15 Content Writer Interview Questions

Content writers get hired by a different range of industries, it can be medical, educational, pharmacy, entertainment, technical, entertainment, etc. 

The level of the interview might depend on different organizations and the questions can vary according to that. 

So if you are looking to hire a content writer or a candidate applying for the job, it’s important for you to know some basic interview questions and their ideal answers. Here is what can help. 

What Are The Types Of Content Writing You Know About? 

Content writing includes different forms. Deepening on what companies are looking for, however, there are some of the popular types such as : 

  • Website content 
  • Blogging 
  • Copywriting 
  • Technical content 
  • Branding content 
  • Digital marketing content

Different types have their own set of formats to follow to create content. 

Why Is It Important? 

As for the interviewer, asking the types of content writing that candidates know about can help in knowing their knowledge. 

Also, it gives the skills they are aware of and can be comfortable to work with. 

For candidates. They can showcase their knowledge and skills in types of content writing they can do. 

How Would You Identify a Target Audience?

Target audience is an important part, regardless of which field you are in. So it’s necessary to identify the targeted audience. 

For this, the preference, needs, and tastes of the audiences are calculated, the data collected by the marketing as well sales team can help in analyzing and finding which audience is suitable as the target audience. 

Why Is It Important? 

The target audience is an important part that helps in achieving the goal of the company. The knowledge of the target audience can help in understanding the knowledge of the candidate regarding the topic. 

What Components Make A Web Content Good? 

The next question can be about the main components of good web content. 

Well, it includes : 

  • Usefulness: The web content must be written with the knowledge of what readers want, and it should be written in order to fulfill that need. 
  • Engagement: It’s extremely important to make the content engaging, so it must comatose the proper structure, headlines, infographics, videos, and images. 
  • Credibility: The information and data should be used genuinely, and any kind of mistakes needs to be avoided which leads to terrible effects. 

Why Is It Important? 

Understanding the right way of structuring a topic to improve credibility helps in writing the quality content for the company. 

As for the candidate, this answer showcases the understanding of what makes content more engaging, useful, and effective.

What Do You Know About Content Management Systems

A content management system or CMS is an application that is used for managing the content, allowing multiple contributors for creating, edit, and publish. 

There are some of the popular names in content management systems such as 

  • WordPress
  • Magento 
  • Wix
  • Ghost 
  • Squarespace 
  • Joomla 

Why Is It Important? 

CMS is an important part as it helps in having more control over the content, also makes the updating, changing, or deleting much more hassle-free. 

For the company, having a candidate who is familiar with this will save their time and keep the work much faster. 

How To Ensure Information’s Credibility? 

The content writer needs to know about how they can improve the credibility, 

This is important for the candidate to gather information about a subject from different popular journals and published researchers along with reports. 

They need to pick credible sites and choose the sources which hold their own credibility 

Why Is It Important? 

The credibility of content is not just important to engage the audience and offer them content that is actually useful as well as trustworthy. 

But in order to have a better ranking in search engines, it’s important that the site has credible content on it. 

How Would You Choose Topics For Organization’s Growth? 

Deciding on the right topic is a challenge, however, it’s crucial to identify and analyze different topics in order to find the right one. 

Also, it’s important to follow the basic steps such as :

  • Identifying the needs of the target audience
  • Research the keyword 
  • Analyzing the conversation going on social media 
  • Doing the analysis on competitors 

With these steps, the writer can find the topic by putting the best efforts and long-lasting impact on readers. 

Why Is It Important? 

The question mostly asks candidates to know their control and knowledge regarding choosing the right topics. 

Als it means the content writer must be aware of the organization’s requirements too, so they can pick the right topic for better reach and growth. 

How Do You Decide The Content’s Tone? 

The tone of the content is another factor for something that connects with the leaders. 

However, for this, some of the factors should be considered in order to set the tone for the content. It includes : 

Brand Personality 

The characters of the brand are the crucial guidelines that help in creating the content strategy. 

The tone of the content should align itself to the content strategy as well as the brand strategy. 

Audience Profile 

Knowing the audience, who and how the brands want to present themselves to their audience can help in deciding the style and tone. of the content. 


Next depends on the different channels such as Social media, websites, etc. 

If it’s social media like Twitter, the writing will be different than the writing for an article or blog. 

Why Is It Important

This is important and does not get the due attention, but it will help both the company and for the condition to leave a good impression.

How You Integrate The SEO To Content? 

Well SEO is a need for creating the content but also to thrive on search engines. 

The candidate needs to have a fair knowledge about SEO and how they can integrate it with their content. 

They need to have a basic understanding of the Google algorithm and On-Page SEO functions. 

Some of the basics which include are : 

Keyword Density 

Keywords are crucial as it helps the search engines to know about what your content is about and who you are targeting,  the density should be between 2 to 5 percent. 

Meta Tags 

Meta tags help in describing the content of pages but they are not the part included in the text and this can only be seen in the page‘s code. 

Body Tags 

Body tags include H1, H2, H3, and H4, this is for describing the importance of heading that includes the online content. 

Alt Tags 

Alt tags are used for helping in describing the attributes of images that are used. 

URL Structure

Another important point is using URL structure, using small ones along with location and keyword which uses the URL to keep the search engine more friendly. 

Internal Or External linking 

The quality of using the internal and external links which has a profound effect that helps in the performance of the web content. 

With the help of quality linking which leads to engaging content. 

Why Is It Important

It’s crucial to have an understanding of SEO and this can help in making the content for improving the performance of the content on search engines. 

How Do You Plan And Schedule Work? 

The purpose of planning and scheduling the content work can help in producing the optimal quality of work without compromising the content’s quality. 

The few steps that can include and should be in the answer, includes : 

  • Understanding the content strategy as well as marketing goals. 
  • Creating the subject and topic pool 
  • Determining how frequently you are going to publish the work. 
  • Preparing a calendar mentioning which includes topics such as dates, activities, etc. 
  • Drawing a workflow such as researching the topic, writing, creating a draft, proofreading and publishing. 

Why Is It Important? 

Having the schedule work helps in better planning and scheduling content. 

It also helps in arranging, organizing, and consistent along with streamlining the projects. 

How Do You Analyze The Content’s Performance? 

The performance of content needs to have the right way of planning and targeting the right audience. 

It includes the marketing objective to consider as well. There are some of the ways that can help in judging the performance of the content such as : 

  • Traffic and Repeat traffic 
  • Search engine result page 
  • Call to action such as inquiries, leads, sales, etc.
  • Engagement such as likes, comments, shares, etc. 

Why Is It Important? 

Understanding the content performance helps in improving the results. So the candidate should know about how they need to make the performance better. 

How Do You Promote Published Content? 

Even though the content writer needs to write, it’s important that they know how to contribute to the outreach efforts of the organization and help in promoting the published content. 

It includes : 

  • Sharing the blog or article via social media
  • Asking the co-workers to share the blogs and articles
  • Reaching out to influencers and industry colleagues to share their opinions on blogs. 

Why Is It Important?  

Publishing content can help in reaching different people who are potential customers. 

With this, the candidate needs to have an understanding of the right way of promoting and have creative ideas to do it. 

What Are Your Ways Of Proofreading? 

The proofreading can include the simple techniques for the content writing, it includes : 

  • Reading it loudly 
  • Checking the content on hardcopy 
  • Check homonyms
  • Read backward 
  • Use spell check 
  • Use software such as Hemingway or Grammarly 
  • Checking the paragraph structure 

Why Is It Important? 

Well knowing how to proofread will save time and work that leads to better performance of the site and website. 

With that, the candidate can tell about their expertise in providing the perfect content to the company. 

What Skills Should Content Writers Must Have

The content writer should have some skills such as : 

Knowing The Reader 

It’s essential that the content writer has an understanding of who the target audience is, as writing without knowing who is going to read and for what is not worth it. 

Brand’s Message To Communicate 

The brand has a message that they want to communicate with their audience through their content and for the writer, it’s important they have knowledge and understanding of it. 

Focus On Unique Content 

The writer should focus on providing content that is unique, and it should not be something copied from other issues as it will put them in the wrong situations. 

Skills Of Summarizing Thoughts In Words 

Another essential skill that the writer needs to have is the capability of summing up big ideas into fewer words. Instead of writing big paragraphs, it should be precise, sweet, and direct. 

Patient While Research 

To write good content, it needs to have proper research. And the content writer should have the patience to do that. 

Why Is It Important? 

The ideal content writer must have their information about the skills and pass those so the clients can get the result they are looking for. 

What Are the Differences In Blog And Article? 

The blog and article are common words that are highly used in the care of content writers. however, both have differences such as : 

  • Blogs are based on individual opinions whereas articles are not. 
  • Keywords plan crucial roles but it’s not important in an article. 
  • Blogs are short in length whereas articles tend to be long 
  • The writing style of the blogs is casual whereas the article requires to be sophisticated. 
  • Blogs don’t need an editor but it’s important in the article

Why is it important? 

Even though both words are common, the writer should have a clear understanding of the differences. That will help in knowing how deep they have information about what they do. 

How You Manage Deadlines In Content Writing? 

To manage the deadlines or priorities in content writing, well here are a few things that could be in answer : 

  • Getting the entire week content work from the manager, 
  • Putting timelines one each of your projects in the calendar 
  • Planning and organizing in which deadline date, editing, filing , first and research is included 
  • Calculating the time that will be needed to achieve the milestone and deliver the content before the deadline. 

Why is it important?

The deadlines are one of those things that writers must take care of, it’s common that people end up crossing it but the company won’t hire people who are not aware of how to improve. 

Also, the candidate should have their plan ready to promise them on delivering content before the deadline. 

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