25+ Pros and Cons of Being a Janitor (Explained)

A janitor is employed to take care of a large building, such as a school, and deals with the cleaning, repairs, etc.

His job is to clean and take care of a building, he is the one who keeps the premises clean and makes minor repairs. Another name for a janitor is a custodian or a caretaker. 

? Being A Janitor: Pros and Cons

Pros of Being a JanitorCons of Being a Janitor
DelightTeleworking is not possible
Make a Difference Every DayCannot become wealthy
Independence and AutonomyHave to work on weekends
Gain a Sense of finishing a taskWork during evenings or nighttime
Flexible ScheduleWork during evenings or nighttime
Physical fitnessPoor work-life balance
No degree is requiredPhysical work
Janitors are crucial to keep our system runningHealth issues

✔️ Advantages Of Being A Janitor

Being a janitor provides job stability and consistent employment opportunities. Janitors are in demand in various industries, including schools, offices, hospitals, and residential buildings, ensuring a steady source of income.

Janitorial work allows for flexibility in scheduling. Many janitorial positions offer part-time or evening shifts, which can be convenient for individuals seeking jobs that accommodate other responsibilities or preferences.


Working as a janitor means being a direct employee of a facility or it might mean working as part of a professional janitorial service.

Performing janitorial duties as part of that facility creates a partnership between one’s role and the facility’s service. Your role ensures that everyone who is a part of that facility is happy. 

Make a Difference Every Day

The facility’s janitors are responsible for ensuring every surface is clean, every trash can is empty, and every bathroom is sanitary and stocked with paper towels. In places like hospitals, these services are vital to everyone who enters the building.

Janitorial work contributes to the health, safety, and well-being of everyone within our immediate environment. Dust, bugs, and other pests would soon appear without regular cleaning.

Independence and Autonomy

Though the role of a janitor encourages teamwork and shared responsibility, a lot of janitorial work involves working alone on individual tasks.

This kind of autonomy allows one to work at own pace and in own style. This could mean getting the least favorite jobs out of the way first or heading up to the top floor to start his rounds as an office janitor.

Gain a Sense of finishing a task

One must feel a sense of completion once he has finished work for the day. It is often lacking in roles that operate on a time basis rather than a task basis, like telesales operators and supermarket cashiers.

Rather than counting the minutes until the shift ends, a janitor gets to work through various janitorial duties. 

Flexible Schedule

Most janitorial jobs have to work around the busy periods for the location. One is responsible for cleaning and maintaining.

Rather than working regular business hours, one may get the chance to work a flexible schedule or at least fit his janitorial duties around his specific personal needs and schedule.

?️ Physical fitness

The duty of a janitor requires manual labor and hard work. If one is not into the idea of sitting at a desk all day, bending down, reaching up, pushing, pulling, squatting, and lifting involved in janitor jobs could be a big draw. 

No degree is required ?

A benefit of becoming a janitor is that one does not need a fancy degree.

Though many will have to go to college to fulfill their dreams in the corporate world and will have to spend lots of money on tuition and other expenses related to college, one does not have to invest that much education money to become a janitor. 

Janitors are crucial to keep our system running

Janitors play an essential role in keeping our system running. Though many people may not appreciate his work as they should since they will not see his importance, he will still be crucial to assure many people of high quality of life.

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Disadvantages Of Being A Janitor

Being a janitor has its downsides. It often means low pay, physical demands, limited career growth, and irregular work hours.

These challenges can make earning a decent living, maintaining physical well-being, advancing professionally, and enjoying a balanced personal life difficult.

Teleworking is not possible

A janitor cannot work from home or any remote location. Though many other people in classical office jobs can work remotely regularly, janitors must be present in person at their workplace.

Cannot become wealthy

Few facility managers make decent money; most barely make a living from what they are doing.

Therefore, depending on the company one works for and his level of expertise, one may struggle to pay his bills as a janitor, especially if he lives in an expensive neighborhood with high rents. 

Have to work on weekends

A Janitor will often also have to work on weekends. People also have problems on weekends that need to be fixed, and in urgent cases, one may have to fix those issues on Saturdays or Sundays, no matter what.

Moreover, one will not be able to relax as a janitor on weekends since he may always expect calls in this regard and may also not be able to go on short vacations.

Work during evenings or nighttime

One may even work at night as a janitor depending on his company and the facility he has to manage. Sometimes one may have to do emergency service, which can include working long hours in the evening.

Poor work-life balance

As one will always have to be available so that he can help people in case of emergency. He will also have a poor work-life balance since he can never fully relax and unplug.

Moreover, many janitors complain about their work-life balance and also about their overall working conditions.

Works outdoor

Janitors have to fix things outdoors. Though working outdoors can be great during good weather when the sun is shining, it can also be annoying during snow and rain.

Therefore, while many other people work in rather cozy office environments, one may have to work in rather work environments.

? Physical work

The physical component of the work that comes along for caretakers should also not be underestimated.

One will often have to lift heavy stuff and will also have to get to the knees regularly to fix things. The workday can be exhausting and most janitors have barely any physical power left once they finish work and return home.

? Health issues

Because of the physical nature of this job, many janitors also complain about physical health problems once they get older.

If one is still young, he will be fit and able to lift heavy things regularly. But once one gets older, their body will not work that well anymore and they will no longer have the same power level as in their younger years.

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