How to Become a Body Piercer? a Complete Guide

Are you ready to unleash your passion for body art and master the art of self-expression by becoming a body piercer✅? 

Do you know the average salary of a body piercer is around $65,000 per year??

Of course, it requires a lot of creativity and experience to be a professional body piercer. Helping individuals embrace their uniqueness with your incredible design options can help you to accomplish a ton of dollars and fame in the field of body design and piercing?. 

With the evolving culture of tattoos and piercings, body piercers can make an extra dollar from satisfied customers, which can strengthen a body piercer’s base salary?. 

A few of my connections work as body piercers at different locations, and they are doing extremely fantastic?. For all those aspiring body piercers, let’s understand the general steps you need to follow to become a profitable body piercer?. 

Who is a Body Piercer?

A body piercer is a person who has relevant skills to perform piercings on various parts of the human body. A body piercer is well-qualified in piercings procedures, anatomy, sterilization techniques, aftercare, and health and safety standards associated with body piercing. 

Body piercers book appointments with people who wish to enrich their bodies with ornamental jewelry, such as earrings, nose piercings, belly button rings, lip rings, or other types of piercings. With their relevant skills, they ensure to understand their client’s needs and guide them with suitable options. 

A body piercer needs to be aware while using the needles. It’s the job of a body piercer to assure its clients that the piercing process is carried out safely and hygienically ?. 

How much can a Body Piercer earn??

Starting as a body piercer may not give you a satisfactory amount of dollars?. A body piercer can get paid well by establishing a good reputation in the market. The salary varies depending on the city you are working in. 

A body piercer receives a minimum wage ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 per year. As you gain more experience working with different clients, the salary eventually rallies up?. Professionals and well-known body piercers get paid up to $70,000 per year; that’s the maximum stipend offered to the body piercer.

How to Become a Body Piercer (Tips)

Choosing a career like becoming a body piercer involves numerous tasks such as working with needles, studying piercing equipment, following procedures, and learning various types of piercings?. 

To know more about getting into the field and things you should do to get a better start in this field. Here are some useful tips you should go through?. 

Getting Appropriate Certifications to Become A Body Piercer

Certifications are made mandatory because of several safety issues. Additionally, certifications have a higher scope of setting higher standards as a professional in the industry. During piercing sessions, body piercers are required to follow strict hygiene routines for their client as well as themselves. 

Certification may vary if you decide to work in other locations. However, some essential certifications are commonly recognized in the field of body piercing?. 

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Certification:

BBP certifications are widely acknowledged in this field. This certification proves that you understand and can implement proper infection control procedures to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens. 

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms that spread diseases and exist in human blood. To avoid this, BBP certification courses cover topics such as sterilization, sanitization, handling of contaminated materials, and disposal of sharps✅. 

CPR and First Aid Certification:

While CPR and First Aid Certifications are not a part of the field. They come in handy when seeking opportunities. 

This certification demonstrates your ability to respond to emergencies and provide immediate assistance in case of injuries or medical incidents that may occur during the piercing process✅. 

Association of Professional Piercers (APP) Membership

The APP is known for promoting safety standards and education in the body piercing industry. It is a reputed organization that offers you several levels of membership. Enrolling and becoming a member of the Association of Professional Piercers indicates your commitment to upholding high professional standards ? . 

Ranked as a well-established organization, APP offers various levels of membership, and they also provide access to resources, educational materials, and networking opportunities✅. 

Education Requirements To Be A Body Piercer

A body piercer normally needs a formal education; they are highly recognized based on their apprenticeship and training program qualifications. 

Traditional academic qualifications are not appreciated in the field of body piercing. Obtaining body piercing education from reputable schools and training centers around the world can provide valuable education for aspiring body piercers✅. 

Years of Experience Required To Be A Body Piercer

Years of experience play a very vital role when it comes to becoming a body piercer. A minimum of 2-5 years of experience is required to become a body piercer. 

As the field involves practical work, extensive training and experience are the only way to snatch opportunities in this field. A proficient body piercer ensures the quality of their services and the safety of their clients✅. 

Responsibilities of a Body Piercer

As a body piercer, you have to be responsible for several tasks related to providing safety as well as maintaining professional piercing services. Some of the daily responsibilities of a body piercer include ?.

Understand the various piercing procedures

A body piercer needs to be extra careful when it comes to following piercing procedures. You will be performing a variety of piercings, such as ear piercings, nose piercings, belly button piercings, lip piercings, and more. It is necessary to make the customer feel safe and minimize their discomfort. 

As piercings involve some risks, a body piercer needs to master his techniques to cut off the risk of complications. Piercing procedures implicates knowledge of anatomy, proper placement, and precision in performing the piercing?.

Conducting Client Consultation

Whether you have a business or a job in a studio, the professional ethics of understanding your customer’s needs is precious. As there is tough competition all around the world, keeping your clients satisfied will convert them into loyal customers. 

A body piercer should consult with clients to understand their piercing preferences, answer their questions, and discuss any potential risks or complications. The more clear and concise information about the piercing procedure, the more the client’s attraction✅. 

Maintaining Health And Hygiene

It is a must for the body piercers to adapt to relevant health and hygiene regulations. They should conduct 

strict sterilization and sanitation practices to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. Maintaining health and hygiene in the studio involves using sterile equipment, such as needles, jewelry, and tools, and following appropriate disinfection protocols for the workspace. 

To be extra secure, body piercers must maintain accurate client records, follow local health department guidelines, and use disposable or autoclaved equipment to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens✅. 

Selection and Placement of Jewelry 

It is one of the most important steps a piercer should be cautious about. As it’s a part of their responsibility, body piercers should assist clients in choosing suitable jewelry for their piercings. 

A body piercer has a lot of knowledge of different types of body jewelry, materials, and sizing. Additionally, the job is to ensure the proper placement of the jewelry to enhance the aesthetic appeal and lower the risk of complications✅.

Offering Aftercare Guidance To Client

Piercings are painful. Individuals with sensitive skin even bleed. The pain lasts for 3-4 days keeping the area swelling. To this, body piercers provide detailed aftercare instructions to clients after the piercing procedure. 

It is essential to guide them with instructions; these instructions include information on cleaning routines, recommended products, potential complications to watch out for, and instructions for downsizing or changing jewelry✅. 

Tips to Improve In Your Career As A Body Piercer 

Positioning yourself as a Body Piercer requires a combination of practical skills, professional development, and providing excellent customer service?. In a world full of the leading body piercers, you need to follow these tips to advance in your career ?.  

Decide the level you want to work

While deciding to work as a body piercer, you also need to decide at which level you would prefer to work. The level you want to work on entirely depends on your experience, technical skills, and personal goals. 

There are various positions to work as a body piercer. Either be the studio owner or manager or start working as a junior body piercer or senior body piercer?. 

Gain Experience 

Gaining as much experience and training yourself under a professional body piercer can open you to numerous opportunities. Being a newbie in this profession won’t provide you ample resources to apply for a job. If you are new to it, start as an apprentice. 

As an apprentice, you will work under the guidance of an experienced piercer to learn the craft and gain hands-on experience. Such opportunities develop your skills and help you understand the piercing techniques and safety measures to be taken✅.

Climb the ladder

Climbing the ladder means advancing in your career. In the field of body piercing, having practical abilities and gaining experience in the field can help you climb the ladder and advance in the field. 

Coming to that, it’s more of building your reputation in the field and maintaining healthy relationships with your customers.

Climbing the ladder involves learning about new techniques, materials, and industry trends. Show your commitment to the field and open up to new opportunities that will help you learn from experienced piercers?. 

Top Online Courses To Become A Body Piercer in the United States

With the world switching online, there are several suitable courses designed for body piercers. However, the courses may sound similar as there is no job diversification as a body piercer.

Online training provides practical knowledge and understanding for beginners in this field. However, it is important to note that practical hands-on experience is essential to becoming a competent body piercer?. 

Some of the online courses that can kick start your career ?. 

Body Piercing Online Theory and Practical Course

The body piercing theory and the practical course involves a combination of theories and in-depth videos on equipment and procedures to become an expert body piercer.

The course has a duration of 10 weeks. Upon completion of the online learning, the institute grants you useful certifications that represent you as a body piercer. 

The body piercing course comprises a list of learnings that include, Sterilization and Aseptic Techniques, anatomy, types of body piercing needles, the history of modern body piercing, and a lot more. 

The Master Tattoo Institute offers this course to aspiring body piercers and also provides a BBP certification to its students after the course completion. 

Learn To Pierce 3-day Workshop 

A 3-day workshop offers a beginner guide to all body piercers. It provides all the basic techniques that are new to this field. The course involves Sterilization, Cross Contamination control, Piercing Techniques, Appropriate Jewelry, Aftercare, and more. 

The course does not make you stand out from other body piercers due to its short duration and no in-depth learning. However, the course makes you eligible to apply for apprenticeship opportunities with them or at any other studio. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A Body Piercer

Several reputable schools and training centers around the world offer comprehensive body piercing programs.

Some schools may not exist in the United States, but they can provide effective education for aspiring body piercers. Here are some prominent schools in the world known for their enormous training programs?.

Fakir Body Piercing Intensives (United States)

It is a foundation established by Fakir Musafar, an innovator in the modern body piercing movement. With his 40+ years of experience in the field of body art, he developed many techniques in modern body piercing. The program involves one-on-one guidance to each individual. 

Fakir Intensives provides hands-on workshops and courses focused on various aspects of body piercing. With limited seats in San Francisco, their programs cover topics such as piercing techniques, safety, and spiritual aspects of body modification✅. 

London Piercing Academy (United Kingdom)

The London Piercing Academy is a well-renowned academy around the world. It specializes in providing an innovative learning experience for all aspiring body piercers at different levels. It offers a wide range of piercing courses designed to meet the needs of aspiring piercers. 

Unlike other courses, London piercing academy is known for providing micro-dermal and surface piercings in their courses✅.

Colibri Piercing School Of Tattoo and Piercing

The Colibri Piercing School is located in Toronto and is one of the best schools in Toronto. With a bunch of experienced piercers and a team of professionals, the school offers classes at all levels. 

The school monitors its students closely and guides them on specific methods and techniques. Upon completion of your schooling, you will have to qualify for an artist certification test. Passing the test will certify you, and you can then start working as a body piercer. 

British School of Body Piercing (United Kingdom)

The British School of Body Piercing is a famous and recognized training provider for body piercing education. They offer courses that cover essential aspects of body piercing, including hygiene and sterilization, anatomy, jewelry selection, and aftercare. 

The courses are taught by experienced instructors and combine theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Where to find a Body Piercer Job opportunity online?

The world is shifting to online platforms, and the majority of employment opportunities are made available on online websites?. Let’s, take the benefit of it and find new opportunities online?. 

Body Piercer Job Boards

Well, there are no specific body-piercing job boards, but there are recognized organizations and associations that can find you relevant job opportunities?. However, other general job boards also show the number of opportunities available to body piercers. 

Certainly, here are a few job boards you can browse to find updated news about job openings and new opportunities?. 

Indeed Jobs

Jora Jobs

Seek Jobs

Body Piercing Organization Websites

Body Piercing organization websites provide the latest updates and news of the industry. These organizations have a group of body piercing enthusiasts and professionals.

These organizations are dedicated to advancing the body piercing profession through education, research, and advocacy.

Note these organizations and be a part of the piercing industry to get industry insights and ideas?. 

Association of Professional Piercers (APP)

National Tattoo Association (NTA) 

Association of Body Piercers (ABP)

Online Networks With Professionals

Start taking the initiative and try connecting to professionals in the field. There are various websites available on the internet where piercing professionals and enthusiasts can connect.

Start to engage with them and understand their ethics and professionalism. Discuss industry-related topics, and share knowledge.

Few professionals have blog pages where they post their experiences and tips. Follow them, and you will discover various information that you never knew.

Join local groups related to the industry or interests, attend events, and connect with like-minded individuals✅. 

Social Media

Try to make the optimum use of Social Media. Body piercers are known to be artists. Social media has a community that consists of modern youth. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are few to name. 

Instagram holds a majority of young folks. There are several body piercers and tattoo artists who have noticed a spike in their business after the use of Social Media. Social Media has the power to uplift you as a brand. 

Start posting videos of piercings, piercing techniques, exclusive piercing tools, etc. Build a strong audience by posting regularly, and you will see better opportunities coming your way?. 

Key takeaways

As a body piercer, you need clients who can trust you. Apart from certifications and knowledge, you must build a strong portfolio to attract high-paying clients?. Ensure you maintain safety and hygiene at your workplace. 

Stay updated on industry practices and health regulations. Provide your clients with clear details and aftercare, and encourage them to reach out if they have any concerns or questions. Get client feedback and testimonials to showcase your expertise and customer satisfaction?. 

Wishing you all the best for your journey!?

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