25+ Pros and Cons of Being an Influencer (Explained)

An influencer is considered an expert in their field with a steady following. They regularly post about that topic on social media and generate followers of enthusiasm.

Most brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy the products they promote.

Being An Influencer: Pros And Cons

Pros of Being an InfluencerCons of Being an Influencer
FlexibilityNo job guarantee
Connecting with a CommunityIncome depends on the level of popularity
AuthenticThe account may get closed
Free GiftsGet nasty comments
Make lots of moneyFamily suffers
FameTough to switch job
Inspire People Few mistakes can ruin a career
Side Hustle to full timeFew mistakes can ruin a career

✔️ Advantages Of Being An Influencer


A full-time job or a fixed location does not bind an influencer. Flexibility also lies in the topics one can explore travel, fashion, or even beauty. One gets to decide their working hours and how much he or she works as well. 

It gives the flexibility to travel as one just needs a smartphone, laptop, and a good internet connection. It contrasts with regular jobs where one needs to go to the office daily and can only explore topics in the company’s purview.  

Connecting with a Community

When one becomes an influencer, he creates a community of like-minded people. One not only creates this community but even engages with it regularly. This engagement is done with frequent comments.

This helps to establish solid connections with followers, which improves your engagement rate. A higher engagement rate yields better chances of landing deals with brands.


Becoming an influencer allows one to be authentic and truthful with their audience. One can tell them what it took to become an influencer and their life. 

Though most influencers make the mistake of showcasing only the good side, it is never entirely true. One can give their story a human and emotional touch by showcasing the negative.

? Free Gifts

Some brands prefer giving influencers free gifts to motivate them to promote the brand’s products or services in return. 

After one becomes a popular influencer, there are good chances that many brands will get in touch for collaborations.  One might even get invited to get-togethers of influencers hosted by brands. 

? Make lots of money

An influencer makes lots of money. The top earners in this field make a high yearly income, much more than one would earn in almost all other jobs.

By promoting the brands, often they are offered a share of the profit.  It is not impossible to become rich as an influencer; if one is willing to work hard for it and improve their skills daily, one may get to this point sooner or later.


Influencers can become very famous during their career. As one will share your video on YouTube and other social media channels, people will likely recognize him in public sooner or later and want to take pictures with him.

They are the online superstars, followed by the public.

Inspire People 

An influencer can make a difference in people’s lives. One may not gain millions of followers or become a star overnight. However, one will gain genuine and loyal followers when one inspires people.

They will look up to influencers for suggestions regarding fashion, beauty, fitness, or their specific niche.

One can leverage his success and voice to talk about some real issues. For instance, climate change, gender equality, health, or education, and increase awareness among their audience.

Side Hustle to full time

One can build a brand on social media as a side hustle while keeping his day job simultaneously.

It gives one financial security and can take away plenty of pressure from one in this regard. Once one acquires a big-enough audience to make a full-time income, and at that point in time, he can just quit his day job and go full-time with his influencer career.

Disadvantages of being an Influencer

No job guarantee

An influencer has no job security at all. As one will work self-employed, they will only make money if they monetize their audience in various different ways.

Most often, one will get paid by the company to create a positive image around their product. However, if the company decides that it no longer wants to work with one, it will lose its income from one day to the other.

Income depends on the level of popularity

Not all influencers earn similar amounts of money. One’s income greatly depends upon the level of popularity and overall reach.

Companies will pay more if one reaches more people with his posts and videos. However, if one loses his level of popularity due to various popular reasons, chances are that he will also lose a major part of his income.

The account may get closed

The social media accounts of influencers may get closed. One may have behaved against the rules on the respective platform, and getting banned is just the natural consequence of their behavior.

Though this may not be that bad for individuals, it will be detrimental to influencers as they can no longer monetize their audience on their respective social media accounts.

? Get nasty comments

An influencer often gets nasty comments. Though his fan base will support him in difficult times, other people who don’t like influencers will try to bring him down constantly.

Most of them will even insult, which can be annoying and exhausting over time.

??‍??‍??‍?? Family suffers

Family members may suffer from an influencer career. After one reaches a certain level of fame, he becomes a public figure and will get many annoying comments along the way.

Not only may influencers, but the family may also get affected. Other kids in school will make fun of Influencer’s kids and bully them. Adult members may get taunted in public. 

Tough to switch jobs

An influencer will always be in the spotlight. Though this might be great initially, it can also become a problem once one pursues another career path.

If one states a rather controversial thesis in public, chances are that many companies don’t want to employ him anymore since they feel like their brand safety will be at risk.

Few mistakes can ruin a career

Only a few mistakes may ruin the career of influencers. If one says something stupid with a political character, many brands may no longer be willing to work with him, and his career may be ruined from one day to another. 

Though influencers exercise caution yet, a single wrong post can snow bubble into a big issue and he may lose many followers. 

Pros And Cons Of Being An Influencer

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