15 Office Manager Interview Questions

Office manager’s roles are crucial as they essentially ensure to keep the office running smoothly on a daily basis. And also manage the team of support staff or the administration. 

Hiring an office manager requires the right questions during an interview so it can help in getting the perfect candidate for the role. 

On another hand, if you are applying for an interview for the job, you also need to have the right answers to those questions. 

Here is the list of ideal interview questions that can be asked to office managers. 

Explain About Any Random Day At Previous Job 

You can ask the question to explain their previous job and how any random day looked like while they are in that position. 

With this you can get an understanding of what they are familiar with and if it matches with the current position or not. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The answer can include what the busy schedule looked like.

 Also, it can be used as related back to times when the candidate showed their specific skill in office management. 

What To Look In Answer

 The answer can help you in – 

  • Understanding their previous jobs and roles they were assigned as office managers.
  • Having the idea of what kind of roles they have to experience like they might have assigned to admin tasks, maintaining staff performance, monitored support, etc. 
  • Also how they deal with different tasks and how they perform. 

What Do Office Manager’s Primary Jobs Are? 

An effective office manager needs to be aware of their roles as well as the responsibility they need to handle when they are at their job. 

You can ask the question to know about what they are familiar with and how much information they hold related to the job requirement. 

What Can Be The Answer 

An ideal candidate will have completed the research of what the company needs for the position of the role. 

The primary responsibility of the office manager is to make sure that the office is running smoothly and the way it should be.

It includes : 

  • Organizing meetings and managing the databases 
  • Booking the transport and accommodation 
  • Ordering the furniture and stationary 
  • Preparing letters, reports, and presentations
  • Dealing with queries, complaints, and correspondence 
  • Organizing the conferences and company events etc.

What To  Look In Answer 

With the help of the answer, you can know about the understanding of the position that the candidate has. Also what other relevant skills do they have that can help in performing better. 

  • Look for the skills that make their leadership effective 
  • Knowing about what entails does the position ave 
  • Understanding the role in the team of a larger company. 

What You Think The Biggest Strength Office Manager Should Have? 

With the question, you can understand how well the candidate is going to fit in the role, office as well as the rest of the team. 

The candidate should be focused on what the company needs, and it is based on the information that they have from the job description. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The ideal candidate should mention the importance of being friendly and personable along with having skills in leading and directing others to attain the goal. 

Also, it should mention communication skills, organized and willingness to lead others by example. 

What To Look In Answer 

With the right answer, you can understand the pointers like : 

  • The candidate‘s ability to do self reflect 
  • Their focus on leadership as well as what their team needs 
  • Also having the understanding of how their impact will be in the team/

What Sets Them Apart From Others Who Are Interviewing For A Job? 

The question gives you the understanding to learn more about the candidate. With this, you learn what difference they will make if they are chosen for the job.

As for the candidate, they have the opportunity to showcase their skills that make them unique and also what makes them suited for the job. 

What Can Be The Answer

The candidate can talk about their interpersonal skills, this shows that they will be able to fit in with their team the right way. Also highlighting the unique abilities they can contribute to the role in order to bring the results. 

What To Look In Answer 

Depending on how the candidate answers the question, it will help in deciding the similarly qualified candidates. Not just that you can determine which will bring the change and suit the role. 

  • You can also get to know about the skills that are relevant to the office manager job. 
  • Knowing about how they will express their skills coherently 
  • It also shows the willingness of candidates to talk about themselves.

Which Office Management Software Does a Candidate Are Proficient At Using? 

Since the technology is changing and companies are using office management software to make day-to-day tasks more easier and smooth. 

It’s important that the candidate have experience in using the software for streamlining the tasks. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The qualified office manager should have an understanding and familiarity with software such as Microsoft as it’s used regularly in the office. 

This can include the experiences they have in Microsoft office. And showcase what they know about using Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint.

 Highlighting the depth of their knowledge and experience and how they can use it for making tasks easier. 

What To Look In Answer 

Depending on what your office needs, you can find the people who have experience in the software, also it can be different since there are a lot of options out there. 

But with the right answer, you can know about  

  • The proficiency understanding of the candidate in using the Microsoft office 
  • The knowledge and computer literacy of the candidate
  • Understanding if the candidate is willing to learn more about what software your company uses.

How Can Candidates Create The Right Environment For A-Team? 

For the office manager, it’s important that they know the importance of creating the right environment for the team.  

You can understand how they are going to deal with issues that come with creating the right environment for the team.

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate can evidence that they have the managerial skill that will help in making the team more productive. 

Also, they describe the motivation they can bring to the team along with examples of how they have done with their previous team and job. 

What To Look In Answer 

Creating the right team environment is important,  and with the answer, you can know about the past experiences of your candidate. Here are a few points to notice. 

  • How their past experience is about motivating and improving the productivity of the team in their previous job. 
  • Also seeing how well they can adapt the management style of the office depending on the scenario. 
  • The willingness to put in the effort and support the employees to complete tasks. 
  • Their way of dealing with employees who are new or inexperienced, and how they get their work done. 

How They Manage The Conflicts In Staff? 

Dealing with situations like conflicts can help in knowing if they are up to solving problems and keeping the environment peaceful or not. 

With this, you can also know about their ability to judge when time is running out. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate can discuss their ability to make the right decisions when situations get tough. 

Also to showcase their skills in how they can evaluate the conflicts and find solutions since they have dealt with similar situations. 

What To Look In Answer 

Conflicts are bound to happen and different environment has their own way of dealing and also to keep individuals satisfied. 

The answer of your candidate can help in knowing about : 

  • What are their approaches to dealing with such conflict and situations which are not in their favor? 
  • How they are using the communication for solving the matter and keeping the working environment positive. 
  • Also what they do extra to make sure the situation never repeats in the workplace. 

What Are The Related Times When They Have To Make Difficult Decisions? 

Professional environments have their situations when the difficult do ions are needed to make. With this question, you can find out about the condition and their experience in situations. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate can talk about the time when their discussion helped the organization earn profit and also show off their skills in management. 

What To Look In Answer 

With the help of the answer, you can find out about : 

  • The experiences of the candidate and if they can handle similar situations in the organization. 
  • Their way of approaching and how they behave when they have to make a difficult discussion. 
  • Also if they are comfortable with taking the role when the situation gets difficult. 

What Are The Major Challenges They Faced And How They Handled It? 

The next question can give you a wide range of understanding about the experiences that the candidate has with them. 

With them, you can know if they are suitable to handle the pressure your work will bring to the role.  

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate can talk about the things that challenged their abilities when they were in the office manager role. 

Also, they can talk about their experiences and explain how they solved all of the situations. 

With this, they can highlight the skills that they have to solve the challenges. 

What To Look In Answer 

The job of  Office manager is challenging, dealing with different personalities in order to keep the office run smoothly is indeed needed experience. 

Depending on what answers you get, here are some points to look for :

  • The way of finding out when the situation is getting challenging and skills they have to solve it. 
  • What practices have they tried to solve the situation and find a way for their mind to work? 
  • Also if they are courageous to challenge the situation it means to find the solution but to put their effort against what they have already been using. 

How They Keep Themselves Organized Under Stress? 

There is always be something causing stress for the office managers. With the question, you can find out about the candidate and their experiences in handling things when they’re under stress. 

What Can Be The Answer

The candidate can talk about the past experiences they had in their previous organization. 

Give specific examples of how they stayed calm when the situation was stressful.

What To Look In Answer 

Look for the situations that they worked well on dealing with the stress. Also with that : 

  • How they handled other teammates and situations, and what practices they did to keep them unaffected along with themselves. 
  • See if their management skills are capable enough to handle similar situations or something bigger than that if the condition happens again. 

Can They Handle Multiple Tasks?

Being an office manager requires the candidate to push their limits and handle different jobs at once. 

With the question, you can know their experience in handling multiple tasks or if they are comfortable with the idea of it. 

What Can Be The Answer 

Talk about the abilities they have regarding how they can give the best services when they are dealing with different things at once. 

They can give an example of different situations when they had to use their multitasking abilities. Also, highlight what benefit it brings to the organization as well as the team. 

What To Look In Answer

The answer depending on the experiences of their past work  can help you in knowing about : 

  • You can see if they are great at managing different tasks when they are holding the position of office manager. 
  • Aso how they use their abilities to keep the work going and handle the stress of doing multiple tasks at once. 
  • Their vision and management in dealing with different work, also how they schedule things to deliver the best of their performances. 

What Are The Most Favorable Or Least Favorable Duties As Office Manager? 

With this, you can know about their dislikes and likes regarding the job as office manager. 

Not just that, you can know regarding the job they like to do, and how they deal with the least favorite thing. 

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate is required to be honest and talk about their likes regarding the job. Also, they can discuss the dislike parts as the office managers. 

It’s important that they keep the list short and not go too much into depth. 

What To Look In Answer 

The answer can help you in showing what they enjoy doing. Also what they don’t like, and how they deal with it. 

How Do They Deal With Confidential Information? 

Confidential information can be an important part of the business and one of responsible work when they are in an office manager role. 

You can talk about the question to know how they expect when they have so much responsibility on their hands. 

What To Answer 

Confidential information about the organization needs to be stored as well as locked properly.  Show what you can to keep in that way.

The candidate can show the way of dealing with sensitive information. Also, you can make sure to keep it clear, and you can handle it and the responsibility with information. 

What To Look At Answer 

With this, you can understand their dealing with the organization’s important responsibility. 

  • Also, you can see how they can handle such important information when they are dealing with such conditions. 
  • You can understand how they make sure to keep the information confidential.
  • This can help in dealing with understanding to know how to deal with situations or if they are responsible enough or not. 

How Do They Motivate Themselves And The Team? 

You can talk about the question to know about how they can motivate themselves. It’s important that they know what to do with motivating themselves as well as others when situations get difficult.  

What To Answer 

The candidate can talk about the most effective ways that can help in understanding the communication and motivating the team. 

Also, they can show the methods which can help in keeping their team feeling motivated as well as in high spirit. 

What To Look In Answer 

With the answer, you can find out more about what actions and strategies the candidate has in order to make their team as well as themselves feel motivated while they need the boost. 

What Are Their Weaknesses In Management? 

The question can help in knowing about if the candidate is aware of their weakness or not. 

Also what they do in order to cover that and deal with that problem of their/ 

What Can Be The Answer 

The candidate can show the pointers regarding what they feel are their weaknesses. Also, they can present themselves as knowledgeable and sensible with the question. 

They need to show that they have the experience to answer such questions.

What To Look In Answer 

With the answer you get from the candidate, you can understand about : 

  • The candidates have enough experience that they know about twitter’s biggest weakness. 
  • Also, they know what can cause a problem and have a way of dealing with it without letting their team bother about it. 
  • With that, what they are doing is in order to grow and make themselves better. 

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