100+ List of Icebreaker Interview Questions

Ice breaker questions can be a great help to start the interview with the candidate. Also, it can be a natural transition to ask questions which are job-specific. 

Before the interviewer starts the core interview, such questions can be casual, friendly, and fun. It’s ideal to set the atmosphere and create a bonding. 

For the interviewer, it’s important that the candidate feels comfortable as well as for the candidate who feels less stressed. To start with this,  here is a list of the ice breaker questions that can be asked during the interview. 

Icebreaker Interview Questions for Getting to Know Candidate 

Every interview requires some questions which focus on loosening up the candidate and settling into the comfortable environment. 

Also, such questions are gentle, some might be sealed to work but some might be just small talkers. 

Interviewers want to get to know the candidate, and not all the questions they ask are serious. 

Well, it includes theses some of the icebreaker questions for getting to know the candidate : 

What’s Your Favorite Place In The Whole World? 

Talking about a place that is close to the candidate’s heart can be a good way to start the conversation as it makes them comfortable to talk about things they like. 

Which Celebrity do You Like The Most And Why? 

The interviewer can ask about the celebrities that the interview lied about and the reason behind it, and also how they came to like them. 

What’s Your Favorite Film And What Does It Say About You? 

Well, this question can help in knowing about the candidate in a very personal way, it shows what goes inside their mind and helps in understanding the personality. 

What’s The Most Impossible Thing You Have In Your Bucket List? 

Having a bucket list means that the person wants to do that someday in their life. Understanding what’s the most impossible will help in showing what they consider their biggest challenge. 

Tell About Something that Changed Your Value?

It can help in knowing where the candidate stands and what their values are along with what it takes to change them and how it affects them. 

What’s The Reason You Wake Up Every Morning?

Having personal motivation helps in overcoming the fear and challenges, and also helps in performing better which is useful for the company. Having a candidate who is motivated on their own can help.

What Are The Facts That Nobody Might Guess For You?

This helps in understanding the candidate as they are willing to tell something which no others might tell. 

What Has Been The Best Purchase Of Yours This Year?

Asking About the purchase which they think is worth the investment can be a good icebreaker question. It can tell about what they feel is worth investing in and what their reason is. 

What Would You Do If You Get The Opportunity To Never Fail? 

This can show what the candidate wants to achieve if there is no failure. Having such fear can limit the thoughts and vision, but in such seniors, it can show how far the vision can go. 

Ice Breaker Questions Which Are Fun To Ask 

There is no doubt that job interviews can be stressful, and asking the fun ice breaker question can help in breaking the awkward atmosphere. 

Also, it helps in lightening mood and decreases stress hormones. So here are some of the questions that can be fun to ask and a great ice breaker question : 

If You Have To Be An Animal, What Would You Choose And Why?

Well choosing the animal that they would be if they have the chance can show the traits they want to have. It can tell about what personality trait the candidate has or wants to have. 

What Songs Describe the Current Situation Of Life?

This can be personal and it can tell a lot of what’s going inside the head of the candidate, also it can be a great ice breaker question too. 

Complete Sentence “ I Wish My New Boss …”

With this, the interviewer knows what kind of boss the candidate wants and whether they are going to fit in with their boss or not. 

Since it’s a wish, it shows that they want to have the boss in that way. For example, if candidates wish to have a new boss that can be more empathic, it means they never had a boss who was empathetic to their employees. 

What New Talent You Would Like To Have?

With this question,  the candidate can tell about what talent they would like to have, showing what kind of ambition they have and where they want to go. 

If There Is A Zombie Apocalypse, How Would You Survive?

Is a fun question that pushes the boundaries of imagination and survival. Also how the candidate would react if there is a situation no one can avoid. 

What Your Imaginary World Would Look Like?

This can help in showing what the imagination of the candidate looks like, also what they would change if the control of creating something is in their hand. 

What Title Do You Choose For Your Autobiography? 

Another quick fun question can be asking about how they would name their autobiography. It also gives the perspective out of oneself,  this shows how they see their life. 

Which Emoji Do You Use A Lot?

The interviewer asks the question about how they use the emoji and which one is their go-to one. It can be an interesting question since different people use different ones. 

Which Fictional Family You Would Like To Be Part Of?

The question can be interesting as it shows what the candidate wants to make them associate with, and what kind of traits and elements they look to be interested in. 

Which Meme Makes You laugh?

Memes are popular and everyone has their own favorites.  This can be a quick laugh and help in breaking the tension. 

If You Get Million Dollars, How Are You Going To Spend It?

Another interview question can ask about how the candidate will spend if they get a million dollars. Also, it shows their priorities on which they would invest and how they will handle such large amounts of money. 

Ice Breakers Question On ‘ If You Could “ 

The interview room can get stressful, and the ‘, if you could’ question, can be helpful in breaking the tension as it helps in transporting to a whimsical make-believe world. 

Also, it shows the image, and also it is a key attribute of several jobs. 

So interviewers can ask the questions which help in pushing the boundaries showing more about their personality. It Includes : 

If You Could Give Advice To Your 18-Year-Old Self, What Would It Be?

With this question, it can help in showing what kind of advice they would like to give to their 18-year-old self. 

The question can be self-reflecting and give the honest answer that they learned as they grew old. 

If You Could Have An Extra Brain At Work, Where And How You Are Going To Use It?

The question helps in telling where the candidate would like to have their attention along with the important task they have in hand if they get the chance. 

If You Could Get A Superpower, Which One You Will Choose?

Pushing the boundaries of imagination, and choosing one superpower can show what they prefer to have and what their focus is. 

If You Could Do Time Travel, What Would You Like To Change? 

Showing the mistake or something they want to change can be a great reflection on their own growth, actions, and self. 

If You Could Have Only One App On Phone, What Would It Be?

There are tons of apps that people have, change can be difficult. It can show what are their priorities and how they choose as well as for what. 

If You Could Have No Longer To Work, What Would You Like To Do?

Some people work because they actually like it, some because it’s a source of their income, but if they don’t have to, the chance would be good. 

If You Get a Chance To Play An Actor in a Movie, Who Would That Be?

Another fun yet one of the interesting questions, this can help in knowing what actor they would prefer to play and how they would do it. 

If You Choose One Mythological Figure, Who You Will Choose?

The question can be interesting, the choice shows what level of thought process and imagination they have. Also, it can tell about the traits and values they want to have. 

If You Could Do Something Out Of Character, What You Will Do?

This shows what their character is and how self-aware they are. To answer the question, the candidate requires to have known about what character they have to act out of the character. 

If You Get a Chance To Take Credit For Any Invention, What Do You Choose?

Well, the question can show their interest and what they like to achieve if they have to pick one investigation to take their credit. Also where their mind works. 

If You Could Achieve One Thing On Your First Day, What Would That Be?

The first day of a job can be stressful, however, what they would achieve if they have to pick one can help you in telling them about their goals and focus. 

What You Will Write About If You Could Write A Bestseller?

This can show what their interest is, and what they would like to write about if they get an opportunity. 

Ice Breaker Questions Which Are Related To Work 

The vast majority of the questions during the job interview are either related to you or the potential at work. 

The interviewer is not good at chatting, so the toy of asking ice breakers can be related loosely to the future role too. 

Here are some of the questions that can help : 

What Are The Most Useful Lessons You Learned At Work? 

With this question, the interviewer can get the insight into what the candidate learned from his previous experience and what kind of lessons he takes that are useful for them. 

What Are The Worst Tasks You Have Completed? 

The honest answer can help in understanding what kind of task the candidate does not feel comfortable with, including their limitations while they completed it, so it shows how they handle situations that are not in their favor. 

Mention About The Characteristics Of The Office Bestie You Had?

The answer can tell if the candidate has a good relationship with their coworkers or what is their behavior toward them. Also forming a relationship among other workers can help in creating a comfortable atmosphere. 

How You Would Describe The Colleague That You Bring To Their Day? 

The answer shows the dealing of their coworkers and colleagues at the workplace. Also, it’s work-related as it shows how their communication skills are. 

What Attracts You Most About Workplace Culture?

Workplace culture is important and knowing if your candidate is going to fit it correctly, with the answer to the question can help in knowing what the candidates prefer and find attractive. 

What Are Your Ideal Remote Working?

Creating remote work is important too as a lot of companies have their employees working remotely. It can be due to the pandemic of the work format.  Knowing what’s considered comfortable for the candidate. 

What Helps You In Staying Motivated At Work? 

Understanding what helps in keeping the candidate motivated can bring much more effective results. Also, the one who can stay motivated on their own can help the organization not to worry about how to keep them energized for their work. 

What Does Your Personal Assistant Have To Do If You Have One?

With this, it can help in understanding what tasks the candidate feels to delegate. Also to focus on the work, it’s important to understand the right way of delegation and have the best benefit from someone else. It shows candidates have their priorities in the right way. 

How You Would Describe Someone Who Is Five Year Old? 

Having the understanding of knowing if the candidate knows what their job is. Describing someone who is five years old means the person should have a core understanding and awareness of their role. 

Why Will I Be Happy If You Get Hired? 

This is related to personal and what the interior is going to get if the person gets hired. It means what value they are going to bring with them. 

Where You Would See Yourself In Ten Years? 

Having the long-term goal needs focus and attention, also the candidate has the priorities set which helps them in getting a clear idea of what they want to achieve and where they would be in ten years. 

What Is Worse For You? Leaving Early Or Being Late at Work?

Understanding what they would prefer considering what is worst is to see what they think is not. 

Ice Breaker Question Based On Would You Rather 

A binary choice can be the devious way when it comes to answering the question. Especially when the interviewer is not allowed to explain the reasoning. 

If they ask enough of such questions, it can help in creating a solid picture.  As for the candidate, it can help in showing if the candidate is the right person to hire or not. 

Would You Rather Visit a Museum Or Swim In Sea?

Some of the questions that can help in showing how the mindset of a candidate works, is whether this ice breaker can help. 

Would You Rather Do Time Travel To The Future Or The Past? 

This shows if they want to correct what they did or a move forward. understanding how they focus and where their priorities lie, it can be a nice question to ask as an ice breaker. 

Would You Rather Be A Lion Or Eagle? 

Another fun question that can be asked is to get an interesting insight into what they prefer between lion and eagle. 

Would You Rather Choose Your Laptop Or Smartphone?

Choosing between what they like between laptop and smartphone.  Both things are an important part of their life, so choosing one can be interesting. 

Would You Rather Have The Unlimited Power And Universal Respect? 

Another interest of would you rather, they can give their insight between what they choose between having unlimited power and universal respect. 

Would You Rather Live WIthout Takeaway Or Without Restaurants?

Another one that can be interesting to ask is what they will prefer to have, whether they can live without going to restaurants or the takeaways. 

Would You Rather Have Third Eye Or Ear?

It can help the candidate to think more about what they prefer and how it will affect their life as well as their working career.

Would You Rather Chat On Phone Or Video Call?

It can help in knowing what is in their comfort level. Some of the people like to do video calls, which can include some who like to do phone calls. 

This helps in improving an understanding of what they are comfortable with. 

Would You Like To Be Ignored Or Criticized? 

It’s to know how the candidate takes the criticism and what instead they like it or not. 

With this, the candidate can talk about how they handle the whole thing. 

Would You Rather Detect Every Lie That You Hear or Get Away With a Lie You Tell? 

The interviewer can ask the question for finding what night they have in it and can improve their understanding better about it.

Would You Rather Tear Inducingly Funny Or Friendly Clever? 

This shows what candidates prefer,  choosing what they prefer to choose friendly, clever, or tear-inducingly funny. 

Ice Breaker Question Based One Word 

There are certain interviews where the candidate has enough time to ramble as it is considered not relevant. 

So the interviewers can consider the single word ice breaker question, it’s a common tactic that is used in some of the sections. 

Also, it gives the candidate a break from speaking too much and it can be highly revealing for interviewers and the candidate. 

It includes : 

How You Would Describe Yourself Using One Word? 

Asking the candidate to describe themselves using one word can be interesting in knowing how much they are self-aware. 

Describe What You Are Feeling Right Now Using One Word? 

This can tell what the candidate is feeling right now and if they are comfortable for the interview or not. 

What’s Your Ideal Boss In One Word? 

The short and simple answer means they have a clear idea of what kind of boss they want to have. 

Tell me about the Career You Want In One Word? 

Having a one-word answer means that they have an understanding of what they want to achieve and how they are going to get it. 

What One Word Describes Your Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of? 

Telling them to share their accomplishment by using one word. It can be helpful in knowing what they have achieved so far. 

What Will Be The One Word You Would Print On Your T-Shirt? 

An ice breaker question can be fun and improving what it can help to create an amusing and lighter note during the interview. 

What Scares You Most In One Word? 

Having the idea of what scares the candidate the most, and having a clear idea of it by using one word can be honest and interesting. 

How Do You Describe Your Weekend In One Word? 

Describe the word on which candidate will describe the weekend. It can be fun, also they can be precise. 

How You Would Describe Using One Word Related to Your Job? 

This can help in understanding about the job and with one job, this can help in describing what the job is all about. 

What One Word Can Encompass The Career Goals You Have? 

This shows the focus that candidates have, also which encompasses the career goals they have. 

What One Word Do You Like About Me To Remember By You? 

It shows how and what impression the interviewees created on the interviewee. And how they are going to remember them.

List Of Worst Ice Breakers That Should Avoid During Interview 

There are different ice breaker questions, depending on the situation and person, choosing one can help interviews to pick the right candidate. 

However there are some icebreaker questions that are worse, some are even not legal too. 

Here is a list of worst ice breakers interviews should be avoiding : 

What is your Biggest Weakness? 

Talking about the biggest weakness can lead to less chance of selection and also asking about such questions leads to dishonest answers. 

When Was The Last Time You Ended Up Failing And Why? 

Talking out the failure while giving an interview, and showing the sensitive and weak side is something no candidate wants to do. 

What About The Personality That Makes Your Coworker Hate You? 

Talking about their not so liked personality can make the atmosphere awkward and it’s one of the worst ice breaker questions an interviewer can ask. 

What Are You Nightmare Boss?

Such a question leads to talking bad about the previous boss and the general state of the negative, it does no good or provides value. 

When You Lied Last Time And Were You Caught?

Another ice breaker question that should be avoided, it’s not something that a candidate will give an honest answer to. 

What Are The Most Embarrassing Things You Have Done? 

It’s not the talk that the interviewer and candidate do, also it’s appropriate to talk about personal things during a professional interview. 

If You Could Pull Sickie, What Would Be Your Excuse?

The question will never get an honest answer, so there is no value added to it and should be avoided. 

What Do You Do When You Can’t Control The Stress?

The question is not appropriate to ask and the person might give a dishonest answer which adds value. 

Which One Was The Worst Job Of Yours?

The question can lead to talking bad about what they did in the past as a job, it also makes them feel judged and should be avoided to not create awkward situations. 

Have You Cried At Work?

The question is personal and the person might feel uncomfortable as well as awkward answering it.  

What Would Your Arch Enemy Like To Say About You? 

The question is awkward and should be avoided. 

When Were You Criticized Unfairly Last Time? 

Starting an interview with a negative experience can dull the environment and also make the whole thing negative as well as opposite to what such a question intends to do. 

Have You Seen a therapist Or Have A Mental Health Issue?

Mental health is a sensitive topic, a lot of people are not comfortable and it should not be asked about. 

Are You Pregnant Or Intending to Start a Family Soon? 

The interviewer has no right to ask such personal questions as it’s the candidate’s own choices that have no value on how they will perform and to the role.

How Do You Feel To Manage Women Or Men? 

Another sensitive question that is illegal to ask during an interview. 

How Many Sick Days You Have Taken in Last Year?

This one has no value or insight to provide regarding the candidate or their skill, the question should be avoided/ 

What’s Your Age And How Long You Have Been Working? 

The question should be avoided, it can be uncomfortable and can be taken in the wrong sense. 

How Much Is Your Weight and Do You Plan To Lose It? 

The question is offensive and sensitive, this should not be asked during interviews. 

Do You Ever Have a Gender Discrimination Issue? 

One of the illegal questions which are not appropriate to ask in an interview should not include such an icebreaker question. 

How Many Kids Do You Have And What Your CHildcare Arrangements Are? 

The question is something that has no contribution or value, also it’s a personal thing that should not be interfered with by interviewers. 

Does Your Religious Belief Affect Your Relationship In Working Environment? 

The topic can be offensive and cause misunderstanding as people have their own beliefs and nobody wants to talk during an interview that has no relation to the situation. 

Do You Have Any Bad Habits Like Taking Drugs, Smoking, Or Drinking?

Another illegal question that should not be asked during the interview, is it should not be on the list of icebreaker questions regarding any situation. 

Do You Have a Disability That Makes It Difficult To Work Done? 

The question is not appropriate, also it can make the person feel uncomfortable which is something the interviewer requires to avoid. 

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