25+ Pros and Cons of Being A Comedian (Explained)

There are a lot of people who are switching to the comedian profession, and since the industry is now blooming, it does bring a lot of opportunities and fame.

But before you consider switching your profession, or consider this one, it’s important that you have knowledge of its benefits and drawbacks.

To know more about this, here are the pros and cons of being a comedian.

Pros Of Being An Comedian Cons Of Being An Comedian 
Make people laugh Some don’t get success
Contribute positivity Low job securities
Spread awareness Easy replaceable 
Help with others to overcome hard timesFinancial problems 
Attend the exclusive eventsYou might not get work 
Bring fame and popularity It’s not easy to make people laugh 
It improves personality and builds confidence It takes time, effort and practice 
Zero barriers to entry Criticism, trolling, and controversies 
Learn to handle errors and pressureYou need to understand people more 
Travel and  meet new peopleLearn to keep yourself away from negativity 
Choose where you want to work Easy to lose work if you are not famous
Get more interesting companies and networking It can be too competitive 
Earn a lot of money Effect your mental and physical health 

Pros Of Being An Comedian

You Make Others People Laugh

Being a comedian means that you make others laugh and make sure that they are having a good time.

There are a lot of things happening outside, and people have their personal problems too. It affects their mindset and makes their life boring.

Also, it’s not easy to be happy when you are going through different things, and that’s why people tend to watch comedy so they can make them feel safe and feel good for a time.

Being a comedian, it’s your job to distract others from their personal problems and make them laugh together for a certain period of time.

Contribute The Positivity And Spread Happiness

Being a comedian is not just the job, but it has a purpose. However, it depends on what you have for yourself.

But comedians are known for spreading positivity with their work, and happiness.

Not just that, comedians also use the medium to spread awareness and comment on subjects that nobody dares to talk about.

Help Others To Overcome Their Difficult Time

As a comedian, it’s your job to help others to overcome their difficult situations.

Life is not that simple, and there are always chances of someone going through something unpleasant.

Such a time. It’s important to give hope and good parts of life so the person can overcome their problems or at least don’t give up.

Making others laugh also helps their mindset and personality to see the brighter side, and also gives strength in hard times.

It Brings A lot Of Fame And Popularity

However it depends on your skills, but being a comedian also brings you popularity and fame.

Since the industry is now blooming, there are different opportunities to appear on tv shows, programs, or even have your own show.

There are different streaming platforms that offer shows and specials to the comedian.

Also, thanks to social media, you can have your own audience and interact with that daily which leads to having more fame.

You can also start youtube and share your work there to gain popularity.

Almost Zero Barriers To Entry

The barriers to entry in the comedy industry are low, you don’t need any special education or degree from some famous institution.

Even if you are not graduated but if you have the talent, you can start right away.

In fact, there are no schools or anything that can prepare you to become a comedian.

To start your career in comedy, you don’t have to worry about your educational background. Also, it doesn’t matter where you worked.

As long as you make people happy and laugh, you can start your career without any worry.

You Can Earn A lot Of Money

There are some Comedians who also earn a lot, however, it depends if you make it to the pyramid or not.

In fact, there are a lot of comedians who not just become poor but also rich in their career and afford the lavish life through their job.

Also, there are different mediums, platforms that offer you more options to earn money from.

Choose Where You Want To Work

Well, it depends on the venue of your show, but you have control over where you want to perform.

There are different shows that happen indoors, such as halls, clubs, and bars.

You can also book your own hall depending on audience numbers and have your show.

Or you can do shows outdoors, events and different shows, it’s on you where you find it comfortable.

However, being a comedian saves you from working under extreme conditions.  As most of the venues are comfortable and cozy, you don’t have to put yourself in any dangerous situations.

Get Chance Attend To Exclusive Events

The comedians have the opportunity to get a chance to participate in exclusive events.

Especially once you become famous and people know about you, you can get invited to shows and events which are not for normal people.

It gives you the spotlight and celebrity treatment, but you have to earn the opportunities and perks.

It Improves Your Personality And Confidence

Being a comedian means you have put yourself out in front of people and perfume.

Not just it boosts your confidence but also pushes your comfort zone every time.

Here you have to do the shows, events, and performances in front of different settings, meet new people, and have the spotlight on yourself.

This makes you brave as it improves your personality and people dealing.

 Meet Different People And Travel

Well,  once you have a certain level of fame, you start getting the shows and events.

Here you can meet new people from different backgrounds and places.

Also, you travel to different places, states, cities, and even countries to perform.

Being a comedian means you might also get the opportunity to build your network and meet famous personalities from different industries.

You Learn How To Handle Pressure And Mistakes

There are different situations and not always your show will go as you planned.

A lot of time you might have errors, maybe you forget the punch lines, or have bad advice. It will help you in knowing how to handle situations that are not in your favor.

Being a comedian helps you in getting over the situations faster too, as you have to keep it going no matter what happens.

Cons Of Being A Comedian

You Might Never Reach To Certain Success

Since the industry is getting attention, there are huge numbers of comedians starting their careers now.

Even though there are only certain names which are famous and have success.

Not everyone can make it to the top of the pyramid and it has a lot of different complexions too.

It has the struggle on its own and has a high risk of never even starting a decent career out of it.

Financial Issues Are Quite Common

The comedians are self-employed and it gives the insecurity of having a low salary.

Not just you have to host your own shows in starting, which means you need to invest before you even start earning.

However, there are options for testing your skills but in order to grow, you need to invest.

The financial problems are rather common, you might not earn a lot or even enough to pay the bills.

That’s why a lot of people start this career as a side hustle where they have one or many sources of fixed income.

High Risk Of Not Getting Shows

Since there are only a few comedians who gain popularity and success. The rest don’t have the security of getting the shows and even the opportunities to perform.

Being a comedian also wants you to be assertive so you can build your reputation and gain some familiarity.

But even if you gain some level of popularity, it’s hard to get the bookings which lead to a financial crisis and you might switch to different career options.

Too Much Of Criticism, Trolling, And Negative Comments

Since you put yourself out in different positions, it makes you a target for trolling and receiving nasty messages.

There are always going to be some people who will comment badly on your job, make fun of you and do the trolling.

Also, it means you have to handle everything on your own and learn how to ignore it.

The comedians also find themselves in controversies that bring negative attention and trolling. This leads to a bad impact on your mental health.

The Job Security Are Low And Easy To Replace

As a comedian, you have no job security.  You might get fired or canceled without any prior notice.

Not just that, you become easy to replace in this profession if you don’t bring the perks.

Since there are popular comedians out there, they can easily get your work.

If not,  there are a lot of other options too that make you replaceable.

It Takes Time, Effort, And A lot Of Practice

Being a comedian means you have to work on your skills every single day.

Developing your style in comedy, it will take time and a lot of effort.

You have to work on a way of presenting yourself in front of others. If you are writing your own set of jokes, you have to brainstorm hard so you can make it more relatable to your audience.

Not just that, you have to work on your way of delivering jokes, pronunciation, and language.

Being a Comedian Is Not Easy

Making people laugh is the hardest work and you need to have the talent for that.

Also, social media and other mediums keep sharing funny videos, there are different meanings and people are sensitive to certain topics.

There are a lot of odds that make it hard for people to laugh. You have to understand your audience first and then find the situations which relate to the most. And then make it funny. 

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