Being a Food Delivery Agent: 24 Main Pros and Cons

Food is something that we can never leave without. Food is our friend during busy office hours, leisurely weekend or a harsh break up. No party or get together is successful without good food. Bad food ruins half the fun of any reunion. Food comforts us at times when no human can.

With times, a lot of things have changed. One such change is that we can now call the concerned restaurant and order the food we want to eat and in no time, a food delivery agent makes sure that the food reaches us in good condition.


Flexible working hoursPressure to deliver within time
Extra side incomeNeeds to drive fast
Freelance workLife risk
Can take time off as requiredUnpredictable traffic
Simple jobNot easy to find location
Handy tipsDelivering to apartments
Just needs a basic phoneParking the vehicle
Food delivery driver insurance
Interaction with various people


  • Flexible working hours

One of the main problems with regular jobs is that they require a fixed time in our life on a regular basis. This is not suitable to the needs of everyone from whom it is not possible to do a regular full-time job. Being a food delivery agent has its own perks as the agent can choose his work timings and schedule his day according to that.

  • Extra side income

A little extra side income never hurts one’s pockets. If you are someone who is yearning for a bit of extra income on top of that meagre pocket money, or if you are someone who has a full-time regular job and still want some extra income, then being a food delivery agent will do you good.

  • Freelance work

To work a regular job at an office is always binding. People prefer doing what they want to do without being pressurized into it. Freelance work is exactly that. To be a food delivery agent is to do freelance work as the work can be done whenever it is convenient to the person concerned.

  • Can take time off as required

Everyday is not the same to everyone. Some days we do not feel like working and prefer taking some time off. In case of a regular job, these days are not considered and one has to go to work no matter what. But if you are a food delivery agent, you can take your time off whenever you feel like and resume working later.

  • Simple job

Regular, complicated jobs take a toll on the mental health of the people working. On the other hand, being a food delivery agent is one of the simpler jobs. You just need to note the address where the food is to be delivered, take care of the food and you are good to go. 

  • Handy tips

If you are successful at delivering food, then there is a certain predetermined amount that you are supposed to earn for your service. But if you deliver the food well within time, with the food in good condition and without bothering the customer much, then you might earn some tips from the customer themselves.

  • Just needs a basic phone

Unlike being an online food delivery agent that requires one to have a smartphone with proper internet connectivity, being an offline food delivery agent requires you to have just a basic phone that supports basic features as calling. They just need the phone to receive the order and contact the customer, if required.

  • Food delivery driver insurance

Food delivery agents can insure their vehicles and avail some special benefits as a food delivery agent. The special food delivery driver insurance covers more damage than any other regular insurance as they need to drive as a means of carrying out their job.

  • Interaction with various people

Food is something that connects everyone from every walk of life. So, if you are a food delivery agent, then you get to meet people from various backgrounds and upbringings and interact with them. And the more you interact with people, the more you undergo personal development.


  • Pressure to deliver within time

The food delivery agents have to work under immense pressure such that the food they deliver stays in good state. It is very important for the customer and the company that the food gets delivered within the promised time. The food delivery agent has to take care that the promise is delivered.

  • Needs to drive fast

To deliver the food to the customer within the promised time is the responsibility of the food delivery agent. Because of this, he needs to drive fast from time to time.

  • Life risk

The need to drive fast puts the life of the food delivery agent to risk. He has to risk his life to deliver the food within time and so that image of the food delivery service doesn’t get tainted.

  • Unpredictable traffic

Another hurdle to carrying out the promise of delivering food on time I unpredictable traffic. If a food delivery agent is stuck in traffic, he gets late to deliver the food for no fault of his.

  • Not easy to find location

Unlike online food delivery services where the location is detected online, the offline food delivery agent has to keep in mind the address which might not be accurate. The agent goes around asking about the address.

  • Delivering to apartments

Delivering to apartments take more time as the food delivery agent has to go through security check and deliver the food at the door of the customer.

  • Parking the vehicle

Parking the vehicle is a strenuous task for the food delivery agent as he might have to park the vehicle a bit away from the address where the food needs to be delivered.

When all sides considered, being a food delivery agent is an option that you can consider if you want to earn something extra in your free time.

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