30+ Pros and Cons of Being An Artist (Explained)

Well, choosing the artist as a career path still has a lot of prejudice against that the artist has to handle.

It’s still not considered as an actual job, but being an artist brings a lot of pros too. However, if you are considering choosing this path, or already one, here is what can help you.

Pros Of Being An Artist Cons Of Being An Artist 
Gives you community Lack of exposure and options 
Better in solving problem Lead to burnout and a lack of ideas 
Not stressful Might cause mental issues 
Fulfilling job Physical pain and tiredness
Work indoors Need a lot of patients 
Start your own business Lead to imposter syndrome 
Regular workweeks Maintaining business and artist mind is hard 
Not a boring setting Lonely work 
Inspire and motivate others Irregular schedule 
Free weekends and holiday days Financial not stable 
Maintain work-life balance It can be expensive 
Reduce stressIt needs a lot of time to make art
Be your own bossIt needs a second job 
Share your thoughts and ideas Not a much buyers 
Therapy for soul Developing skills takes time and effort 
Express your emotions Opportunities are limited 

Pros Of Being An Artist

It Gives You Community

When you create something, it also allows you to join with others who are doing similar things like you. Not just that it gives the sense of immediate connection, it can be exchanging ideas, listening to others, or developing the subsequent.

But it gives you the connection that you share with more people who are like you.

You Become A Better Problem Solver

There are a lot of things you need to handle as you are not getting guidance to become an artist.

There are a lot of obstacles and challenges that you get in life which are quite inevitable. When you make creativity a habit, you process research and are resourceful in fixing the problems in your artwork as well as in life.

It’s Not Stressful As Others

Well, the job is not generally stressful, however, there is a lot of work you have to do and deal with many jobs at the same time. But it’s relaxed, and offers no suffering to deal with time pressure.

Instead of that, you get enough time to get work as best you want and people are happy with it.

You Can Work Indoors

One of the privileges that allow you to work indoors and you don’t have to go outside if you don’t want to.

Quite often, you can sit inside and paint the wall inside of homes where you don’t have to deal with extreme working conditions.

You Can Start The Painting Business

Being a painter means you can start your business anytime you want.

You can start working for some years when you have the knowledge, money, and are ready to start the business right away.

It’s  A Fulfilling Job

Unlike other jobs, being an artist doesn’t drain your energy on things you don’t want to.

Even though it has challenges and obstacles, in the end, you will feel it’s worth everything as it gives you the ultimate fulfilling vibe.

You Develop Better Way Of Expression And Self Awareness

Creativity also routes to authenticity  So when you create something, it gives you depth which helps in accessing what you believe and have faith one.

The more you create, the better understanding you get about yourself, habits, desires, and impulses.

It gives you the strength and time to explore what you feel, not just that you get better at expressing what you feel inside to the outside world.

You Get Regular Workweeks

The next pro you bet that you have the regular workweeks.

There are a lot of poets who work for 9 to 5 hours. You can have a period where you don’t have to work for longer hours. This means you can plan vacations and have the holidays without letting the work-life disturb your personal life.

It’s  A Therapy For Your Soul

Being an artist means you connect with what you are, and the real you every day.

Not just does it remove the barrier of your thoughts, but you think about different aspects in order to get more ideas.

Being An artist is therapy to your soul, it helps in healing and improving your health too.

Have The Free Weekends And Holidays

You can enjoy the regular working hours but with that, it offers you the free weekends to enjoy with family.

With this, you get the chance to pursue your different hobbies, doing side hustle and meeting with friends.

You Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance

Most painters find a way of handling the work-life balance. Since you get the free holidays and weekends, you can manage the work really well.

This makes a good balance, and you can maintain your personal life along with the work-life.

It Doesn’t Have Boring Office Setting

Another pro you get is you don’t have work in the typical office setting. 

So if you hate the idea of sitting in front of the desk and working, being an artist means you can work anywhere you like with all the freedom..

You Are Your Own Boss

Well, here you are also the boss. You are not working under someone and there is no pressure from anyone.

Depending on how you want to work, you can choose your clients and way of working.

Not just that you can take a vacation if you are not getting ideas to boost your creativity and recharge yourself.

Inspire And Help Others With Your Creation

Artists not just create art, but they inspire others with their thoughts.

You might not know but there might be some who are feeling comfort from your creations.

That’s why there are so many people who purchase art, not just because it makes them feel good but also because it gives them the inspiration that they need.

Share Your Thoughts And Opinions

Art also gives you the medium of sharing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions through your creation.

There are so many artists in history who made a difference through their art in society.

It gives you the voice that you can use for telling what you want on the different topics, subjects, and things that are going on.

Help In Reducing Stress

Making art also helps in reducing stress, however being an artist can help you have the meditative process again and again.

You have the time in your hand, energy, and mind on what you want to create.

Art is also fun, and you can feel joy when you are creating what you want to.

Cons Of Being An Artist

It Has Inconsistent Income

There are huge drawbacks of being an artist that might not provide the income you are hoping for.

Not just that, it might take off from being a starving artist to becoming famous as it has a lot of financial problems.

It Has Irregular Scheduling

For those who are trying to make a living off of art, it might take a lot of time and effort to get the attention of potential buyers.

Also, it takes time to create a reputation. you also need to show your art in various places such as opinions in galleries, showcases, shows, museums, etc.

It’s  A Lonely Work

Being an artist needs alone time, you don’t want to have people around you when you are really focusing on creating something.

Sometimes it can be too lonely, and the solitude that comes with this might be an issue.

It makes you feel lonely and sometimes it can be the reason behind your mental health too.

Balancing Between Artist And Business Mindset is A Challenge

In today’s era, you don’t just need to have the creative mind to be an artist but also the business mind to sell the work to the potential client.

This can be challenging to handle everything especially if you are doing it on your own.

Imposter Syndrome Can Be a Serious Problem

Having self-doubts, feeling like you are losing the authenticity of values can lead to problems like imposter syndrome.

There are a lot of artists who suffer from this from time to time, having confidence in what you draw and believing in your skills is a challenge.

Especially when there are so many artists and newcomers showing their work on social media, this can cause imposter syndrome.

Creating Art Need Time And Patience

It’s not simple to have an idea and start working on that right away, it needs a lot of planning and making a mindset that leads to a masterpiece.

No doubt you need inner inspiration, but patience is also a crucial part of creating art.

Apart from this, you might spend hours and hours on creating something which doesn’t work. It needs the energy to work creating the art and putting everything but start again if it doesn’t work well or even if it does.

It Leads To Burnout And Lack Of Ideas

No artist feels inspired throughout their life, the process can be intense and stressful which causes serious burnouts.

Apart from this, not having the inspiration and ideas can lead to frustration.

Lack Of Exposure And Options

Even though art is loved by almost everyone, artists still have a lack of exposure to the outside world.

It includes not having enough attention on what you are certain of, which means it becomes hard to sell the work.

This leads to causing financial issues, also creating art is expensive and you need money to keep going.

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