How to Become a Bodybuilder? the Ultimate Guide

Push your limits and unleash the power of Body Building for a persistent future?.

Do you know bodybuilders earn an average salary of $65,000 per year??

The process of transforming your physique has always been a dream for many. The videos on social media have pushed many youngsters toward the art of bodybuilding. Leash the power of dedication, hard work, and passion to sculpt a physique that inspires and captivates. Witness the incredible transformation of not just your physique but also your character along the way?. 

Follow your passion for bodybuilding and pursue the power of strength and personal growth ?. 

Suppose you are interested in becoming a bodybuilder or want to get into the world of fitness and bodybuilding. Get ready to discover the evolution of your body, mind, and spirit as you embrace the path of a bodybuilder ?. 

Who is a BodyBuilder?

A bodybuilder is a person who is busy developing the muscles of the body through weight training, workouts, and structured nutrition. A bodybuilder is known for engaging in competing bodybuilding competitions showcasing muscularity, symmetry, and overall physical aesthetics.

A bodybuilder is popular for his personality and is an inspiration to the youth in the fitness industry?️‍♂️.

A bodybuilder consistently works on his training and follows a structured diet to achieve desired results. They build a well-proportioned and muscular physique, with an emphasis on muscle size, definition, and low body fat percentage. 

Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, and with increased popularity, bodybuilders enter various bodybuilding competitions to gain a successful image in the field of bodybuilding and fitness✅.

How much can a Bodybuilder earn??

Bodybuilders earn based on competitions they participate in or win. Although, bodybuilding competitions are not the only source of income for bodybuilders. A bodybuilder earns a decent amount of money by providing training and coaching. The average salary a bodybuilder makes is around $65,000 per year?.

However, the earnings of a bodybuilder depend on their experience in the field of bodybuilding. Professional bodybuilders who have great networks earn high revenue.

The earnings rely on the locality you are living in. The greater the demand for fitness and bodybuilding, the more the chances of getting opportunities to work as a personal trainer for them ?. 

How to Become a Bodybuilder (Tips)

Just because of your passion for muscle building and fitness won’t make you a bodybuilder. There is more to it; bodybuilding needs consistency, nutrition, and a lot of time and effort.

Many people think of starting their journey by hitting the gym every day. But, choosing bodybuilding as a full-time job can be considered risky if you do not know these tips?. 

Appropriate Certifications to Become A Bodybuilder

A bodybuilder gains its customer base only if the customers trust them. To ensure they trust you, you need to qualify for some certifications.

Your body may be amazing, but if you don’t have the appropriate qualifications, you won’t be accepted as a trainer. To be a certified trainer, you need to have certifications from some of the renowned associations ?. 


International Sports Sciences Association and BodyBuilding Specialist offer certifications especially targeting bodybuilders.

The ISSA Association is well known for providing certifications to those who are into fitness and sports sciences; this includes Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT) certification as well. 

The ISSA CFT program covers a lot of potential knowledge in the areas of exercise physiology, nutrition, and program design. To accomplish success in the bodybuilding field, the ISSA CFT program helps in understanding the essential theories on muscle growth, training, and nutrition✅. 

On the other hand, the BBS (Body Building Specialist) majorly focuses on bodybuilding. The International Fitness Association (IFA) provides this certification and is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of bodybuilding ?. 

Obtaining this certification gives you a complete overview of advanced training techniques, muscle hypertrophy, competition preparation, body posing, and stage presence. 


The American Sports and Fitness Association’s Certified Bodybuilding Training Coach (ASFA CBTC) offers certification targeting fitness professionals who wish to specialize in bodybuilding training and coaching.

This certification helps bodybuilders to improve their bodyweight training and differentiate themselves in the industry. 

The ASFA CBTC helps in utilizing bodyweight exercises effectively to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

The certification holds value and shows a bodybuilder’s dedication to providing high-quality fitness services to their clients with the latest training techniques ?. 

Education Requirements To Be A Bodybuilder

There are no such requirements for a degree when it comes to pursuing a career as a bodybuilder. Apart from formal education, there are certain certifications and fundamental courses related to personal training, workout routine, and nutrition. 

Strength training techniques, injury prevention, and understanding the muscle group should be addressed by aspiring bodybuilders. Such courses and certifications can build a solid foundation of knowledge and potentially enhance your credibility in the field ?. 

Years of Experience Required To Be A Bodybuilder

Keep in mind bodybuilding does not mean only physical improvement but also dedication, mental discipline, and consistency. Years of experience are not mandatory; it depends on every individual. Genetics plays an important role in fitness and muscle building. 

Metabolism is another important factor; the levels of metabolism determine how fast or how slow you will gain muscle. Intense weight lifting, progressive overload, consistent training, and a proper diet for several years can guarantee you success as a bodybuilder.

The amount of time you spend working out and the amount of protein you consume refine your physique. 

Bodybuilding is a highly competitive field; some individuals may achieve remarkable results in a relatively short period. The time required to achieve success can vary significantly from person to person✅. 

Responsibilities of a Bodybuilder

As a bodybuilder, your only objective should be to focus on your training routine and keep track of your muscle growth. To be a successful bodybuilder, you need to take up responsibilities to move one step ahead.

Becoming a bodybuilder requires a lot of responsibilities and commitments. So, are you ready to get started with that?

Set a vision and routine

It’s vital to set a vision and plan your routine to build your muscles. Set a vision in your mind, and determine what type of body you need to build. Find inspiration from popular bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Cbum, etc. 

Determine the dream physique you would love to have. Accordingly, start visualizing it and get into a routine. Remember, just planning a routine won’t work. Stay committed to your routine and sculpt your body by developing muscle mass ?. 

Plan your meals and follow a strict nutrition

Apart from training, planning your diet and everyday meals are essential ?. Schedule your diet according to your body preference. Someone who wants to bulk and gain muscle should consume their daily meals in a calorie surplus. 

While individuals looking for fat loss should consume their meals in a calorie deficit. A bodybuilder should consume proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats in his diet. A bodybuilder needs to consume a lot of water as well.

There are additional supplements like protein powder, creatine, multivitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids a bodybuilder needs to eat up. Taking all this into consideration, a bodybuilder is responsible for tracking everything he consumes each day. A bodybuilder maintains a nutrition plan and makes adjustments accordingly ?️‍♂️. 

Understand the rules of bodybuilding competition 

A bodybuilder needs to be aware of the bodybuilding organization as well as the rules of a bodybuilding competition?. Several federations and associations sanction bodybuilding events. Every federation has its rules and regulations, and a bodybuilder needs to act up according to them. 

A common rule across the globe includes taking a drug test before you enter any competition. Consuming steroids or any other drug prohibits you from being a certified bodybuilder. Rules and regulations are provided by the organization before you take part in their competition✅. 

Practice training and structure as a Bodybuilder

It takes years of practice to maintain a perfect physique. Sometimes, there are days when you are fully motivated, and some days you prefer to skip. To maintain consistency, it is necessary to determine your specific goals as a bodybuilder?️‍♂️. 

Plan your weekdays, and classify them into PUSH, PULL, and LEG days. Follow this training split or figure out your ideal training split. Practice extensive workouts and progressive overload to stricture your physique as a bodybuilder. 

Read about health and safety

Bodybuilding is a sport. When it comes to any sport considering health, safety, and well-being should be on priority.

While training at your gym, ensure you are performing the right movement with the right form. During training sessions, a bodybuilder is responsible for taking breaks of 2 mins after every set. 

Focus on muscle recovery, and remember to take the help of physicians and doctors if any injuries. A crucial part before and after practicing your training is to stretch your body muscles and consume a lot of water✅. 

Tips to Improve Your Career As A Bodybuilder

Switching your career as a bodybuilder will need immense effort, time, and a lot of energy?️‍♂️. Bodybuilding is a vast industry, but you need to decide what position you want to work in. 

You can compete in bodybuilding competitions and earn a lot of sponsorship and prizes, or you can provide personal coaching/ training to aspiring bodybuilders. Here are some tips to improve your career in the bodybuilding field?. 

Decide the level you want to work

Once you are a certified bodybuilder, you should start entering competitions to gain mass recognition. There are several levels of competitions held. Deciding the level you want to work determines your body weight and training skills. 

To be recognized as a bodybuilder, you need to begin by entering competitions at an amateur level. Advancing to it, entering national competitions can put you among the top bodybuilders.  

Getting huge recognition at the national level can give you a chance to participate at a professional level. Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic are prominent examples. The number of years of experience in the competitive field, the more will the demand for you in the bodybuilding field✅. 

Gain Experience by working with qualified trainers

Bodybuilding is a field where the ‘Try and Error’ concept is frequently used. Working with qualified trainers will guide you in accomplishing your goals effectively. With their prior experience, they understand the science behind training, nutrition, and supplementation. 

Grant personalized training from them as they assess your current physique, strengths, and weaknesses, and design personalized training strategies altered to your needs ?. 

Climb the ladder

Focus on uplifting your career in the field of bodybuilding. Climbing the ladder involves progressively competing at higher levels.

It also includes advancing your training sessions and improving your diet. Work with experienced coaches; they will help you climb the ladder more rapidly✅.

Top Online Courses To Become A Bodybuilder in the United States

There are several online courses to become a bodybuilder. However, these online courses are present to guide you in the right direction.

To become a bodybuilder, you need to train yourself practically in the gym. The harder you train, the sooner you will see the results in your physique. So, here are some valuable courses you can enroll in to support your bodybuilding mission. 

BodyBuilding Masterclass

The course offers a practical approach to bodybuilding. The course shares all kinds of training approaches and makes it clear to understand and implement the right way. From Bulking to Cutting, it provides a detailed structure. 

The course involves accurate nutrition plans that keep you satisfied?. 

Master Bodybuilding and Fitness

This course is partnered with the world’s recognized association. The IFBB Academy, also known as the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Academy, offers this course to aspiring bodybuilders. The IFBB provides an elite experience for its students. 

The preparation of this course involves prominent professors and also the world-renowned athletes?. IFBB offers a certification at the end of the course completion that is internationally recognized all over the world✅. 

Where to find Bodybuilding Job opportunities online?

With enhanced technology and the internet, finding job opportunities have become convenient. There are various websites available that grant a job to many aspiring bodybuilders as well as to those who are interested. 

To get your desired job, you can search for keywords that specify your role and the industry. Few relevant job boards where you can search for job opportunities online ?. 

Body Building Job Boards

There is a wide range of opportunities available online. To ensure that you get a bodybuilding job online, you need to stay updated with the job boards online. Here are the links to a few relevant job boards you can browse online to avail job opportunities?.



BodyBuilding Organization Websites

Bodybuilding organizations are worth exploring to gain more information and find likely people having the same interests and goals as you. However, there are many bodybuilding organizations; here are a few top listed organizations you can find online.

These organizations are popularly known for hosting competitions and providing resources to bodybuilders?.

National Physique Committee

World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation

Online Networks With Professionals

Building online networks and engaging with professionals can help in your personal growth. Professionals have a huge network in the bodybuilding industry. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are some online platforms where several bodybuilders are active. 

The first step is to compliment them on their posts. Keep track of their posts, and comment on them. Send personalized messages introducing yourself and expressing your interest in connecting to them. 

The stronger your network gets, the greater the opportunities to get recognized among aspiring bodybuilders✅.

Social Media

Social media is the biggest reason for the growth of the bodybuilding industry. In recent years, bodybuilders have skyrocketed ? their growth with the help of social media. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular apps to create content and generate leads. 

Social media is a powerful tool for creating content. Start establishing an audience and share your experiences with bodybuilding tips, and offer them personal coaching. 

Build content that adds value to your follower’s life. Consistency on social media represents that you care about them. By consistently providing value and building meaningful connections, you can build a brand image for yourself?. 

Thus, any individual looking out for a personal trainer can connect with you and eventually be your ideal client✅.

Key takeaways

Be consistent while training, and mold yourself by following a structured workout routine, maintaining a balanced diet, and prioritizing recovery. Focus on consuming an adequate amount of protein to support muscle synthesis and a balanced mix of carbohydrates and healthy fats for energy and overall health. 

Take ample amount of rest during workouts. Ensure you get adequate sleep and proper hydration✅. 

Remember, what works for one person may not work the same way for another. It’s important to listen to your body, adjust your approach as needed, and seek professional advice when necessary.

All the best for your journey!?

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