How to Become a Ct Tech: In Simple Steps

Contribute to the healthcare industry by using cutting-edge technology to guide individuals with medical diagnoses and interventions to provide these individuals with exceptional care ?. 

Becoming a Ct (Computer Tomography Technologist) is like getting into the world of medical imaging, where your skills will help demonstrate a clearer picture of health for countless individuals. Do you know a Computer Tomography Tech earns an average salary of $60,000 every year?? 

You may wonder what it takes to become a Ct tech. Here is a detailed guide that will cover all the basic requirements and skills you need to become a Ct tech. Also, you will understand the responsibilities of a Ct tech, what is the scope of becoming a Ct, and where you can find job opportunities to accomplish your career as a Ct tech?. 

Who is a CT Tech?

A CT tech is also known as a Computer Tomography Technologist. A CT tech is a medical professional who works in different medical areas, such as healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals, etc., and is responsible for operating CT scanners to produce detailed cross-sectional images of a patient’s body. 

CT techs are highly professional in operating CT scanners to obtain the necessary images. CT techs help patients position themselves on the CT scanner table and ensure that patients stay still during the scan. 

A CT tech plays a crucial role in modern healthcare technology by generating detailed images that assist doctors and experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions, from bone fractures to cancer to heart failures✅. 

How much can a CT Tech earn??

A CT tech can earn anywhere, starting from $40,000 to $90,000 every year. Although, the salary may vary depending on several factors such as qualifications, experience, and the specific healthcare center you may work in. 

Starting your entry-level job as a CT tech may provide a low salary; however, you can significantly earn more as you shift your job locations. On average, CT techs earn around $60,000 every year. However, as you gain strong recognition in your particular region or state, you can earn higher pay✅. 

How to Become a CT Tech (Tips)

Planning to become a computer tomography technologist? However, you are finding it difficult to find the right path to your journey. The world has been adopting several technologies for smooth functioning. As the use of technology has been booming rapidly, many advancements are occurring in the healthcare industry. 

Thus due to this, the use of CT technology has increased, as the demand to use medical imaging for diagnostic purposes has been rising. Becoming a CT tech can be a rewarding career. 

Here are a few tips that can guide you on your journey to becoming a CT tech?. 

Obtaining The Minimum Education Qualifications 

To start your journey to becoming a CT tech, it is essential to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. It is necessary to obtain some formal education by completing a bachelor’s degree in the field of radiologic technology, nuclear technology, medical sonography, or any other related field. 

Various universities, schools, and community colleges offer programs related to computer tomography technology. Consider enrolling for an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in radiology or other related fields. 

These programs can be beneficial by providing you with an overview of the processes of the latest technologies, human anatomy, and patient care. Completing your graduation can increase your credibility in the field. 

If you wish to cover more advanced aspects of the field, seek higher education by planning for a master’s degree or a doctoral program in a related field✅. 

Acquire Relevant Certifications

To become a certified CT tech, you will need to pass a certification exam. This certification exam is conducted to test your knowledge of the field; the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification is a renowned and standardized certification and is highly recognized in the field. 

To be eligible for the ARRT certification, you need to pass the ARRT examination, which requires you to complete a bachelor’s or associate program in the field of radiology or a related field. 

The ARRT certification offers certification in different areas such as radiation therapy, radiography, nuclear medical technology, etc. Once you clear the ARRT certification in a specialized area, you are one step closer to applying for the CT credential.  

The ARRT is an initial certification that makes you eligible for the CT credential, which is offered through the ARRT. Further, the requirement to pursue a CT credential is to gain 16 hours of experience in an education program that consists of areas such as patient care, safety, image production, scanning procedures, etc. 

Another way of earning a CT credential is by working in an entry-level role at a hospital, healthcare center, doctor’s clinic, or X-ray center.

However, the requirement to acquire the CT certificate is that, while working in any of these areas, you need to complete around 125 CT scans or sometimes more under the supervision of a professional doctor or registered technologist✅. 

Choosing an Area of Specialization

Choosing an area of specialization can be a great decision to find relevant opportunities in your career. You can choose to specialize in a specific area, your interests, skills, and career goals once you complete your education and get your certification to work as a CT. 

Choose the right specialization according to your interests, the patient population you enjoy working with, the level of technical complexity you are familiar with, and the demand for that specialization in your desired job market. 

Some areas to specialize in include becoming a Cardiac Ct, Neuro Ct, Oncology Ct, or Pediatric Ct. These are just a few areas; however, consider researching the latest trends and demand for a specific specialization in the job market before entering a particular area✅. 

Opting for Licensing 

However, obtaining a license may be optional. The significance of a license depends from state to state. Some states may require licensing, but it can be beneficial if you opt for a licensing exam to demonstrate that you are qualified to perform CT scans. 

Stay updated with your state board to confirm the requirements needed for applying for the licensing exam. The majority of the state boards demand experience and qualifications to be suitable for obtaining the license. 

Ensure you gain relevant experience by working in hospitals, medical centers, etc., to accumulate certain hours of experience as a CT tech✅. 

Responsibilities of a CT tech

A CT tech may work in different areas, such as hospitals, medical care, clinics, etc. However, they all have some common responsibilities. These responsibilities include?. 

Preparing and Setting Up the Scanning Equipment

A CT tech has the primary responsibility of preparing and setting up the scanning equipment before conducting procedures. A CT tech needs to take optimum care while setting up the scanning equipment to avoid any damage. 

CT techs are responsible for adjusting the settings and the position of the bed and selecting appropriate scanning parameters. To ensure a smooth procedure, CT techs 

perform routine quality control checks on the equipment to ensure images are of high diagnostic quality✅.

Preparing the Patients For the CT Scans

In some cases, CT techs are responsible for motivating patients if they are frightened of the procedure. They talk to patients to ensure they are properly prepared for the CT scan. 

While instructing them about the procedure, CT techs ensure they are properly prepared for the CT scan. To prepare them for the process, CT techs initially start by explaining the procedure, obtaining medical history, and addressing any questions or concerns the patient might have. To make them feel secure during the scan, 

CT techs use video cameras and communication systems to monitor patients. They provide patients with suitable instructions to make them feel comfortable in the process✅. 

Operating the Scanning Equipment and Computer System

CT techs are highly skilled in operating the scanning equipment and computer system. They make the optimum use of computer systems to acquire high-quality images. When operating the scanning equipment, CT techs start, monitor, make adjustments, and stop the scan from a control room. 

After the scanning procedure is completed, CT techs generate images and review the acquired images to ensure they are clear and detailed. These images are useful to assist the medical team and other professionals. 

To ensure the images are clear, they adjust the image’s contrast, light effects, brightness, and other parameters for optimal visualization✅. 

Following Strict Safety Protocols and Radiation Protection

CT techs are responsible for following strict safety protocols while conducting procedures to minimize radiation exposure to protect patients as well as themselves. To make that possible, they familiarize themselves with using lead aprons and shields and adhering to radiation safety guidelines. 

Conducting these tests may increase the risk of harmful bacteria. To prevent such risks, CT techs follow strict safety protocols to maintain a clean and safe environment to avoid skin infections and harmful diseases. In cases when patients feel anxious or claustrophobic during the process, CT techs provide

emotional support and reassurance to such patients✅. 

Communicating With Physicians and the Medical Team

After completing the scanning and imaging process, CT techs are responsible for communicating with radiologists and other members of the medical team to provide information about the patient’s condition.

CT techs are necessary to provide the medical with clear images to help them understand the patient’s condition clearly. 

CT techs need to be aware of some radiology terms to assist the team with image interpretation and collaborate on patient care. CT techs are responsible for preparing documents for every scan performed to provide accurate records of patient information✅

Top Online Courses To Become A CT Tech in the United States

With the advancements of the internet and technology. Now you can easily access courses on the internet to learn skills to become a computer tomography technologist. These courses are provided by top professionals to enhance your skills and knowledge. 

Here are some of the top online courses you can consider to master the essential skills required to become a computer tomography technologist?. 

Visualizing the Living Body: Diagnostic Imaging

Learn the concepts of underlying principles of conventional radiography, computerized tomography, ultrasound, and a lot more. The course is offered by the famous Yale University, which will teach you the radiology of various parts of the human body through its package of lectures and comprehensive practical activities and assessments. 

Upon the course completion, you will learn about various principles of radiology, methods, and systematic approaches to imaging interpretation✅. 

Introduction to Medical Imaging

The course provides a complete overview of medical imaging that is both a beginner’s guide and a professional’s cheat sheet to the history and science of medical imaging systems. In this course, you will learn various imaging methods that are lately used in hospitals and medical centers. 

You will learn the basic principles and techniques, such as photoacoustic imaging, and the applications of each imaging modality. By the end of the course, you will be a knowledgeable contributor to medical imaging procedures✅. 

Medical Imaging Basics (RAD, RF, CT, CV), Plain and Simple

The course is highly rated for providing immense knowledge to students seeking to learn about medical imaging. The course provides valuable lessons that will help you in learning about Xray Image Technology, Image processing, Computed Tomography Systems, and a lot more. You will learn about physics and the dangers of rays, and the radiation of Xrays. 

You will learn about various systems and how they are used in clinical applications. Through the course completion, you will learn how to protect yourself from the potential dangers of X-rays and radiation sources and build a solid knowledge in understanding the design and application of Computed Tomography (CT) Systems✅. 

Top Schools in the World To Become A CT Tech

Pursuing educational programs from the top schools in the world can be a great advantage as it can help you to build a wide range of networks and increase your prestige in the field. 

Currently, here are some of the top schools that are well-known for their radiologic technology programs and CT programs that could help you become a CT tech?. 

Johns Hopkins University, United States

Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, United States, a private research university that offers a wide range of programs in the field of radiology. The University is known for its strong imaging programs. 

Johns Hopkins University offers a full-time program in Computed Tomography to help aspiring CT techs advance their career in the field of medical imaging✅. 

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, United States

Mayo Clinic, School of Health Sciences, is an accredited university known for its comprehensive radiography program. You will learn in-depth about patient care, imaging techniques, and computed tomography systems. 

Along with that, the University provides you with the opportunity to work in technologically advanced imaging environments with the top medical staff and support staff in the field✅.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States

The University offers a variety of programs in the field of Radiologic Technology to prepare students for various advanced imaging modalities. You will learn about medical imaging procedures and ways to protect yourself from radiation, and a lot more. 

The University also offers a radiologic science program that will provide you with hands-on training in CT technology✅. 

Where to find a CT Tech Job opportunity online?

Now, you can find numerous job opportunities online for the role of a CT tech through job search websites and healthcare job boards. The time has changed; now, you can fix your interview with just a few clicks. 

As the field is related to healthcare and medical care, you can discover job opportunities on healthcare websites and healthcare organizations in your desired area. 

You may find the majority of the job opportunities on hospital websites; however, here are a few alternatives to find a job for the role of a CT tech online?. 

Job Boards for Computer Tomography Technologists

Certainly, here are some of the job boards that offer CT tech jobs online. These job boards offer jobs worldwide, and you can apply for jobs in a specific area you want to work in. 

You often find job listings on these job boards, so constantly be active on these job boards. Remember to build a strong resume and a cover letter before applying to any of the jobs online. Some of the popular job boards to find your desired job online are?. 




Key takeaways

Obtain necessary educational qualifications. Develop proficiency in operating CT equipment. Master the use of computerized tomography software and technology. Ensure to provide safety, comfort, and care for patients during procedures. 

Gain a strong understanding of radiation safety protocols to protect yourself, patients, and healthcare staff. Understand human anatomy and common medical conditions. Develop skills to accurately interpret images and assist radiologists in diagnosis. 

Learn time management skills to effectively manage appointment schedules✅. Stay updated with the latest advancements in computer tomography systems and adhere to ethical guidelines. All the best for your journey?. 

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