25+ Pros and Cons of Being a Librarian (Explained)

A librarian is a person who works professionally in a library, providing access to information, and sometimes social or technical programming, or instruction on information literacy to users.

A librarian is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a library at the public or private level. They work within schools, religious institutions, or as part of government-owned libraries and research facilities. 

Advantages of being a LibrarianDisadvantages of being a Librarian
Can make decent moneyCollege degree required
Works indoorMay get bored in the long run
Working is not stressfulLow social status 
No overtimeMay become obsolete in future
Less physical workDo not provide that much value to society
Gain knowledge in different fieldsTeleworking is not possible
Decent job securityLimited promotion opportunities
Ever-changing and renewingHard to switch fields as a librarian

Advantages of being a Librarian

Can make decent money

A librarian can make decent money from what they are doing. Though they will not get rich and will not be able to afford that much luxury.

However, one will make more than many other people and will not have to worry about money that much as long as they are a humble person and don’t need much to be happy

Works indoor

They have the privilege of working indoors. While there are still many people out there who have to work under extreme climatic conditions outdoors.

There are groups of people who always have to be ready to work during heavy rain, snow, or heat. Librarian sits in a cozy library and enjoys a nice atmosphere instead.

Working is not stressful

Working as a librarian is not stressful. Often workdays will be pretty relaxed since they will have no time pressure and will also have more than enough time to help out their clients. The entire atmosphere in libraries is pretty relaxed.

A librarian has lots of freedom regarding how they want to structure their workday. Most of the time one just has to find or return books to the right places. One will also not have a boss who will look him over the shoulder all day long like in many other jobs.

No over time

Most librarians do not have to work many extra hours. Librarians also come home early quite often since most libraries close pretty early in the afternoon.

Therefore one will also be able to spend plenty of quality time with their family and friends during the week. Librarians have a pretty good work-life balance in general.

As they do not have to work many extra hours and also have free weekends they are pretty happy with their mix between work and leisure and some of them would even be willing to work more.

Less physical work

They enjoy the privilege of working with their brains instead of having to do heavy physical work.

Shifting of books will not be the same physical burden that construction workers and many other craftsmen experience every workday and they will therefore also be able to avoid the long-term health issues that may come along with those other jobs sooner or later.

Gain knowledge in different fields

One gets the chance to expand their knowledge in many different fields. Librarians often have to read many different books therefore they are able to help out their clients in a proper manner. During the course of their career, they build really broad knowledge.

Decent job security

A librarian has decent job security. They will be one of the last people who get fired and compared to the corporate as there is low competition. They are a must to manage books and journals.

 He is a person who is in charge of or works professionally in a library and is responsible for its management and services. They take care of the library and its resources.

The typical job of a librarian includes managing collection development and acquisitions, cataloging, collections management, circulation, and providing a range of services, such as reference, information, instruction, and training services, etc

Ever-changing and renewing

The career of a Liberian is a moveable feast. Though the principle is the same, technology has evolved. The library information system is dynamic and it manages books well. The Bookshelves have also been upgraded and nowadays are very automated.

Most discover the importance of collection development, equal access to resources, and intellectual freedom. One gets the opportunity to go through several books. One also learns to systematically store things. 

Disadvantages of being a Librarian

College degree required

A person needs a college degree to work as a librarian. It means that one will have to spend many years in college. Along with time commitment, one will also have to spend lots of money on tuition and other costs related to a college education.

May get bored in the long run

Most librarians get bored with what they are doing in the long run. As the job is monotonous, chances are that one will lose interest in it pretty soon.

Working at a school, a local library, or even for the government, aids those in need of informational articles and services while managing and organizing those materials as well. All these things may bore him.

Low social status 

A librarian has a pretty low social status. Though doctors and lawyers are often admired in society, one will not have the same social reputation and many people will not consider their job extremely important.

May become obsolete in future

With the evolution of technology, it is unclear if librarians will be needed in the future.

Because of artificial intelligence and machine learning, many jobs in the library may become obsolete in the near future and this means that one can no longer be sure to keep their job as a librarian for a lifetime.

Do not provide that much value to society

Even if one may do a great job of helping people out in the library, he will still not make a really important impact on peoples’ lives. Though doctors can save the lives of many people during their careers, one will just hand out books.

Teleworking is not possible

Librarians will not be able to work remotely. One will just have to be present at work in person and this will take away lots of freedom most of the time.

Others will be able to do some private work between two virtual meetings; libertarians will not be able to use their time as efficiently and will not be able to do any private work during your workday. 

Limited promotion opportunities

A librarian does not have good promotion opportunities. One will work in the same position for quite a long time and also their salary will not increase as much. 

Hard to switch fields as a librarian

Lack of hard skills translates into a real problem in case one wants to switch fields. Consequently, one will often be stuck in the librarian industry for quite a long time

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