How to Become a Cosmetologist: The Ultimate Guide

Drive the joy by boosting someone’s confidence by transforming their look through make-up, nail care, hairstyling, and skincare routines?.

Cosmetologists are highly skilled and earn an average salary of $50,000 every year?. 

Personal grooming, skincare, nail care, and the need for other glamour products have been increasing in the modern world. Cosmetologists are in great demand as the demand for beauty and wellness products has been rising. Thus, creating more opportunities for skilled cosmetologists who stay updated with the latest techniques and trends?. 

To know more in detail on how to become a cosmetologist. Let us first understand who is a cosmetologist, what are their responsibilities, which are the necessary skills required to become a cosmetologist, and how much you can expect to earn as a cosmetologist❓

Who is a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetologists are trained professionals that help men and women by providing beauty treatments and services to enhance their appearance. Cosmetologists are skilled in cutting, coloring, and styling hair. 

Cosmetologists offer services such as hair care, make-up, skincare, nail care, hair removal, etc. They are licensed beauty professionals whose primary focus is to satisfy their clients by providing them with that elegant look to boost their self-confidence and help them feel better about themselves.

Cosmetologists either work in a salon or a spa or start their own facial and beauty care services. Celebrities, actors, wedding brides, fashion enthusiasts, etc., highly rely on cosmetologists to get that attractive look. 

Thus cosmetologists work in their respective salons as well as provide services at their customer’s doorsteps when needed✅. 

How much can a Cosmetologist earn??

The earnings of a cosmetologist depend on their skills, experience, and the type of beauty care or salon they are working in. If you have just started your career as a cosmetologist, you may expect a salary of $20,000-$30,000 every year, i.e., an entry-level salary. 

While having a prior experience as a make-up professional, or a hairstylist, you may earn an average salary ranging between $30,000-$50,000 every year. 

Consider specializing your skills in particular areas, such as hairstyling, make-up artistry, or working in premium salons, to earn potentially higher incomes.

Some cosmetologists work independently by starting their salon businesses to earn more. Nonetheless, if you are skilled enough, you can earn a higher income as a cosmetologist by offering your prime services to clients ✅. 

How to Become a Cosmetologist (Tips)

To become a cosmetologist, you will need to primarily figure out the type of service you are planning to provide. Cosmetologists can be a rewarding career if you are willing to dedicate yourself to learning different techniques and have the passion for becoming a cosmetologist. Here are some general steps you will need to take to become a cosmetologist?.


Meet the Eligible Age Requirements 

If you are firm about becoming a cosmetologist, then you need to have the appropriate age to enroll in cosmetologist programs. To seek admission into a cosmetologist school or cosmetologist program, you need to be at least 16 years old.

 Along with that, you also need to obtain a high school diploma or general education. Some cosmetology programs also offer you the flexibility to complete your schooling while pursuing their program✅. 

Enroll In a Cosmetology Program

Find a cosmetology program that aligns with your interest. There are several colleges, schools, and institutions that offer cosmetology programs. Some of these programs are degree associated, and some of the programs issue a certificate of completion. There is no requirement to have a degree in the cosmetology industry. 

However, you need some documents that demonstrate your skills as a cosmetologist. These documents could be certificates, licenses, and a degree that is particularly related to the field of cosmetology. 

Consider enrolling in a cosmetic program that you are interested in. These programs include hair styling, make-up artistry, esthetics, nail care, etc. There are many other similar cosmetology programs; consider specializing in a specific program so that it can help you stand out and excel in your chosen field. 

Programs can vary in length from a few months to a year, so choose programs according to your commitments and your future goals✅. 

Complete The Required Number of Training Hours

To become a licensed cosmetologist, you will need to complete the required number of training hours. Cosmetology is a field that demands skills to become successful. Training hours can differ depending on the type of area you are deciding to specialize in. 

As you choose a specific cosmetology program, there will be training sessions as well. These training sessions may include practical training in areas such as hair styling, cutting, skin care, nail technology, etc. 

You will need to complete specific training hours while practicing these skills. The training could range anywhere between 500 to 2000 hours, depending on your chosen program. The number of training hours may differ from time to time as each state’s cosmetology board sets its standard.

Stay updated with the latest information to complete the required training hours✅. 

Pass the Licensing Test and Apply for the License

Once you have completed your education and training, you become eligible for the licensing examination. Try gaining additional experience by becoming a part of the apprenticeship programs. 

Apprenticeship programs can be beneficial in training your skills in a specific area. It can be a great step to gain experience as well as a great opportunity to broaden your networks. 

To become a licensed cosmetologist, you will need to pass an approved cosmetology licensing exam. The licensing exam consists of a written and a practical test.

The exam involves topics such as hair care principles, skincare, make-up, etc. Fill out and submit the examination form. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, you might need to wait for some time to get your application reviewed and processed. After your application is approved, you’ll receive your cosmetology license. The cosmetology license will allow you to legally practice your chosen cosmetology profession in specific regions where your license is valid✅. 

Responsibilities of a Cosmetologist

The responsibilities of a cosmetologist depend on their field of expertise and the services they are offering. Cosmetologists work in salons and spas or are self-employed. Thus their duty may vary as they work in different areas. 

However, all cosmetologists have a few common responsibilities, no matter which area they are working in. Here is a detailed breakdown of some common responsibilities that cosmetologists need to follow?. 

Understanding Client’s Needs and Preferences

A cosmetologist is responsible for understanding the client’s needs and preferences by actively listening to them. A cosmetologist needs to maintain an interactive section by asking them questions and understanding their expectations. According to their outcomes, a cosmetologist tailors their services to meet their expectations. 

They conduct these consultations to understand their skin type, hair texture, and lifestyle. They build a strong rapport to understand their preferences more clearly to provide exceptional and personalized services✅. 

Acquiring Knowledge About Various Beauty Products

A cosmetologist is responsible for acquiring knowledge about various beauty products. They need to stay updated on the ingredients used in the product so that there is no harm to the client while using the recommended products. 

Cosmetologists do thorough research to learn about new products and technologies. They verify the products before recommending them to the client to ensure maximum safety✅. 

Maintaining Regular Sanitation and Hygiene

Maintaining regular sanitation and hygiene as a cosmetologist is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the clients. Cosmetologists are responsible to follow strict cleanliness protocols while using sanitizing tools and equipment. 

While cutting, coloring, or doing any skincare, they need to use disposable items whenever possible and wash reusable items thoroughly. 

They need to wash their hands often to prevent any harmful bacteria. Cosmetologists are responsible for keeping their workspace clean and organized. Maintaining regular sanitation and hygiene attracts new clients and builds trust in them✅. 

Educating Client About Their Specific Care Routines 

Cosmetologists need to educate their clients before starting their care routines. They provide personalized guidance to each client to help them achieve their desired look. They are responsible for maintaining transparency about the procedure. 

It is necessary to provide clients with proper advice on their skin or hair type, lifestyle, and other concerns. Cosmetologists are responsible for educating them, showing them the benefits of their services, and how they can achieve long-lasting results✅.

Maintaining Strong Client Relationships

One of the crucial responsibilities of a cosmetologist is to maintain strong client relationships. Building strong client relationships build loyalty and repeat business. 

Cosmetologists are responsible for actively listening to them to understand their goals and what type of service they are expecting. They provide special offers to show appreciation. 

Cosmetologists build relationships by using social media to stay connected with them. 

It is necessary to greet them with a cheerful attitude and deliver excellent service to keep them satisfied. Fulfilling their expectations can foster trust and create lasting relationships✅. 

Top Online Courses To Become A Cosmetologist in the United States

Online courses can be a great way to learn. Online courses offer you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Here are a few online courses that can help you to acquire new skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home. 

You can find relevant courses according to the area you want to specialize in. However, here are a few courses that can be beneficial if you are looking out to specialize in some of these areas?. 

Skincare Expert and Medi-Facial Certificate Course

Skincare is one of the areas where many cosmetologists prefer to specialize in. The course offers a complete skincare routine and medi-facial treatment from intermediate to advanced levels. Do not worry; even if you are new to the cosmetology field, the course gives you lifetime access to view the course repeatedly. 

Also, the course is taught by a board-certified dermatologist, so you can expect the level of knowledge you are going to gain in this course✅. 

Big Hairstyle and Make-up Course

The course provides a full package of curls and easy hairstyles. With that, it also provides a step-by-step make-up course which is packed right from preparing the skin before make-up to getting glowy clean make-up.

 The course also teaches you eight different boho hairstyles and much more. The course is perfect for beginners as well as for those who want to learn more about hairstyle and make-up ✅. 

Full Pedicure Traditional and Permanent Nail Polish

Suppose you are interested in offering services such as nail care, pedicure, and nail paint. This course can help you in learning the traditional and permanent methods of nail polish. 

It will teach you to understand the process of pedicure by displaying practically how dead skin (callus) on the soles is removed with a callus shaver and foot file. It can be a great pick if you want to learn pedicure and nail polish application✅. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A Cosmetologist

Several schools in the world offer cosmetology programs. However, pursuing a program from the top renowned schools in the world can be useful to escalate your career?.  

Empire Beauty School

Empire Beauty School is one of the largest cosmetology schools in the United States. The beauty school is famous for providing courses in cosmetology, barbering, make-up, esthetics, etc. The Empire Beauty School helps you in gaining hands-on experience to enhance your skills. 

Moreover, it has a wide network of groups and company connections, providing its students with exciting opportunities in the future✅. 

Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

The Pivot Point Academy Beauty School is well-respected, achieving more than 100 international awards for its cosmetology and hairstyling programs. The beauty school has been filled with a bunch of positive reviews, for which the program has led to tremendous growth. 

You will be learning creative skills and techniques from some of the leading licensed instructors, making your experience more practical and fun✅. 

The Sassoon Academy 

The Sassoon Academy is located in London, United Kingdom. Sassoon Academy is one of the globally recognized academies known for providing ultimate hairdressing courses. It offers a beginner program for aspiring cosmetologists who are new to the field. 

Sassoon Academy offers 4-6 weeks of hairdressing courses as well as short-term courses lasting from 2-5 days. Pursuing its long-term courses will help you in learning in-depth coursework and provide you with hands-on experience✅. 

Where to find a Cosmetology Job opportunity online?

There are several job opportunities you can find online effortlessly. If you have the proficient skills and the ability as a cosmetologist, job boards can be a good platform to find your desired job. 

Several job boards post job updates regularly. However, here are a few boards you can try to find a job?. 

Cosmetology Job Boards

Job boards have been getting recognition, as many job seekers are coming across their desired job online. Many recruiters post job updates on these job boards. 

To find your desired job on these job boards, you will require to build a strong profile that demonstrates your skills. Build an attractive resume and add testimonials, if any. Start applying for jobs on these job boards right now?. 



Online Networks With Professionals

Whether you are deciding to seek a job or want to run a salon business, online networking can be immensely beneficial. Consider joining online beauty forums, groups, and pages devoted to cosmetology. 

Share your expertise and connect to people like you. Social media is another way, or, say, the best alternative, to grow your business or discover new opportunities. 

Post your work on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find new opportunities and business leads. Reveal your testimonials, reviews, and before and after photos to showcase the results of your services.

Posting your content consistently, engaging with brands, and maintaining healthy connections can attract many new opportunities your way✅. 

Key takeaways

Decide your area of specialization. Gain a cosmetologist license. Understand each client’s needs, preferences, and concerns and provide satisfactory services. Attend workshops and seminars to stay updated on the latest beauty trends, products, and procedures. 

Follow hygienic protocols and always prioritize safety. Provide proper guidance to clients and educate them about the procedure. Maintain strong client relationships. Schedule your appointments and provide timely and quality service✅. 

All the best for your journey?. 

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