-actualization. / 

This will help in teaching people and kids to understand the value as well as the importance of setting goals and developing plans. 

Raising Kids With Strong Morals And Values 

Everyone wants their family to have strong morals and ethical values so they know what is right and wrong. 

The next mission statement can be raising the children, being honest, and having integrity. 

Also to know when to speak out and not tolerate something wrong. 

It is important that the kids have a righteous view of honor as well as the confidence of knowing what is right instead of popular. 

Creating a Loving And Safe Home 

As the world is turning more unpredictable and changing so fast, the mission statement of your family can be to remain close and feel loved, supported as well as confident. 

To do this, it’s important to demonstrate the love which is unconditional and open to the family. 

Valuing The Family Members 

It’s important that the children appreciate the value of having family and the connection that it brings. 

This model is out in your day-to-day lives with respect and care for each other. Do not just use the word affirmation and act of kindness, but accept the correction, and discuss the disagreement and argument in a respectful and civil war. 

Making Difference With Those Who Need 

The family started a mission that makes a difference and in a positive way for others. 

This practices empathy as well as mindfulness of those who need, concerns as well as opinions of others, and acts that reflect the values. 

Making Positive Impact On World 

As a family, this is the one who is committed to making a difference in a positive way in the world. 

It is important to believe that every person has their ways of making an impact, and striving for living to best strive for a passionate life. 

Raising Children Who Are Financially Responsible 

This can be your mission statement which is committed to being responsible when it comes to financing. 

This belief is that in hard work and determination, instills these things in kids. 

You want them to understand the need and importance of money management and saving for their future. 

Teaching About History And Their Ancestors 

The next mission can be to raise a strong sense of connection between the children and the ancestor as well as the history of the family. 

They should know where they come from and who played an important role in shaping the family. 

Raising The children To Be A Good Citizens 

The family strives for living with integrity, compassion as well as respect. 

This helps to raise children who are good citizens along with inspecting and being self-sufficient. 

For doing, this will make sure that you are instilling strong values such as resilience, responsibility, and respect in the kids. 

It’s also good for creating a close-knit family unit where  everyone are feeling loved as well as supported, 

Traveling The World And Exploring The New Cultures 

The family mission can be something of an adventure and seeking out to find something new to experience. 

This belief is that life’s too short and you can’t explore everything in the world, so the next mission is to create a sense of curiosity and adventure. 

Also to encourage them to try new things and be ready for changes. 

Being A  Family Who Is Always For Each Other 

When you have a tight-knit family that values dependability, this means they have the back of each other regardless of the situation. 

They communicate with honesty and openly strive for resolving conflicts in a constructive manner. 

Some of the dependable is to include points like : 

  • Being reliable and punctual
  • Fulfilling the commitment 
  • Being honest with others
  • Listening as well as valuing the opinion
  • Communicating effectively 
  • Respecting each other family 
  • Supporting the challenge of each other 

Giving The Opportunity To Children 

The next mission statement can be committed to chasing dreams. 

This shows you are living vibrant and working together for achieving your dreams. 

Also, this belief is to pursue dreams and live happily as well as fulfilling their lives. 

The statement encourages as well as supports each other. 

Some of the values which are important to uphold are: 

  • Commitment to ounces, each other as well as the dreams
  • Communication to be honest, open as well as respectful. 
  • Cooperation for working together to reach the common goals for strengthening the family unit. 
  • Creativity for encouraging each other and solving problems
  • By sharing skills, talent, and resources that are providing the opportunity to the family members. 

Raising Children Happy And Feeling Fulfilled

The next one can be to raise the children who are happy as well as fulfilled.  The feeling of a good sense of who they are, stand for and go on in life. 

Encouraging them to develop their talents and interests, means supporting them to find their way in the world. 

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