How to Become a Broker: the Ultimate Guide

The job of a broker is that of a means of communication between people on the opposite side of business transactions. They are experts when it comes to negotiations and communication. 🗣️

Brokers can earn up to $77,733 per year, and their earnings typically depend on their deals. This can, hence, go up and down but is always good enough for sustenance. 💸

If the work of a broker is something of interest and you wish to know more about it, then this article I have written is just the right one for you! 🎯

Question and Answer 

You might have some questions and doubts before you decide to start pursuing this profession properly. This is very common and happens to almost everyone. I am here to help you out. 

The questions below were written by me and will help you become more sure about this job. Answer as honestly as you can. 

  1. Do I know enough about the market to work in it? 
  2. Do I have the required skills?
  3. Do I know what type of broker I want to be? 
  4. Am I ready to work for long hours? 
  5. Am I ready to take risks?
  6. Do I have a backup plan?

Now, look back at your answers. If you find that most of them are yes, then you are sure to become a very successful broker. 

I will now help you out a bit more and tell you about the job in detail. 

Who is a Broker?

In today’s times, when the value of the currency has increased so much and so many people are facing an economic crisis now and then, it becomes important that you have someone to take financial advice from.

When we say advice, we don’t mean talking about how to use the money; we mean how to find the best deals for you. 🤑

A broker’s job is different from that of a financial advisor, like a CPA or a CMA. They don’t just offer advice for the money but also act as middlemen for your exchange.

These are people who are going to help you find prospective clients or parties that are interested in doing a financial transaction or trade with you. 🧐

I think the most common type of broker you would have encountered is a real estate agent. These are people who help you find houses. They are very knowledgeable about what they are doing, and they can find a very good deal for you after looking at a lot of offers. 🏡

Scope of a broker

A lot of people become real estate agents in the US. An article about the increasing number of people opting to work in the industry was published in the New York Times.

It was all about how there had been an increase in the number of real estate agents after COVID when a lot of people became homeless. 

There had been about a 9.6% increase in the state of Georgia while and a 9% increase in Texas. A lot of other states, such as Florida, Arkansas, Wyoming, Alabama, and Montana, also saw a rapid increase in the number of people getting a real estate license. The market is just expected to grow even after this. 

The statistical report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us about how 51,600 job openings are made available for brokers and sales agents every year on average.

They also predicted a three percent increase in the overall employment of brokers from the year 2022 to 2032. 

Skill Set required to become a Broker

There are some skills that a broker needs to master in order to become more successful in their job. These are a very specific set of skills, and I have mentioned some of the most important ones below. 

  1. You need to be very good at communication. 
  2. You need to know how to negotiate and do sales. 
  3. Risk management is also an important skill to have. 
  4. Financial literacy is also important. 
  5. Learn more about the market as well as customer service.

If you want to learn more about risk management, use this.

How much can a Broker earn?

If a broker can find a very good firm as well as clients, they will be able to earn very well in return. Recent starts have shown that people have started hiring more such professionals to be smart about their financial choices. 

A broker in the United States is paid an average of $76,585 per year as of July 2023. This is just the average base salary.

You will be paid in the form of tips, bonuses, and commissions, too. This is going to make up your additional salary, and it is going to increase the total a lot. 

Right now, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Houston pay the most to brokers. The brokers here earn up to $89,000 per year. 

As per hourly rates, the average broker in the US earns about $32.88 per hour. All of these are proven statistics.📊

Types of Brokers 

There are different types of brokers. So, the first step to becoming a broker is finding out what type of broker you want to be. ❓

Stock Broker

  • A Stockbroker is probably the most famous kind of broker out there. As the name suggests, you might have guessed that these are people with whom you have to do something with the stock market. Stock brokers are people who act as middlemen between investors who want to do stock exchanges. 
  • They are licensed professionals, which means that they have worked hard to get where they are, and they know a lot about the stock market. 
  • One example of where you might have met a stock broker is when you have had to invest in the capital market. ✅

Mortgage Broker

  • A Mortgage broker is someone who helps you when you need a home loan. These people do lots of research on the different rates of interest in the market that are being offered by different banks and then help you find the best deal for yourself. ☑️
  • They are different from Mortgage bankers who give funds for mortgage stuff. These brokers just act as middlemen for your transactions. 

Insurance Broker 

  • I think you would have guessed what insurance brokers do. They are people who help you find the best insurance policy for yourself. 
  • They have intensive knowledge about a lot of different policies out there in the market, and they will help you find the policy that is best suitable for you after going through tons of research. 📃

Real-Estate Broker

  • Real estate brokers are those you hire after the mortgage brokers have helped you. After you’re done getting loans and access to funds, you can hire a real estate broker to help you buy a suitable property. 
  • They are experts when it comes to meeting the requirements of their clients and will always try their best to get you a house that accommodates your interests. 🏡

Forex Broker

  • You need a forex broker when you are going to be performing foreign exchanges and need a middleman. These foreign exchanges look like the exchange of foreign currency. 
  • You will be able to find 4x brokers via banks or just freelancing on their own. 💱 

How to Become a Broker? (Tips)

Up above, we have seen that there are different kinds of brokers. This inherently means that the steps to become a broker can be quite different according to your preference. 

However, we have found that there are some common steps to take as well. Below is a list in which I have tried to compile all of the common steps and also try to make you understand what difference the preference is going to make to the process. ⬇️

A degree is important. 

  • There might have been a time when brokers didn’t want to get a degree and just became experts after graduating High School. But nowadays, there is fierce competition if you want to make it big. 
  • This is the reason why everyone believes that a college education and getting a degree is a must. 
  • You can try to find programs with subjects like accounts, finance, and even business. There is no set guideline for people who are interested in becoming a broker when it comes to their subjects in college. 
  • Also, try to focus on getting a master’s degree after you’re done with your undergraduate program. This can help make you seem different from all of the other people in the market and help you strive to be unique. ✅

Time to get a license 

  • All brokers are licensed individuals. They have to be! These are people who are handling money between two prospective parties, which means that they have to be extra careful and knowledgeable about it. 
  • For stock breakers, there are the series seven and series 63 exams. These are overlooked by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). You can look up these licenses on the official sites, where you will be able to get lots of information about the requirements. 
  • Other types of brokers can have different or the same certification programs as well, and he will be able to find a lot of them if you look properly on the internet. 🤔

Deciding what type you prefer 

Now you have two things to decide. 

  • Firstly, you will have to decide which type of broker you want to become. We have looked at five types of brokers above. 
  • Right now, stock brokers are the most in demand because of the excess of people investing in the stock market. 
  • They always need someone to tell them exactly how to invest and exchange stocks. You can also try to become a real estate broker. After all, they are also in a lot of demand because people always want homes to live in, right?
  • The next thing you have to decide is which brokerage firm to be a part of. This is important because this is going to be a firm that sponsors you as a broker. They also teach you a lot of valuable skills such as sales techniques, time management skills, and so much more.✏️ 

Getting clients 

  • Now, you will have to find clients. And no, this is not something else is going to do for you. 
  • You would have to do the very old and common methods of client seeking, which include calling the map and asking them if they want any help, making a list of the prospects and then contacting them, building a network, and asking your friends and relatives to refer you, and lastly attending workshops and conferences a lot so that people get to know you more. 🙌
  • Build networks on sites like LinkedIn, which encourages connecting with people in the same profession. 

Expanding your knowledge 

  • Always try to expand your skill set by learning something new about your field. You can learn more about handling clients or maybe about things like cryptocurrency. 
  • Knowing more separates you from a crowd and makes people believe that you are going to be able to help them much more in comparison to a lot of the other people in the brokerage career field. ☁️

Top Broker Courses in the United States

Online resources are very useful in learning more about what is needed to become a master in a profession. You can also find very good certifications if you look hard enough. 👁️

Brokerage Operations Professional Certificate: Online

  • This course is available at the New York Institute of Finance, which is a very credible source if we look at their programs and their courses. 
  • You can access it on their website, and it is to be completed completely via online methods. 
  • The course is all about becoming a broker, as it teaches you about the trade life cycle. It starts from topics such as the execution of the plans to clearing the deals and settlements between your clients. 🔜
  • It has 20 CPE credits. The course has been divided into 11 modules, which you will have to finish in time if you want to get this degree. It will take about 20 hours from your end to complete it if you want to finish it in one go. 
  • The course is worth $1,299. 

Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Finance

I think a lot of people already know about Coursera and how it offers a lot of courses for you to learn from.

For people who want to become a broker, Coursera offers a course that teaches them about decentralized finance. 🤑

  • This is a specialization program that has four courses included in it. 
  • The topics of the courses are deep dive into decentralized finance, primitives of decentralized finance, the infrastructure of decentralized finance, and lastly, opportunities and risks in decentralized finance. 
  • Your teacher for the specialization program is going to be Cam Harvey, who is a professor at Duke University. 🐴
  •  It will take you about four months to finish this course, and it is at the intermediate level. You will have to study for about 2 hours per week.
  • You will have to pay $49 for this course, but you can access the material for free. 

International Organizations Management

  • Coursera offers one more very popular course on their website, which is all about the management of international organizations. 
  • This might not be seen as a very useful course at first class, but since you are going to be someone who has to act as an advisor as well as a salesperson between two prospective clients, you should know how to manage them properly. ➕
  • You will have seven instructors for this course – all of whom are professors at the University of Geneva. 
  • The course will take you approximately seventeen hours to complete, and you would have to give 5 hours per week for three consecutive weeks. 
  • The course does have a flexible schedule, though, which means that if you are not able to study one week, you can always complete your backlog in the other. It is also at the beginner level. 🎒
  • The price for this course is the same as the one above. 

Introduction to Stocks and Short Selling

  • Alison Courses is a comparatively New Year platform that offers courses that focus more on technical skills. This course that is offered by this platform is more specifically for brokers who want to make it big in the stock market. 
  • The distributor is Khan Academy, which has a reputation for being a good educational content creator. ⌛
  • This course is completely free of cost and is divided into just two modules. It will take you only 1.5 to 3 hours to complete this course, after which you will get a CPD accreditation.
  • This course is free. 🎉

Top Broker Schools in the World

A broker is someone who has learned about subjects such as finance and business to understand and learn about acting as a financial advisor and point of contact between two prospective clients.

Here is a list of the top schools that offer a program in any of these two subjects. 🔽

University of Cambridge 

  • The University of Cambridge has the Judge Business School located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. 
  • This is the world’s oldest and most prestigious University, which excels in Business studies and stands out with its special focus on entrepreneurship and sustainability. ☑️
  • This school makes Cambridge’s vibrant ecosystem, which consists of a diverse range of start-ups and industries, accessible to the students. 
  • This School focuses on the Development of Skills necessary for leadership and personal growth to cultivate a perfect businessman.

University of Oxford 

  • London Business School is situated at the heart of London in the United Kingdom and is known for its international perspective and a strong emphasis on challenges faced globally related to business. 
  • London Business School for Studies fosters a multicultural learning experience with a diverse and international student body.
  • The school’s central location helps students establish connections and networking opportunities in the central financial hub of London. ⭐

University of Pennsylvania 

  • This University is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has Wharton School, which is considered one of the world’s most prestigious business schools. 
  • This school focuses on analytics and finances and offers a comprehensive business course, which prepares the student for the diverse roles in the business world.
  • It also has a great and supportive alumni network, which helps students build meaningful connections with professionals in business all around the world. 
  • This school is known for its rigorous academic and leadership development, which makes it a very good choice for students aspiring for world-class education and experience in business.🏫

Stanford University 

  • This University is located in Stanford, California, and is renowned for its Graduate School of Business. 
  • Stanford’s GSB is a leader in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation as it’s close to the great Silicon Valley in the USA. 
  • The school offers cutting-edge research centers, creating a stimulating environment for business students. 
  • This school emphasizes learning based on experience and helps students to be equipped with practical and leadership skills.
  • Stanford’s GSB supportive community and focus on ethical business practices make it an excellent choice for those who want to do business. 🎀

Harvard University

  • Harvard Business School is the leading school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. It is a well-renowned university all over the world, famous for its extensive resources and networking opportunities. 
  • It provides state-of-the-art facilities and a diverse student body so that the students can get greater exposure. 
  • This school offers a comprehensive business curriculum that includes opportunities ranging from internships to job opportunities. 
  • Students also benefit from a huge alumni network that connects them to influential business leaders worldwide. Harvard Business School emphasizes practical learning, case studies, and real-world problem-solving, preparing students to tackle complex business challenges. ➕

Where to find Broker opportunities online?

While it is true that becoming a Broker means opening up your own business and not needing any job opportunities from someone else, it is still good to be active on different job platforms.

A lot of people can apply for work in your company through these sites, and you can find some people, too. 👌


  • Back in the day, it was a very hectic task to find a job, even if you were well-qualified. 
  • You had to put circles for job interviews in the classifieds of a newspaper and then contact the companies one by one to get a chance to showcase your qualifications to the company.
  • But now you can find a well-suited job for yourself with just a few clicks with Indeed. 
  • This website helps you get many job offers simultaneously as the HRs can directly see the CV on your profile page, which can be made easily and free of cost by making your account on Indeed.👈


  • LinkedIn is another job-finding website that helps you get your ideal job hassle-free and easily. Its key feature is its user-friendly interface, which can be easily accessed by all age groups. 
  • All you have to do is to create an account, which is completely free of cost, and upload your CV/resumé, after which interested HRs of the companies who require your skill set can connect with you.
  • LinkedIn is a website that also includes special features such as interview tips, helping you build your brand, giving you real-time job insights, and much more with an additional plus subscription with minimal cost to boost your job profile to the limits. 👀

Try freelancing

  • You can also go for freelancing, as it’s a great option for those seeking flexible work hours and better pay. With sites such as UpWork and Fiverr, you can effortlessly connect with people who need your services or products. 
  • Enjoy the freedom of choosing your projects and setting your pay. 
  • Simply create a free account, upload your CV, showcase your skills and interests, and potential clients will reach out to you for your unique offerings. 🌟


A broker has to be very aware of the recent developments in the markets and also needs to be knowledgeable enough to advise their clients.

They need to have excellent conversion skills as well. Becoming a broker requires you to be an all-rounder individual who has mastered all of these skills.

You will have to work hard if you want to become a successful broker. This requires focus and hard work. Input these properly, and the output will be very good as well. 

If you want to ask anything else, go ahead and do so in the comments. I will reply as soon as possible. 😉 

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