How to Become a Building Inspector: Step-By-Step Guide

I will guide you to build a safer world by shaping the future of buildings and help you embark on a rewarding career as a Building Inspector?‍♂️. 

Did you know a building inspector earns an average salary of $65,000 every year??

Building inspectors are professionally trained individuals. They play a vital role in inspecting buildings at different stages of construction, renovation, and remodeling. Building inspectors file a report of existing and new buildings to determine the safety and compliance of buildings. 

To pursue a career in the field of the construction industry. There are specific laws and regulations, duties, and responsibilities you need to consider to become a professional building inspector ?. 

Questions you should ask yourself before starting your career as a Building Inspector

Before you consider becoming a building inspector you must be mentally prepared to begin your career in the particular field. 

I have made a list of a few questions that you should ask yourself before heading forward toward becoming a building inspector. 

  • Are you curious about buildings, construction, architecture, and maintenance? 
  • Have you researched anything related to becoming a building inspector? Are you aware of the responsibilities associated with becoming a building inspector?
  • Are you willing to show your commitment to learning the different aspects involved in becoming a building inspector? 
  • Do you have the relevant education required to become a building inspector? 
  • Do you have the physical ability to perform tasks during on-site inspections? 
  • Do you have any future goals associated with becoming a building inspector? Do you see yourself working as a building inspector in the next 4-5 years?

Alright, if you have answered ‘Yes’, to most of my questions. You have passed the first stage of becoming a building inspector. 

I will guide you through the whole process to lead you toward becoming a building inspector. 

Who is a Building Inspector?

A building inspector is known for working on the construction site to conduct inspections of construction sites, buildings, and structures to ensure compliance with local, state, and national building codes and regulations. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of building inspectors is projected to decline by 2% till the year 2032. However, the decline is very slight thus despite the declining employment there are around 15,700 job openings posted for building inspectors on average every year. 

A building inspector maintains detailed records of inspections and documents any violations or issues discovered during the process. They provide recommendations and approvals to the builders for improvements and alterations to ensure safety provisions ✅. 

Scope of a Building Inspector in the Future

Currently, the Building Inspection Services market is valued at $10.08 billion. With being the fastest-growing segment the market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 12.19% through 2028.

There are 45,004 employees in the USA working as building inspectors. Even though there’s a 2% decline in employment growth, there are still opportunities for building inspectors to grow. 

In terms of ranking, the Building Inspectors Industry is ranked the 27th Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Industry by employment. 

According to the research and demand, the industry might provide moderate employment opportunities in the coming few years. 

I am listing a few companies that are respected in the building inspection industry and you may consider future opportunities there. 

  • AmeriSpec
  • HouseMaster
  • National Property Inspections 
  • Pillar to Post
  • BrickKicker
  • Us Inspect

How much can a Building Inspector earn??

A building inspector’s salary ranges between $40,000 to $75,000 per year. However, the earnings of a building inspector may differ depending on the industry, skills, and geographical location. 

A building inspector can also earn a salary of $75,000 or more if they have educational qualifications, experience, and applicable certifications related to the industry✅. 

How to Become a Building Inspector (Tips)

Getting into the construction field requires a lot of knowledge, training, and practical experience. Building Inspectors are in high demand because of their potential in the construction field.

To become a professional building inspector, here are a few useful tips you should consider if you are an aspiring building inspector. 

Meet the Basic Education Requirements To Be A Building Inspector

Having a minimum bachelor’s degree or high school diploma is generally essential to becoming a building inspector. Enrolling in programs such as construction technology, mechanical inspection, building code enforcement, etc., can be beneficial. 

A bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering, or construction technology can be advantageous✅. 

Skills Required To Become a Building Inspector

I am mentioning a few skills that you should majorly focus on to become a successful Building Inspector

  • Understanding local, state, and national building codes and regulations during inspections. 
  • Knowledge of construction methods, materials, and building systems. 
  • Ability to spot code violations, safety hazards, and structural issues. 
  • Proficiency in reviewing plans, specifications, and building components. 
  • Capability of solving complex inspection issues and using technical inspection tools and equipment. 
  • Must be physically fit and should have the required mobility and stamina. 

I would recommend you to understand the basics of building construction through How a Building is Designed and Built

The course costs $51.78. 

Gaining Experience To Become A Building Inspector

  • Consider training as an electrician or plumber. Training can provide you with hands-on experience and an understanding of the process. 
  • Find opportunities to work as an apprentice with architects and professionals in the construction industry. 
  • Gaining experience during an early stage in relevant areas of the construction industry can help you achieve job opportunities as you become a building inspector✅. 

Earn Appropriate Certifications to Be Recognized As a Professional Building Inspector 

  • The industry prefers candidates who have professional certifications in the field. Opting for certification can offer you more leadership roles and increase your wages. 
  • The industry offers a wide range of certifications you can choose that align with your interests. 
  • Certifications majorly involve passing an exam to assess your knowledge of building codes and inspection practices. Common certifications include?.

The Certified Professional Inspector (PAID CERTIFICATION- $499 PER YEAR)

  • The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors offers this certification. 
  • This certification is for aspiring building inspectors who are interested in performing home inspections and want to demonstrate their expertise to high standards in the industry. 
  • The CPI certification can be used on your CV, website, or business cards to enhance your professional credibility and attract potential opportunities✅.

The Certified Residential Building Inspector (PAID CERTIFICATION- $219)

  • Appropriate certifications validate the knowledge and expertise of aspiring building inspectors. 
  • The certification is offered by the International Code Of Council (ICC). 
  • The Residential Building Inspector (RBI) certification is designed for aspiring inspectors who specialize in residential construction. 
  • The certification covers areas such as building planning, footings and foundations, framing, roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, and mechanical systems in residential buildings. 
  • Overall, it enables the development of amenities in residential buildings ✅. 

The Certified Electrical Inspector (PAID CERTIFICATION- $85)

  • The International Code of Council (ICC) offers Electrical inspector certification for aspiring inspectors who specialize in or are interested in electrical systems and installations. 
  • Experienced electricians can get certified who want to become professional inspectors. 
  • It covers areas such as electrical code requirements, wiring methods, equipment installation, grounding and bonding, and electrical safety practices. 
  • It involves understanding several concepts related to electrical systems and inspection procedures. 
  • The certification can enhance your credibility in the construction field✅. 

Responsibilities of a Building Inspector

A building inspector has several responsibilities, from designing building structures to ensuring safety standards. A building inspector needs to acknowledge the applicable laws and regulations to inspect construction projects. 

Here are some of the crucial responsibilities of a building inspector?. 

Visiting Construction Sites and Conducting Inspections

  • It is the primary responsibility of a building inspector to visit construction sites to inspect the work.
  • They need to ensure that the work is getting done as recommended. 
  • Building inspectors explore different aspects of the building, such as structural elements, electrical systems, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire safety, and accessibility features. 
  • They observe the construction sites to inspect; inspections may occur at different stages of construction, such as foundation, framing, plumbing, etc. 
  • After the inspections are done, they are responsible for taking the final call for the completion of the project✅. 

Reviewing Construction Documents 

  • Inspectors need to review a bunch of documents to see if there are any alterations required. 
  • Inspectors review construction documents, including architectural drawings, engineering calculations, and product specifications, to verify that they comply with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • It’s their responsibility to provide suggestions and modifications if the documents are found to be deficient✅. 

Ensuring Code Compliance

  • Building inspectors ensure that buildings meet the requirements of local, state, and national building codes and regulations. 
  • They study architectural plans and specifications to evaluate them, ensuring obedience before construction begins. 
  • While the actual construction begins, they confirm a green signal to the approved plans.
  • Inspectors also observe zoning regulations, fire codes, and other relevant restrictions✅. 

Maintaining Records of Issued Permits

  • Building inspectors are responsible for reviewing permit applications and associated documents submitted by builders and contractors. 
  • They must issue permits if everything meets the required standards. 
  • They evaluate the proposed construction plans, check for compliance, and when everything is clear, they must follow their duty and issue permits. 
  • Inspectors may also track permit fees. 
  • Guide applicants regarding the permitting process and maintain records of permits issued✅. 

Generating Inspection Reports and Documenting

  •  It is important to generate inspection reports and document their findings and note any code violations or issues. 
  • These reports are essential and are shared with construction project stakeholders, such as builders, contractors, and property owners. 
  • Inspectors are responsible for maintaining records of inspections conducted and ensuring that all required paperwork is finalized accurately✅. 

Tips to Improve In Your Career As A Building Inspector

To improve your career as a building inspector, you need to keep on improving your skills, gain experience in the field, and start building professional networks. As you grow in your career, you need to keep a few elements in your mind. Follow these tips to improve your career as a building inspector?.

Decide and Specialize in Specific Areas

  • If you want to be known as an expert in the industry, you need to decide and specialize in specific areas of the field. 
  • Consider specializing in specific types of inspections or areas of expertise within the building inspection field, such as energy efficiency, accessibility compliance, or fire safety. 
  • Specialization can make you more valuable to employers or clients seeking expertise in particular aspects of building inspection✅.

Seek Mentorship 

  • Engage with specialists in your industry and seek mentorship from experienced building inspectors or industry experts. 
  • Seeking mentorship can always be valuable as it provides learning from seasoned professionals and can accelerate your career growth. 
  • Mentors play an important role for newbies in the industry as they provide accurate guidance and tips. 

Ask for feedback

  • Ask for feedback from peers, supervisors, or clients after completing inspections. 
  • If they provide great feedback, use the feedback as a testimonial to attract other clients. 
  • If the feedback is pathetic, use this feedback to identify areas for improvement and actively work on enhancing your skills and performance. Learning and improving go a long way. 
  • The industry involves a lot of practical work. 
  • Take constructive criticism and start gaining more experience in the industry✅. 

Climb the ladder

  • Climbing the ladder means showing total commitment toward your career and goals. 
  • It refers to continuous improvement and taking appropriate steps to excel in your career. 
  • It also involves obtaining certifications and specializing in areas that align with your interests. 
  • Participating in a leadership position, controlling the majority of tasks, and taking on challenging projects also refer to escalating in your career✅. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A Building Inspector

San Diego State University

  • San Diego State University offers courses in construction engineering and management. 
  • The course covers many aspects of managing construction projects, planning, scheduling, evaluating cost estimation, and quality control. 
  • It helps in understanding the principles of civil engineering, which is beneficial and advantageous for building inspectors✅. 

University of Alaska Southeast

  • The University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) is one of the most reputable institutions located in Alaska, United States. 
  • The University provides several programs that can contribute to your career as a building inspector. 
  • It covers diverse topics and sustainable construction practices that provide valuable knowledge to aspiring building inspectors. 
  • It also provides various programs related to the construction field that involve practices and techniques that are essential for becoming a building inspector✅.

Utah Valley University

  • Utah Valley University, located in Utah, is a well-established university known for providing extensive knowledge and practical experience to aspiring building inspectors. 
  • The University offers courses and programs that build a solid foundation for aspiring candidates in the construction industry. 
  • It provides the latest updates and methods in the industry to help aspiring candidates stay updated on the latest technologies in the field✅.

College of the Canyons

  • Located in Santa Clarita, California. The College of the Canyons offers numerous programs specializing in construction and building inspection. 
  • The institution covers essential topics such as construction methods, construction management, codes, and regulations in the field. 
  • The University offers workshops and programs that can help you stay updated with the latest laws, regulations, and best practices in the industry✅. 

Where to find a Building Inspector Job opportunity online?

Find your desired job in just a few minutes. The Internet has increased employment opportunities in the last few years. As per your kind of job, you can modify your search on the job boards online. 

These job boards will show a variety of job listings based on your search. Find your desired jobs by specifying the type of job and the location you want to work at?.

Building Inspector Job Boards

There are no specific job boards available officially that represent building inspector jobs online. 

However, there are a few popular job boards where you can search for job opportunities online. These are some of the relevant job boards you can consider. 

Ensure you refresh these job boards from time to time to stay updated with the latest opportunities in your field?. 




Online Networks With Professionals

There are several online groups and forums on the internet. You can join these groups and connect with other professionals in your industry. Online networking is a great way to exchange knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. 

Remember to be professional and proficient in topics you may discuss in the groups. Networking with professionals and other industry experts can help you unlock new job opportunities and expand your knowledge✅. 

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can benefit every individual in their particular field. Starting on social media may sound challenging; however, being consistently active on it can boost your career. Develop a professional profile and connect to industry-oriented people. 

Actively engage and build a strong network with them. Professionals in the industry get prior updates on job openings. Building connections with them can empower you with the latest opportunities✅. 

Personal Tips

Initially, I would say research and gain knowledge about the industry. Be aware of the laws and regulations involved. Learn from your mentors and prevent the mistakes they made throughout their journey. 

Train your soft skills and be a problem solver. Be ethical in your work and ensure the safety of the environment. Conduct regular inspections and take necessary actions✅. 

Key Takeaways 

I don’t know who is- but I am very proud of the decision of your becoming a builder inspector!

Drop down your question below if you have any and my team will update you on it as soon as your question reaches out to them. 

Remember to maintain the overall safety and quality of projects. All the best for your journey?. 

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