28+ Pros and Cons of Being An Elementary School Teacher (Explained)

Teaching is a labor of love on the part of the teacher.

Those who choose this profession anticipate a long and fruitful career that will include working with education students, applying for administrative jobs, and having a beneficial effect on curriculum development.

Some instructors become active in education system design, charter school establishment, or the growth of private schools, among other things.

Pros of Being An Elementary School TeacherCons of Being An Elementary School Teacher
Workspace is coolSalary
Get to learn moreWorkload is more
Limited working hoursLess support from the administration
Being a confidante.Getting mocked 

Pros Of Being An Elementary School Teacher

There are some big advantages which are as follows-

You’re making a difference in your students’ lives.

When as a teacher you go home, you will have this feeling that you have made the world a better place to live.

You are teaching kids all those important skills that help them to deal with their issues in life with a moral compass and practical learnings.

And in this process, you are also enjoying teaching them, giving them the same lesson that they can deal with everything without losing the fun in their lives.

Many students inhabit their core lessons whether it is their behavior or their moral responsibilities from their teacher only.

Chances are, you will meet your students someday when they will be successful and happy in their life, and they will tell you how you’ve played a crucial role in their life.

 You Get To Motivate Students To Be Better

Elementary students look forward to coming to the school as they are excited to learn, study, play, and meet their friends.

Maybe middle school crushes their spirits and makes them go in different directions, burdening them with everything but elementary school is always fun for them.

So you will be teaching at those tender-age students making your experience great.

Not to forget, kids going to elementary school are at the age where they have a natural curiosity about the world, about how things work and so much more.

And you are going to be someone who will be helping them in this endeavor, sharing your experiences, teachings, and stories.

 You will Have Long Vacations Time as Well

Teachers certainly have to do a lot of work throughout the year but unlike other professions, they will get a guaranteed long-term vacation during the summer and winter holidays.

Not to forget all other holidays they get throughout the year when schools are closed due to festivals, official holidays or some special days.

As an elementary teacher, this is one of the best perks you get because such vacations are not provided with any other professions.

So these long-term breaks give you so much time to get fresh, go for trips, and just get recharged for the work.

Classroom management is Not As Much Difficult As You Think

As mentioned earlier, you will be teaching children at the age of five to thirteen where they are fun to interact with, engaging, and like to participate in everything.

Such children, at least most of them respect their teachers, parents, and other authority figures.

You just have to get along with them and create a bond. After that, they are pretty much cooperative and even submissive for you to lead.

This is clearly because they want to learn, are developing their senses to interact and when you come forward with new information, they respond to you.

Not to forget, calling their parents or taking them to the principal’s office actually work on them which you won’t see in the older students.

Classroom management might seem scary for aspiring teachers but in the case of teaching in elementary school, it should not be the problem.

You might have a learning curve there but over a few tries, these children listen to their teacher and will do what you ask of them to do.

 You Will Have So Much Learn from students

You definitely will be teaching and students will be learning from you. But it is often undermined how much kids bring to the table with their curiosity and untapped energy.

They also have a new perspective on everything. Their questions are interesting and even sometimes thought-provoking may be funny at times but really intuitive.

You will learn a new way to look at things from them. And it is always fun to be around kids with such curiosity, energy, insights, and new learnings.

It Will Prepare You To Be Good Parents

When you will be around the kids as for the large part of your day, teaching them, helping, guiding, and managing them, you certainly become really good at it.

Becoming parents is one of the scariest things for adults, the happiest but certainly daunting as it is so not familiar and uncharted.

But when you are an elementary teacher, at least that part is pretty much covered. You get so much good at dealing with kids especially at that certain age.

You will learn from all those interactions in the school as to how kids are to be approached, what not to do, what to do when they become angry or sad and other hundreds of scenarios.

managing a classroom is Actually Fun

As stated earlier that classroom management is not as difficult as people make it to be, the fact is it is more fun than the responsibility.

A lot of elementary teachers are passionate about teaching and interacting with kids as it really makes them happy and joyful.

These kids are full of life, curious, and always energetic. It will only make you to get the best out of yourself as they often challenge you with their questions and energy.

Children will love you as well if you are really good with them. And that kind of bond is very special and really cherished in life.

You Will Have plenty Of opportunities to pursue a variety of career path Related To Teaching

When you decide to pursue teaching as a profession, there will be tons of opportunities for you ready from all around the globe.

You have the chance to pursue a subject that you are enthusiastic about while also encouraging others to develop a similar enthusiasm for the subject matter as well.

If you decide to educate children, you will provide them with the fundamental teachings that will enable them to follow their ambitions in life.

Adult education helps you to prepare others for the next stage of their lives or the next stage of their careers.

As a result, you may have some freedom in deciding where you want to live without never having to make any compromises on your professional goals.

Teachers are entitled to a substantial stipend and benefits package.

For the most part, teachers receive a decent compensation package that includes vacation time and sick money that may be used at any time throughout the school year.

The healthcare insurance benefits are typically more generous than those offered by other occupations, however, there might be considerable variation between private, charter, and public institutions that offer this benefit, depending on their size.

Learning Something New Daily As A Teacher

Every day that you spend on the job as a teacher will bring something fresh to your knowledge base.

It doesn’t matter at what level as a teacher you are working, there always will be something new, challenging and interesting going on during every day at the school

This makes your day so much worth being a teacher. You will some story or drama going on either in the management or in the school events or through some student.

No two courses will be the same, even though you are delivering the same topic to students at different times throughout the day.

Each group of children will have its own individual personality, which you will be able to identify with during the course of the project’s duration.

You will always look forward to getting into new conversations with students, fellow teachers, and others.

Not to mention, there are so many new responsibilities coming your way to take up in management.

Every new period will bring new things to do, new stories, new challenges, and questions from students.

They Are the heroes of the next generation.

As a teacher, there may be moments when your pupils will consider you to be the only one who they can depend on to provide them with appropriate guidance.

In your life, you will come across instances where a modest effort to be positive can pay benefits for many years to come.

With your work in your profession, you are acting as a role model, but you are also someone who is much bigger than life in your own right.

In addition to being a hero, you are a mentor, a teacher, a coach, an acquaintance, a leader, and a source of inspiration.

Possibility to Have an Impact

The most significant advantages of becoming a teacher are those that are least tangible. Perhaps the most significant advantage is the chance to have a direct impact on and improve the lives of pupils. 

Intangible benefits reported by many instructors include getting love and appreciation from children, the potential to impact the minds of tomorrow,  the flexibility to design a work atmosphere they enjoy, and the capacity to inspire others. 

Cons Of Being An Elementary School Teacher

The disadvantages of being a teacher are-

Your employment will be very different from the jobs that your high school peers have.

Because of the early age of your pupils, you will have to deal with difficulties and obstacles that are different from those that high school instructors face on a daily basis.

It will be your responsibility to educate children on fundamental social skills and to explain simple concepts as gently as you possibly can.

You will have to deal with a different set of challenges than your high school colleagues.

Because they’re so young, your students may not understand the behaviors that you would expect from older students.

So, you will have to explain to them (as patiently as possible) why they can’t leave a mess on the floor or why they can’t hit their classmates.

 You’re always busy

Elementary school teachers are usually with their students all day, as opposed to high school teachers who get a prep period.

There isn’t much time during the day when your hands aren’t moving. This means you’ll have to take care of most of your preparation at home.

There is a lack of parental support

Parents think they know best for their children, even when their ideas contradict those of a trained professional (that’s you). When a student’s performance doesn’t show immediate improvement, you are likely to be the person who is blamed.

 You need to have a working knowledge of all subject areas

A high school English teacher can get away with not being able to master long division. At the elementary level, you’re teaching these students all subjects, so you have to at least have a basic understanding of all of them.

You will always have the ties that you have formed with your students.

Whether you see your kids for an hour or so each day or spend six hours with them each weekday going through basic primary education, the bonds you build with them over the course of a semester or calendar year will remain with you just as much as they will with them.

At the outset of each school session, your enthusiasm for learning may propel the entire classroom toward teachings that you could have never dreamed possible.

 Your students aren’t as self-sufficient.

You will have to walk students through activities, which can eat into instructional time. These kids aren’t as independent as they will be when they get a little older, so a lot of attention will be required on your part.

The downside is that there is a lot to do

Most primary schools need instructors to spend the entire day with their kids, which means you may not have enough time to prepare for your lesson.

As a result, you will discover that you are quite busy throughout the day and that you will have to complete the majority of the preparation work at home in the evenings and on weekends.

You Might Have To Take Parent’s Blame

The majority of parents believe that they always know what is best for their children. Dealing with parents is not always straightforward, and you will almost certainly come across those who are unwilling to cooperate. Some parents will even accuse you of being responsible for their child’s bad performance or conduct.

you Will Have To teach all of the subjects.

High school instructors must be experts in a specific academic area. As an elementary school teacher, you will be expected to cover a wide range of topics.

If there are a few subjects with which you are not familiar, you may find yourself having to make up for lost time.

 Your students require assistance.

You must oversee and coach your pupils through every step of the process. Younger pupils are not self-sufficient, and you will need to pay close attention to what they are doing all of the time.

You must be realistic about the number of hours you will be required to put in at your job.

All grade level’s teachers spend a total of eight hours in the classroom every day, in some capacity or another.

If your students are in a specialist class in the primary grades, you will be evaluating papers, revising the curriculum, or preparing for the next instructional lesson while they are there.

Teachers are frequently required to attend after-school meetings as part of their day’s job responsibilities.

It is not uncommon for students to arrive at school an hour before the school day begins and to stay for another 2-3 hours after the last bell rings.

After that, you may be grading papers at home, reviewing test results, or planning a lesson for the next day, among other things.

Specialized teachers deliver the same lesson numerous times per day to different groups of students.

When you work as a specialist at the elementary school level, you will be tasked with delivering the same teachings to numerous student groups on a daily basis.

Because you are juggling numerous subjects or times, there is less diversity in your curriculum.

It is possible that a career in elementary education or college teaching would be a better choice for you if you do not like the concept of delivering the same topics 4-6 times every day.

Every year, you will struggle to reach more than a handful of pupils

Classroom conduct is more difficult to regulate now than it has ever been before, owing to the fact that there may be many pupils with personalized educational goals to monitor.

There will be some children who will never immerse themselves in the learning process, no matter how many promises they have in other areas of life.

Even students who routinely achieve high academic standards might get disinterested in the classroom setting and resort to misbehavior as a means of alleviating their boredom.

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