How to Become a Copywriter: in Simple Guide

Words, creativity, action! ? Welcome to the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of copywriting, aspiring wordsmiths! Grasp your pens and keyboards as we embark on a unique journey into the world of crafting compelling narratives and captivating messages. 

Just like a masterful storyteller?️, you’ll navigate the fine balance between innovation and impact, threading your way through the intricate tapestry of language. Get ready to hone your writing skills and unlock the secrets of “How to Excel in Copywriting”: the imaginative edition! 

According to information gathered by, the average annual pay for a copywriter in the United States is $53,575?, with 80% of them making between $48,397 and $66,436.  

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter crafts persuasive content✍️ to promote products, inform, and captivate consumers across diverse platforms like websites, blogs, emails, social media (such as Twitter and Instagram), and more. 

This role involves generating concepts, collaborating with marketing teams, and maintaining brand coherence in print, TV, radio, and other media. 

A standard workday could involve online research?, tailored communication for a target audience, composing and revising content, and selecting complementary visuals. It’s a dynamic role that blends creativity and strategy to engage and resonate with audiences effectively.

How much can a copywriter earn?

In the United States, the annual median salary for copywriters stands at approximately $53,575?, with a substantial 80% falling within the salary range of $48,397 to $66,436. This figure provides a solid overview, but it’s important to note that these numbers represent an overall average. 

Further insights reveal that the upper echelon of copywriters, constituting the top 10%, commands impressive earnings, surpassing $121,670 per year. Conversely, on the lower end of the scale, the lowest-earning 10% of copywriters bring in less than $31,700 annually. 

However, it’s noteworthy that this lower range aligns closely with the national average and represents only the entry point for copywriting salaries. 

How to Become a copywriter (Tips)

Congratulations, aspiring copywriter! Get set to embark on a captivating journey through the realm of words. ? As your dedicated guide, I’ll steer you through the art of crafting compelling narratives, weaving linguistic magic, and unleashing your creative prowess. ?️ 

Gear up for a whirlwind of imagination and the occasional deadline-driven frenzy. Let’s map out the captivating world of copywriting. ⤵️

Enhance Your Prospects Through Academic Achievements

While formal academic credentials aren’t obligatory for a copywriting career, some clients and agencies may prioritize candidates with completed undergraduate degrees?‍?.

The competitive copywriting landscape often favors individuals who have pursued professional courses in literature, marketing, journalism, or mass communication.

Grasp the Fundamentals of Copywriting

Before delving into job applications, acquiring a ✅grasp of copywriting workflows is advisable. Success in this field hinges on comprehending human psychology and the needs of your audience. While your personal writing style and creativity matter, client directives and requisites should take precedence.

Cultivate Your Written Communication Proficiency

Copywriters craft text adhering to specific client guidelines and standards?. To excel, honing written communication skills is key. Regular writing practice and reading habits contribute to vocabulary enrichment and heightened writing clarity.

Discover Your Specialization

Within the realm of copywriting, a variety of content awaits your creative touch, spanning ads, product narratives, academic discourse, and technical texts. Pinpoint ?the writing avenue that aligns with your passion and focus. This clarity empowers you to curate fitting writing examples and an impactful portfolio.

Craft a Showcase of Skills

Employers often seek tangible evidence of your capabilities. Once your niche is defined, assemble writing examples showcasing your adeptness in that specific sphere. Compile these samples into a well-structured ?portfolio, complemented by a polished resume. 

This compilation becomes your tool when presenting your prowess to potential clients or employers.

Pursue Copywriting Opportunities

Prior to job applications, meticulously review the role’s prerequisites and job description. Refine your portfolio to reflect applicable work samples✒️. Should you harbor interests across multiple copywriting domains, contemplate managing distinct portfolios to categorize and tailor your work samples accordingly.

Responsibilities of a copywriter 

Copywriters aren’t confined to mere words. They shape brands with creative storytelling, craft compelling content, and influence digital landscapes. Beyond penning prose, they delve into strategic messaging, audience insights, and client collaboration. 

Embrace the dynamic world of copywriting, where every word weaves an engaging tale. Here’s a glimpse into a copywriter’s routine. ⤵️

Engage in Skill Enhancement Programs

Online platforms like Udemy and Skillshare offer flexible certification courses? in copywriting, allowing self-paced completion. These courses equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for the role’s demands. A certification can effectively showcase your abilities to employers, compensating for any absence of formal copywriting education.

Hone Writing Abilities and Assemble Samples

Regular writing practice enhances written communication prowess? and yields valuable work examples. These samples serve as a tangible representation for interviews, potential employers, and clients. Select a couple of concise writing samples that effectively showcase your proficiencies and domain expertise.

Leverage Social Media for Skill Showcasing

Numerous copywriters utilize social media as a platform to promote their expertise✅, broaden their reach, and secure job openings. Social media serves as a valuable networking tool, facilitating connections with clients and fellow industry experts.

Tap into Online Freelance Platforms for Opportunities

Copywriting predominantly thrives in the freelance arena. Online?‍? platforms for freelancers present a steady stream of both brief and extended copywriting assignments. Cultivate an appealing profile, incorporating relevant work samples, to effectively apply for suitable positions.

Tips to improve your copywriting career

Embrace the copywriting journey, a perpetual evolution of skills and finesse. Absorb the insights shared here to empower your craft, leaving an indelible mark through impactful messaging.

Navigate the realm of words, crafting a gratifying and prosperous path in the realm of captivating communication. ⤵️

Simplify the Message

Your marketing content need not delve deep into your business intricacies✨. Most marketing materials have limited space like emails or ad copy. This leaves just a handful of words to convey your point.

A skillful content writer thrives in this challenge, crafting attention-grabbing messages that prompt potential customers to engage with your brand. Achieving this impact within a few lines – that’s genuine quality content!

Spotlight the Customer as the Hero

Center your marketing endeavors? on highlighting the customer. Despite the allure of sharing your business journey and achievements, focus your marketing writing on casting your customer as the protagonist.

What’s the key? Each content piece you produce should illustrate how your presence enhances the customer’s life. Address their struggles, needs, and pain points, then offer your solution.

Engage Readers Directly

Your high school English instructor might frown upon this, but in digital marketing, embrace? the second person, addressing readers as “you.” Engaging readers directly creates a conversational tone akin to helping a friend. Marketing writers initiate customer relationships through their copy.

Steer Clear of Passive Voice

For a touch of classroom nostalgia, avoid passive voice. While it might appear natural or inconspicuous, passive voice? lacks assertiveness. Effective marketing thrives on clarity.

Opt for an active voice in your copy. It might feel unfamiliar, especially if you’re not accustomed to straightforwardness, yet the payoff is evident. This aligns with the call-to-action principle — providing directions prompts action.

Limit Excessive Adverbs

Particularly in social media posts, there’s a tendency to overuse adverbs?. “Our sustainably farmed vegetables are thoughtfully and organically sourced, with you in mind.” While the sentiment is commendable, adverbs overshadow the essence.

Instead, emphasize sentence action (the heart of interest). This intensifies your wording, captivates attention, and sustains engagement. For instance, without adverbs, the earlier phrase becomes: “We showcase organic products from sustainable farms, mindfully harvested with you in focus.”

Prioritize the Opening Line

In your marketing content, the initial sentence reigns supreme?, especially online. Amid the vastness of the internet, captivating attention right away is paramount.

Crafting a compelling opener offers diverse avenues:

Posing a rhetorical question

Painting an intriguing scenario

Promptly conveying value

Infuse Your Brand with Character

Integral to shaping a brand’s identity is infusing ?it with character. Your writing style and content tone reveal much about your essence, forging relatability. When delving into content creation, sprinkle in some flair.

Amping up your personality especially shines in video scripts and email newsletters. Videos demand personality as you address individuals directly, your expressions and gestures speaking volumes.

Likewise, newsletters serve as constant reminders of your brand’s allure, underlining why potential partners want to associate with you.

Embrace Crystal-Clear Communication

Echoing the wisdom of Donald Miller in StoryBrand training, “If you confuse, you lose.” Regardless of exhaustive buyer persona research or insightful case studies, a muddled message spells lost opportunities?.

Mastering clarity is a cornerstone of successful marketing copy. StoryBrand equips you with tools and courses to enhance this skill, enabling you to craft messages that resonate unmistakably.

Structure Your Text

While this tip pertains more to search engine optimization (SEO) than pure writing, its significance remains paramount. When composing content, particularly extensive pieces such as blogs or white papers, effective structuring? is essential for easy scanning.

Incorporate headings and subheadings to demarcate distinct sections, enabling readers to swiftly discern the content’s direction. This aids in quick comprehension of the subject matter’s relevance to their needs.

Beyond aiding human readers, this structure facilitates search engines in evaluating and ranking your content accurately, enhancing organic website traffic.

Although headings and subheadings might not traditionally be deemed as writing essentials, they form an integral component of a well-rounded content marketing strategy.

Top copywriting courses in the United States

For those aiming to thrive in the realm of copywriting, unlocking the finest educational avenues is key to honing your craft and embarking on a triumphant voyage.

Discover premier writing programs curated by acclaimed institutions and creative academies globally.

These esteemed courses offer immersive learning, mentorship, and a platform to elevate your writing finesse, ensuring a flourishing copywriting journey. ⤵️

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate

Throughout the program, you’ll acquire sought-after skills primed for an entry-level role. Mastery of tools such as Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter awaits. 

Guided by Google’s domain experts, you’ll also craft a portfolio showcasing projects like customer personas and social media calendars, a testament to your capabilities for potential employers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Squarespace

Squarespace serves as a comprehensive website platform enabling you to create a polished and personalized site without coding knowledge. It also provides multiple avenues for enhancing your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). 

By applying the strategies outlined here, you’ll acquire the know-how to thoroughly optimize your Squarespace website, ensuring its effective indexing and ranking across search engines.

This undertaking encompasses optimizing at the site level, catering to local search, refining on-page SEO, and fine-tuning blogging optimization.

As you conclude this endeavor, you’ll be equipped with the confidence to adeptly utilize Squarespace tools, elevating your site’s search visibility.

Creative Writing Specialization

These courses cater to a broad spectrum, ranging from budding short story creators to established novelists. Whether you’re seeking to revitalize a completed novel or have nurtured a concept for years, this specialization equips you with the tools to achieve your creative aspirations. 

Across four courses, each focusing on a vital facet of writing and adaptable to your preferred sequence, you’ll fortify your writing prowess, elevate your critiquing skills, and derive inspiration from your literary explorations.

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Have you ever pondered over the reasons behind the rise of some phenomena while others fade into obscurity? Are you curious about the factors that lead certain products to thrive while others falter? Wondering why certain concepts gain traction while others remain stagnant? 

This course delves into the core principles of viral marketing, unraveling the mechanics of how trends spread and offering insights on how to leverage these principles for more effective ideas, brand, or product promotion. 

Through this curriculum, you’ll grasp the art of creating enduring ideas, enhancing your influence, igniting word-of-mouth, and harnessing the potency of social networks to amplify your reach. 

Guided by Professor Jonah Berger, renowned author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” you’ll acquire proven tactics to infuse your campaigns with buzz, making them highly shareable across social media and beyond. 

The Strategy of Content Marketing

In collaboration with Copyblogger, a prominent figure in content marketing, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, this course presents comprehensive insights into the fundamental tactics employed by content marketers to attract and maintain profitable customer relationships. 

Throughout the curriculum, you’ll acquire ♻️ skills to construct, structure, and execute a robust content marketing strategy. You’ll delve into evaluating and gauging the impact of content marketing, crafting persuasive copy, implementing a strategic writing framework, and cultivating your professional image and influence via content marketing. 

Practical application of the concepts will guide you in establishing your personal brand through content marketing endeavors.

Top Copywriting Schools in the World

Embrace the world of copywriting if you revel in words, wield creativity, and relish a fast-paced arena. Yet, becoming a wordsmith goes beyond mere sentences. It mandates commitment, perpetual growth, and sharpening your linguistic finesse.

To ignite your path, here’s a selection of the top 5 writing academies globally, where you can ignite your learning and excel in this ever-dynamic realm. ⤵️

Falmouth University, UK – Professional Writing (MA)

For those seeking to enhance their advanced writing capabilities and hold a bachelor’s degree, a master’s program in copywriting could be an ideal choice. This MA in professional writing offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning various facets. 

With a strong emphasis on commercial aspects, you’ll acquire the skills to write flexibly and effectively, infused with a business-oriented perspective to maximize monetization potential.

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan – Creative Advertising (MA)

Are you seeking to broaden your writing aptitude and cultural horizons? Enroll in this global program focusing on creative advertising, an excellent avenue for honing both aspects while concurrently mastering a second language. 

Delivered in English, the course is tailored for individuals holding a primary academic diploma or a BA degree. Developed in collaboration with New Zealand’s Media Design School, it places a significant emphasis on equipping students with insights into contemporary advertising practices.

Centennial College, Toronto – Professional Writing (Graduate Certificate)

Designed to transform students into adept and adaptable communicators, this advanced certificate program in professional writing equips individuals to craft pertinent and considerate content for diverse audiences while also mastering efficient project management methods.

Participants learn the art of tailoring their writing approach to various professional contexts and genres. This encompasses domains such as web copywriting, content marketing, social media composition, digital narrative creation, and effective speech writing.

London College of Communication, UK – Confident Copywriting (one-day course)

For those seeking to enhance their skills within a limited timeframe, this condensed online copywriting course offers an intensive one-day opportunity to refine techniques and revisit the essentials of becoming a proficient copywriter. 

The courses are scheduled from 11 am to 5 pm, taking place at Elephant & Castle, London. You have the flexibility to enroll in various sessions throughout the year, each scheduled on different weekdays. Alternatively, a more comprehensive 6-week online copywriting course is also available.

The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, UK – Copywriting Courses (short courses)

IDM, a hub for copywriting education aimed at professionals, offers an array of diverse courses catering to various mediums. With a track record of training over 70,000 individuals from 28 countries and conferring 1,500 distinct digital marketing qualifications, IDM stands as a renowned institution.

Moreover, their in-house training initiatives have reached over 11,000 marketing experts across 28 countries.

Where to find copywriting opportunities online?

Dreaming of a dynamic copywriting journey? Search no more! In the digital age, the web is your gateway to a world of writing opportunities and networking with global wordsmiths.

This handbook unveils the online realm, guiding you to pinpoint perfect writing avenues matching your aspirations—whether a novice or an ambition-driven pro. ⤵️


For copywriters looking for a variety of exciting career opportunities online, Upwork is a top-tier site. Upwork, a company with a global presence, links knowledgeable copywriters with clients from all over the world and offers a variety of jobs across sectors.

The range of projects available to copywriters on Upwork includes content production, branding, marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, and more.

Due to the platform’s user-friendly layout, freelancers may demonstrate their qualifications, abilities, and work samples to potential clients looking for excellent copywriting services.


Contena is a standout platform I highly recommend for securing a wide array of writing opportunities. Beyond offering an excellent job board for writers, Contena provides valuable support for launching your freelance writing venture.

From securing initial assignments to crafting a business plan and expanding your freelance enterprise, Contena equips you with comprehensive resources for every step of the journey.


Whether you’re considering writing as a supplementary endeavor or if you’re a dedicated freelancer managing a demanding workload, SolidGigs is tailored to your needs.

The SolidGigs team meticulously curated freelance and remote writing job listings from numerous sites (including several mentioned here), ensuring only the top 1-2% of opportunities are presented.

Moreover, SolidGigs offers an array of supplementary resources, including courses, templates, scripts, and other tools designed to expedite your entry into the world of copywriting.


If you’re seeking adaptable copywriting opportunities aligned with your unique circumstances, exploring FlexJobs is a wise choice.

At FlexJobs, you have the ability to categorize jobs based on various parameters, such as location (including remote options), time commitment (full-time, part-time, freelance), and precise categories, such as copywriting. This empowers you to pinpoint roles tailored to your preferences and needs.


Although predominantly catering to bloggers, the Problogger job board occasionally showcases copywriting positions.

This overlap arises from the evolving fusion of editorial content and marketing writing. At times, a blog entry serves as a subtly veiled marketing piece, persuading readers toward commercial engagement.

If you adeptly navigate the boundary between editorial and marketing prose, you’ll discover ample, well-paying copywriting opportunities on the Problogger platform.

Key takeaways

Venturing into the world of copywriting might seem overwhelming, yet with unwavering commitment, possibilities are boundless. Pour your passion, hone your skills, and open doors to a plethora of projects, accolades, and connections.

Your journey as a captivating communicator is destined for brilliance. Who knows, you could be the next literary luminary! ?

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