17+ Pros and Cons of Being a Relocation Consultant (Explained)

A relocation consultant is a professional who helps to arrange all the logistics and to plan a move. Usually, they are a team member of a moving company or specific relocation firm and provide the options and services provided by their company.

Relocation services include a plethora of processes to transfer staff, their families, and sometimes even entire units of a business to a different location.

With globalization, a relocation consultant is an initial contact and their job includes ensuring customers get an efficient relocation package for their future destination.

Advantages of Being a Relocation consultantDisadvantages of Being a Relocation consultant
Career advancementRelocation specialists don’t get rich
Many employers nowadays offer relocation assistanceSalary will greatly depend on the performance
Exploring a new culture Most relocation agents get into financial difficulties
One can build a strong networkHard to get out of this field
Relocation specialists can work indoors most of the timeClients are very demanding
One may start own relocation business

Advantages of Being a Relocation consultant

Career advancement

In the current world having frequent relocation for a job, a career in relocation consultant is an avenue for prosperity in their life. Most sectors are dominated by multinational corporations spread across the globe.

Due to technical evolution, some regions have devised methods for low-cost production like China or center point for technology like silicon valley USA. Some parts of the USA are pioneered in art and craft and fields like music.

As per the online survey available, the most prominent reason people relocate is to get a better-paying job or higher designation. 

One may earn higher switching to a similar position in another country, or currency exchange rates and regional tax laws will translate to better net income. Relocating to a foreign country will help one in getting new skills, more job security, and extension of social networks.

This means a good advancement in career relocation is a harsh truth now and relocation is going to exist.

Many employers nowadays offer relocation assistance

Most executives are demoralized by the idea of foreign relocation because of the costs involved. Housing and Shipping costs will pile up, though it will further increase due to frequent flights back home to meet near and dear ones and attend events like birth and death ceremonies or marriage.

But, with most multinational corporations prepared to support extreme levels to retain the best talent, several offer sizable relocation support.

It is good to see around a third of companies assist with relocation expenses. This is causing growth of the market for relocation consultants.

This could involve enrolling children in school, finding temporary accommodation, and handling shipping varying on the companies and the designation of the transferee.

Exploring a new culture 

Many employees are thrilled to even the idea of relocating to a new nation and exploring a completely different culture.

This is really exciting to begin a new endeavor and acquaint themselves with another way of life. While working in another culture do let one devise transferable skills which will be lucrative to prospective employers.

Some skills like the preparedness to work cross collectively in a mixed team are qualities that many prospective companies look for.

One can build a strong network

As one mostly works with several people working in leading positions across the corporate world, one will also be able to establish an active strong business network.

Moreover, if one is really good at their profession, clients will be mesmerized by work and will even ask to switch to their company later or sooner.

Relocation specialists can work indoors most of the time

An advantage of being a relocation specialist is that one will be working indoors most of their workday.

Though one will also have a few client meetings and will have to be present physically for meetings.

However, for a big chunk of time, one will simply sit in a very comfortable office, may enjoy good times with their colleagues and clients while most other people will be working outdoors in the extreme weather.

One may start own relocation business

Choosing a relocation consultant career will be a good career option if one has plans to start their business in the back of their mind.

Moreover, the relocation sector is good as one will not have huge upfront investments but may also have overhead to lowest. Consequently, one will have the advantage to gradually establish a client base and spread their business from there.

Though one will work as an employee relocation consultant during their initial years, save some capital, gather know-how and then go on to start their own business.

Disadvantages of Being a Relocation consultant

Relocation specialists don’t get rich

A disadvantage of being a relocation agent is that they will not be able to get wealthy while pursuing their profession. While professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, and investment Bankers are on the straight path to amassing wealth.

Even the best relocation agent cannot become wealthy. All they are able to get is the commission which is a fraction of the cost of relocating.

Nowadays, transportation is getting cheaper. Low-cost airlines have evolved. Shipping is now faster than it used to be in the past. Land transportation is also very reliable and connected.

Salary will greatly depend on performance

Most relocation consultants work as unaffiliated professionals independent to any firm. It translates that their income will vary as per the quantum of work done by them and it is not stable.

While most companies have reserves and support their employees during dry spells. This is very vital for survival and keeping employees connected. In turn, relocation consultants will get paid as per the number of works they complete and it causes big income fluctuation during the course of their career.

During an era of economic crisis, one will suffer worse than any other person and their comprehensive level of secure employment will be very low.

Most relocation agents get into financial difficulties

It is inherent to the freelancing nature of relocation consultants. And if one does not know to steer through the financial fluctuations which will come along with their work as a relocation consultant, they may get into major financial problems during the course of their career.

Every now and then, relocation consultants overpush themselves and in financial crises like recession, they rarely get any work and consequently will not be able to sustain and afford their cost of living.

This will further lead to a situation, one will have to borrow a loan or may even have to mortgage or put on sale their home if they do not know how to safeguard themselves against these crises fittingly.

Hard to get out of this field

Once one enters this profession and stays for over a period of time, they will have problems exiting out of this sector.

Very often, relocation consultants plan to enter and stay in this profession for a short period of time as they might be having some plan for the future.

However, they stay in this profession for years as they are not able to develop their skill sets which make them less desirable for other professions.

As this field is very engaging and one develops a good network including clients, travel companies, airlines, drivers, shipping companies, and transporters. They have very little time for their families, friends, and themselves.

Clients are very demanding

Being a relocation specialist, one is in the service sector in client business and this translates to the availability of one self all day long and seven days a week. Though many of the clients will be gentle, flexible, and really like work, few will be very tough and demanding.

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