17+ Pros and Cons of Being a Roofer (Explained)

Roofer is a professional who maintains and installs roofs. They choose the right material like roof shingle, asphalt, slate, wood, aluminum, or related materials so that roofs last longer.

The spray sidings, roofs, walls, and under roof with material to seal, bond, soundproof, or insulate sections of structures. They set up scaffolding for accessing roofs. They make estimates for materials and labor needed for construction.

They inspect roofs for problems and to determine repair procedures. During snow, they remove snow, clear water, and debris on roofs before putting roofing materials.

Advantages of Being a RooferDisadvantages of Being a Roofer
Roofers can get a lot of fresh airWorking as a roofer is physically demanding
Roofers do not work extra hoursRoofers often suffer from long term health issues
They enjoy decent job securityAccidents are very frequent
One can do their friends favorsRoof mechanics do not make a lot of money
Working as a roofer is not stressfulRoofers have to work under extreme conditions
One can start their own roofing businessOne will not learn many hard skills apart from roofing

Advantages of Being a Roofer

Roofers can get a lot of fresh air

An advantage a roofer has is that they work in the open and get fresh air. Moreover, they work outdoors mostly while several other people have to sit in their office with substandard air quality.

The impure air can affect the lungs. Sitting most of the time may cause backache and disc problems. Thus they have healthier lungs and stay fit. 

A healthy mind is in a healthy body. Consequently, their mind will also be better as it gets fresh air and will feel better at their workplace as compared to other people who have to work in their office the entire day.

Roofers do not work extra hours

A roofer, most of the time, will not have to work for longer hours. Consequently, they only work for 40 hours a week, sometimes even less. An experienced roofer can complete tasks assigned to him in less time and may get some breaks or finish their work and leave early.

This makes it an attractive career option for those of us who want to have good money and sufficient leisure in our life. 

Very often they just work for the standard time that is 9 to 5. Consequently, they leave work rather early to their home. Therefore they have the opportunity to spend quality time with their family. They can socialize with key important people after their work. It is relaxing as they can develop hobbies.

They enjoy decent job security

The increasing population is increasing the demand for housing. As Roofers are vital for the housing industry they are in quite high demand as of now.

Urbanization has caused a shortage in the supply of houses and has forced most construction projects which need to be completed swiftly. It translates to getting more jobs than one can complete.

It will create a surplus that will keep them engaged and will not leave them jobless. Therefore one does not have to worry about becoming jobless. If one leaves a job for any reason there will be ample jobs.

One can do their friends favors

An advantage of working as a roofer is that they can assist their friends and family. There may be instances that if the roof of a friend gets damaged from snow or a storm, they can repair the damage. They do not have to hire professional roofers which can be very costly. 

Consequently, their relatives and friends are sure that the damage can be repaired in time and renovation if required will be carried out swiftly and they will not have to depend on professionals which may not understand and not do good work.

In turn, they can depend and will trust that their roofer relative or friend can do a marvelous job while one can make good money.

Working as a roofer is not stressful

Most roofers report that they usually have a very relaxed day. Though, there are times when customers are difficult and there is a plethora of jobs to complete. However, roofers can work in a rather relaxed manner most of the time.

One can start their own roofing business

After getting ample experience and saving for sufficient capital one may start their own business. While some people enjoy working as an employee, most want to be their own boss and have their own businesses as they want to have control over their work.

Therefore, if one is a business-minded person, this is a great choice to become a roofer as it is comparatively easy to begin their own enterprise in this sector. One will make more money compared to working as an employee than an owner in this field. 

Disadvantages of Being a Roofer

Working as a roofer is physically demanding

A disadvantage of becoming a roofer is that it is physically demanding. Usually, one will be working on the roofs of houses, apartments, villas and even multi-storied buildings. It means that one will have to balance their body routinely.

In addition to balancing, one will have to handle heavy tiles on their workday. It is very tiring and most roofers have to return home tired.

Consequently, they will need to sit on their sofas after the end of their workday instead of enjoying time with their family, developing hobbies.

Roofers often suffer from long term health issues

Because of the physical burden which comes in the course of their career as a roofer. Several people who work in this sector also develop major physical health problems.

Like, serious back pain and spine problems are very common and these issues may get worse after people age. Consequently, if one does not want to be in this physically demanding working environment. 

Moreover, they also wish to reduce their risk of physical health issues. The probability is that one should not choose to become a roofer but in turn, move to an office environment.

Accidents are very frequent

A problem with being a roofer is that one will have more than average risk to get engaged in major accidents.

Consequently, there are several roofers falling down from roofs every now and then and few of them even die because of the accidents. Though, the risk that one is among them is comparatively lower.

Therefore, the chances are that one should therefore ensure that they desire to take on the risk before one decides that they want to work in this sector.

Roof mechanics do not make a lot of money

One is not able to make good money as a roofer. Therefore, they will usually earn ample money to meet their basic expenses. In turn, they will rather only earn less in comparison to what most other people like investment bankers, lawyers, or doctors make.

Consequently, one must introspect that money is not their primary motivation in their life before they choose for a profession as a roof mechanic.

Roofers have to work under extreme conditions

Though working outdoors may appear nice in times of nice temperatures and sunshine, it is actually very tiring and annoying during bad times. Consequently, most roofers are forced to work in the very hot or cold while many other people work in very comfortable work environments indoors

One will not learn many hard skills apart from roofing

A downside of being a roofer is that they will not be able to learn the hard skills in their career. Though, one will be able to gain good knowledge about roofing.

One will usually lack important analytical and digital skills and will no longer be able to understand future technologies.

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