30+ Pros And Cons of Being A Makeup Artist (Explained)

Well to all the merging makeup artists, it’s important to understand what this field is about and what are the positive as well as negative aspects of being a makeup artist.

However it depends on various factors like your experience, personal situation, etc but to make the right decisions, it’s important to know the pros and cons.

And to understand better, here is what you will need.

Pros Of Being a Makeup Artist Cons Of Being Makeup Artist 
Its creative work It doesn’t make too much of money 
Not stressful Can’t afford the luxury 
Work indoors It needs a lot of traveling 
Not stressful for the body Work on a contract basis 
It’s not boring High insecurities in job 
Travel more No bonus and promotion 
Skill-based jobs No fixed days and dates 
Build a strong network Lower job security 
Self employment Old age poverty chances 
No college needed
Get self-independent early 
Start a side hustle 
The industry will never die 
Work for famous celebrities 

Advantages Of Being a Makeup Artist

This Is A Creative Work

Being a makeup artist gives you the space to show your creativity, The work needs you to use the creative mindset and also provides the freedom on how the person should look.

However in the end it depends on the clients and as long as they are happy, you can share new ideas and create something magical.

Here you don’t have to repeat the same process over and over, this allows you to develop the skills every day little by little.

The Job Is Demanding But Not Stressful

Even though the job has its own demands which refuse to fulfill, it’s not stressful.

There are a lot of times when you feel pressure, but most of the days are relaxed.

Unlike the other jobs, you don’t expose yourself to high-stress levels, take breaks and enjoy the work you do.

Privilege To Work Indoors

Being a makeup artist, you also have the privilege to work indoors.

Even though it depends on what you prefer as there are a lot of artists who are out there, working outdoors and in different environments.

But you can choose to stay indoors and do the best you want.

 It’s Not Too Stressful For Body

By doing the makeup artist job, you can avoid doing heavy physical work.

If you are not interested or your body is not comfortable with lifting heavy stuff on a daily abyss, being a makeup artist helps you in doing the work where you don’t have to handle such things.

The heaviest thing you might hold will be the brush. So you can consider the job.

Here you don’t have to stress your body as compared to other professions.

It’s Not Boring

Being a makeup artist is thrilling, you have all the freedom to choose what you want to go with.

Unlike the office jobs, you don’t have to sit in front of your desktop and do one kind of job over and over,

Also here you can see the results fast and see the success as well as growth graph on a daily basis.

You Get To Meet Famous Celebrities

Makeup artists are also demanded in the entertainment industry. So if you are good at your work, you can also meet famous people.

Not just that you might get hired or booked for the events of popular artists and celebrities.

You Get Chance To  Travel More

Depending on your skills and reach, you can also travel to different places.

Since makeup artists are needed for shoots and events, and such events can be happening in different areas, you might get a chance to travel as well as get paid.

Build Strong Network With Influential People

Makeup artists can also build their network since you get a chance to meet different popular and influential people.

Not just that, if you become an expert, you can also have the opportunity to form your own relationships with people and stay in touch with them.

This helps in building your own brand and turning your career to a different level.

You Don’t Need A College For This

Becoming a great makeup artist depends on your skills instead of disagreeing, you don’t need to go to college or any famous institute.

You can become an artist after you are done with high school.

Not just that, it will help in saving a lot of time and you can use this for working on your skills to become more professional.

Become Dependent On Early Stage

Since you don’t need to go to college for this,  you can become independent at an early age.

Also, this helps you in starting earning more earlier than others, not just that you get better opportunities to become independent pretty soon.

You Can Work Self Employed

Also, you don’t have to work under someone, once you have the experience, you can start working on your own.

Start your own business,  get your clients and build the network. So if you are not into working for someone or prefer the boss,  being a makeup artist can help.

 You Can Start As Side Hustles

If you are not sure to make this your main job or you have studies to compete, you can start this as a side hustle too.

You can start a brand and use digital marketing to share your experience with others.

For example, you can start your channel on youtube or create a blog, and share your ways, tips, and ideas for doing the makeup.

It’s a Skill-Based Work

Being a makeup artist means your own skill, and it opens up on how hard you work on it, this will give you the results.

Not just that, skill-based work offers you better opportunities and freedom to explore since you can do something that a lot of others can’t.

This builds confidence and you get more targeted customs.

It Gives You A Huge Community

Being a makeup artist helps you in feeling like you belong to someone as the community is huge.

Not just that, there are all types of makeup artists in this industry who are doing different things.

With this, you always have someone to back up, and having a community helps in guiding your path better.

The Industry Will Never Die

Well, there are a lot of industries that are going through huge changes, as for the makeup industry you don’t have to feel scared about losing the opportunity.

There will always be something bigger as the industry is not going to die.

Makeup is a part of the entertainment industry, not just an artistic way of expressing and giving individuality to others.

This won’t ever end as more and more people will need it.

Disadvantages Of Being An Makeup Artist

It Doesn’t Make Good Money

You don’t make a good amount of money, and there are a lot of artists who are barely able to pay the bills.

This can be an issue and frosting especially if you see the people who are famous and working in other industries, they might be earning more than you.

You Can’t Afford The Luxury

As a makeup artist, you don’t get the chance to afford the luxury.

Most makeup artists don’t afford to purchase something like a house or fancy car.

Instead of that, you might get into a luxurious life if you do your best.

It’s important to know that this field won’t bring you the one and luxury too soon.

Not Enough Money As You Age

Other jobs offer you the options so you can save your money and get insurance for your old age, so you don’t have to worry about that.

So wearing makeup can cause old-age poverty. Since you can’t work when you get old, this brings serious financial problems.

Lower Job Security

Apart from not having financial stability, being a makeup artist also has lower job security.

You can easily get them replaced by someone who is better and offers a lower price.

Also, you don’t get the notice for this. Therefore it’s important that you have the right way of handling such situations.

There Is No Fixed Dates And Days

Unlike other jobs where you get the weekends free for yourself, here is a makeup artist you don’t get any weekends.

You might be traveling for some shows to do the makeup, or maybe your client already booked you for the holidays.

It gets hard to have time for yourself and your family when your days are not scheduled.

No Promotions Or Bonus

When you are in your career, you are not going to get any promotion opportunities.

However, you can meet different popular people who might bring some opportunities to work with better clients.

However, you need to be patient and work hard in order to get it as it won’t be so easy to win the trust of others.

 Contract Might Be Short Terms

A lot of artists work as short contracts, and concurrently you need to deal with insecurity of a high level.

The idea of whom you are working for, for how long and how many days it will be.

These are some basics that you need to handle on your own.

It Needs A lot Of Moving

Even for those who like to travel, at some point, you just need to sit in one place.

But when you are a makeup artist, you have to go where your client is.

If you are working for shows and tv series, you have to travel with their crew.

Not just that, sometimes the places can be unconventional, and sometimes you just don’t want to go.

It also needs you to stay active and cheerful to do your work well.

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