How to Become a Bodyguard: Step-By-Step Guide

Unveiling the untold tips from strength to safety to becoming a bodyguard ?. 

Do you know a bodyguard earns an average stipend of $64,000 per year??

Bodyguards are hired by filthy rich people, VIPs, and celebrities. Of course, bodyguards are responsible for preventing them from any harm?. 

Bodyguard works closely with their clients and ensures he is one step ahead of their client for their safety. Soft skills such as punctuality, body gesture, personality, and boldness are essential for becoming a bodyguard✅. 

If you got the courage to protect someone’s life from danger and trust your ability to manage their personal as well as professional life. You are almost 60% close to getting an opportunity?. 

However, with courage and ability, there are a few requirements you need to meet to become a bodyguard. Let’s view a list of those requirements that define the role of a bodyguard and what are the ways to fit in as a bodyguard ?.  

Who is a Bodyguard?

A bodyguard is a person who undertakes a ton of responsibilities commanded by his dean. Bodyguards need to undergo training to offer security to their clients?. 

Bodyguards stick around wealthy people, VIPs, celebrities, and athletes to protect them from harassment, kidnapping, assassination, and threats✅. A bodyguard assesses a lot of risks to ensure client safety?. 

A bodyguard works individually or in a team depending on the level of security required?. Apart from building a massive physique, bodyguards need to uplift their skills in defensive tactics, surveillance techniques, first aid, and emergency response?. 

How much can a Bodyguard earn??

A bodyguard’s earning depends on the client’s profile and a list of specific duties involved. However, a bodyguard is appointed based on his experience and the level of training he has qualified✅. 

According to the current updates, the average income of a bodybuilder ranges from $60,000 to $1,00,000 per year. 

However, the ones who have an immense experience as a bodyguard and work for high-profile clients can substantially earn more. Prime-level bodyguards working in areas with high risks are said to earn a six-figure salary or even higher?. 

How to Become a Bodyguard (Tips)

You at least need to be 18 years old, an adult, to become a bodyguard?️‍♂️. A bodyguard gets many threats and warnings, and to handle such pressure, there is an age limit to it. To become a bodyguard, you need to meet certain requirements.

Remember to meet the below requirements and consider grabbing these tips for becoming a bodyguard ?. 

Get Appropriate Certifications to Become A Bodyguard

Certifications stand your chance of getting one step closer to your desired job. Currently, several certifications and training programs are available for establishing yourself as a professional bodyguard. Get yourself certified by pursuing these relevant certifications?. 

CPR and First Aid Certification:

A bodyguard is required to complete a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid and First Aid certification course. A CPR and First Aid certification demonstrates that you can assure the health and life safety of your clients. 

The certification is valuable as it trains you to respond effectively to medical emergencies and provide immediate assistance in your professional life as well as your practical life✅. 

Executive Protection Certification:

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) offers this certification for aspiring bodyguards. Bodyguards get a certification that represents them as Executive Protection Specialists (EPS). 

Getting a certification as an EPS indicates that you specialize in bodyguard training, threat assessment, protective detail operations, and emergency response✅.

Certified Protection Professional:

The course is brought to you by ASIS International. Also, considered a gold standard for aspiring bodyguards. CPP certification is widely recognized in the security industry. 

It covers a wide range of security domains covered in it. It demonstrates a thorough understanding of security principles and is highly regarded for executive protection roles✅. 

Education Requirements To Be A Bodyguard

Clients who wish to seek the services of a bodyguard prefer individuals having relevant education or a high school diploma. A relevant degree can impress your ideal clients, so ensure getting a minimum of a 2-year degree. 

Certifications and other security programs like law enforcement and criminal justice can also impress your clients. Having military training experience can be beneficial when looking out for opportunities as a bodyguard✅. 

Years of Experience Required To Be A Bodyguard

The years of experience and training add a lot of significance when becoming a bodyguard. Officially, there is no experience required, but having appropriate experience in security, criminology, and law enforcement is highly valued. 

Top-tier bodyguards have specialized training in protective services and backgrounds in law enforcement, such as former police officers or military servants.

Having prior experience in assessing threats, handling firearms, conducting surveillance, and providing security in high-risk situations. Reflect on your skills and experience in the field.  

Apart from experience, a bodyguard needs to meet other requirements such as maintaining a clean criminal record, availing a valid driver’s license, and having strong physical fitness and communication skills✅. 

Responsibilities of a Bodyguard

A bodyguard has several responsibilities. However, the responsibilities may vary from situation to situation. A bodyguard has to work closely with his clients. 

The bodyguard has lots of concern for his clients. To ensure their clients are safe both inside and outside the house. Here are some common responsibilities a bodyguard need to take care of?. 

Providing Personal Security

It is one of the primary responsibilities of a bodyguard to provide security to their clients and ensure maximum safety. 

Whether you have a high-tier client or a low-profiled client, you must monitor and assess threats and implement security measures. You need to be aware of upcoming potential risks and give an alert to protect your clients from any harm✅. 

Executing Secure Escort and Transportation

It is one of the most crucial responsibilities a bodyguard needs to be aware of. In such cases, a bodyguard is responsible for planning secure routes for their clients. 

To avoid any damage to the client or their vehicle, bodyguards select the most secure and efficient path to reach the destination. Bodyguards are responsible for ensuring that their clients are comfortable and possess strong defensive driving skills to ensure their safety. 

Bodyguards need to undergo specialized training in secure escort and transportation techniques to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle these responsibilities effectively✅.

Identifying Threats and Potential Risks

It is the responsibility of a bodyguard to identify the threats and potential risks before they are catered. Bodyguards need to pay continuous attention to their client’s surroundings and pay attention to people, vehicles, and any unusual activity that may give rise to potential risks. 

Bodyguards need to monitor and regulate their social media activities to identify any risks without disclosing sensitive information to outsiders. Bodyguards are responsible for adapting their security measures based on the evolving threat landscape and the specific needs of the client✅.

Managing Crowd Control And Safety

During events, public meetings, and high-profile gatherings, a bodyguard is highly responsible for managing crowd control and ensuring safety. It is necessary to understand the event venue. 

Understanding the event venue, gathering relevant information, and understanding the potential risk factors are essential to collaborating on security arrangements.

Bodyguards need to monitor the crowd and implement necessary security measures such as bag checks, metal detectors, or other screening procedures as required✅.

Reacting Effectively In Emergency Situations

A bodyguard is trained in a way that they make rational decisions and provide reassurance to the client during emergencies. 

Bodyguards need to stay level-headed and manage panic to ensure a more effective acknowledgment from their clients. Bodyguards need to be CPR and First Aid certified to address the immediate needs of their clients✅. 

Tips to Improve In Your Career As A Bodyguard

Improving your career as a bodyguard includes training, certifications, and gaining a lot of experience. To build a career as a bodyguard, you need to embrace a mindset of continuous learning. 

To ensure vast opportunities for professional development to excel in your career as a bodyguard, you need to leverage your expertise to enhance your abilities and understanding of the field by?. 

Deciding the level you want to work

Before deciding the level, you want to work. Consider taking a check on factors such as your abilities, experience, capabilities, personal preferences, and career goals. Start evaluating your skills and determine if you have the necessary expertise to provide higher levels of personal security. 

If you just began your career as a bodybuilder, you can aim to work for entry or mid-level. There are several risks; the most crucial is the life risk. High-profile clients have a higher tendency to risk. Consider your comfort level and your risk appetite before working with high-tier clients✅. 

Gain Experience

Start applying for entry-level opportunities at the beginning of your career. Start building knowledge and look for opportunities within the security industry. Accept the opportunities to work alongside experienced professionals ?. 

Some roles to gain experience in the field can be done by working as a security guard, bouncer, or even security personnel. Another way to gain experience is by volunteering at large events and charity functions. 

Working for such events will give you exposure to different security scenarios and help you understand the demands and challenges of the job?. 

Climb the ladder

Climbing the ladder refers to advancing in your career. Climbing the ladder involves gaining diverse experience in the field and learning various aspects of being a bodyguard. 

Climbing the ladder means expanding your skill set and becoming more valuable as a bodyguard. In addition to this, consider taking opportunities on different sites and different locations or countries to broaden your exposure to different security environments and challenges ?. 

At some point, consider specializing in a specific area of personal security. Climbing the ladder and specializing in a particular niche can help you become an expert and differentiate yourself from others in the industry✅. 

Top Online Courses To Become A Bodyguard in the United States

The Internet has developed many courses for aspiring bodyguards. Even with your busy schedule, these courses are manageable and convenient. To get enrolled in some of the top online courses. Here are some courses you need to know?. 

Bodyguard Training (BTP)

The ISA academy provides authentic and up-to-date training techniques. The course offers mass training, including the use of tactical handguns and rifles, bodyguard training, diplomatic security, and complete strategic competence enhancement solutions for government and commercial clients. 

The academy is well known because of providing protective training services to world-renowned agencies. The ISA Academy welcomes both male and female aspirants. 

After completion of the course, applicants of the course will receive full credentials of an ISA Close Protection Agent. 

Bodyguarding, Close or Executive Protection 

The course involves a lot of physical activities. At the same time, the course is designed to give you good guidance. You can learn a lot about protecting clients, identifying threats, proper planning, and planning to prepare for the worst. 

The course covers all aspects of beginning as a bodyguard to becoming a prime bodyguard. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A Bodyguard

Suppose you are ready to move anywhere in the world to pursue a career as a bodyguard. Here is a list of schools that can help you in becoming a certified bodyguard; here are a few top-listed schools in the world you should try getting into?. 

International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA): 

IBSSA is a well-renowned organization all over the world. It is a non-profit organization and is represented across the globe. The PSA Academy offers courses on behalf of IBSSA. It operates as an official university and 

a training center of IBSSA in the field of security education and is especially in high demand in the field of bodyguarding. The PSA Academy is known to offer a broad range of courses related to security and safety, right from IBSSA Level 1 to Level 4✅. 

Ronin, South Africa:

Ronin is a famous college located in Cape Town, South Africa. It offers numerous courses; some of the most well-rated courses include close protection, tactical firearms training, and security driving with their well-maintained structure and progressive training programs.

The college has gained international recognition for its rigorous training and practical phenomenon✅. 

Close Protection Training Services and Course (CPTS), Phoenix Group: 

Phoenix is known for providing the world’s leading close protection course. Moreover, Phoenix Group is the world’s most renowned company when it comes to Close Protection courses. They have their courses tailored according to the specific needs of their applicants. 

Each training involves the aspect of practical training. Their programs are exceptional and cover a wide array of skills, including threat assessment, conflict management, defensive driving, and physical protection techniques✅. 

Where to find a Bodyguard Job opportunity online?

With the majority of the audience being active online, there are numerous opportunities to find a job online. With the freedom to specify your search ?, you can find your desired job conveniently. To find job opportunities online, here are some job boards you can browse online?. 

Bodyguard Job Boards

These websites offer a wide range of opportunities if you have outstanding skills. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate finding yourself an opportunity on these sites is very simple. Here are some suitable job boards you can find jobs?. 




Bodyguarding Organization Websites

Bodyguarding organizations provide awareness about the service they offer. These websites serve as a platform to communicate with potential clients, provide information about their team and qualifications, and showcase their experience and track record. 

The websites help to understand insights and provide valuable information to their target audience. 

While bodyguarding organizations play an important role, some organizations also have a dedicated section for job opportunities. Some of the bodyguarding organizations you should follow ?. 



Online Networks With Professionals

Networking and connecting with professionals working in the field of personal security. To grow your network, you need to attend industry conferences, seminars, and workshops. These workshops have several experienced bodyguards and security specialists. 

They can add great value to your journey. Networking can provide valuable insights, mentorship opportunities, and potential job referrals. Joining professional organizations or online forums related to personal security can also help you expand your network?. 

Social Media

With the increased use of social media apps, you can use social media as a potential base to get a huge audience and several opportunities. It is a great place to network, and it is important to maintain a balance between personal security and professional engagement. 

Use social media. Create profiles that reflect your expertise, experience, and qualifications as a bodyguard. Position yourself as a knowledgeable professional by sharing content related to personal protection and security and following industry trends to position yourself in the field ?.

Key takeaways

Your clients are your top priority to ensure their safety and well-being. Be aware of the environment and assess risks, and maintain situational awareness at all times. Upgrade yourself with new techniques, learn effective crowd management, and be prepared for emergencies. 

Bodyguards need to be flexible in every situation. Strive to enhance your skills and knowledge as a professional bodyguard?. 

All the best for your journey!?

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