Ultimate Guide To Prepare For Zoom Interview

Landing an interview can be a huge accomplishment, especially for job seekers and people looking to get a career change. 

Well, it’s exciting, but what if the interview is going to be a Zoom interview? How will you prepare yourself for it, what you will need, and what can help give the best impression to the interviewer?

To help you, here is an ultimate guide that can help you in preparing for the zoom interviewer. 

What Are Differences Between In-Person Vs. Zoom Interviews? 

Whether you are a seasoned user or new to the zoom, understanding how it will be different from an in-person interview can help. 

Even though giving an interview on Zoom can be intimidating and unfamiliar. 

To understand the difference, here is what you should know : 

  • The first thing you need is to get the instruction from the organization on how you are going to join the meeting and with whom you are interviewing. 
  • Here you might get a link for the zoom meeting which has numerical on it along with a set of the length of time. 
  • As compared to an in-person interview, you can speak with the recruiter, hiring specialist, supervisor, and manager to whom you might be reporting 

However there are some of the advantages and drawbacks that you have when you are using Zoom, and to understand the advantages, here is what it includes: 

  • It is much more convenient for some of the job candidates as it eliminates the requirement of traveling and transportation. 
  • It can be less intimidating than being physically present in a place you are not familiar with. 
  • Easy to record, with the right coset of all the parties present, allowing to reply after fact and reflection. 

However, some of the potential drawbacks that you get on zoom interview include: 

  • It might be difficult to gain access to WIFI, which is a reliable, functional device and a quiet place.
  • It might be uncomfortable to use Zoom when you are at home as you might be showing the place where you are living.
  • The occasional delays can cause an interruption in the flow of conversation.

What To Wear For The Zoom Interview?

Choosing your attire is one of the important parts, and you need to be smart about how you are dressing up. 

However, when you are doing it for zoom, you need to understand what goes well. 

The highly recommended is to wear pants, as Zoom might have audio capabilities but if the link is set for a meeting, it is going to be video. 

So don’t overlook what you are going to wear. Depending on the industry, the clothes might vary. However, when you are choosing the outfit for zoom, it’s better to follow these guidelines : 

  • On the part of yourself is going to be visible, so wear something standard to the business attire.
  • Do not wear clothes that have small patterns, and you will look fuzzy on camera.
  • Don’t wear too large earrings or loud chunky bracelets as it will interfere with the audio.
  • Choose an outfit that does not distract the interview and keeps the focus on the consecration.
  • Wear something which has a solid, muted color along with a minimal pattern.
  • Complete your outfit with something that adds to your personality, like a lucky tie clip or a favorite necklace

Best Color To Wear For Zoom Interview  

Shirts which are in white or black can be difficult for the cameras especially on the laptop, as it might risk looking like a head floating over a formless shape. 

Wearing bright yellow, red, orange, and pink might make it difficult for the camera to adjust the exposure to the face.

Wearing a busy or patterned shirt can make it distracting. 

Due to this, the best color you can choose should be muted, also choose the colors which complement your city and help you look pop on a laptop camera. 

What Should Be In Your Checklist For Zoom Interview? 

The next step should be to configure the Zoom interview and its technical aspects of it. 

Keep in mind that you are not creating the state-of-the-art home office with all equipment and lightning, but some of the steps can help in making sure you are all set for the interview. 

checklist for zoom interview

Here is the checklist that you can use for the preparation : 

  • Double-check all the instructions from the organization about whom you are contacting, also get the day, time, and time zone along with a link and other details. 
  • Charge the devices and install the Zoom with their latest version.
  • Set up your free account if you don’t have one already, you need to personalize the basics of the profile by adding the headshot and the time zone.
  • Pull up the website of the organization along with the resume, preparation notes, cover letter, and application material. 
  • Sign up for the email account to which you have applied for the position.
  • Start the new zoom meeting, and test the internet connection along with the right app setting. 
  • Adjust the audio and video settings according to what you like. 
  • You can blur the background and virtual background, depending on what you prefer. 
  • Practice using the mute, chat, screen share, and video recording-like features. 
  • Leave the zoom meeting open, and place the device you feel most comfortable with where you are okay to do the interview. 
  • You can choose lighting and angle and put a screen about 45 degrees from the light sources to give the best view. 
  • You can set up and end the zoom meeting.
  • Silence your notification and alert you to your device.
  • Close the window, tabs, and programs besides the material you are using in the application.
  • Along with a few minutes arrive, settle the space and click the link that you have received from the organization. 

How To Schedule Your Zoom Interviews? 

If you have to schedule the zoom interview, then you need to follow some basic steps. 

To make it in the right way here is what you should do : 

  • The first thing you need to do is open Zoom.
  • Now click on the schedule
  • Change your topic into Zoom Interview ( add position ) – ( initials of the candidate as if it’s needed by multiple interviewers).
  • Set the duration of the interview
  • See the video option for the participant and host when they join, so they can have their opinion on either own.
  • Click on the schedule button and you get a calendar invitation which will be launched to the calendar or primary email application.
  • Simply the message for the meeting to include the link for the zoom meeting along with ID.
  • Send it to the person you require. 

List Of Tips For Succeeding The Zoom Interviews 

Well to succeed at the zoom interviews, you are going to need some tips. This can help in improving your performance and presentation, here is a list for you : 

ways succeeding your zoom interview

Use Your Mute Button 

When you are using Zoom, you can mute audio while your interviewer is talking, so you are not distracted from your side. 

There can be different kinds of disturbances that can happen such as sudden loud noises, whoever and dogs barking, etc. All of these can distract the interviewee from talking. 

Muting yourself can help in reducing the chances of causing interruption and help in improving your focus. 

Prioritize The Camera When Someone Is Speaking 

In order to maintain your contact when you are in an interview, you look directly at the person’s face. 

However, when you do the Zoom meeting, this can be difficult. So you need to look at the camera of your computer instead of the screen.

This helps you in having the proper eye contact, and with this, you show you are respectful and confident. 

Use Background Which Is Professional 

When you are doing the setting for the interview, make sure you sit somewhere which is tidy and has no clutter. This helps in increasing the chances. 

Also, you can avoid having things in the background unless you want the hiring manager to ask regarding that. 

You can keep the wall blank or add tasteful items, but keep it few so it looks organized and has attention to only details. 

  • Make sure you don’t have a background that includes : 
  • Unmade bed 
  • Cluttered home office
  • Kitsch bench 
  • Cluttered items 
  • Dirty dishwashers 

When you have such a background, it shows you are not professional and also distracts the interviewer. 

Invest In Getting Good Lighting 

When you are doing the Zoom interview, the interviewers are required to see the body language along with the facial expression. 

With the help of good lighting, this can help and make your appearance look much more clear and good. 

So choose the room where the lighting is natural. If you don’t have it, then it’s wise to invest in good key light or ring light. 

This is important, also keep the light source facing you. when it comes from behind, it will be problematic to see the face. 

Find A Quiet Place 

It helps and makes it easier to listen to what you are saying and what the interviewer is asking if the place is quiet. 

You need to choose the place where the noise is completely blocked. It helps in the interview atmosphere and keeps things professional. 

You can limit the noise by keeping your doors and windows closed. Also, turn off the electronic devices that are not needed like Tv and speakers. 

Make Sure Your Phone Is On Silent 

A ding or buzz from the phone can ruin the flow. And also distract you as well as the interviewer from what you were discussing. 

So either keep your phone on silent or put it in another room. This will help in having a clear focus on the interview. 

Maintain Your Focus 

Another important tip to not get distracted while the interview is speaking, it can be really disrespectful, and also you might miss some important things. 

People can easily tell when you are not focused, so make sure you are not letting anything distract you. 

You need to respect the time that the interviewer is investing, so you are giving your full attention, affirm what they are saying and nod as they speak.

You can add the follow-up questions too,

Turn Off The Notifications And Alert 

Not only is it important for your phone, but it goes for your computer too. 

Close any messaging and social apps that might be running in the background. 

You need to set the full screen, so the interviewer can see you. And if you are using the notes for taking the important points, make sure to keep zooming in the window but not depend on that too much. 

Make Sure To Use Computer And Laptop 

Zoom on android and iOS are robust, however, it’s better to use the app on a computer and laptop. 

However using a phone and tablet gives you better quality in camera and audio, but keeping them still to get the flattering angle can be a bit challenging. 

If you are using a phone and tablet, you need to find something that can make it stable and keep it at eye level to avoid any unflattering shots. 

Check Your Laptop Is Completely Charged 

There is nothing more distracting during an interview than the candidate having to leave unexpectedly. 

Also, the worst thing that can happen is that your laptop suddenly turns off because of no charge. so you need to keep the laptop completely charged.

However, it’s better to keep your charger plugged as there are chances that Zoom might drain your battery. 

Keep Up To Date Your Computer 

Make sure your computer is updated. Also updating your computer ensures security and reduces the chances of getting randomly off during the interview. 

That’s why make sure your computer is completely up to date before the interview starts, this helps in keeping the interview better. 

Let Your People Know You Are Doing Interviewing 

Well if you are living with family members and roommates, then make sure you tell them about the interview along with when and where you are going to do that. 

Ask them to give them space and keep the noise down when the interview starts. You can call and inform people to not call or text you during the interview hours. 

Keep The Laptop Screen Clear

Well, there are fewer chances that you have to share the screen, but still, it’s a good idea that you are keeping everything clean and closed before the interview starts. 

So close everything and free up the CPU, ensuring Zoom is running smoothly and reducing issues of video and audio playing in the background. 

Keep Your Pet And Kids Out Of The Room 

Cats and dogs are wonderful, also if you have kids they are great too. But when you are doing the interview, they can cause a disturbance with loud noises. 

So you need to keep them away from the place where you are doing the interview. 

Wear Your Headphones Or Earphones 

Well to improve the quality of sound and audio, you can also invest in good headphones or earphones. 

Since they come up in built microphone winches there will be minimal audio feedback to interview. 

Audio feedback can be distracting as well as ruin the flow of the interviewer.

Headphones are also helpful as it makes it easier to hear and able to better focus on what interviewers are saying without any distractions. 

Also, new headphones come with built-in noise cancellation, it’s also a good option to choose. 

Check Your An Interviewer’s, Time Zone

Another important tip that you should consider is when you are looking for a remote job, there are chances that the employer might forget about the time zone differences. 

Do check the time and make sure it’s on a comfortable side. 

Get In The Mood Of Having a Conversation 

People can tell when you are not in the mood, also easy to notice that you are not excited and feel tired from the interview. 

Maybe it’s because you are sitting for a long time and now you are bored to the point. 

To make sure you are in the mood to have a conversation, go for a walk and get your mood refreshed before the interview starts. 

Invest In Quality Webcam

If your laptop and desktop are new, you can skip the step as the new ones have much better camera quality. 

However, if you are using the old ones and they don’t have the webcam quality, hey you should invest in an external webcam. 

This can improve your video, and also it impacts your interview.

Being able to see makes it better to notice how your face and body expressions are. 

Don’t Use Virtual Background

Zoom virtual backgrounds are fun, they offer different backgrounds that you can use for virtual calls. 

However, it’s important that you avoid using those backgrounds for your interview. 

The only expectation that works is if you have a distracting background. 

However using the virtual background can be distracting too, so you need to be careful with how you are going to use it. 

Check For The Glares

The next important tip that can be ignored but till its end is to check if something is reflecting or giving off a glare that might distract the interview. 

The gleaner can come from the watches, glasses,  metal water bottles, jewelry, etc. 

Speak Slow And With Clear Voice

Before the interview starts, make sure you calm down. When you are nervous and anxious, you tend to speak much faster and unclearly. 

So practice speaking slowly and focus on keeping it more clear. 

Even if you have the best internet connection, there are chances that Zoom might cut out occasionally. So it will be easier to restart if you are not rushing to give the answer. 

Also when you speak in a slow and relaxed tone, it shows you are confident and engaging well. 

Practice Using Zoom And Its Features 

Maybe you have used zoom before or maybe you are new, still, it’s important that you make yourself familiar with the software. 

Invest the time to test the software with your family and friends before the interview. 

If possible, you can do a few mock interviews and get your friend or someone else to ask a series of questions to know how it feels. 

Mistakes You Might End Up Doing While Using Zoom 

Well if you want to make sure that you are giving your best impression, there are some basic mistakes you should be avoiding. 

Also, these mistakes are so common that if you don’t pay attention, you might end up doing it. so to understand how to increase the chances to be selected, here are some of the  mistakes to know : 

mistakes avoid while using zoom

Being Late For Your Interview 

You wouldn’t be late for the in-person interview, so why do you do it for the Zoom one? 

That’s why you need to avoid getting late for an interview. You get a few minutes when you arrive early, this helps you in checking things at the last minute. 

Not Doing The Practice 

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to familiarize yourself with understanding how you should be using zoom. 

There are different features and things that you need to know, it helps you in giving a much better interview impression. 

Also, there is no excuse why you should not be practicing. It’s free to download and you can use it with your people. 

Not Having What You Need

When you are finally ready for the interview, you might need a physical copy of your resume, a water bottle, or reference material. 

So make sure it’s with you and easy to access. This can help in reducing the chances of standing up and looking for it when you need it. 

Also, avoid eating, however, you can sip on water while the interviewer speaks, which can help in avoiding a dry mouth. 

Choosing Wrong Attire 

For an interview, you need to be smart with what you are wearing. especially when you are doing the Zoom meeting as it’s a virtual interview. 

You might not wear a suit and tie, but you need to wear something that looks professional and presentable. 

Do not wear the comfy clothes, PJs, and sweatshirts that you wear at home.

Interview In Messy Room

Another mistake that you can make is having a cluttered and messy room where you are giving the interview. 

Since you use a custom background that can help you hide the mess, it’s better to keep your room tidy as the interviewer should not see the mess. 

Also having a clean room can help you in keeping your mind at ease too. 

Not Carrying The Conversation 

Job interviews might end up like an interrogation, but that should not happen. If it’s going in that direction, it means you are not carrying your side of the conversation. 

Show that you are interested in the company by asking the right question and at the right time. 

You and the interviewer try to assess whether you are a good fit for the company where you are, or if the company is a good fit for you.

Do your best to avoid interrupting the interviewer when they are talking. 

 Using Unprofessional Background

Choosing the right location is also important, however, you don’t want to show the untidy room to the interview. 

According to BT Skills for tomorrow it affects your chances by 58% of the perspective of the recruiter. 

Well to solve this, you have a good trick, and that is to find a suitable virtual  background, however, to avoid, here is what to know

To avoid anything, you need to make sure you are not using any profanity or intensive graphics.

Also, the colors and patterns which blend with your outfit and skin should be avoided. 

Some of the examples that you can consider for putting in your virtual background can be : 

  • Empty cafe 
  • Windowed office
  • Elegant and simple looking rooms
  • Bookshelves 

How To Do The Follow-Up Once Zoom Interview Ends? 

 Within the two and three days, you need to do the follow-up with the employer and express your gratitude for giving the chance to interview. And show you are enthusiastic about the job. 

Here is how you can do the follow up when your interview ends on zoom : 

  • Address the email to the most approximate recipient, it includes recruiter, interview, hiring manager, and supervisor.
  • Begin the email with a short thank you message and greeting.
  • You can add the date you have done the interview along with the position you applied for. 
  • Close by stating, that you are eager for the work and understand the next steps.
  • If no timelines are given to you, you need to wait at least for like five businesses for receiving the response, and then you can follow the second time. 

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