20+ Most Common Interview Questions to Prepare

No matter how many job interviews you go through, the whole process is still nerve-wracking. 

From making sure you have put on the nicest clothes to updating your resume,  there are different preparations you have to do. 

Apart from that, there are some common questions that interviewers always ask, preparing them in advance can help you in improving your chances of getting hired. 

Why Learning About These Questions Are Important? 

Well, the purpose here is not to memorize the answer to all these questions. But instead of that, you became comfortable with the topics. 

When you prepare for the interview, you need to be your best version and confident too. 

Learning about these common questions asked during an interview can help in boosting confidence and chances of earning your spot. 

List Of Common Interview Questions To Know About 

Starting with all these questions can happen regardless of what position and in what company you are going for, so make sure you have the best answer ready and feel comfortable about it. 

Well, the list of questions includes: 

Tell Me About Yourself 

The most favorite question of any interview is when the candidate is required to talk about themself. 

If you are not prepaid for this, you are prepaid for failing the interview. So make sure you are preparing well. 

With the question,  they want to break the ice in an interview and you have that moment in order to be comfortable. 

It’s also for knowing if you are a good fit for the job or not. 

So before you go to the interview, think hard about how you are going to answer this question. Create an elevator speech, this is basically a quick synopsis regarding you and your background. 

What Were Your Previous Responsibilities? 

The next question that you might get asked is talking about the previous job and what your role was. 

Since it’s on your resume, you can discuss the job you did and describe the responsibilities. 

Make sure you are mentioning pointers that are matching the requirements of the new position. 

Showing that you have handled similar work before can work as an asset. 

What You Hated Or Liked About Your Previous Job? 

Here the interviewer wants to know about what you liked and what you did not in your last job or the company you worked for. 

This is an important question that tells if you are going to be a good fit for the current position once you get hired. 

So when you are answering the question, it’s important that you are being careful. 

Tell About Major Challenge And Problems, How You Faced It? 

The question is about understanding the way of approach you have for difficult situations. 

Also by sharing your challenges and problems in previous experience shows if you are capable of handling the responsibilities that come with a new role. 

What Is Your Strength? 

Talking about the greatest strength you have shown if you are self-aware or not.  The job interview also wants to know if the strength is going to help with the position you are interviewing for. 

It’s important that you are not downloading or being too humble, the interview needs to know about what qualifications you have. 

What Is Your Greatest Weakness? 

The next question is about the weakness and this can be tackled in different ways. 

The first is to take it from negative into positive by sharing what you consider as a weakness but actually, it helped you in a job. 

The other is to talk about the additional skill you want to have as it is needed to upgrade. 

How Do You Take Stress And Pressure? 

One of the most common questions in an interview can be related to how you handle stress and pressure. 

No matter what job and company it is, there will be a fair share of challenges, and handling the stress and pressure is an important criterion to hire a person. 

So you need to answer this calmly but show you ways of holding such a situation. 

Describe A Project Or Situation Which Was Hardest And How You Overcame it?

The interviewer wants to know about your past experience and what you expect from your biggest difficult situation and project. 

Los giving the example of how you handled, showing off your skills can help in earning the extra points. 

Why You Left Or About To Leave The Job?

The interviewer wants to know the reason behind why you left or going to leave the job in the current company. 

There can be different reasons, it can be due to a lack of opportunities for growth or having different reasons. 

It’s important that you are being consistent with your answer during the interview as they do compare the notes. 

Talk About Failure Or Accomplishment 

You need to mention the biggest failure you ever had in this position or the biggest accomplishment. 

Let the interviewer know about the achievement and share by using examples from your recent jobs. 

How You Evaluate  The Success

For different people, success means different things. Understanding what success means for you and how you evaluate it is understanding about your personality. 

Also, it focuses on your sense of work ethic, life, and career goals. 

You can tailor the response as it fits to the situation and help in getting hired. 

Why Do You Want This One?

The direct question asks for a candidate why they want to have the job, and what they find interesting about the position and organization that they won’t find in another one. 

Talking about this, you need to talk about how it’s aligning with your goals, how the qualification is perfect, and the reasons from your side. 

Why Should I Hire You? 

Probably the most common question ever, no matter what position, company, and field it is. 

The company wants to know the reason you think it’s perfect to hire you over others. Also, it shows your confidence and what you offer that no one can do. 

Talk about an achievement you will do once you get hired and this is a golden opportunity to see yourself to the interviewer. 

What Are The Goals For Your Future?

The interview here is looking for your future goals and wanting to have an idea of what your objectives are for yourself. 

With the answer, they will know how you are going to direct your career path. 

Make sure your goals are staying with the company and more than on a short-term basis. 

What Are The Requirements Regarding The Salary? 

One of the common yet important questions for the interview and you are to be clear on salary. 

Questions related to salary can get tricky especially when you have no idea what you are getting paid for the job. 

Well, you can start with an approach answering the question stating you are flexible and based on the entire compensation including the benefits. 

Who Was The Worst And The Best Boss You Had? 

The question is for discovering the leadership and management style that goes well with you. 

So when you are answering, it’s important that you are staying careful. 

Don’t get too negative if you had a terrine boss, make sure you are not saying that makes a wrong impression. 

What Are You Passionate? 

The question is about discovering what you like the most, what is important, and what you love doing. 

Here is something you need to remember, the answer is not limited to the work. The company looks for a person who it’s well rounded and enjoys working outside 

What Do You Want To Say About Coworkers And Supervisors? 

The interviewers want to know if you get along with your previous supervisor and a coworker or not. 

Did you have a difficult colleague or was your interaction with the supervisor smooth or not? The answer will give insight into your communication and interpersonal skills. 

Do You Have Any Questions? 

One of the things you should remember is that asking questions is also important during the interview. 

However, wait for the opportunity, or let them ask this question first. 

Here you can ask about what questions you have in mind regarding the company, the job you are applying for, etc. 

Make sure you are using it in a smart way and getting yourself clarity. 

Where Did You Hear About This Job? 

With this question, the employer wants to know if you are actively seeking for the company or heard by someone else or medium. 

In short, they want you to answer how you get to know about the job they are offering.

If someone recommends this, you say their name and don’t assume they will know about it already. 

Do You Prefer a Team Or Working Independently? 

The answer should be informed by research done and company culture as well as the job in question. 

Nevertheless, you should have the work environment and have the team aspect going on. Many positions require working in a collaborative way on a daily basis but some look for working on their own. 

How Do You Handle Balancing Multiple Projects?

The interviewer wants to know how you use time as well as energy to stay productive as well as efficient. 

If they ask this question, they are looking to understand if you have the system on your own to track work beyond having workflow plans and schedules of the company. 

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