15+ Pros And Cons Of Being A Truck Driver (Explained)

A truck driver is a professional who earns livelihood by driving a truck. The truck can be a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) or large goods vehicle (LGV). They deliver the goods booked on the truck. They usually drive to and from stockyards, manufacturing plants, retail, and distributions centers.

They are working any hours of the night or day. They give an important service to modern-day industrialized societies. Some truckers have international permits whereas most have interstate permits.

Advantages of Being a TruckerDisadvantages of Being a Trucker
Travel opportunitiesIt can get lonely working as a truck driver.
Truckers are decently paidDriving truck is tougher
Easy to beginThere are high levels of stress that truck drivers must endure.
Job SecurityGetting a good meal isn’t always easy.
An Independent Work DayThere is a lot of time spent away from home.
They can earn incentives for taking certain routes.

Advantages of Being a Trucker

Travel opportunities

The biggest advantage a truck driver or a trucker has is the opportunity to travel. Many of us crave a job that also fulfills our passion. People love traveling and this career option has traveling from one place to another.

The long route drives which come along with being a trucker means that one could begin the trip on Monday in New York, and finish it by night at San Francisco, and the trip will be paid by the client. 

The dynamic scenery in each day of the working life will add thrill to the life of Trucker. One may come across plenty of stations that one might not have otherwise had the dreamt to visit previously.

Therefore if one does enjoy traveling and visiting new destinations, then the career of a trucker is a tailor-made choice for you. 

Can Truckers Travel The World

Truckers are decently paid

With the ever-increasing quantity of goods transported regularly throughout the world, there is an acute shortage of licensed drivers. Transport companies regularly search for dedicated and experienced drivers.

This all translates to demand exceeding the availability of drivers and triggering an increase in income. As per available online surveys, truck drivers can make more than USD 45,000.

The lucrative perks and benefits like marriage counseling facilities, medical cover, health insurance, high-speed networks and discounted accommodation. 

Do Truckers Get Paid Well

Easy to begin

It is among few available career options which do not require years of college. One may get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to join pioneer transport companies. Or they may attend a short course to know the basics to do local transportation.

As there is no or little investment even people from weaker sections of society can pursue this career option.

Job Security

The demand for truckers is enormous and it is not expected to change in the near future. As per available online data about three fourth of goods get transported to their destination by truck, the entire retail sector may come to a stop without trucking.

It means undisputed job security for truckers. As long as one has a commercial vehicle driving license and an excellent driving record, one cannot sit idle.

One can shift across the nation or switch their company if they are not happy without the fear of being jobless.

An Independent Work Day

With trucking as their career, they do not have desk mates to distract them. They do not have a boss constantly monitoring or directing them.

Truckers have inherent independence and flexibility which most of the other career options have. They decide when to take breaks, which music they choose to listen to during the trip, and what uniform they will wear to work.

Though every job has deadlines and expectations, for a trucker the instruction and follow up come from miles away instead of sitting in the next office. They themselves plan their routes, schedule their breaks, and control how they use their day.

They can earn incentives for taking certain routes.

As some routes are tougher than others, some goods are very precious. Few truck drivers get the opportunity to earn incentives when they are assigned specific loads which are not highly popular among other drivers.

They may earn incentives throughout the year as they have an option to get these goods, or if they meet specific distance ratings for the year. Few companies provide extra money for having a great safety record. 

Disadvantages of Being a Trucker

It can get lonely working as a truck driver.

The profession of a trucker is very lonely. They spend long periods of time traveling alone on the highway when they work as a trucker. Even though one transport locally they will be on the road all day.

When they drive across the states as part of their typical route, then there are seasons when they will spend more than 25 days in their vehicle before completing their trip.

As there are a variety of things that one can view on the highway which will prompt them for the people they like, the heartache they get in this profession can be a consequential disadvantage for many people.

Do Truckers Get Lonely

There are high levels of stress that truck drivers must endure.

The biggest disadvantage that a trucker has is stress. It is an inseparable component of the trucking profession.

They face deadlines, delays, traffic constantly, and poor directions. If we add a couple of indolent consignees and bad weather it may further amplify the level of stress. They have to deal with the public each day on the road.

Driving truck is tougher

Many roadsters are not good drivers but novices who must be taken care of while driving a truck. If some accident happens, people will generally blame the trucker for it even if it was caused by a motorist.

They cannot increase how fast their truck could climb an incline. A truck is about thirty times heavier than a car. It is bigger in size, so a trucker has to be on constant vigil on four sides of the vehicle.

Getting a good meal isn’t always easy.

When one works as a truck driver they may drive on inhabited terrains. The meals they need will not be as consistent as they are needed by the trucker.

Their choices for meals will be limited as well as their available options are the few restaurants or food points that are on highways.

Having a sandwich at a food junction will never be the same experience as having a home-cooked meal, which they would have got on a classic job. 

There are nutritional issues along with the taste that can cause trouble for most truckers if they go-to fast food joints as a way to finish the trip faster.

Is Getting A Proper Meal Tough For A Trucker

There is a lot of time spent away from home.

If one has older parents, a spouse, and children in their family, then working as a trucker means they will not be spending time with them regularly.

Though some companies nowadays allow them to bring family with them, most professionals in this trade operate alone or with a wheelman. This is detrimental for elderly parents and children.

They will not be able to handle the stress which comes with driving throughout the day and seven days a week. They will not be able to attend a school or spent time studying

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