How to Become a Carrier for Amazon: in Easy Steps

I am here to provide you with some tips that can convert your wheels into a road to success by starting your Amazon Carrier journey and delivering happiness to your customers ❤. 

Have you been aware of how much Amazon Carriers earn? The average salary of an Amazon Carrier earns an average salary of $35,000 every year?💸

The ongoing growth of E-commerce has led to high demand for Amazon Carriers. Amazon is famous for delivering fast and reliable delivery services. During peak seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas Eve, etc., Amazon increases its requirements for a strong network of carriers to meet customer expectations 💪. 

Let us know more about who is an Amazon carrier, how to become an Amazon carrier, what the requirements are to become an Amazon carrier, and what responsibilities you will need to undertake as an Amazon carrier👇. 

Questions you should ask yourself before starting your career as an Amazon Carrier

I feel you should ask yourself these questions before you figure out how to become an Amazon Carrier. 

  1. Are you genuinely interested in working for the delivery industry and delivering packages to customers?
  2. Do you have a driving license? Do you have sufficient driving skills?
  3. Do you think you have the physical ability to meet the requirements of Amazon Carrier?
  4. Do you have efficient communication skills that will be needed to become an Amazon Carrier?
  5. Can you work for flexible hours, which may include holidays, weekends, and overtime?
  6. Do you think you will be comfortable working in this role for the next 10-12 years?

Suppose you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the questions above. I am assuming that you are mentally prepared to work as an Amazon Carrier. 

I will help you throughout the entire process. I have mentioned a few important aspects below that will come in handy throughout the path to becoming an Amazon Carrier. 

Who is an Amazon Carrier?

Amazon depends on a diverse network of carriers to efficiently manage the last-mile delivery process. An Amazon carrier is an individual or third-party logistics company that partners with Amazon to handle the transportation and delivery of packages. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth for delivery services is expected to increase by 10%, which is more than average than any other occupation. 

Amazon Carriers transport the products from warehouses or selective centers to the final delivery locations. Amazon carriers ensure that no damage is done to the product while packaging and delivering the product. 

Amazon Carriers sometimes include independent delivery drivers, trucking companies, and other transportation businesses for a smooth delivery process. They play a crucial role in delivering Amazon packages timely and accurately to customers all around the world✅. 

Scope of Amazon Carriers in the Future

With the increased technology and mass of production getting access to every item has become easier. 

Amazon’s primary business is to deliver goods to customers’ doorstep. According to the data, Amazon has delivered approximately 4.75 billion packages in the USA in the year 2021. 

This reported a growth of 13% in Amazon’s logistics. Delivery services have been in demand, with Amazon being rated as one of the top-tier companies. Amazon carriers can expect opportunities in the future. 

Amazon’s logistics business itself generated over $80 billion in 2020, as per the reports. Currently, Amazon’s logistics division is worth $310 billion and is expected to be worth over $1 trolling by the year 2031. 

I recommend you check the Amazon Partner Program to learn more about joining the Amazon partner program and becoming an Amazon carrier. 

How much can an Amazon Carrier earn?💸

The salary of an Amazon Carrier varies depending on which locality they are providing delivery services and at which position they are working. It also counts how many hours you spend delivering products from one area to the other. 

As per the records, an Amazon Carrier can earn anywhere between $15,000-$40,000 depending on the location they are working in💸. 

Skills Required to Become A Carrier for Amazon

I am mentioning a few skills that you need to seek if you want to become an Amazon Carrier 

  • Seeking driving skills and becoming a responsible driver
  • Must be physically fit and capable of delivering multiple parcels in different areas
  • Must be aware of using safety procedures
  • Making efficient use of GPS
  • Must be aware of state-to-state protocols and regulations
  • Should have punctuality and reliability

Understand how to join a partnered program to become an Amazon Carrier by watching this video on YouTube: Amazon Partnered Carrier Program

How to Become an Amazon Carrier (Tips)

To become an Amazon Carrier, you need to fulfill some requirements and processes. Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies, and there are necessary procedures, application processes, and legal provisions you need to complete to become an Amazon Carrier. 

Here are a few tips that can help you navigate the process of becoming an Amazon Carrier👇.

Meet The Minimum Requirements 

The first step to becoming an Amazon carrier is to meet the minimum age criteria. You should be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license. To operate as an Amazon carrier, you need to be registered as a 

  • Legal business entity, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. 
  • Maintain a separate bank account to record business transactions and create a separate social security number. 
  • Ensure you have enough vehicles to deliver several packages across different areas. 
  • Nonetheless, have commercial auto insurance with coverage✅. 

Register Your Business Legally

Choose a business name that is unique and available. 

  • To operate as a carrier, you need to register your legal business name. File a DBA registration with your business name. 
  • Make sure your business is properly registered and compliant with all legal requirements.
  • Provide essential details, name, address, and ownership details to operate as a carrier. 
  • Identify the necessary permits required in your state/locality. 
  • Obtain the necessary permits, licensees, and insurance needed to operate as an Amazon carrier✅. 

Complete The Application Process Online

There is an application form available on Amazon’s official website and the Transportation Partner Network (TPN) page to apply to become an Amazon carrier. Moreover,

  • Before heading toward the application process, verify if your business meets the minimum requirements to become an Amazon Carrier. 
  • Submit the application form if your business meets the eligibility criteria. 
  • The form requests you to submit information about your business, contact details, any relevant certifications, etc. 
  • Fill in accurate information and submit the application form. 

In a few working days, Amazon will review it to determine if your business is a suitable fit for their carrier network✅. 

Connect With Existing Amazon Carriers

Connecting with existing Amazon carriers can help you understand the process of Amazon’s delivery system and their expectations. Also,

  • Stay updated on events or webinars organized by Amazon specifically for carriers. 
  • Connect with potential individuals who have experience as Amazon carriers or are affiliated with carrier companies. 
  • Show them your interest in becoming an Amazon carrier so they will be more familiar with you in sharing the guide to becoming one✅. 

Basic Necessities To Become an Amazon Carrier

To become an Amazon Carrier, you need to acquire a few essential skills. Becoming an Amazon carrier involves a lot of physical work. 

Amazon Carriers are thus hired based on their specific skills. Here are some of the essential skills you need to get your hands on to become an Amazon carrier👇. 

Driving Skills 

You need to have proficient driving skills to assure the safety of the delivery products as well as yourself. Also,

  • You need to have a valid license that represents you are capable of driving a truck, van, or any other vehicle. 
  • Having essential driving skills that can familiarize you with GPS and navigation apps that can guide you to follow delivery routes. 
  • While delivering packages, you will need to park your vehicle at particular spots, and you need to be highly skilled in parking the vehicle without getting it scratched. 

You need to prepare yourself to handle unexpected road situations and adapt your driving accordingly✅. 

Effective Communication Skills

You need to be good at communicating with customers to understand their needs and respond to them immediately. Sometimes, there are instances where the customer may send texts or messages regarding the delivery of the package. 

You will need to give them a call or send them a clear and concise message about their package. In case there is any delay in delivery, you need to update them by professionally communicating with them and mentioning the reason for the delay. 

Having effective communication with customers helps in building trust and the company’s reputation✅.  

Time Management Skills

It is important to learn time management skills if you want to become an Amazon carrier. 

  • Organizing your time will not only save time but also fuel. 
  • Time management is important as you need to meet the daily target of delivering packages to different customers. 
  • You need to focus on high-priority deliveries first to ensure timely completion. 
  • Keep the packages organized in a way that is easily accessible to minimize search time. 
  • You need to train yourself by being flexible and adjusting your schedule if unexpected situations arise✅. 

Being Physically Fit

It is important you work out, train, and exercise daily to maintain your physical fitness. An Amazon carrier job is a physically demanding job. Also,

  • You need to stay active throughout the day, handling numerous packages of different sizes and weights. 
  • If you are physically fit, you can lift and carry these packages safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of injury. 
  • Amazon looks out for physically fit carriers who have great stamina, good flexibility, and can remain on their feet throughout the day. 
  • If you are physically fit, you may experience less fatigue during physically demanding tasks ✅. 

Responsibilities of an Amazon Carrier 

As an Amazon Carrier, you would have several responsibilities, beginning from sorting the packages to transportation to delivering the Amazon packages. Amazon Carriers play a crucial role in managing the supply chain and delivering the products accurately and on time. 

Carriers are the sole reason why Amazon is known for its customer satisfaction. Here are some common responsibilities of an Amazon Carrier👇. 

Picking Up Packages

Amazon Carriers get notifications from Amazon’s delivery management with a detailed delivery schedule or route, which helps carriers plan their pickups efficiently. 

  • Carriers are responsible for collecting the packages from suitable centers or delivery stations. 
  • They use Amazon’s logistics technology to scan and verify the packages assigned to them to ensure they select the appropriate route. 
  • After the verification is done, they load the packages into their delivery vehicle. 
  • With the help of Amazon’s delivery management technology, they follow the most efficient route for making deliveries. 
  • With the packages loaded and the route planned, Amazon carriers start the delivery process✅.

Sorting Out The Packages

It is an important step for an Amazon Carrier to verify the list before loading the packages provided by Amazon to ensure you have all the required parcels. 

  • Carriers are responsible for sorting their packages based on their delivery areas or neighborhoods. 
  • Sorting packages helps them avoid undue backtracking and simplifies their delivery route. 
  • They stay very sensible while arranging the packages. 
  • Amazon Carriers arrange the packages from smallest to largest or lightest to heaviest. 

This helps in ensuring easier deliveries and prevents any damage to the items✅.

Delivering Packages To Customers At Their Doorsteps

Amazon Carriers are responsible for delivering the packages to the right customers at their doorsteps. 

  • Before arriving at the customer’s doorsteps, they verify the packages by checking the address and the name of the person. 
  • A carrier waits patiently and addresses the customer’s doorstep with care and professionalism. 
  • A carrier is responsible for waiting for a reasonable amount of time until the customer responds. 
  • A carrier acts friendly to its customers and hands them the package quickly. 
  • In some cases, when the customers are not available at home, they leave the passage on the front door or with a neighbor, keeping their customers informed✅. 

Promising Timely Delivery

Amazon carriers need to promise timely delivery to their customers. Amazon provides a delivery schedule to carriers so that they reach each customer within the designated time frame. 

  • Carriers manage time efficiently during deliveries and avoid unnecessary delays. 
  • If they fail to meet the desired delivery commitments due to unforeseen circumstances, they communicate with customers to keep them notified about the updated delivery time. 
  • Amazon is highly committed to delivering satisfaction to its customers by delivering packages on time. 
  • Whenever carriers encounter issues related to timely delivery, they communicate through the Amazon carrier support system. 

This helps to solve the resolutions, and carriers can maintain delivery standards✅.

Confirming Delivery Verification from Customers

In the delivery process, a carrier is responsible for confirming the delivery verification from customers. 

  • Carriers usually confirm the delivery by taking the customer’s signature as proof of delivery. 
  • There are Amazon’s guidelines careers need to follow for obtaining and recording the signature electronically. 
  • In some deliveries, carriers need to verify the delivery by a delivery code provided by Amazon or a photo of the package at the delivery location. 
  • After getting the delivery verification from the customer, a carrier is responsible for marking the delivery as completed in Amazon’s delivery app or tracking system✅.

Where to find an Amazon Carrier Job opportunity online?

You can find an Amazon carrier job easily on the internet. You can apply for jobs through online job boards and seek a career job in your particular area. Remember, you need to be eligible when applying for an Amazon carrier job. 

Follow the latest Amazon guidelines and read the eligible criteria again to apply for the job. Here are a few popular job boards to find an Amazon Carrier job opportunity👇.

Amazon Carrier Job Boards

Amazon officially offers carrier jobs to workers who are interested in transporting and delivering packages across the country. Amazon provides delivery jobs according to your area or any locality that you would like to prefer. 

Apart from Amazon, other reputable job boards also offer Amazon carrier job opportunities. Utilize these job boards to get the latest job updates. Some of these job boards include 👇



Key takeaways

I will suggest that you provide excellent customer service and ensure timely deliveries to meet customer expectations. Be clear when it comes to communicating with Amazon and customers for any updates or issues during deliveries. 

Be careful while handling the packages so that no damage is done. Learn time management to meet delivery deadlines and optimize your daily schedule. Prioritize safety and maintain good health and stamina. 

Be a responsible Amazon carrier to deliver a positive shopping experience to customers. Keep the customers satisfied and maintain the company’s reputation✅. 

In case you have any doubts, feel free to drop a comment in the drop box below, and my team will reach out to you soon.

All the best for your journey🚀. 

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