How to Become a Biologist? a Complete Guide

Did you know biology discovered the fact that our ancestors were monkeys?? Science has revolutionized all over the world for decades?. 

Do you know the average salary of a biologist is around $68,000 per year?

I know a lot of biologists, and they are doing amazing. Today, here I am going to share some tips for those who are interested in biology and looking out for opportunities to become a biologist, be ready, to get flooded with all the information you need to know before jumping into this field ?.

Who is a Biologist?

A problem solver ?, is what a biologist can be called. 

A biologist is identified as a scientist ?‍?. As a biologist, you need to specialize in analyzing the genetics of several species like animals and plants. It involves working with various scientists, studying genetic information, and assessing RNA and DNA. 

A biologist comes across performing different types of experiments. Such experiments involve toxic chemicals and harmful acids that are kept away from an ordinary human being. 

They contribute to medical advancements, develop treatments and therapies, study the impacts of pollution and climate change on ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, improve agricultural practices, and inform policy decisions related to public health and environmental sustainability. 

Overall, biologists play a crucial role in conducting up-to-date reports and shaping the future of scientific research and discovery ?.

How much can a Biologist earn??

The field of science has an enormous future. In the field of biology, there are multiple opportunities prevailing every day. On average a biologist earns up to $67,000-$70,000 per year ?. 

As mentioned above the field of biology offers a promising outlook?. However, the salary varies depending on your skills and the years of experience you have ?. 

The field of biology continues to advance rapidly, driven by technological advancements and increasing interdisciplinary collaborations. Biologists can expect more diversified options in the future following the demand to satisfy their earnings ?.

Here are a few areas where you can expect to have opportunities in the coming years?.

Genomics and Synthetic Biology $26,000 -$1,41,500/Per Year (2023 Salary)

Refers to the study of genes and genomes, as well as the manipulation and engineering of biological systems. Advances in DNA sequencing technologies and gene-editing tools. 

Biotechnology and Bioengineering $36,000-$80,000/per year (2023 salary)

Biological knowledge to develop new products and processes is a growing field. This involves Biotechnological innovations such as the production of biofuels, biopharmaceuticals, and bio-based materials. 

In addition, bioengineers work on designing and constructing biological systems to address various challenges, including environmental remediation and healthcare.

Ecology and Conservation biology $29,250-$1,72,166/per year (2023 salary)

As the world has increasingly shown concern about climate changes, habitat loss, forest erosion, and species extinction. The demand for ecologists and conservation biologists is on the rise. Biologists play a crucial role in studying ecosystems, biodiversity, and the impact of human activities. 

The objective is to assess and mitigate the effects of environmental changes and develop strategies for sustainable resource management. 

Biomedical Research and Healthcare  $79954-$1,16,220/per year (2023 salary)

With increased technology and market growth, biologists have a great contribution to medical breakthroughs by investigating diseases, developing diagnostic tools, and discovering new therapeutic approaches. 

The fields of immunology, neuroscience, cancer research, and regenerative medicine are rapidly evolving and offer exciting opportunities for biologists to make significant contributions to human health ?.

How to Become a Biologist (Tips)

As you have understood the job of a biologist. Becoming one would not be a ‘cup of tea’☕. 

Here are a few steps you have to take to accomplish it?. 

Appropriate Certifications to Become A Biologist

The fact is that certifications are not typically essential to become a biologist. To become a biologist, educational requirements are given priority. However, certain certifications can add a plus point that can enhance your qualifications and demonstrate your expertise in specific areas of biology ?. 

Here are some relevant certifications you can additionally opt for pursuing a career as a biologist. 

1. Certified Fisheries Professional (CFP):

This certificate does the most specifically for individuals working in fisheries biology and management. The certificate

is issued by The Wildlife Society. This certificate assures your expertise in fisheries science, aquatic ecology, and conservation✅.

2. American Society for Clinical Pathology  Certifications (ASCP):

ASCP offers vivid certifications in fields such as medical laboratory science, cytotechnology, and molecular biology. Someone interested in clinical aspects of biology, These certifications are highly regarded in the healthcare industry✅.

3. GIS and Remote Sensing Certifications

GIS and remote sensing certifications are increasingly valuable in many areas of biology. These certifications are offered by institutions to validate your expertise in using GIS software and applying geospatial analysis techniques✅.

4. Certification in Molecular Biology Techniques:

ASBMB (American Society For Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), offers the Certified Molecular Biology Technologist designation, which requires a combination of education, laboratory experience, and passing a certification exam. 

Suppose, you are interested in molecular biology research. Such organizations offer these certifications concerning specific laboratory techniques. Meanwhile, upscaling your qualifications, they are not always mandatory for employment as a biologist✅. 

Education Requirements are a Must

When it comes to becoming a biologist, education is the most important aspect. Whenever you plan to apply for a job as a biologist. The first thing to be noticed is your educational background?.

A bachelor’s degree in biology is the minimum educational requirement needed to opt for a biologist as a career. Remember, this is the minimum requirement. Some careers in biology require a graduate degree, and some require additional work experience or internship experience.

Years of Experience Make a Difference

Frankly, years of experience are not the sole reason for success in the field of biology. While years of experience can be valuable there is no compulsion on it. Years of experience certainly make a difference when working as a biologist. 

The more years you spend working in the field, the more proficient you become. This expertise can give you a competitive edge when applying for positions or leading research projects ?.

Responsibilities of a Biologist

The responsibilities of a biologist can vary depending on the nature and the field of environment. It depends on the specific field of biology. However, there are some general aspects to come forward with?

Set vision and strategy

With modern technology, and the rise of innovations in science and research, a biologist’s job is to set a vision and a strategy?.

A biologist is responsible for transformative change and innovation in biological research, conservation, and public health. As a biologist, you need to be aware of environmental changes and human health challenges in the country?.

Shape the environment

Once you are clear with setting up the vision and a strategy. The next task is to create a plan of action and undertake the necessary steps required. 

This includes engaging in research and studying ecological processes?. It is necessary to work closely with local communities, schools, and environmental organizations to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity, the impact of human activities, and ecosystem health?.

Build relationships

Building relationship amongst the community in the field of biology is quite crucial. Engage in discussions, share your work, and seek collaborations with like-minded individuals?. 

Establish connections with experienced scientists who can serve as mentors. Seek guidance, advice, and support from mentors who can help shape your career and provide valuable insights?.

Remember, building relationships takes time and effort. Be proactive in seeking opportunities, maintaining contact, and nurturing connections?.

Conduct practices and structure as a Biologist

When it comes to any field, practicing it to the core becomes mandatory. The field of biology evolves around research, practice, and experimenting?. 

Maintaining a structured approach to your work is essential for success in the field of biology?. Working with experienced biologists will add immense value to your journey and will structure you to open up to new opportunities in the field of biology✅.

Read and React to the field

The field of biology holds on a lot of research and deep study about a specific topic. There are numerous fascinating topics to read about and explore. 

 ‘Sapiens’, the book that represents the history of mankind, is a must-read for young biologists. The book presents a comprehensive overview of human history, covering biological, cultural, and societal aspects. You can react to the book’s exploration of human evolution, cognitive abilities, and the impact of technology on our species?. 

Learn and Reflect

Biology is full of learning and improvising.

To position yourself at a higher level, regularly read scientific journals and publications relevant to your field of interest. Network with other professionals, learn about cutting-edge research and engage in discussions on various topics.

Reflect on the ideas and insights gained from these discussions and consider how they might influence your own research or career path?. 

Tips to Improve Your Biologist Career

With the increasing competition in the field of biology. Improving your skill set is one of the most predominant factors you should keep in mind. Here are some tips you should keep track of to improve as a biologist?. 

Decide the level you want to work

The level you want to work on completely depends on the knowledge and skills you have specialized in. Nonetheless, it depends on your educational qualifications?. 

 It’s important to note that the level of work for a biologist is not solely determined by the individual but is also influenced by external factors such as job availability, competition, and organizational structures.

Gain experience 

Start saying ‘Yes’?, to opportunities. 

Join research labs to gain practical experience in experimental design, data analysis, and scientific writing.

Note, building a strong professional network and maintaining good relationships with mentors and colleagues is essential for finding opportunities and gaining experience in the field of biology.

Climb the ladder

Climbing the ladder as a biologist involves progressing in your career?, taking on more responsibilities, and advancing to higher-level positions. Consider pursuing additional certifications, specialized training, or advanced degrees to enhance your qualifications. 

Tailor your resume, highlight relevant experience, and effectively communicate your skills and accomplishments during job applications and interviews, and continue to develop your skills and expertise to advance in your chosen field of biology.

Top Biologist Online Courses in the United States

 This field offers a few online courses you can enroll in. Here are some of the best online courses you can choose to certify in and cover specific topics in the field.

An Introduction To Basic Biology

This course is designed in such a way that it covers all the fundamentals in the field of biology. A new learner can easily get an introductory level of experience in this field. The course is available on Udemy

Students can opt for this course at any level to prepare for any biology topic. With video lectures and lecture notes it covers essential topics including genetics, cell biology, ecology, cell reproduction, and many more✅. 

Introduction To Genetics And Evolution 

This course gives an overview of all the concepts of genetics, including inheritance patterns, DNA structure, gene expression, and genetic variation. It covers topics like ancestors, animal behavior, and the truth about genetic evidence. 

With its number of modules, it helps the student to get a better understanding of biology, especially in the revolution of genetics at their own pace✅.

Marine Biology 

If you are keen to know what the bottom of the sea looks like. This course offers an evolutionary history of marine organisms, the behavior, and functionality of sea animals, species interaction, and a lot more about life in the oceans. The course involves lessons and case studies on overcoming challenges and innovative discoveries. 

The course, in general, provides you with a marvelous experience of sea life by analyzing real-time data and the characteristics of sea animals✅. Coursera has a wide range of certifications available for you in this field. 

Medical Neuroscience

Medical Neuroscience studies the aspects of human behavior and neuropsychology of the human central nervous system. The course enlists several modules that give a better understanding of the neural systems in the brain. 

Topics such as dysfunction, disease, and injury in the nervous system are studied in depth. The course shares knowledge of cells and molecular biology, human anatomy, and human psychology as it majorly focuses on the human central nervous system. You can view the full details of the course here ?.

Top Biologist Coaching Schools in the World

There are many schools to pursue a career in biology, but if there were any top 4 to pick. The answer would be the below few?. 

Harvard University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (USA)

Harvard University is popularly known for its strong biology department and research facilities. It offers a variety of programs for both undergraduates and graduates in the biological field✅.

Stanford University Department of Biology (USA)

With its exceptional curriculum and rewarding opportunities. Stanford University provides in-depth knowledge to students seeking careers in the field of biology.

In addition, provides opportunities for students to engage in hands-on research projects✅.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Department of Biology (USA)

The Massachusetts Institute is another renowned institute in the world?. It specializes in the field of biology and helps students build a strong foundation?. With a bunch of professionals, it has been rated as one of the top institutions in the world. 

University of Oxford – Department of Zoology (UK)

With excellence in the teaching field. The University of Oxford is known for providing an unforgettable experience for students.

By discovering innovations and organizing student programs, the university provides a rich learning environment for aspiring biologists?. 

University of Cambridge- Department of Biological Science (UK)

The University of Cambridge has a leading group of scientists and professionals. It is famous for its world-class biology programs. With training and providing job opportunities, it has developed resources and guidance for students?.

 All these universities have a unique specialization they have to offer. However, it’s worth noting that excellence in biology coaching can also be found in other universities and research institutions around the world. 

Where to find a Biologist Job opportunity online?

With the internet and technology finding jobs have become convenient ⌛. Make the optimum use of websites and social media to grant yourself a job.

Be specific about the type of job you want to work. You will find numerous websites to crash in. Let’s view some of the ways you can land a biologist job online?. 

Biologist Job Boards

The web engine constantly posts updates about job opportunities. To find a job as a biologist you can keep track of these sites below?.

The Wildlife Society Job Board, the American Institute of Biological Sciences Careers (AIBS), the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Job Board, and many more. Websites like LinkedIn can be utilized to build a strong network and find job opportunities suitable for you.  

Biology Organization Websites

With tremendous websites available on the internet. Here are some well-known and trusted biology organization websites you can crash into ?.

 National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)

Genetics Society of America (GSA)

American Society for Microbiology (ASM)

Online Coaching Networks

Joining a network of online coaching communities is helpful. Online coaching networks offer resources and support for biologists. You can join relevant groups, connect with other biologists, and participate in scientific discussions??‍♂️.

There are offers groups and forums where you can engage in discussions and seek advice. Online coaching networks help you find the ones that best align with your specific interests and goals as a biologist. 

Social Media

Start creating content on Social media. Share tips, share a piece of news, or some sort of knowledge?.

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube are the leading social media apps to post content. Follow people in a similar field as yours, post content, and show your knowledge. 


Networking is a continuous process?, and it’s important to invest time and effort in building and maintaining professional relationships throughout your career as a biologist. Keep track of what is happening in the industry and how your network is reacting to it.

Maintain connections with them and have discussions with them to stay updated with the latest developments in the field. 

Key takeaways

To work as a biologist you need to be responsible and ethical in your work?. Focus on your academic qualifications?. Moreover, try upskilling yourself in the field you are supposed to build a career in. Be prepared 

for both scientific knowledge and the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Go through the above guide again and start preparing your plan of action today. I assure you will make it happen one day and shall be known as a well-known biologist in the world, All the Best!?

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