25+ Pros and Cons of Being a Car Dealer (Explained)

A car dealer is a person that sells new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It also provides maintenance services for cars, and employs automotive technicians to stock and sell spare automobile parts and process warranty claims. 

Advantages of being a Car DealerDisadvantages of being a Car Dealer
High Income PotentialSell stuff to people.
Other benefitsHave to withhold the downsides of cars
Minimal Physical NeedRather a questionable job security
Flexible TimeIncome will depend on the number and price of cars sold
Network of ConnectionsLow social standing
Sitting behind desk is a rarity as a car dealer.May become obsolete in the future
One can make a lot of money from a single sale.May get bored in the long run
No education qualification is requiredDifficult customer
Can avoid student loan debtLimited Promotion opportunities

Advantages of being a Car Dealer

High Income Potential

A car dealer has the opportunity to make considerably more money than other people with similar positions in different industries. The benefits of being a car dealer like this one can come from aspects beyond the job itself.

Since car salesmen make their money on commission, the amount of money one makes could be good or bad, depending on how successful he is. If one sells a large number of cars he can earn a hefty commission. 

Other benefits

A car dealer can drive a wide variety of attractive and stylish vehicles without having to actually purchase them. Car dealers get the opportunity to travel all over the country or even the world. 

Minimal Physical Need

One does not need to be in great shape to sell cars. It is beneficial for car salesmen handling customer queries on the phone. Being physically fit may help during work hours, but it won’t make or break success as a car dealer.

Flexible Time

Working as a car dealer requires one to work in a schedule that would include weekends granting flexible timing. Because of this, one gets occupied in the work in flexible hours, leading to the prevention from them being bored with the same working schedule each day.

Network of Connections

When one wins the trust of a customer and make them purchase a car, he will have built a connection with them, leading to them sending customers for buying cars. This helps in building a chain of connection with trust and respect, leading to leading to more sales and better income. 

Sitting behind desk is a rarity as a car dealer

One does not like the idea of earning a paycheck by sitting in a small cubicle all day staring at a computer, then becoming a car dealer can help to get into a position where work can be a lot of fun

One can make a lot of money from a single sale

It is not big to earn a lot of money on a single transaction. If one can sell about 10 cars per month and earns an average of $1000 commission per car, then that is a significant salary that he can earn. If the price of a car is higher, a higher-margin amount is earned by a car dealer.

No education qualification is required

One does not have to go to college or get another fancy education for becoming a car dealer. It is much more important for a good salesperson to appear trustworthy and competent since people who buy cars will not see degrees but will see the person who wants to sell them something.

Can avoid student loan debt

Since one can avoid going to college, he can avoid falling for the student loan debt trap. In our current state of the world, it seems to be common to take on huge sums of student debt. 

Disadvantages of being a Car Dealer

Sell stuff to people.

Selling often means that one will not be completely honest and will often try to convince people to buy cars they might not even need but, they often go for the car that pays them the best commission.

Have to withhold the downsides of cars

Car dealers withhold the downsides of cars from customers. Though car dealers often talk about the strengths of cars, they often also neglect the weaknesses and display cars in a much more positive light than it would be done in an objective manner.

Rather questionable job security

Car dealers do suffer from questionable job security. Car dealers are easily replaceable and might just get fired sooner or later if someone more talented or someone who works for less money comes along in the future.

Income will depend on number and price of cars sold

The income of car dealers depends on the number and price of cars sold. One will get a commission for every vehicle sold to customers and this commission will often be a fraction of the price of the car. And income will also greatly depend on skills as a salesperson

Low social standing 

A car dealer has low social status in society. Most people just don’t respect salespeople since they have made bad experiences with them in the past and some of them may even insult him.

Moreover even own family and friends might not understand why one wants to become a car dealer and may try to get on a different career path.

May become obsolete in the future

A car dealer might simply become obsolete in the near future. Numerous car dealerships closed over the past years and chances are that this trend will continue.

Dealers are just the middlemen between car manufacturers and customers and these middlemen will often become obsolete since many people will just buy directly from manufacturers in the future.

May get bored in the long run

Many car dealers get bored with what they are doing in the long run. Selling cars is just not that exciting once one has sold many of them anymore and many people in this industry also urgently want to quit their jobs due to that but often don’t find other alternatives.

Difficult customer

One has to deal with pretty difficult people who just want to bring one down, no matter what.

As one might just be quite annoyed still have to smile and be nice to those people and this may cause an inner emotional conflict which can lead to serious mental issues in the long run, at least for rather sensitive people who don’t know how to handle those situations in a proper manner.

Limited Promotion opportunities

A car dealer will just sell cars. It is what he is meant for and even though he might be pretty good at what he is doing, chances for promotions are rather small and will often work as a normal dealer for many years or even decades.

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