How to Become a Famous Singer? only In 3-Simple Steps!

Do you love music? I think everyone loves music. Do you love music enough to pursue it as a career option? That is the question. ❓

A singer is someone who entertains their audience by singing. If you are a beginner, your pay might not be that much, but once you become a proper singer, you can earn about $126,374 per year. 💰

Regardless of this, if you are dedicated to becoming a singer, this article is going to help you out a lot. There are a lot of questions that come into mind when you start pursuing a career option.❔ This time, I have helped you understand how you are going to become a famous singer.   

Question and Answer 

If you have any doubts in your mind about pursuing singing as a profession for life, I have got the right remedy for that. 

Answer the questions given below as honestly as you can. These questions are going to be helpful in resolving some of your doubts about the profession and if you will be able to manage it.

  • Do I have the talent for this job?
  • If not talent, am I willing to learn and practice to master the skill? 
  • Am I ready to step into the entertainment industry?
  • Am I ready to invest time and effort? 
  • Can I handle rejection and criticism?
  • Do I have a backup plan? 

Step 1: Knowledge

Who is a famous Singer

A singer is someone that everyone knows. We have grown up listening to music all the time, and a lot of singers have caught our interest with their singing and songwriting abilities. 🎵

A singer is someone who sings. The definition is that simple. But the job isn’t. Becoming a singer comes with a lot of setbacks and hurdles that only the most dedicated will be able to handle. 😟

Singing professionally as a job is going to cost you time, patience, and hard work. 🧐 You will need to dedicate yourself; otherwise, you will be disheartened because quick success is not guaranteed in this career option. 

Types of Famous Singers 

There is more than work all over the globe right now. Different famous Singers work quite differently. 

Pop Singers

Who they are: Pop singers are the most common type of singers whose music range varies over all the popular music genres.  

What do they do: They have a broad range of music styles, vocal styles, and very distinctive voices. Famous pop singers include Taylor Swift and Katy Perry

Rock Singers

Who they are: This is a complete genre of music that emphasizes more on emotional and passionate themes. 

What do they do: The delivery matters a lot in rock singing- the musicians focus on giving a passionate delivery to reach the audience. They have a very diverse vocal range. Some famous rock singers include Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, and more. 

Jazz Singers

Who they are: This genre emerged in the late 19th and early 20th century when musicians started incorporating newer styles into their singing.  

What do they do: Jazz singing is characterized by the unique music and phrases that are used in the songs. Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald have been two of the most famous jazz singers to date. 

Roles and Responsibility 

Singers have certain rules and responsibilities that they have to take care of while doing their jobs. I have listed and explained the most important ones.


  • What they do: Singers need to show showmanship and have the right kind of stage presence.
  • Why: This showmanship involves connecting with the audience and using body language effectively, which will keep the audience engaged.

Song Interpretation

  • What they do: They have to collaborate and choose songs in such a way that they are able to interpret them properly to the audience.
  • Why: The correct type of interpretation will help add more emotion and expression to their songs.

Community Engagement 

  • What they do: Singers can use their platform and image to engage more with social and charitable causes. 
  • Why: This type of community engagement will help leverage their popularity more and make a positive impact on society at the same time.

Expert Skill Sets to be a Famous Singer 

Famous singers have to work on a certain skill set if they want to be good at their jobs. 

  • Exceptional Vocal Range – Their vocal range should be diverse so that they are able to pick up on any tune and use it in their songs. 
  • Stage Presence – Singers with good stage presence know how to keep the audience hooked on their performance. 
  • Ear training – Ear training is done so that singers are able to understand and pick up on different music styles and tunes.  
  • Emotional Expression – This skill is important if you want your songs to feel more expressive to the audience. 

How much can a famous Singer expert earn? 

If you are a beginner musician who doesn’t have a record label or contract, your paycheck depends on the gigs you can find. This means that your pay as a beginner is not fixed and can dwindle a lot. 

But once you sign a contract with some record label, you will be able to earn hefty amounts of money. 💰 You will be on the most in places like New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. In places like this, you can earn up to $54,381 per year. 

According to our stats, the average singer in the United States, as of August 2023, earns about $126,374 per year. The monthly pay will be $10,571. 

This is just the average. The top earners can earn about $400,000 per year. 🤯 The monthly pay will be $33,333 in this regard. 

Scope of Singers

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there is limited employment growth for singers, but that is because a lot of people go into the industries independently and don’t really depend on a particular employee. 

If we are to look at just the institutions that offer job openings for musicians, there are about 22,600 job openings for musicians and singers every year on average. 

Moreover, they have predicted a growth rate of 1 to 2% from the year 2022 to 2032.

Step 2: Skill 

Top Global Programs 

A good music school might help you learn what you can’t learn by yourself. You will also have a list of connections that can help you when you require a job or help. So, pay heed to whichever schools I have mentioned and look up whichever interests you. 🔍  

Berklee College of Music

What it provides: It offers a course named Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production (CWP) with a Voice Principal. 

What you will learn: It helps aspiring musicians learn skills of music production and writing ✍️ and helps the student fine-tune their vocal skills.

Juilliard School

What it provides: It has a course called Bachelor of Music (BM) in Voice Performance and another called the Master of Music (MM) in Voice Performance. 

What you will learn: These degrees help aspiring singers unlock their hidden potential through rigorous vocal training and teach them foundational principles of stage presence so that they can deliver their best performance whenever they are singing in front of an audience. 🗣️

Curtis Institute of Music

What it provides: It has an Opera studies program that covers various workshops, language, and acting training, and mainstage music production. 

What you will learn:  The Bachelor of Music (BM) in Vocal Performance course provided by this institute covers the fundamentals of music theory, along with developing interpretation skills, vocal skills, and stage presence. 🎤

Royal Academy of Music

What it provides:  Its Bachelor of Music (BMus) in Vocal Studies, Master of Arts (MA), and Master of Music (MMus) in Vocal Studies are enough for any artist to gain enough skill set to become a famous singer and refine their art skills from scratch to professional level. 

What you will learn: These courses are provided with intensive vocal training, masterclasses by renowned guest artists, Language and Diction Coaching, and performance opportunities via various recitals and opera productions. 

New England Conservatory of Music

What it provides:  It is considered the oldest 🧓 conservatory in the United States of America, which provides a wide spectrum of courses for undergraduate and graduate as well as for pre-college students. 

What you will learn: They help in training the students to become professional musicians in orchestral, contemporary, chamber, and solo settings, where students can choose among the variety of 33 instruments, which has major percussion, strung, keyboard, wind, and electronic instruments.

Free Resources 

Sing Like A Pro: The Free Mini Course

What it offers: This course acts as an introduction lesson for all singing enthusiasts out there.   

What you will learn: This course is for those people who want to start learning more about singing. The topics for this course include vocal compression, vocal registers, mixed voice, and head voice, exercises, and much more.

Singing Popular Music

What it offers: This course is for those people who want to develop their vocal range and learn more about different music styles. 

What you will learn: The syllabus for this course is for intermediate learners who know a bit about singing and wish to advance their skills. The topics include vocal styles, Tone quality, contemporary singing, different styles, style awareness, and integration.

Indian Vocal Music

What it offers: You should try out this course if you want to learn more about Indian vocals and music styles. 

What you will learn: Indian vocal music can help you learn about a very diverse vocal range. That is why, if you are able to master this course, you will achieve great levels of vocal diversity.

Your Career as a Professional Singer

What it offers: This course will help you understand more about how to become a professional singer and build your career.   

What you will learn: This course is for those people who want to understand more about the business and marketing part of their career as a singer.

You will learn all about becoming a professional vocalist, getting into music and leading a band, and more such topics related to a successful professional career.

Step 3: Job


  • Overview – LinkedIn is very useful because it helps with forming connections online. 
  • Highlight – You will be able to put up all of your achievements and skills in the form of an online CV for employers to see and reach out to you. 
  • Website – LinkedIn


  • Overview – Indeed is the most used job-hunting platform, which helps millions of people worldwide every day. 
  • Highlight – This platform helps people find a job through the use of filters, which can help people pinpoint their preferred location, occupation, salary, and much more. 
  • Website – Indeed

Entertainment Worldwide Jobs

  • Overview – This platform serves to help out people who are particularly interested in the entertainment industry. 
  • Highlight – You will have to make an account and then start sieving through the jobs so that you are able to find the right gig for yourself.  
  • Website – Entertainment Worldwide Jobs 

In conclusion

While it might not be so easy to become a famous singer, it will be very fulfilling and gratifying if you achieve what you strive for. And something is difficult and unachievable only when you don’t work hard for it. 🧐

In this case, if you follow all the steps properly (especially about networking), you will be able to become successful. You will complete all your goals if you are dedicated to them and work hard. 😉

I will answer any more questions you might have after finishing up this article. Ask in the comments section below. 😀

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