How to Become a Border Patrol Agent: the Ultimate Guide

Let us find a way from unlocking the path to becoming a Border Patrol Agent and safeguarding the borders of the country. I will help you experience the thrilling path to becoming a respected border patrol agent?. 

Do you know a border patrol agent earns an average salary of $1,00,000 per year??

A border patrol agent is employed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. The U.S. Customs and CBP agency is a part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

A border patrol agent has to undergo rigorous training in areas such as immigration and nationality law, physical techniques, firearms, and driver training. 

Stick till the end of the blog, and I will provide you with all the necessary steps you need to consider to become a border patrol agent?. 

Questions you should ask yourself before starting your career as a Border Patrol Agent

The majority of people are confused while choosing their career. I recommend you go through these questions to understand whether choosing a career like Border Patrol Agent is suitable for you. 

  • Do you have a potential interest in border security and protecting national borders? 
  • Are you physically fit to perform all the tasks associated with becoming a border patrol agent?
  • Do you meet the eligibility requirement of being a US resident/ citizen required to get employed in a federal law enforcement agency?
  • What are your educational qualifications? Do you meet the educational requirements set by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)?
  • Do you have any criminal history? Because you will need to pass a background check and drug test to work as a border patrol agent. 
  • Are you willing to work for irregular hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays, and in irregular weather conditions till the age of retirement? 

Think and answer the above questions wisely so that you conclude whether choosing to become a border patrol agent is the right career choice for you. 

Who is a Border Patrol Agent?

A border patrol agent is a trained individual who serves the nation. A border patrol agent is a law enforcement officer who plays a significant role in protecting the borders and enforcing immigration and customs laws. 

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth for Border Patrol Agents has been predicted to grow by 3% till the year 2032.

Border patrol agents maintain high border security to prevent terrorist attacks and the entry of illegal immigrants. A border patrol agent stays cautious to detect and seize individuals involved in any smuggling activity. 

They continuously monitor and control border traffic to identify any potential threats to national security. To ensure there is no danger or hazard, they also conduct inspections at ports of entry?. 

Scope of Border Patrol Agents In the Future

With my research and statistical data, the demand for border patrol agents has significantly increased. The data shows that in the fiscal year 1992, there were only 4,139 agents employed. In the fiscal year 2020, there were about 19,740 agents employed. 

Research reveals that currently, CBP is currently facing ongoing shortages of border patrol agents. On the other hand, CBP has declared the US Border Patrol National Strategy from the year 2022-2026 to take control over crimes taking place in the US.

Currently, there are 3,536 border patrol agents employed and around 43,748 job openings for the role of border patrol agents. About 20,000 new openings are expected in the coming years. 

I am listing a few border securities agencies that often hire border patrol agents 

•United States Border Patrol

•US Customs and Border Protection

•US Department of Homeland Security

•CBP Office of Field Operations

•US Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

How much can a Border Patrol Agent earn??

The salary of a border patrol agent can vary depending on the skills, experience, and several other factors. 

Starting as an entry-level position, a border patrol agent can earn up to $85,000 per year. However, according to the latest statistics, the salary of a border patrol agent ranges between $80,000-$1,50,000 depending on the position and experience?. 

How to Become a Border Patrol Agent (Tips)

A border patrol agent has to be prepared mentally and physically. Sometimes, the journey becomes extravagantly challenging. Due to its tough endurance training, many individuals find it hard to cope. To ensure you have a steady path without hassles, here are a few tips you can consider while starting your journey to become a border patrol agent?. 

Meet The Basic Requirements to Become a Border Patrol Agent

To become a border patrol agent, it is necessary to meet certain requirements. In case you fail to meet any of these requirements, you won’t be eligible to apply for the CPB entrance examination required to become a border patrol agent. The basic requirements include:

•You should be a citizen of the U.S.

•Be less than 40 years old (there are some exceptions to it, you can read above)

•No criminal records 

•Resided in the U.S. for the last three years

•Obtaining a valid driver’s license

•Passing the CPB (Border Patrol entrance examination)

Skills Required to Become a Border Patrol Agent

I am listing below a few skills that you need to be proficient in to become a border patrol agent. 

•Ability to handle various physical tasks 

•Must have endurance and strength to work for long hours in extreme weather conditions and remotely challenging areas. 

•Effective communication skills to communicate clearly and professionally with seniors or higher authorities. 

•Ability to make appropriate decisions in difficult situations and handle threats efficiently. 

•Must have investigation skills and proficiency in firearms and ammunition. 

Watch this YouTube video Your Journey To Becoming a Border Patrol Agent officially released by the US Customs and Border Protection to understand the journey of becoming a border patrol agent. 

Education Requirements To Be A Border Patrol Agent

A bachelor’s degree or any relevant experience in law enforcement or cadet training can be very effective during the application selection. To maximize your chances of getting an opportunity in this competitive field. A degree in criminal law, police science, police administration, operations, counter-terrorism, etc., can help you excel in the field✅.

Examinations and Tests To Be A Border Patrol Agent

  • The Border Patrol Examination (CPB) is the required examination you need to pass. 
  • There are two exams, out of which consists of an online exam and the other based on logical reasoning, that you need to appear at an examination center. 
  • In addition, you need to undergo a medical exam and take a physical test. 
  • Ensure you are physically fit, have a clear vision, and do not have any serious health issues. 
  • A drug test shall be conducted during the application process; only if the test is negative you shall be advanced to the next level✅. 

Years of Experience To Be A Border Patrol Agent 

However, there is no prior experience required to be a border patrol agent. Having any experience relevant to the field can enhance your career as a border patrol agent. Consider taking training as a law enforcement officer or joining local police departments, sheriff’s offices, or the military to gain relevant experience. 

Develop your body language, and get proficient in Spanish, English, or other languages commonly spoken along the U.S. border✅. 

Responsibilities of a Border Patrol Agent

A border patrol agent needs to be aware of his responsibility. The border has various unpredictable circumstances that a border patrol agent needs to take care of. They often deal with dangerous situations and threats. 

To protect the country’s welfare and border security, there are some common responsibilities a border patrol agent needs to stay conscious of ?. 

Detecting Border Security and Surveillance

  • The primary responsibility of a border patrol agent is to maintain border security and surveillance for detecting, preventing, and imprisoning individuals who attempt to illegally enter the United States. 
  • With updated technology and techniques, they monitor and secure the border. 
  • To respond to border security threats, they enforce patrols along the borders, both at and between official ports of entry✅.

Preventing Trafficking and Smuggling

  • With increasing trafficking and smuggling cases, Border Patrol Agents actively work to combat the smuggling of illegal items, including drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. 
  • To ensure no human gets harmed and no smuggling activities take place. 
  • Border patrol agents collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to investigate and suppress smuggling attempts to disrupt smuggling networks and human trafficking✅. 

Performing Inspections at Checkpoints

  • To verify the legal entry of goods and individuals in the country. Border patrol agents perform inspections at ports of entry. 
  • They assess the checkpoints to conduct interviews and examine travel documents. Border patrol agents are responsible for verifying the eligibility of travelers based on immigration and customs laws✅. 

Promoting Public Safety 

  • It is a crucial responsibility of border patrol agents to cooperate with local communities, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders to facilitate social safety and enhance border security. 
  • It is important to maintain safety in the society. 
  • To ensure the safety of the public, agents participate in community outreach initiatives, empower educational programs on border-related topics, and foster positive relationships with the public✅.

Maintaining Records and Reporting

  • Border patrol agents must maintain structured data. They need to maintain structured data that includes accurate records. 
  • To keep the extensive data secured, they prepare reports and document their activities and encounters. 
  • This involves writing incident reports, recording arrest details, and submitting appropriate paperwork related to uncertainties and enforcement actions✅.

Tips to Improve In Your Career As A Border Patrol Agent

To be known as a respected border patrol agent, you need to focus on enhancing your skills and mastering the fundamentals required in the field. Consider these tips to improve your career as a border patrol agent?. 

Improve Your Language Skills 

  • As a border patrol agent, you will encounter many individuals across different countries. 
  • Enhancing your language skills would be beneficial to communicate with them more effectively. Learn the language you will be working in. 
  • Spanish is spoken more often; consider learning Spanish and other commonly spoken languages✅. 

Seek specialized training 

  • If you do not have any prior experience, you can seek personalized training that aligns with your interests and career goals. 
  • Some known courses to specialize in include surveillance techniques, intelligence analysis, and crisis management. 
  • Pursuing additional courses makes you skilled and more valuable as a border patrol agent✅. 

Practice Physical Training

  • Physical fitness is the most important aspect of a border police agent. 
  • A border police agent needs to build his physique as the job often requires physical stamina and the ability to respond to challenging situations. 
  • To improve as an agent, you must exercise daily and set an everyday routine to ensure you meet or exceed the agency’s physical fitness standards✅. 

Top Online Courses To Become A Border Patrol Agent in the United States

It’s important to note that completing online courses alone may not be sufficient to become a Border Patrol Agent. Suppose you do not wish to pursue a degree in a similar field as your career. There are several courses available on the Internet through which you can learn about the working techniques of a border patrol agent. 

These courses are taught by top professionals and can be beneficial for you to become a border patrol agent. Assume these online courses as a way to supplement your knowledge and skills?.


  • The course is available online as well as on campus. It provides two courses at the same time. 
  • It provides an overview of homeland security and emergency management principles. 
  • From learning about transportation security and destructive weapons to mastering techniques involved in emergency management, applicants have a chance to pursue a degree program online✅. 

USA Immigration 101 (PAID COURSE- $6.60)

  • The USA Immigration 101 provides details on various aspects of immigration law. 
  • As a border patrol agent, you need to know the immigration process and laws of the nation. 
  • The course provides a deep knowledge of U.S. immigration. Understanding the legal framework surrounding immigration can be beneficial for a career as a Border Patrol Agent✅.

Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish Vocabulary Specialization  (FREE COURSE)

  • The Spanish language has been in high demand in the field. Learning Spanish can be essential to meet the requirements of the field. 
  • With the Internet, you can learn Spanish sitting at home. 
  • This course offers the basics of the Spanish language and specializes in Spanish vocabulary. 
  • Since a significant portion of border patrol work involves interacting with Spanish-speaking individuals, learning Spanish can be highly advantageous✅. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A Border Patrol Agent

A bachelor’s degree or any relevant experience related to border security or law enforcement can grant you the first preference opportunity to work in the field. To get a certified degree that can enhance your career as a border patrol agent. We have found a few well-known schools in the world to upscale your journey?. 

California State University

  • California State University (CSU) offers a variety of programs in criminology, law enforcement, criminal justice, etc. 
  • It is a top-rated institute that helps you gain knowledge and skills relevant to law enforcement and legal studies. 
  • Pursuing a degree in law or any subject related to criminology and justice can be beneficial to becoming a border patrol agent✅.

Grand Canyon University

  • The University offers a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in management and law studies. However, a bachelor’s degree is relevant enough to become a border patrol agent. 
  • It offers a wide range of programs, such as a Bachelor’s in homeland security, emergency management, and a master’s program in criminal justice✅.

Southern New Hampshire University

  • Southern New Hampshire University offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in cybercrime, homeland security, and counter-terrorism. 
  • Additionally, they also offer programs related to human services and advocacy, security management, and police administration operations. 
  • SNHU University assures to deliver a real-world experience enhancing the skills and academic success of their students✅. 

Where to find a Border Patrol Agent Job opportunity online?

The official website of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the agency responsible for hiring Border Patrol Agents. You can visit their official website 

to find Border Patrol Agent job opportunities online; these job boards can help you find opportunities online in one go?. 

Border Patrol Agent Job Boards

The U.S. Federal Government and CBP have a dedicated career section to find job opportunities online. Visit their site to stay updated on the latest job openings. Apart from the official sites, there are other alternative websites available to find a border patrol agent online?. 



Online Networks With Professionals

The hiring process for border patrol agents in the U.S. is stiff. An applicant needs to undergo physical and written tests, go through a background check, and participate in panel interviews. Having online networks with professionals can guide you in finding opportunities. 

Online platforms can be useful for networking purposes, remaining updated on industry news and trends, and accessing educational resources related to border patrol and law enforcement✅. 

Social Media

Social media can be a good way to educate society about specific guidelines and policies in the country. As social media is a powerful tool, engage with the public in a positive and informative manner. 

Be aware of sharing sensitive or confidential information related to your work as a border patrol agent. In a way, you can join social communities and get updated about the latest news and job updates in the field✅. 

Personal Tips

I will recommend you to strengthen a strong commitment to your duties, which involve prohibiting illegal entry, detecting and seizing individuals involved in criminal activities, and ensuring the security of the nation. 

Seek opportunities to get skilled in areas such as immigration law, emergency response, investigative techniques, and cultural awareness. Stay fit, build trust, and act with integrity and honesty✅. 

Identify the threats, cooperate with locals, and contribute effectively to the mission of protecting the nation’s borders.

Key Takeaways

It might not be easy to become a border patrol agent- but it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE!

For any questions or queries feel free to drop a comment down below and we shall get back to you soon. 

All the best for your journey?.

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