How to Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’ +20 Answers

“Why would you keep us?” It is one of the most similar and challenging job interview questions in the world asked by the manager. Also, this type of question can be asked in many ways.

For example, you can look at your resume and explain how your work experience compares to the position. Or you can share how you have special skills that can help in setting you apart from other candidates.

Like, “Why are you good at that?” Because of this interview question, many job seekers may find it unnatural to explain to the hiring manager why they are the right person for the job. But if you prepare your answer in advance, you can easily solve this common interview question.

In other words, they ask us, “How are we going to keep you above other candidates? “

Why Do Interviewers Ask Such Questions?

Whenever you give an interview for a job, it’s obvious that the manager will ask you certain questions related to your field. As a result, your response could be based on a variety of factors:

  • Your job experience and accomplishments: You can discuss previous achievements in a corresponding role and demonstrate to the interviewer how you can accomplish similar outcomes for them.
  •  Your qualifications and talents: If you demonstrate that you possess all of the talents that the employer seeks in a candidate, they will answer this question effectively.
  •  Your enthusiasm and love : You might underline how well you would fit in with the organization and how much you like working in your industry or field.

How to Answer ‘Why Should We Hire You?’

To give a convincing answer, you cannot summarize your respective credentials. So do the other candidates. 

You must identify and demonstrate the unique qualities, experiences, and achievements that enable you to succeed in this role.

Some chief answers will help to find a reliable answer:

Show your knowledge of the company and its needs

To impress hiring managers, you must show how much you know about the company you’re applying to. Answers like “I had a lot of sales experience when you hired a business partner” are acceptable.”

Why do you want to work here?” Use information about the company concerning its history, image, or market position in the response. It will indicate to the manager that you are willing to work for the position.

It would be best if you researched your answer to show that you understand the company’s needs.

For example, if the interviewing company has a new position for a growth manager, the job posting might look like this:

Head of Growth

Job Description:

If you are Head of Growth, you must collaborate with the executive and sales teams to identify growth opportunities.

 You can also design and execute strategies to bring an ambitious mindset attitude.


  • Need to have leadership qualities
  • Need to have 5+ years of experience in your field

The announcement clearly shows that the company has a large budget and is looking for an experienced executive to lead important growth initiatives. Keywords shown in blue tell us important roles, responsibilities, and company goals.

If you can demonstrate that you understand how to develop effective growth strategies, motivate why they should hire you. 

Once you understand the company’s needs, you can focus on them in your answer by telling your interviewer how qualified you are to meet those needs.

Describe how your interests align with the position

Employers always look for motivated employees and know that willingness to work is key to long-term motivation. Your answer should tell the employer what interests you about the position you are applying for.

You want to change careers and apply for a new position while still working; For example, you work in product development but are looking for a position because you are more interested in a customer service role.”

Why should we hire you?” To answer this question, it is crucial to show that your interests are compatible with the new position. But “Why did you quit today? “

If so, tell your conversation partner why you’re interested in moving to customer service. Your strong communication skills help you interact with customers or enjoy solving problems by responding to customer suggestions or concerns.

 For example,

exploring the candidate and the solution and thus favoring your role works, but it also allows the interviewer to know what they want and the relevant qualifications.

When your employer chooses what you combine with your passion, you make time for an inspiring and fulfilling experience.

 Explain how your help can help the company to work harder

The goal of any business is to help the organization achieve its goal.

For example, if you are applying for a job in marketing, the goal is to generate leads. Being in customer service is all about providing the best service to your company’s customers.

That said, there is only one way to answer the question of “Why should we hire you?” Explain exactly how your experience and skills can help the company achieve this goal. Let’s say you’re applying for an event planner position at a small company.

 If you read the job description, you will notice that they are looking for someone to hold events in their area and carry the company name. Now you clearly understand a company’s #1 goal when hiring you!

They want to find someone who can successfully organize events, promote them and improve the company’s brand awareness. The answer to “why to hire us” can tell you exactly how to achieve your company’s goals.

Right Example;

Because I have a lot of experience when it comes to event management to promote small start-ups like your company! In my previous role, I brainstormed with the CEO and devised over 30 different event ideas, of which we implemented around ten.

Most events were successful, with an average of over 40 participants.

 Explain how you see your career development in the company

Finish your answer by discussing how you see your future in the company. When employers see you actively thinking about your career and growth within the company, they know you take the position seriously, and your long-term goals will give them a good reason to hire you.

First, describe how you see yourself in the position you are applying for. Then describe what career path and progression you want to pursue, whether learning a new skill, getting a degree, or moving into a leadership position.

Get extra credit for describing how you grew with the company, and to be clear in your answer, you need to know the company’s vision and goals.

Here is an example:

“As a junior animator at Epic Games, I found myself taking advantage of the great collaborative culture to learn from senior animators, developing and refining my technical skills. 

As I gain experience, my goal is to be a team member that helps Train new junior animators while you professionally focus on character development and script writing.

I look forward to playing an important role in the game development process as the company begins to create games for new markets and eventually becoming Director of Animation to drive innovation and growth at Epic Games.”

Create your vision of working with the company as an engaged and dedicated employee by communicating your commitment and giving employers a good reason to hire you.

Emphasize adaptability and your ability to work as a team

Teamwork and adaptability are beneficial for almost any position.

Regardless of your career, you need to work with others and help in adapting to different people and situations, so these are two basic skills that employers are always looking for.

Even if you are a novelist or solo artist, you must work closely with your publisher and team of editors and book designers to make a good book.

Therefore, an important part of answering the question, “Why should we hire you?” Convince the interviewer that you can adapt to the work environment, colleagues, and superiors.

For example.

If you are a great team player and feel this skill sets me apart from other project managers. In any team you work with, you make friends easily. 

You may also be very effective at playing your A game without pushing or micromanaging your teammates.

Express confidence

Confidence is impressive when taking on something new, such as meeting new people or applying for a new job.

 A confident answer gives the interviewer the impression that you know what you are doing and ensures your ability to lead, communicate and persuade.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to come across as cocky. That’s a big no-no. Just stick to the facts about why you are the ideal candidate and the right person for the job.

Most importantly, your tone should be active, and your voice should be clear when you speak, such as: “If you have all the necessary experience and skills you said you needed for this position. 

Then you can be one of the best candidates you’ve spoken to.

You can also try your best to be a worker.” Many previous employers have praised your skills and motivation, so you can be assured that it will meet and strive to exceed your expectations.

Be different from the rest

By highlighting unique aspects of your skills, you can show the interviewer that you have more to offer the company and that you can add more value than anyone else.

So don’t be shy about highlighting qualities or skills that will help you stand out from other applicants.

You can take other courses in your spare time, speak more than enough languages ​​or solve projects with new techniques. Let’s look at a way to present it:

  • If your goal is to bring something more and different to your work, which you think is important for an established company that wants to grow in this way.
  • If you have three years of marketing experience, graduated from Digital Marketing University, and worked in web design to understand the creative side of my job.

Why Should We Hire You When There Is No Experience?

It’s easier to know the answer to this question with some professional experience, but don’t worry, it’s doable if you know how to structure your answer. 

Develop relevant experience and transferable skills rather than focusing on work experience.

If you’ve volunteered or interned in the industry you’re targeting, highlight these experiences. 

Highlighting your educational background can also show employers that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the position.

Show your interest in the position, and consider the power of your soft skills, such as adaptability, problem-solving, or brainstorming. 

Soft skills are critical in today’s job market as many industries have become automated and increasingly mobile.

Here’s an example of “how to hire us” with no experience:

  • You may know that some companies may be looking for a Marketing Specialist to grow the company’s online presence, increase brand awareness and improve conversion rates. Your educational background can prepare you for this unique opportunity.
  • As an undergraduate student, you earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and graduated with the highest honors with a 3.5 GPA. You gained experience in data analysis, marketing, and web advertising during your academic career.
  • Some of the related courses that you have done include Marketing Analytics, Marketing Management, Survey Research, and Integrated Marketing Communication.

This response focuses on the applicant’s performance and qualifications for the position without reference to any work experience. 

Through relevant training, candidates demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to perform the job effectively and benefit the company.

How NOT to Answer 

It would be best to show the interviewer what motivates and inspires you to make an impression. 

Have a summary of the answer to the question “Why should we hire you?” In general, here is a discussion about some important things you should NOT do.


Yes, the pay motivates them to get up and go to work every morning. But “why should I be paid to buy and have things” is not a practical answer to the question, “why should we hire people?”.

Companies are looking for employees motivated by more than money, so stay in the profession.


Like salary, saying you’re there for the job isn’t a compelling reason for a company to hire you over other candidate’s

Public interest.

By public interest, we mean the general public. A vague explanation of why you are entering this field, e.g., “if your parents chose this field for you and followed it, so now you will be looking for a job in it.”

why should we hire you best answer sample for fresher?

  • I am a results-driven individual who thrives on challenges and consistently exceeds expectations.
  • My unique combination of skills and experience makes me the perfect fit for this position.
  • I am a quick learner and am confident that I can make a positive impact on your team from day one.
  • I am passionate about this industry and am excited to contribute to its growth and success.
  • My strong communication skills and ability to work well with others make me an asset to any team.
  • I have a proven track record of success in similar roles and am confident that I can replicate that success here.
  • I am committed to continuous learning and growth, and am excited to join a company that values those qualities.
  • My positive attitude and strong work ethic make me a valuable addition to any team.
  • I am highly adaptable and thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments.
  • My attention to detail and ability to spot and solve problems make me an ideal candidate for this role.
  • I am a natural leader who is able to motivate and inspire those around me to achieve their goals.
  • My passion for innovation and creativity would bring fresh ideas to your team and company.
  • I am an excellent collaborator and am eager to work with others to achieve shared goals.
  • My strong work ethic and dedication to my craft make me an ideal candidate for this position.
  • I am a strategic thinker who is able to anticipate and solve problems before they arise.
  • I am an excellent communicator who is able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  • My ability to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines make me an ideal candidate for this role.
  • I am constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow professionally.
  • My passion for this industry and commitment to excellence would make me a valuable member of your team.
  • I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your company’s growth and success, and am confident that I have the skills and experience to do so effectively.


Remember, most companies expect their new hires to have experience with critical needs, but not all, and experience, high-quality work, and successful project success are key.

As you can see, it depends not only on the industry you work in and the position you applied for but also on what you feel most comfortable with. Whatever happens, always speak with confidence. 

Keep your tone soft, your voice clear, and your eyes on your partner. During the interview, you will know there will be some common interview questions no matter what position you are applying for or what industry you work in.

One of these questions revolves around why you might be an ideal candidate for this position. Providing the best answer during the application process is key, or the right opportunity will be lost.

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