How to Become a Brand Ambassador: the Untold Guide

Do you feel like you glow under the spotlight and are very good with your words? Good enough to speak for products made and sold by MNCs? πŸ’„

Well, this is what a brand ambassador does. They have the responsibility of representing a whole company or brand in front of millions of people. They have to be level-headed and smart enough to fare well under the spotlight upon them. 

If you feel like you do have what it takes to be a brand ambassador, then this article is just for you! I have written it to clear up any doubts you might have about the job. Keep on reading, and make notes if you want to. πŸ—’οΈ

Question and Answer 

There might be some part of your mind that is unsure about becoming a brand ambassador, and that’s okay. 

I have mentioned a few questions below, which will help you become more sure about pursuing this profession. 

  1. Does the brand or company I am endorsing align with my values and principles?
  2. Do I have enough networking skills?
  3. Am I brave enough to be in the public eye all the time? 
  4. Do I have any exit strategy? 
  5. Is the brand reputable enough? Do they have stability? 
  6. Have I talked or listened to any other ambassadors for reference?

If the answer to most of these questions is a yes, then you are more than ready to become a brand ambassador. 

We will now start talking about the job and the process behind it. 

Who is a Brand Ambassador?

This is not a very difficult question since we have all seen brand ambassadors a lot of times. All of those celebrities that you see in the commercials on TV, social media, etc., who are promoting a product are brand ambassadors. They are speaking for the product to boost its sales. πŸ“ˆ

This answers our question about a brand ambassador. Some more responsibilities that are handled by these people include advertisements on different platforms and supporting the company in whichever way possible. 🀳

 They have to research a lot about the topics so that they can properly speak about them in online marketing events as well as offline ones. It is so that they don’t mess up anywhere. They are required to become experts in the marketing of the product. 

What they do is very important as what they do reflects the company’s image in front of the audience. 

One company can have more than five brand ambassadors. This means that there are hundreds of brand ambassadors in the market right now. 

Scope of Brand AmbassadorsΒ 

As long as we have companies and brands, this profession will also exist. It will not end because of the need to advertise and endorse one’s product for it to grow. 

According to official reports published by Zippia, there are about 10,068 brand ambassadors in the United States as of now. 57.5% of this number comprises women ambassadors, while the remaining 42.5% are men.Β 

The pay gap exists in almost all professions, even today, but in the case of this profession, it is quite low. Women earn up to 97% of what the men in this field are going to get paid. And brand ambassadors also prefer to work in private companies as compared to public ones. 

Skill Set required to become a Brand Ambassador.Β 

Brand Ambassadors are expected to have some very specific skills to strive to be different and better in this profession, where you are under public scrutiny all the time. 

Having these can prove to be very advantageous for your career. 

  1. You need to have strong communication skills. 
  2. Work on public speaking as well. 
  3. Learn social media management to become more proficient on platforms like Instagram and such. 
  4. Professionalism is also important. You need to know how to keep your personal and public life separate. 
  5. Learn how to do market research. 

Use this course to learn more about public speaking.Β 

How much can a Brand Ambassador earn?

Brand Ambassadors can earn quite a lot in their profession if they successfully bag a good deal with any MNC or even any small businesses. Not to mention, since it is a field that is getting more and more popular, it will only grow and progress more over the years. πŸ“ˆ

It would be typical for you to receive a base pay equivalent to $38,315 annually when you finally become a butcher. To this, we add the additional pay, which is going to be $9,427 per Year. To get this additional pay, you must receive payments in the form of tips, bonuses, commissions, and such.

The total of these is going to be the average pay you can expect as a brand ambassador in the United States as of June 2023, which adds up to $47,742 per Year. πŸ’Έ

If we talk about hourly rates, then you can expect to get paid between $19.31 per hour as of July 2023. These salary trends have been proven statistically and have been updated as well.πŸ“Š

How to Become a Brand Ambassador? (More Tips)

I have compiled a few steps for you to follow so that you can become a brand ambassador. You can note them down if you want because these are what you have to do to become a Brand Ambassador.

Keep in mind that you can become an offline or an online ambassador if you want. βœ…

Find brands of your choice. 

  • The first step is to start looking for brands and companies. This will help you understand what they are looking for. 
  • Remember that they always try to find and hire people who match their image, suit their future goals, and have the required skill set. 
  • Locating these and noting down these things can help you make a blueprint for your goals and aims. 
  • Look through their social media and other outlets such as newspapers, magazines, etc. 
  • Stay engaged in their activity and keep an eye on these things. πŸ‘οΈ

Build your Internet personality.Β 

  • Make your social media platforms attractive to look at and very engaging. This is so that you can garner an audience on all of these platforms. 
  • Getting likes, comments, and followers is a tough job and might take time. 
  • But this is important because you need an audience if you want to present a brand in front of them. 
  • Be active on social media and keep on posting regularly so that you don’t leave your followers hanging. 
  • What you also need to keep in mind is that you should make an Internet personality that suits the image required by your favorable brands so that you appear on their radar in case they ever want to hire brand ambassadors. ↗️

You can do so on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, which encourage such connections.Β 

Engage with your audience.Β 

  • As we discussed earlier, it is important to keep on engaging with your audience. Be active and keep posting regularly. 
  • Make interactive posts that they will find interesting and share with other people so that your followers grow. 
  • Don’t just post anything just for the sake of being regular because this might ruin the image you are going for as part of your internet personality. 
  • Stick to your original goals and make content according to that. πŸ€“

Contact your brands

  • Once you are sure of your follower count and internet image, start finding brands and companies that you may like and start contacting them for endorsement deals. 
  • This helps with understanding their needs, and also, you would strike them as proactive candidates for the deal. 
  • For example – in a crowd of applicants, you would be the one who has contacted the company instead of the other way around. 
  • In the case of offline applications, you might be asked to go to certain research events. 
  • A lot of companies, such as clothing brands, hold offline events where they require applicants to come and show their skills. 🚹

Always be on the lookout for opportunities.

  • If you follow all of these steps properly, you will get a good deal soon. But this doesn’t mean you should stop contacting brands and looking out for more opportunities. 
  • Always keep track of other offers as well. This doesn’t mean you should take on any offer that comes your way because that would be taking on an unnecessary workload. 
  • What we mean is that you should keep track in case you suddenly need an extra deal. 
  • Don’t take too much workload as it might become confusing, and you won’t be able to keep track of all the brands you might be endorsing. πŸ˜„

Make more connections on LinkedIn and keep an eye on possible opportunities.Β 

Responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador

As someone who is going to be under the spotlight at all times, you will have to be mindful of your actions and not do anything that garners any hate for you.

The responsibilities that come with getting fame are immensely important. βœ”οΈ

Educating people about the brands

  • Since you are the spokesperson for the brand or company you choose, it is your job to educate the audience about them. 
  • These products might not be suitable for some communities. For example – people with allergies won’t be able to use certain products. 
  • You have to educate these people so that they won’t end up using the wrong products. 
  • Keep in mind to choose a brand or company that sits right with you and your morals. This is because you have to support the products they bring out. 

So, it becomes obvious that you are the one who is going to be speaking for their credibility. If they are found to be faulty or wrong in any manner, you would be the one defending them. πŸŽ™οΈ

Read this article to know more about how a brand ambassador is supposed to behave.Β 

Spreading Awareness

  • If you find a product that needs to be used in a certain manner or any such issue that requires awareness or care, make the users aware. 
  • Again, it becomes your job to help the audience out in case of any query or problem, and everyone would automatically look at you first if they want to use the product. 
  • Similar to the example above, people should be made aware of what they can use and what they cannot. 

Get to know more about such ethics in this article. 🎀

Responding to criticism and queriesΒ 

  • If someone puts up a review, query, or even criticism regarding your endorsed product, brand, or company, then you should respond accordingly. 
  • Answer their problem properly and also relay any shortcomings to the endorsed client so that they are able to fix their product and make it better for use. 
  • In order to respond to these, you should be active on all platforms. 

This is so that these people can reach out to you easily and get your help solving their problems. 🀳

Top Brand Ambassador Courses in the United States

Given below are some courses that can help you build up a skill set appropriate for becoming a brand ambassador.

These usually involve learning business and brand management because you would be doing exactly that when you become a brand ambassador. 🧐

The World’s Best Side Job: How To Become A Brand Ambassador

  1. This course is offered by the online educational platform Udemy and is taught by Jacob Friedman, who is an aspiring entrepreneur in Illinois. 
  2. He has served as a brand ambassador for a lot of brands and companies and teaches all about his skills and experience in this course. 
  3. The course is divided into six sections, which are further divided into 12 lectures. 
  4. The total duration of this course is only 36 minutes, which means it provides a quick and genuine insight into the world of promotion and marketing. 
  5. As soon as this course is done, a bunch of new skills will be added to your previous skill set. 
  6. You will be able to contact companies, send them your proposals, and do many more jobs that you would have to know as an aspiring Brand ambassador. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό 
  7. It will cost you around $6.99. 

Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy Brand Tactics

  • This course is offered by the online educational platform Udemy and is taught by Dekker Fraser, who is a marketing executive based in the United States and has a lot of experience in the field of marketing and management, which he now wishes to impart to other students. 
  • The course is divided into 13 sections, which are further divided into 114 lectures. 
  • The total duration of this course is approximately 9 hours. 
  • The course touches upon topics like brand management, tactics, growth of a brand, brand strategies, B2B brand awareness, and more. 🧐
  • This course will cost you around $6.99. 

Practical Guide to Navigating Professional Relationships

  • This course is offered by the online educational platform Coursera and is taught by more than eight instructors, all of whom are either senior managers, sales executives, or heads of their respective sales and marketing departments. 
  • The course is divided into material which you finish in about five weeks if you dedicate 4 hours each week. 
  • This means the duration of the course is a total of 20 hours. 
  • These week-wise programs contain video and theoretical content for you to use.
  • The course teaches about topics such as public speaking, communication, cultural competence, and more. 🀝
  • It is a paid course. 

Customer Experience Innovation

  • This course is offered by the online educational platform edX and is taught by instructors from Northwestern University. 
  • The course is divided into material which you finish in about six weeks if you dedicate 7-9 hours each week. 
  • This means the duration of the course is a total of approximately 42-54 hours. 
  • These week-wise programs contain video and theoretical content for you to use.
  • The first week has content about driving Customer Experience Along the Customer Journey. 
  • The second week is all about Contextual Insights and Content Strategy, while the third week will teach you about Measuring and Optimizing Customer Experience. 
  • The rest of the three weeks are also about topics from the same field. πŸ˜„
  • This is also a paid course, but you can access just the course material for free if you want. 

Top Brand Ambassador Schools in the World

Now that we are done with extracurricular courses, let’s focus on searching for proper programs and the colleges that are providing them. A Brand ambassador might not be asked about their educational qualifications a lot because they don’t have to use that in any manner. 

But it is suggested that they nonetheless get a proper education in subjects like business, economics, finance, or marketing in order to have adequate knowledge about marketing and other fields. 🏫

University of Georgia

  • The University of Georgia offers you a marketing or business program at its premises located in Evanston. 
  • The median salary you can expect six years after graduating from here is $45,200 Per Year. 
  • The acceptance rate of this university is 48.63%. 
  • If you want to enroll in this program, you need a Sat score of 1345 and an ACT score of 30. The tuition fee here is $11,830.

University of Pennsylvania

  • The University of Pennsylvania, situated in Philadelphia, USA, presents a business program for aspiring Brand Ambassadors. 
  • In six years following graduation from this place, you can expect a median salary of $91,200 annually.
  • The acceptance rate of this university is 8.41%. 
  • If you want to enroll in this program, you need a Sat score of 1492 and an ACT score of 34. 
  • The tuition fee here is $55,584. 

University of Texas at Austin

  • The University of Texas at Austin offers you a marketing, economics, or business program at its premises. 
  • The median salary you can expect six years after graduating from here is $52,200 Per Year. 
  • The acceptance rate of this university is 38.52%. 
  • If you want to enroll in this program, you need a Sat score of 1367 and an ACT score of 30. 
  • The tuition fee here is $52,200.

University of Maryland

  • The University of Maryland offers you a business, finance, or economics program at its premises in Binghamton. 
  • The median salary you can expect six years after graduating from here is $50,100 Per Year. 
  • The acceptance rate of this university is 47.16%. 
  • If you want to enroll in this program, you need a Sat score of 1390 and an ACT score of 31. 
  • The tuition fee here is $10,595.

University of Southern California

  • You can choose from a business, social work, or communication program offered by the University of Southern California, located in Los Angeles. 
  • The median salary you can expect six years after graduating from here is $61,400 Per Year. 
  • The acceptance rate of this university is 12.96%. If you want to enroll in this program, you need a Sat score of 1445 and an ACT score of 32. 
  • The tuition fee here is $56,225.
  • By looking at these fee structures, it is quite obvious that the courses available will be very good for the students in terms of their quality. 
  • Now, what you should do is sit down, think about it seriously, and then choose the best one for you, as it will pave the path for your career. πŸ’»

Where to find Brand Ambassador opportunities online?

Keeping an eye on online resources can be very beneficial for you as a job hunter. Being a Brand Ambassador depends upon your public image and how good your networking can be. πŸ’Ό


  • Indeed is the biggest job-hunting website in the world, with over 300 million people visiting it on a daily basis. The quality that one has to have in order to accumulate such trust is obviously going to be top-notch. This is something that Indeed guarantees. β˜‘οΈ
  • Simply having an Indeed account ensures that you get access to every single resource on the site. For your career option, that is, a brand ambassador, you will find a lot of full-time or part-time jobs that you would be able to perform easily in online mode. 
  • It doesn’t matter if what you want is a remote job, work-from-home job, part-time, or full-time job; as long as you tell Indeed about your preferences for the gig in mind, it will help you find the best option for you. Indeed makes it incredibly easy for you and any other job-hunter to find the perfect virtual matches for yourselves when technology has progressed so much. βœ… 


  • SimplyHired is a great source for job-hunting, which you can access easily online. Accessing all the resources on such free job platforms only requires you to open a free account. 🧐
  • Technology has only evolved more and more after it was given birth. Today, it has allowed us to start applying for jobs and employment opportunities via online methods. This was an already growing field, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a notable increase in growth as people were forced to operate through online methods.
  • All the people who want to get employed and people who want to be employed are actively engaged on these three specific platforms, which I am talking to you about, as they understand the importance of finding job opportunities by using these platforms. They know that nowadays, everyone goes looking for jobs on online sites first. πŸ’Ί


  • Just by fulfilling a few requirements, this source on the internet becomes another helpful tool for people who are in search of employment. The requirements that I talked about for using this platform are the same as the other two we discussed above: making a free account and then obtaining access. It is very important to fully and correctly use the filters available on these platforms, as they can greatly increase accuracy and will also make your search easier.πŸ”
  • All three of these sources are very helpful, and you can easily reap benefits if you know how to use them properly πŸ€”

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, we realize that this job requires a very well-thought-of and elaborate skill set along with the normal educational requirements. Achieving your goals requires you to have steady focus and steady dedication, as this is not a short-term journey. It’s not going to be over in just one day. 

If you want to ask any more questions about this job, you can do so in the comment section below. I will answer as soon as I can. 

It will take time and commitment. If you have both of these, ranking high on the business ladder and becoming successful will be goals that you would score without a doubt. πŸŽ‰

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