How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst? only In 3-Simple Steps

Technology has progressed quite a lot. But everything we use and know about has its pros and cons, right? It can be harmful when technology gets breached or hacked. 😢 Sensitive Information can get leaked, including yours and mine. 

Cyber security analysts ensure this doesn’t happen and get paid around $96,983 annually to take care of such things. They are experts 🧐 who know how to take care of such issues. 

I have put together this article, which is a list of all of the important questions one might have in mind while pursuing a career in this field. I hope it will be useful for you. 

Question and Answer 

Doubts about your profession are completely valid because everyone tries to be a hundred percent sure about their future career. 

I have mentioned a few questions below, which you have to answer as honestly as you can. These questions are going to help you get rid of those doubts in your mind.

  • Are you ready to handle the responsibility of taking care of other people’s privacy? 
  • Are you genuinely interested in cyber security?
  • How do you handle pressure? 
  • Do you have good communication skills? 
  • Do you know about basic cybersecurity concepts like cyber bullying? 

Step1: Knowledge

Who is a Cyber Security Analyst

Technology has made things a lot easier for every one of us. What used to take several days is completed in a matter of about seconds now. ⏲️ All of this has been possible because of the advent of IT and technology. But it has its cons as well.  

It is because of technology we are more at risk because of privacy issues. Anyone using the internet and online platforms can easily look up anything about you and your family if you are registered on any social media website like Instagram and Facebook. 😟 Here is a step in cyber security analysis. 

These are people who protect an individual or an organization from any sort of cyber threat. They design and create protocols that are used to find and finish cyberattacks. 

They have a lot to do because the internet is a very big thing now. 🌐 They have to protect the infrastructure of the organization, the hardware, and the software using their techniques. 

Types of Cyber Security Analysts 

There is more than work all over the globe right now. Different Cyber security analysts work quite differently. 

Information security analyst

Who they are: The first type of cyber security analysts we are going to talk about are Information security analysts. 1️⃣ This type of analyst is the most common. 

What do they do: They have to keep an eye out for any type of information or security breach in the company, make sure that every document or online Information is monitored, offer help to any member, and develop better strategies to combat such issues in the future. 

Digital forensic examiner

Who they are: Digital forensic examiners are more like detectives. 🔍 

What do they do: Their primary task involves finding out who has bridged or invaded the privacy of any online software or platform.

For example, recently, your organization’s online platform was breached. In this case, what an examiner will do is find bits of Information and then try to understand who the culprit is. 

IT auditor

Who they are: IT auditors are the ones who make sure that such things do not get breached. 

What do they do: Their job is to organize security checks and audits regularly so that they have an eye out for things like these. 👀 They also offer guidance and help in case some members have some issues regarding this stuff.  

Roles and Responsibility 

Cybersecurity analysts have certain rules and responsibilities that they have to take care of while doing their jobs. I have listed and explained the most important ones.

Monitoring and Analysis 

  • What they do: They monitor and analyze network systems security alerts and data. 
  • Why: This is done so that they are able to identify and then investigate any cyber threats.


  • What they do: They conduct regular assessments and recommend appropriate measures. 
  • Why: These assessments make sure that they are able to detect any weaknesses in the systems.

Compliance with the rules

  • What they do: They make sure everyone follows the rules. 
  • Why: This is done so that everyone has enough knowledge about the policies and procedures and doesn’t do anything that can prove to be a threat to cyber security.


  • What they do: They inform and teach others about cyber security as well. 
  • Why: If everyone knows even the most basic concepts of cyber security, we can lessen the threats to a very large extent.

Expert Skill Sets to be a Cyber Security Analyst 

There is a certain skill set that cyber security analysts have to work upon if they want to be good at their jobs. 

  • Technical Expertise – They need to have technical skills such as networking, programming, and scripting. 
  • Mastery in Cybersecurity – They also need to know a lot about security programs, such as cloud security and web application security. 
  • Good Soft Skills – Their soft skills need to be good as well. This includes analytical skills and problem-solving. 
  • Ethics and mannerisms – They need to know about regulations and ethical hacking.

How much can a cybersecurity analyst expert earn? 

You have to be tech-savvy in order to become a good cybersecurity analyst. Not just this, you have to keep on working in order to enhance and build upon a good skill set. This is why cyber security analysts earn a lot as well. 💳

According to the stats and surveys we found on Indeed, a cyber security analyst in the US earns about $96,998 per year as of August 2023. 💰 This is just the average base pay. 

Base pay refers to the salary that you are paid directly by your employer. In addition to this, you also get your additional payment, which is in the form of tips, commissions, etc. The range for the additional base pay for a cyber security analyst starts from $4,269 and goes on to $7,969. 

If you want to find out the hourly pay ⌛ these people are paid about $53.97 per hour. 

Scope of Cyber Security Analyst

Due to the advent of technology and the usage of online resources, cyber security has become something that we can’t do without. This is why the field has only been growing since the internet was introduced in the early 2000s. 

According to our source Techopedia, there were about 493.33 million attacks detected by cyber security organizations worldwide in the year 2022. So, it becomes obvious that we need a lot of analysts and workers to tackle such attacks. 

Our other source, the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, tells us that about 16,800 job openings are made available for cybersecurity analysts every year.

They have also predicted that there is going to be a 32% growth rate from 2022 to 2032. Cyber security is growing at a faster rate in comparison to all of the other jobs in the market. 

Step2: Skill 

Top Global Programs 

Everyone prefers to get a proper degree in order to establish their positions when it comes to job hunting. Employers are always on the lookout for people who have a proper degree 🎓 and good credentials. 

Hence, even after getting educational resources online, it is necessary that you get a proper degree for these jobs. A lot of schools offer very good degrees when it comes to cyber security. Pay heed 🧐 when you are choosing the school for yourself because it is going to have a lot of impact on your career.  

Carnegie Mellon University

What it provides: Carnegie Mellon University offers a course for masters known as MSIS (Master of Science in Information Security), which focuses on providing a technical overview of security in computer systems. 

What you will learn: The programs offered here further lead to research opportunities 🔍 where those who have graduated from this course can pursue higher studies for a Ph.D. or can get positions as security experts who manage problems related to the security of networks and systems of prevailing technologies. 

Georgia Institute of Technology

What it provides: Georgia Institute of Technology offers various specializations in the master of science in cybersecurity degree, such as information security, cyber-physical systems, and policy. In this curriculum, the student gets to choose their own elective courses as well as projects. 

What you will learn: This degree focuses on examining the impact of security related to information technology over various domains, which helps the student further in their career as an analyst.

University of Maryland, College Park

What it provides: The University of Maryland, College Park, offers a course in Master of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering in Cybersecurity, which is in collaboration with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Science and the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

What you will learn: These programs help students to learn the merger of engineering applications with computer science.

The program covers topics such as applied cryptography, cloud security, white hat ⚪ and black hat ⚫ hacking, and security tools for security related to information technology. 

New York University

What it provides: The programs taught here are recognized by NCAE-C (National Centres of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity).

This University provides a course named Master of Science in Cybersecurity, which can be taken on-site 🏃or online 💻 as per the convenience of the student.

What you will learn: Their course covers major topics emerging in the field of Cybersecurity, such as cryptography, digital forensics, malware analysis, etc. 

University of Texas, Austin

What it provides: UT Austin has a variety of programs for students who are interested in becoming cybersecurity analysts.

What you will learn: Students who are pursuing computer science can learn about the threats, weaknesses, and various other technological needs for Cybersecurity. 🖥️

Students can also pursue the Post-graduate course in Cybersecurity over here, which provides skills necessary for the industry and understanding concepts such as risk management, penetration testing, security operations, and management of any incidents related to the field. 

Free Resources 

Cybersecurity Specialization (Using the audit option)

What it offers: This course covers the fundamental concepts of Cybersecurity.  

What you will learn: Topics such as hardware and software interactions with human users and securing interactions using cryptography are covered in this course. Illustrated examples are used to make whatever you are learning easier to understand!

Cyber Security Course

What it offers: This course tells us about Cybersecurity and its importance in day-to-day online interactions. 

What you will learn: This course is like a beginner’s guide to understanding more about Cybersecurity and basic methods like sandboxing, encryption, and antivirus usage. As a bonus, they also talk about how to keep your WordPress blog safe. 

CISSP® Introduction to Information Security

What it offers: This course is for a bit more experienced people and acts as an anchor for more practice. 

What you will learn: Everything you would have learned in the basics before is taught with more depth in this course. You get to learn more about topics like IP addresses and Security assessment and testing. 

Cybersecurity Basics

What it offers: Again, it is a basic course but provided by a more renowned platform – IBM.  

What you will learn: The roles and duties of a cyber security analyst are also covered, as well as the fundamental abilities and qualities required for success in the field. Why be hesitant? Enroll in this intriguing course right away!

Step3: Job

While offline methods are always useful, online platforms that help in job hunting are on the rise. You need to know about these, too, if you are ready to step into the job market. 


  • Overview – It has been created while keeping in mind the fact that people like to create networks 🌐 that will help them in the process of job hunting. So, it is a mixture of a job-hunting platform and a social media website. 
  • Highlight – Your account will be up for display, and any employer who is interested in hiring you will contact you through LinkedIn itself. 
  • Website – LinkedIn


  • Overview – It is the largest job-hunting online platform as of now.
  • Highlight – As soon as you create your account, you’re able to filter out the dream job you have in mind. You can use the filters for location 🏠, salary range 💰, work preferences, and more to pinpoint the exact type of job you want. 
  • Website – Indeed

Freelancing options 

  • Overview – Freelancing offers refuge to people who want to work according to their terms and conditions. 
  • Highlight – Make sure that you describe yourself well so that you get a good amount and the right type of customers. 
  • Website – Fiverr, Upwork

In conclusion

Any job in the IT and tech sector right now is sure to give you enough to sustain yourself throughout your life and also save for your retirement. So, if you decide to become a cyber security analyst, you are going to get a job for sure that will give you a good paycheck. 

Put in the right amount of hard work, and you will be successful. If you have any more questions, then you can ask me in the comment section down below. I will answer your questions as soon as I can. 😁

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