30+ Interview Questions For Business Leaders

Well, it’s important that the business has the right leaders so the business can direct to the right place. 

However, choosing the brilliant leader needs to have the right question. And in order to recruit one, you need to have knowledge of what to ask so you can get the answers depending on which evaluates if the candidate is right or not. 

Next time you are hiring, ask these questions in order to find the right leader. 

Talk About The Passion 

Most people are able to lead, but do they actually want to lead?

As for hiring someone for the company, you need to find the right candidate who is capable, willing, and passionate about leading the team. 

Not just that you don’t want to hire the people who are not capable of leading the team into victory and not motivated to do it. 

So how will you know? 

Here are the questions  you can ask : 

  • Tell me about a time when something didn’t work out and you took control? 
  • What do you like about managing people? 
  • Have any of your personal experiences helped you in becoming a  good leader?

What To Look For? 

Here you need to look for any signs which show if your candidate is generally passionate about managing people. 

What Are The Warning Signs : 

  • Candidates who have zero evidence of stepping up in situations when things get tough.
  • Candidates who prefer to take back seats within their team.
  • Candidates who are negative openly when it’s about their colleges or have emotional responses to the team situations. 

What Are The Good Signs : 

  • The candidate is willing to take control when things are tough as it’s a good sign of being a great leader
  • It shows a passion, commitment, bravery, and motivation to lead regales what situation they are in. 
  • They don’t just have the ability but also are passionate about managing people and leading the situation.

Ability To Adaptability 

Managers are required to have the ability to cope with different tasks and also to deal with different types of people. 

Not just that, great leaders require understanding the situation but being ready to adapt when they are facing unforeseen circumstances. 

It includes the questions : 

  • Tell me about the time when they have to complete a task which they had never done before and how did it go and if they succeed or not? 
  • Other than ones that describe their job, what tasks are they able to fulfill? 
  • When was the time when they faced setbacks which were not expected and what happened? 

What To Look For? 

Leaders require the ability to adapt to the changes and those who can relish the challenge are the great ones. 

What Are Warning Signs: 

  • Candidates who are not interesting or willing to take responsibilities which are a bit extra. 
  • Those who are stuck in their own ways. 
  • Candidates who tend to panic when they have to face setbacks. 
  • Candidates who abandon the tasks, pass it to someone else or blame someone for the failures. 

What Are The Good Signs:

  • Those candidates who face setbacks with their heads on. 
  • Also, they work with whatever resources they have in order to solve the situations. 
  • A candidate who believes in learning as they go through different situations. 

Ability To Negotiation 

When you are choosing a good leader, you also need to look for candidates who have good relations abilities. 

Chances are some of the situations need them to persuade some kind of negation, it can be staff, clients or suppliers. 

The questions, it includes : 

  • As a leader what would you do to pursue people to do what you want? 
  • How do you deal with people who don’t share similar thoughts as you?
  • What are the important attributes of a negotiator?

What To Look For?

Good leaders are those who can negotiate without causing conflict. Not just that, they don’t upset people and resort to threats or intimidation. 

What Are The Warning Signs: 

  • A candidate who is threatening or intimidating others instead of attending to negotiate it, 
  • Candidates who clearly gives in too easily 
  • A candidate who thinks they don’t have to negotiate because they are always right or just go ahead with what they feel is right. 

Resolving Conflicts 

Great leaders have the ability to solve conflicts as soon as they can, but with that, they are fair and efficient. 

To understand about that, here are some of the questions that can be asked in an interview: 

  • Tell me about the difficult team they ever led and why it was difficult and how they cope?
  • Tell me about the time when you do not agree with something but had to do it anyway?
  • When was the last time you disagreed with the customer and college and what happened? 

What To Look For? 

If there is tension in the working environment of the office, it will get out of control really quickly and it will end up affecting the culture of the team. 

This leads to a bad impact on employee engagement and productivity. So the candidate should have the ability to resolve conflict without taking much time. 

What are Warning Signs: 

  • A candidate who has the habit of bad-mouthing about their colleagues or the managers
  • Conditions that are showing the cause of what led to the conflict. 
  • They are keenly going against to what their managers wishes
  • Candidates who lack confidence in dealing with conflicts. 

What Are The Good Signs: 

  • Look out for the candidates who have multiple examples of when they are in awkward situations but they solved it and peach makers. 
  • A candidate who handles the situation even when it is small before it leads to something worse.
  • Candidates who are interested in looking for a solution instead of gossiping about it. 

People Management 

A great leader has the understanding of how to supervise and manage the employees effectively and confidently. 

Well it includes questions, such as : 

  • Tell me about the last person they sacked? 
  • How would they track the performances of the employees?
  • How have they encouraged the development of staff and members in the past? 

What To Look For? 

A great leader knows how to inspire and motivate staff members. Also to develop and grow but also know the trouble makers and underperformers. 

What Are The Warning Signs:

  • Candidates who are way too quick in judgment and struggle to discipline the staff member.
  • Candidates who are naive to be responsible in managing people, also they lack redundancies, disciplining, saving, etc. 
  • Candidates who are not sure of the development and training of other staff members. 

What Are The Good Signs: 

  • You need to look out for the candidates who exhibit their experience as well as a passion for developing the employees. 
  • They understand more about training others and know more about building a close-knit as well as a super successful team. 
  • The candidate has the knowledge of knowing when time is getting tough and stressed. 


Well, the company needs people who are creative, innovative, and inspiring. When you have leaders who are creative, they can bring you more things that might have been overlooked and also help in springing the team. 

Here are some of the questions that can help “ 

  • Tell me about the time when they have to think something out of the box to complete the task and where they succeed? 
  • How do they come up with those ideas? 
  • When was the last time, the staff members apprehended them with something unique and what they did as the lead? 

What To Look For?

It’s important that leaders recognize the great ideas which are brought to them. But with that, they are doing something in order to encourage and result. 

What Are The Warning Signs:

  • Candidates who are in a rush to try new ideas,  mostly own him where they don’t think carefully. 
  • Condition who tends to squash or take credits for ideas that belong to the employees. 
  • Candidates who don’t have any example of showcasing their creativity. 

What Are The Good Signs: 

Look out for those candidates who are eager when it comes to trying out new things, but also exhibit their decision-making in a clear and easy way without rushing. 

Decision Making 

Great leaders have the ability to make rational decisions and stick to them. 

Well it includes questions like : 

  • Describe the decision-making process that they follow?
  • What’s the difficult decision they have to make and how do they come up with that?
  • Are they willing to take risks? 

What To Look For? 

Everyone makes mistakes, so you are not going to find the perfect one. However, you need to find a candidate which is strong, structured, and has a decision-making process. 

What Are The Warning Signs: 

  • Candidates who take way too many risks
  • Candidates who are not able to explain how their decision-making progresses. 
  • A candidate who take no risks 

What Are The Good Signs:

Look out for those candidates who are commercially minded and level-headed. 

They will understand the actions and what consequences it brings. Also, they have their unique ways of making their decision. 

List Of Questions And Answers For Business Leaders

Well, there are some of the important questions that can be asked in an interview when you are looking for great leaders. 

What Are The Most Important Values As A Leader? 

The most important value can be integrity, and it demonstrates trust and honesty in all actions. 

By having conditions behind the words and actions, also it will lead to the gain of the direction. 

How Do You Gain The Commitment For Your Team? 

Well, the candidate can commit to the teams by influencing as well as persuading them to set their specific objectives. 

Once they establish cooperation and cohesion, they board for attaining the goal. 

How do Leaders fail?  

As a leader who knows how they can fail. They can’t get the team on board with the goals of their organization. 

Leaders need to have control which leads to failures such as what’s available in resources, economy, and time constraints. 

What Is the Difference Between Team Manager And Team Leader? 

It’s important that the candidate knows the differences, well a manager is one who handles the tasks and responsibilities. They ensure that others in the team are getting their work done. 

Wel leaders will motivate and inspire their team to achieve the goals. 

What Are Their Greatest Strengths? 

The candidate needs to have information about what is good for them. Also, they have to be aware of their greatest strength. 

The answer could lead and inspire the performance of the team. Also to vest and strive in order to achieve the goals. 

What Are Their Greatest Weaknesses? 

The candidate needs to know about the weakness and is willing to overcome it. 

However, the person should know about the problems which they have as leaders. 

How Would They Take a Team Who Disagree? 

There is always a time when a team has something different in their mind which doesn’t match the thoughts of leaders. 

It’s important that they know about how they work together. 

How Would They  Motivate The Team? 

The team needs a leader who can motivate them. The candidate knows how to ensure the right amount of positivity and constructive feedback for helping them to work effectively. 

The leader can offer the actions to match with the words in order to speak with conviction. 

What Are The Difficult Part Of Being A Leader? 

In some ways, leaders have to deal with something problematic. Different leaders face situations, for example, this can be feeling alone. 

The leader needs to see the end goal and vision so others can follow the same. 

What Are Most Discussions They Have To Take? 

The difficult decision can be something related to what the leader faces through different situations. 

The answer can be letting go of the employees as if they are not performing the way they need to do it and in such situations, they have to make the right decisions. 

How Do They Resolve Conflicts? 

The conflicts need to be taken care of like it cause, the leader has the responsibility to deal with them,

It’s important that they know how they will solve it. It can be a mediated approach to conflict. It’s important to listen. 

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