20 Main Pros And Cons of Being An Online Food Delivery Agent

There was a time when we had to physically get out of our house to buy food if we did not feel like cooking. A random craving of a dish from your favorite could not be fulfilled as stepping out of the house and travelling that far for the food is too much of work and takes up too much time.

Technology has made everything easier, including buying food. We need not move an inch anymore to buy food. We just order it online and a delivery person brings our food to us within a very short period of time.


Employee need not be exclusive to the companyWalk from parking place delays delivery
Multiple workplace experienceNeed to perform under pressure
Great opportunity for studentsRequires excellent time management
Boost hoursAtmospheric hurdles
Can work at preferred locationInternet connectivity issues
Need just a click if one decides to deliverRequires a vehicle
Easy to find delivery locationBehavioral aspects
Instant pay
Guaranteed incentive


  • Employee need not be exclusive to the company

Being an online food delivery agent is freelance work. One can prefer to work at times that are convenient to them and take off whenever one feels like. There is no obligation as such. So, a person who has signed up with one company to deliver food can sign up with another company at the same time. The food delivery agent need not be exclusive to one company.  

  • Multiple workplace experience

The more you work at different places, the more you get hold of the work environment of the industry that you are in. Same is the case for an online food delivery agent. As there is no obligation for an online food delivery agent to work exclusively for a single company, they can work for multiple companies at the same time and gain multiple work experience simultaneously.

  • Great opportunity for students

Students are the ones who are almost always in short of money. It is very convenient for students to work as online food delivery agent as there is no fixed time for work. They can opt to deliver after their college is over and make use of the time. It also pays them some extra side cash.

  • Boost hours

There are certain times of the day when there is an extra demand for food delivery agents. During these hours, the cost of delivering is more than usual. If you can squeeze some out during those hours of extra demand, then you will be able to earn more than you do during your regular shifts.

  • Can work at preferred location

It depends on the online food delivery agent whether he wants to deliver at a certain time or place. Thus, it becomes convenient for the online food delivery agent as he can choose if he wants to deliver at a location and can do so as per his convenience.

  • Needs a click if one decides to deliver

Unlike traditional offline food delivery systems, for online food delivery systems one just has to accept the delivery on their phone and rest of the delivery details will be automatically supplied to them. So, it is not a hard task of noting down addresses and contacting the restaurants as everything is automated.

  • Easy to find delivery location

For traditional food delivery systems, one has to note down addresses and find locations. But, for online food delivery systems, there is the option of live tracking location. This reduces the hassle of finding the address and delivering.

  • Instant pay

Most of the online food delivery companies pay the food delivery agent as soon as the delivery is done. This boosts the energy of the delivery agents as they do not have to wait to be paid until a certain number of deliveries are completed or until the end of the month.

  • Guaranteed incentives

Apart from the regular pay for each delivery and sometimes the handy tips that the online food delivery agents receive on a regular basis, the company gives them some guaranteed incentive on completing various targets.


  • Walk from the parking place delays delivery

It is a tough thing to find a parking place for a food delivery agent. Sometimes, these parking places are a bit away from the delivery location in which they have to walk to the location which in turn delays delivery.

  • Need to perform under pressure

The food delivery agents have to keep it in mind to deliver within a certain time on failing which, they might have to face penalty. So, they need to perform efficiently even under pressure.

  • Requires excellent time management

One main feature of these online food delivery systems is that they promise to deliver within a certain time. The delivery agent has to keep the promise of delivering within time and thus, manage time accordingly.

  • Atmospheric hurdles

If the online food delivery agent has taken up a certain delivery, he needs to carry it out no matter the rain or sun or storm or flood. They have to take risks even during atmospheric hurdles.

  • Internet connectivity issues

One needs to have a working smartphone and a good internet connection to become an online food delivery agent. These are the basic requirements of the job and might be a problem for some.

  • Requires a vehicle

Another basic requirement for being an online food delivery agent is that they need to have a vehicle of their own which they can use to deliver food. People with no vehicle are not qualified.

  • Behavioral aspects

One needs to be very polite and cordial to be a food delivery agent. They cannot behave badly with the customer under any condition.

So, if you have a vehicle of your own, a smartphone, proper internet connection and are looking for a way to earn some extra money, being an online food delivery agent is the beat way.

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